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Title: Chapter 1: Consquence Free Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
My own muse is Arwen/Liv Tyler, who "speaks" to me through a full-size movie poster, although we don't carry on lucid conversations like xFanarix has with hers. (I'm kind of jealous about that.) Also, she's not a pushy sort and let's me write at my own pace. This doesn't stop her from whispering story ideas to me when I'm in the middle of mundane tasks. I've found it advantageous to always have pad and pencil handy when she sneaks up on me. Her visitations have never been of the visual sort, but that's the way it is.

Author's Response: Its difficult to explain, without sounding utterly insane, how my muse speaks to me because sometimes it does seem like an audible “No, that’s not right” and I do not even want to go into “I hear voices” because its not like that, the best way I can explain it is that when you know someone so well you can pretty much just *know* what they want to say, and I have written of Anwyn for so long its become that familiar for me. Its not quite the same as lucid conversations as I am always very awake when it happens, I am not often “lucid” but I am either very awake or very asleep, I am an extremely deep sleeper so Anwyn would have a heck of a time trying to talk with me in that time though sometimes I do have dreams, which more often than not make no sense but that’s just how I am I suppose. Anwyn is very much the opposite of Arwen in that she is very, very pushy, lol, not to a cruel extent but being Rohirrim I think it is something in the blood that she can’t handle being confined or silence, If she wants to say something…she is going to say it, no matter if I am busy in the middle of surgery. Sometimes its visual, and other times I get emotions and at rarer times, verbal. At any rate its always very interesting and I can’t wait to get to writing it! Thanks very much for the very interesting review! :D
Date: Apr 12 2008 06:30 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Consquence Free Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Lol. That is great. Muses do have a tendency to be annoying, plus they never care if you are tired. As you know Vanimórë is my muse and he acts like some manager or perhaps a Head Teacher that every-one is afraid of - the kind you dread coming and standing behind you because you know you will mess up even more spectacularly if they do!

And they never actually tell you anything, they make you write it and then let you know if it is okay. I've asked straight questions in my Muse-dreams and never got a straight answer, only glimpses of certain scenes which I write around.

I remember a certain point when the stories showed signs of heading off course due to other peoples ideas and I could almost see him shaking his head in disgust. I had to amend those bits.

Author's Response: Thank you! Anwyn will, on occasion, take it easy on me if I am very tired because if I am falling asleep at the keyboard there is really no point in pestering, and there is definitely a maternal/protective side to her which doesn’t always come out in any huge way but its certainly there and she looks out for me in her own way, one of those ways being not driving me to the point of exhaustation…I already have my work to do that, lol. Though that is not to say she isn’t also whispering in my ear in the middle of a surgery, and then leave me be at other times when I do have the time to entertain the possibilities of future stories and what not, so her timing could use some work ;)rnrnWell, Since your muse is Elven I think Tolkien really hit the nail on the head in that he said “Elves say both yes and No” While I can get a straight answear, mostly, from Anwyn she refuses to keep on a timeline in that when I am working on something I will get an idea of what’s happening 5 years into the future, which is grand, but not what I need. Though sometimes, yes, I get “glimpses” and the rest of the blanks are mine to fill in and if I get them wrong, I get told to start over, lol.rnrnIf Van is the “Head teacher” or the Principle, he would suit that role, lol, Anwyn would definitely be one of the Teachers, not terribly severe but able to hold her own and will push if she feels I am not meeting my potential writing wise, and I sincerely believe she has more faith in my writing ability than I do at times >_< I would say for the longest time she was going easier on me because I was younger and not ready to grasp at certain elements but now since I have been writing with her for some years its becoming more pronounced and she is giving me the harder tasks and challenges writing-wise, now that I am old enough to handle them. rnrnI know which events you are talking about and I can certainly empathize with that as when I was writing on TLF Anwyn was quite furious at the constrictions put down, and when I say “furious” that’s really a bit of an understatement, she was absolutely livid! Sometimes its my fault that things will drift slightly of course but Anwyn just gently pushes them back again, but she just can’t handle being forced anything she doesn’t want to do, and being told how she must appear and act what not in a story absolutely infuriates her. Thank you very much for the review, Its always very much apprechiated! From us both, lol :)rn
Date: Apr 12 2008 02:44 am [Report This]
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