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Title: Chapter 30: A Token of Love Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Aw, the story is over. No! I *almost* feel bad that Thranduil and Elrond just stayed friends. Then again, if they hadn’t well… things would get a bit weird. I loved the joining hands thing when Thranduil gave Elladan and Legolas his blessing. BEAUTIFUL ending!! I really liked this story and I’m sad that it’s over! Very, very good job McKenna! I will look forward to future stories by you. : )

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Title: Chapter 29: A Look Back Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
I love this story, very nice work!

Wow! Elrond and Thranduil-secret lovers?! I didn't see that one coming! I never would have guessed it. I mean, I knew something really bad must have happened since Thranduil was so angry at Elrond, but I thought it was a really bad argument or something. It makes perfect sense that they secretly liked each other, though.

Valar, I love being taken my surprize. Good job. I can't wait to see what happens next.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind review. I’m glad you were surprised. Yeah… there’s nothing worse than a scorned lover… especially a scorned king! LOL! I hope you enjoy the next chapter. McKenna
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Title: Chapter 25: Arrival of the Brothers Reviewer: Utopia Signed
I’m hoping Legolas is right about his Father!

I think I’m staring in amazement too! Arguing over a needle? Those two? Has the world turned on it’s axis and turned everything upside down?

Glorfindel’s good! I’d have tripped over my tongue making those introductions! Lol!

What are the age gaps between the brothers? I can see them all being long grown up before the next was born. Maybe a century or two between each?

If it goes well with the brothers, then Legolas has some backup and support when facing his Father! Oh, they’re not hopeful. I wonder if they’ve said their comments to their Father’s face?!

Author's Response: Yeah... Elladan and Elrohir have come a long way... I mean about the whole needle thing. It's amazing what a little blackmail can do. LOL! More to come on the king and his reaction to Legodan. Stay tuned.
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Title: Chapter 24: Silent Sadness Part 3 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

I like how Legolas is so conscientious of others; though, when an elf has such good hearing and vision – I doubt getting true privacy is really an option in Mirkwood’s caverns and the Manor at Rivendell. But at least he’s giving the impression of privacy and thoughtfulness for the other residents.

What can I say to that love scene? I’m speechless! It was brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment. :)
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Title: Chapter 23: Silent Sadness Part 2 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Does Legolas knit? That’s an odd image. I can understand sewing, he’ll probably have to stitch the odd wound and probably repair his own clothing if they’re damaged on the front line.

I’ve done that – the promise of something naughty in return for a chore! Lol! Looks like it works on elves too!

I love their banter – it’s so light but hiding the very heavy passion underneath.

Author's Response: Yup, my Legolas can knit, sew and kick some major booty in battle. (*Grin) He’s an elf of many talents – and he’s hot, too. I love the banter, too. Silly elvish guys…
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Title: Chapter 22: Silent Sadness Part 1 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

I think Thranduil would have Elrond’s parenting skills if he didn’t have the huge responsibilities of being King of a much larger group of elves; if they weren’t battling giant spiders, orcs and goodness-knows what else; and if he wasn’t grieving for his wife. Thranduil and Elrond must have had something in common when they were friends – perhaps Thranduil was once easy-going? When did they fall out? We know that Elrond and Thranduil were both at the battle in the first age when the ring was cut from Sauron – and I think Thranduil’s Father was killed then… Was Thranduil pushed to find a queen and Elrond pushed to find a wife, and it just so happened that they fell for the same she-elf?

Is Legolas putting two-and-two together and coming up with six here? Is he jumping to conclusions a bit too quick? Glorfindel and Elrond could just be good friends sharing a meal together… or is ‘make merry’ an innuendo?

I think EVERYONE is offended when thinking of their parents as sexual beings! Lol! We’d all rather pretend we were found under a cabbage leaf or delivered by a stalk! Thinking of your parents doing THAT just makes you want to be sick! Lol. I really like that you put that in – it makes the elves (dare I say it?) more human and easier to relate to!

