Reviews For In Dark Places
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Title: Only a Name... Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
This is terrific, like Anwyn I am not always keen on first person, but those who can write it well, really write it well! You definitely can. The atmosphere is beautifully done also. I am enjoying your Estel since I am currently reading a very dark AU where Aragorn is completely different, corrupted by Sauron I think. It's a terrific story in the sense that I want to beat him to death, and is marvelously written, but it's pleasant to read the * good * Estel after it , lol! I shall mark your Estel as the relief from the bad one and switch back and forth d;-)
Date: May 10 2008 11:32 pm [Report This]
Title: Only a Name... Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
I do not usually like stories that are written in the first person perspective but you write with this method extremely well in that it flows quite nicely. "There is no hope" at the end is very chilling and I am quite curious to read more of this story when you have the chance to work on it some more becuase I quite enjoyed reading this "teaser" part of the story! :)
Date: May 10 2008 04:23 pm [Report This]
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