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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: wtyw Signed
turned into a tree flowers, enchanting in every morning and evening; think about changing life trajectory, moving fingertip mottled years; think close to fragrant garden, ordered an Elixir of Love. Run over the Red joys and sorrows, bypassing the eyebrows do not regret, received beautiful quiet tip will meet. Those in the past and your sympathy with the idea, is the most fleeting deep soulful singing, is the soul of warm aroma is pupate into a butterfly dance. If your smile into a breeze, printed on the eyebrows, life will be able to warm. Even horizon right close, as long as well, is sunny. In Chihiro years, I met you, is this life worth consolation harvest. In the corner of the season, smile watch, as you stand in a tree form. After the Fruitful in thin and plump change, "Wide pine does not regret," "is merciless but affectionate." Miss at your fingertips condensed into an undefeated flower. Occasionally inventory that a page on your memory, will be the season that he was originally a Red spectators, wanted to do not pleased not to have compassion, after all, arrived, but the fireworks disturbed, refused to become both good and bad easily winking and color of infatuation lake people. Choose a Moonlit Night, sweet heart, shallow dream. Capture a ray of sunshine at your fingertips dance, that a warm breath of fun, a gorgeous twinkling of an eye wrinkle mood. Once, the other side of time, a tree that tree flowers bright, brilliant blooming, maybe all the good that is to wait for a grand colorful met. Month soft water, soft water moon. A ride the storm, with a ride landscape, not busy I, only fleeting warm, rest assured fly, accompanied by heating. A peek into the rain awakened the slumbering landscape vegetation, has awakened memories of past lives. The rain beat the sound of broken jade stone, such as a Zen sound, and if the fresh air, slowly into the quiet heart of the lake. Misty rain, you elegant figure wading. During leisure, always wanted to twist a clear charge to head Dai teaser, play a cordial smile, then laugh Allure. Should the can and would like to use the Jiangnan misty rain soaked Banzhan Chrysanthemum, write a prosperous marriage, take a trip to the end of time; Should you can, please allow me to read a persistent, spring waiting for you, waiting for you to hold me. Say five hundred years before Buddha bowed down to rub shoulders in exchange, that smile is eternal; life is past and continues; beautiful mountains and water. Think through the corridor of the season, able to precipitate into a beautiful smile. In the plume of incense and roll poetry in Qing Yin shallow sing in a toast with the drink, it is enough to warm the rest of his life. I just want to cut photos of life, taken under your smile; I just want Homecoming where you write into eternity. Until one day, we are getting older, offer of each character will be wearing in the past silhouette. Past that mark, in the heart of the Margaret emanation April day Huiyin pen. Rainy night listening to wind and rain lingering; clear night looking for a glimpse of the lights dim. Every trace of air flowing into all due love fragrance issued, joy
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: LegolaslilsisThenidiel Signed
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: Buckleberry Signed
As xFanarix said, it's so hard for an immortal to love a mortal knowing that they will have to make so many sacrifices. That Elladan and Elrohir were willing to make the sacrifice and care for Aragorn as a brother really touches me. You portrayed the twins exactly as I imagined them.
This is so good for a first piece, I would be so proud if I could write like this. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, Buckleberry. I’m glad that you enjoyed my portrayal of the twins. There will be more stories involving the twins to come and I would love to hear what you think!
Date: Apr 05 2008 05:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: Elwyn Signed
Really well written, i enjoyed it. You potrayed the charecters really well.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it!
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
If this was your first attempt at writing Fanfic I must say that I am very impressed as it was very well written and written with great depth and maturity. I do see a lot of stories that are written about young Estel but they are usually just to be “cute” and that doesn’t appeal to me but as in your other story you are really able to flesh out the characters with great skill and your little Estel (In the story) is indeed very adorable its not just a story about him getting into mischief with the twins, It touches upon deeper themes. I have to say I could really identify with Estel after his first meeting with the Orcs and feeling shaken afterwards, I dealt with my first real “life or death” emergency the other day and did feel like I was moving in a trance and didn’t truly realize it was over until someone pat me on the back and said to go get a juice because I fell over. Alright not *quite* the same as fighting the Orcs ;) Again its interesting to see more of a younger Aragorn because in the books we first meet a hardened and experienced Ranger but here is just a young man starting off and learning. Again I really like how you capture the twins and how Elladan copes with his guilt and how he blames himself for Arathon’s death and how it comes out in his dealing with Aragorn. Fantastic story, thank you for putting it up as I enjoyed reading it immensely and I really liked the very ending, Dear little Estel, trying to get some answers and only ending up with more questions!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind words! Well, I certainly don’t care much for stories of the “cute little Estel gets into mischief with those zany prank-pulling twins” variety either, so we have something in common. Apparently, we also have in common that we have both faced “life or death” situations, as I based Estel’s reaction to his first taste of battle on my own personal experience of defending myself against an attacker (and he was not quite an “orc” but close to it!), so perhaps that’s why it feels realistic to you. Thanks for reviewing again, I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed this little fic so much. There are more stories to come, so hopefully, at some point, poor Estel will finally get some answers! :-)
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: Gemini_Elf Signed
I thought this was really good and the characterization of Elrohir and Estel was excellent. A very interesting fic and a great read!

Author's Response: Thanks for reveiwing, Gemini Elf. I always stive to create interesting and complex characters, and I'm glad to know you enjoyed them.
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i loved this, well done if this was your first piece of writing much better than anything i wrote for the first time.
this is very in depth and thoughtful and interesting to see elrohirs point of view. i like how you have captured the changing nature with elrohir one moment serious the other laughing its how i imagine the twins
anyway well done again and keep up the great work

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I've always imagined elves in general as having rapidly changing moods, and I'm glad you enjoyed my portrayal of Elrohir in this fic.
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Title: Answers and Questions Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I really loved this. I know you say it is your first piece, but I see only that it is remarkable. We seem to hear a lot about Arwen loving Aragorn and what that means to her and Elrond, but only rarely this kind of insight into the twins feelings.

It is sobering and poignant to think of them knowing so many generations of Mortal's and befriending them and having them pass away over thousands of years. One can understand that with that constant grief Elves would not enter easily or lightly into friendship with a Mortal. But as the Peredhel, of course they do carry Mortal blood. The way Elrohir explains this to Estel gives such a sense of those long years of sorrow.

Lovely bit of writing, I think you are judging yourself a great deal more harshly than any reader would!

Author's Response: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it would actually mean to be immortal, and it made perfect sense to me that an elf would not be so quick and eager to form friendships with mortals as some fics would have us believe. And then I got to thinking about what it would be like for Elladan and Elrohir, who Tolkien tells us “rode often far afield with the Rangers of the North” to watch so many men that they obviously counted as friends die while they themselves remained unchanged. This theme, amongst others concerning the unique nature of the peredhil, and the sons of Elrond in particular, will be continued in some of the fics to come.rnrnThanks so much for reviewing again, fanarix! I’m pleased to know that you are continuing to enjoy my writing.rn
Date: Apr 03 2008 03:03 am [Report This]
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