Good grief! Lol! Prophesising much? Lol! I wonder what the twins threatened Aragorn with before he began courting their baby sister?

So much for not being crass… I’d be giving them extra duties for their cheek! Or a punishment a former teacher (who was in the army) had witnessed: cutting a lawn with nothing more than a pair of nail scissors. That would probably teach them a lesson!

Author's Response: LOL! Yeah, poor Aragorn. Can you imagine having the twins as your brother-in-laws? I’m certain he would be teased a lot by them. Elladan is so crass sometimes. He cracks me up.
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Title: Chapter 24: Silent Sadness Part 3 Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Legodan for the win XD

Author's Response: Hee, hee, hee! :)
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Title: Chapter 22: Silent Sadness Part 1 Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
I don't think I've ever read such a funny scene with Elladan and Glorfindel. Simply HILARIOUS!

Author's Response: Thanks! Elladan is naughty isn’t he? LOL!
Date: 26/08/08 - 02:55 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 21: Revelations Part 2 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Tialise doesn’t give up, does she?

Wow, elves heal quick! Only a few days for a broken arm?!

*sings* ‘love letters straight to your heart’

Oh, that’s what you get for reading private correspondence! Half a story and half meanings! I’m actually starting to like Thranduil a bit after what Legolas said – he tries to get his son to have more fun, even though he knows he won’t do it… if Thranduil ordered Legolas to bed someone and get drunk – would he do it?

Oh, she’s not dead, she literally left. I thought it was a metaphor for death. Oops.

Wow, custard tart... have you ever attempted to bake one of those! It's an art! They have a habit of turning inside out and the pastry floating on the top! lol!

He he! I can imagine him threatening to break his other arm! He’s a strong character!

I am dreading what Thranduil will say though… but perhaps his late wife will have given him a few pearls of wisdom before she died? Perhaps Elrond and Thranduil can put their pasts behind them?

Surely a grudge can be forgiven after a millennia or two?

Author's Response: You know, as I said before, I am so jealous of elves. They’re super strong, agile and have awesome healing ability. They’re so lucky!
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Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Revelations Part 1 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

You think there’d be portable first aid kits ready to be grabbed, wouldn’t you?

Orcwen… isn’t that Arwen’s nickname. That’s about as limp as a wet fish. Did they think that would work? I feel sorry for the laundry maids, those berries will stain!

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…

Though, I like how Legolas is putting Elladan’s health above the talk they’re having! Though, I’d have told him to shut up and continue the conversation after he’s seen Elrond!

"Elladan, what you are saying…" Legolas began. can I finish this sentence? ‘Elladan, what you are saying is AN INSULT”.

Oh, the truth is out – and if it had come out sooner then a heck of a lot of grief could have been avoided! Elladan doesn’t feel worthy of love; Legolas feels used, Elladan feels used…

… They’d give most psychiatrists a field day!

For pitty’s sake! Will someone bash their heads together, sort Elladan’s arm and then lock them in a bedroom together? It would solve a lot of problems! Lol!

If his Mother’s dead… and he wants to see her… that’s not so reassuring!

Author's Response: I have always wondered why love is so hard. There are always so many misunderstandings, and miscommunication occurs all the time. Love is great but isn’t for the faint of heart.
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Title: Chapter 19: Confrontation Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Awww… ickle elf being a mischief and getting hurt. I just want to cuddle Revin! Ah, Legolas is going to teach him how to use it safely – and probably get him a weapon he can handle.

Oooh – if Elladan has any sense he’d just quietly leave the room and gather his thoughs – but NO, he barges in and accuses Legolas of acting the victim… he isn’t ACTING he IS the victim in this… though, you have to love his retort! Lol!

Will someone slap Elladan on my behalf? Just to knock some sense into him!

Oh, Elrond didn’t know about the letter and parcel… I thought he did.

I think Legolas would lash out regardless of corners! But they’re going to drag so many more people into this argument at this rate!

Author's Response: ‘Will someone slap Elladan on my behalf? Just to knock some sense into him!’ LOL! I think at this point, Legolas would be the first in line!
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Title: Chapter 18: Return Reviewer: Utopia Signed

It’s taken Elladan ALL DAY to come talk to him?

OMG! Legolas has grown a spine! Lol! I could kiss him for those insults!

Maybe Mander will be another friend – most of Legolas’s friends seem to be female and rather sisterly… though, a physical relationship with Mander would make things worse, but someone else to talk to and laugh with would be good for him.

I don’t think Elladan’s been replaced – Legolas and Mander weren’t flirting, they were teasing and talking – but to an eavesdropper with a broken heart it was pure innuendo. I’ve an image of them playing chess or something at his house and talking as friends!

Why do I get the impression Elladan’s going to follow them?

Author's Response: I agree! Legolas has a lethal tongue when he’s angry. As usual, Elladan is jumping to conclusions. When will he ever learn?
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Title: Chapter 17: The Trouble with Tialise Part 2 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Ugh, I want to give Ulan a kick in the naughty bits. Oh, I’m going to be sick at his so-called ‘charm’. He’s one of those elves that remind you that ORCS were once elves! Yuck.

Go Legolas! Woo! *dances*

Only about three miles? There AND back! Oooh, those legs must be like steel! Mmm

Duh duh duuuuuuuuhn!


Author's Response: LOL! Elves are so cool. I wish I had their stamina and super athletic ability.
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Title: Chapter 16: The Trouble with Tialise Part 1 Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Legolas is too polite to say anything! I bet that they’d tell him if he asked and not be offended!

I was close, but not close enough – Elrond and Thranduil fought over the same woman! I can see how that would cause a huge rift.

Oh dear, he’s babysitting… and probably going to have to defend her honour too!

Author's Response: Yup, you’re right. Tialise isn’t very bright sometimes.
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Title: Chapter 15: Grieving Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Ah, the chapter title is reassuring.

FINALLY! He has a good cry. That’s been 15 chapters in the making, and sorely needed!

Elves can die of a broken heart, and after all Legolas has been through, he has to be pushing it… poor elf.

I wonder if Thranduil has any true friends? I wonder if Legolas’s Father distanced himself from everyone for some reason or other? Perhaps Thranduil did the same as Ellrohir – offending to protect his friends? Mirkwood is very dangerous, perhaps he feared people visiting?

Oooh, was Thranduil the true love then? That would explain a lot. Such a shame that Royalty end up in marriages of convenience because they have bloodlines to continue and duties to so many people…

I wonder if Elrond is aware that Elladan stole the letter and parcel? (I hope there was no food in that package! His room will smell awful!). Elrond is rather sneaky sometimes, and this might just be one such occasion.

And Elladan is made to be more of an enemy by withholding something of Legolas’s Mother’s from him… stupid elf.

Author's Response: I laughed when I read the “stupid elf” comment. Elladan is making a lot of mistakes… poor guy. At long last – Legolas cries. BTW – more to come on the whole Thranduil and Elrond falling-out-of-friendship drama.
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Title: Chapter 14: Departure Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Avoidance? Is that the best Elladan can come up with?! What a coward! Not only is Legolas upset, but Arwen and Elrond are too! His actions are going to create a rather large rift between a everyone he cares about! And Elladan made it sound (from reading Elrond’s words) that it was Legolas’s fault!

How old is Tialise? (in relative terms) I’ve got her pegged at somewhere around 16-17 in our terms. She’s blooming quick to get her words in! In case they can’t make it up between them she’d have him… I know Legolas was kind, but that’s rather presumptuous on her part!

Has Legolas eaten anything during the day? He’s going to make himself physically ill on top of his mental and emotional wounds if he carries on like that!

Oh well, Elrond’s trying – even if the books a bit topsy-turvy. I can’t imagine Thranduil doing that, the comforting that is, not reading a book the wrong way up.

Author's Response: Hmm… I kinda pegged Tialise as a young and very naïve. I have always pictured her little older than you mentioned – anywhere from 18-21 in human years. LOL! Yep, she knows what she wants and goes for it. I wish I were as brave as she is. Again… Elladan is going to have to learn the hard way. It sucks, doesn’t it?
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Title: Chapter 13: Comfort Reviewer: Utopia Signed

*gobsmacked* You don’t open someone else’s post! What the heck is Elladan up to! No good will come of this!

Is the teasing and accusations a way of coping with whatever he’s just read? Is he being insulting because he’s upset – and given a ‘convenient’ method of ‘revenge’ (even though Legolas is innocent in all this)?

Wow, straw can be erotic. Though, prickly if you’re the one on the bottom.

Though, I like the smell of straw – it’s a clean and organic smell. I used to work in a pet shop, and I actually used to like cleaning out because by the time I’d finished there was a lovely… what’s the word I’m looking for… clean? Summery? Fresh?... anyway, it smelled lovely after I’d finished! I find the scent of straw relaxing, like Summer’s days and clean rain. It doesn’t make much sense, but I hope you catch my meaning.

I always had the impression that touching elf’s ears was the equivalent of shoving your hands down their leggings… and Elladan is licking those ears! I wonder if an elf could climax just from having their ears played with?

You don’t make love and then run for it! Poor Legolas is confused enough as it is – and right at that moment he was so vulnerable! Elladan leaving him with only a few words that weren’t endearments was awful! Who cares about who’s leggings you’re wearing? Who cares if they need washing? Legolas needed some post-coital cuddles and reassuring about his nightmares!

Elladan thinks he’s doing the right thing – and he might be in the long run – but he’s going about it the wrong way! I think Legolas would appreciate being told honestly face to face – rather than this veiled rejection without reason!

And what is in that letter that has Elladan so spooked?

Author's Response: Elladan isn’t very smart sometimes. He, unfortunately, is going to have to learn the hard way.
Date: 16/08/08 - 05:08 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12: Nighttime Horror Reviewer: Utopia Signed

Many apologies for my absence, but I’m back for a bit.

‘Dessert’ for breakfast… hmm, I could live with that. Lol. Though, I’d want to curl back up and go back to sleep afterwards.

Hmm… so Legolas in everyday terms is calm and controlled, but between the sheets is ‘aggressive’… yet Elladan tends to be hotheaded and a little unpredictable, but transforms into a diligent lover. Interesting.

Public sex, and getting caught by Dad too… that’s not a nice thought.

I wonder why Elrond and Thranduil fell out? It must have been something very grave for him to lose Elrond’s friendship! And if Thranduil still holds a grudge, then Elladan doesn’t stand a chance!

What is it with men and a lack of crying?! Have a good cry and get it out of your system! I could slap Thranduil – his pride has meant that his son hasn’t grieved! Legolas needs to grieve, not stand proud with a stiff upper lip!

Author's Response: Yeah, I’m with you about the whole men not wanting to cry thing. It can be so frustrating sometimes. It must be tough though, to always try to maintain a strong image.
Date: 16/08/08 - 04:52 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 18: Return Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Ouch, harsh words from Legolas in this chapter, but understandable. But poor Elladan *Huggles*

Author's Response: I agree, poor Elladan. Legolas can be pretty mean when he has been crossed.
Date: 29/07/08 - 02:56 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 17: The Trouble with Tialise Part 2 Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
Yay for Legolas! ^_^ Loved this chapter, Legolas was awesome!
And I think you created an amazing character in Ulan. An absoloute barstard, but a good memorable character.
And YES! FINALLY! Elladan is back!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment about Ulan. He was a fun character to write. Yup, Elladan is back… trouble abounds...
Date: 29/07/08 - 02:47 am [Report This]
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