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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Sullhach Signed
Allmighty SHE, what have they done to deserve this fate??? I feel cold, hungry and uncomfortable with these poor ones.
Above, the only golden-eyed elf I ever heard about was Celeborns grandfather Elmo who was supposed to be captured by Melko and turned into an Ork.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I allowed them to return home by now, but due to a writer’s block up then and the lack of time to write, they had to remain on the ice for some time. Elmo was captured and turned into an orc? I never heard of it, as far as I can remember the only place where Elmo is mentioned was in Unfinished Tales as the grandfather of Celeborn. I think in a slightly later version where Celeborn was not said to be his grandson, Círdan was named to be a descendant of Elmo. But I cannot remember that I ever read something about him having golden eyes and being captured and turned into an orc. However, would this necessarily exclude any other elf with no relation to Elmo having golden eyes? The golden-eyed one is an original character of mine; he is half a Noldo with a mix of ‘something else’ and has catlike golden eyes. He is a bit special. Thanks again!
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Pink Siamese Signed
LOL...sometimes I write what I call "Green Room Fics," where all the characters that I write about are waiting in the green room, waiting for their turn on the "stage." I haven't written one in awhile, but when I get really going into a story, once in awhile the silliness will spill out. Very entertaining, though I don't think someone who isn't a writer will get it. ;-)

Author's Response:
Glad you liked it. Might be that not everyone will understand it, but when I wrote it, I needed to get it off my mind, as it did not let me rest. Was the first thing I ever posted, I suppose there are still some mistakes in it as well, as it was not properly beta-ed.

I had musings in such a direction as well, a parody. Imagining all the fanfics were played in some kind of giant theatre, with different staged. The characters spend most of their time there, practicing their parts or playing for the audience. There is a large, luxurious area where the characters can go to relax, talk or be in private. A very noble restaurant, with all the favorite food and drink of the characters (e.g. Sauron’s favorite tea is ‘Speacial Mordor Blend’ tee leaves hand picked by elvish slaves.) There is a lounge for them to read favorite books (e.g. Celeborn reading: My insignificant life at the side of a strong woman – learning how to accept it) one to listen to music, … I wrote some small drafts in German a while ago, but cannot find them any longer. The thoughts urged me into manipulating with some pictures, Glorfindel practicing some scenes, riding on a giant, wooden Asfaloth … naked.
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Nareen Signed
Being bored of my own stories I decided to read today. I read both of your stories-
among others. I liked especially this one, as I often pondered about what my bots and avatars in my computer games
would do when I was not playing. Ever thought your characters would like to have some revenge on their author? :-)
I liked the other story as well, quite hot...

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked them. They were both rather spontaneous and not planned at all. This one is a small spin-off to the current long story I am writing at, the other one will be part of my next longer project. Oh, my nasty little muses have their revenge on me every time I lie awake at night, not able to sleep because they are nagging around in my head and bombarding me with some new ideas, until I get up and take some notes. Btw, they are no longer sitting on the frozen lake, I allowed them to go home again without trying to drown them. I will try to have a look at your other chapters later in the evening or tomorrow. Came home late yesterday, even though I finished work early, and then I was plagued by a rather nasty migraine attack for most of the night and this morning. I am just back to normal, but still fell rather sick. ~Amaranth~
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Lady of the Lake Signed

Recomended stories: I would read The Ranger's Apprentice series. It's like a mini LOTR. Except the archers are way better. If you want I'll send you a longer list via 'contact' if not let me know.

-Lady of the Lake

Author's Response: Sorry for answering so late, I had a bit difficult job situation in December and January, but by now everything has calmed down again and I am back at writing and reading. I am much behind, there are loads of stories I still need to read or continue reading. I acannot find the story you recommended, searched it as Title, Name and Summary, but got no result. Is it here on the archive? ~Amaranth~
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Lady of the Lake Signed

Very good for not having your first language as English. Good luck learning our language, It's way too difficult to master, unless you are Tolkien. Also, I hear that there are somesites where they have audio files of the fanfics. I don't know if this site has any but that might also be enjoyable. Also if you need book suggestions, I have some good ones you might like. Keep up the good work! Namarie!

-Lady of the Lake

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Well, the handling of the language is increasing, there are still mistakes in my writing, but it should be free of them after beta-ing. This one here was not beta-ed. Tolkien is an incredible master of words, I think there are only rare authors who can top him. Book suggestions are always welcome. New work is in progress (NC-17), well it is in progress since about 10 months now, but I am almost finished.
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Formegil Signed
This is a very amusing piece and a very interesting idea. After reading this I will never again leave my characters in a tight spot for long. Poor Elves!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review. I also try to finish my chapters now that I have pictured out how it could be, simply leaving my characters in midst an awkward situation or place. LOL There are so many things one could imagine the characters are doing, while the author takes a break, it would simply be too boring to assume that with putting down pen and paper it ends.
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
Very fun! I enjoy this, Its a very intresting thought as to what fanfic characters do when they are left unattended, even just trying to imagine it made me giggle, very well done! Very original :)

Author's Response:
Thank you so much for your review, I am glad you liked it. It is thoughts like this that keep me awake at night sometimes or distract me at work. Small, stupid ideas that are constantly nagging my mind and do not grant me any rest. Well I guess the only way to solve the problem is to release them and write them down.

Thinking of this made me giggle as well and certainly my colleagues at work thought me mad when I was wearing a rather wicked grin all day. I left those two sitting on the frozen lake for quite some time, there was no time to write on and after musing about this I almost felt a bit guilty. No not really, why should they not suffer a bitß
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Lol, it does make me wonder what the poor characters do when we stop writing. I have never really thought of it before, but you could write a whole story around " break times for fanficition characters. "

Author's Response:
Thank you so much for the review! You know you had a great part in having me end up with this ficlet, it is too funny what giant waves such a small thoughtless comment can cause :-) And thank you for making me write my musings at all, I had not done so if you had not repeatedly told me to do so.

I already have another mad idea spooking around in my head: A staff restaurant or a cosy lounge, where all the characters go during their breaks or after a hard day of work on a new chapter. They could relax there or practise their scripts, there could be a menu card with all their favourite food and drink (I think in my LJ I mentioned Sauron drinking tea called ‘Special Mordor Blend’, extra strong and the tea leaves hand-picked by elvish slaves and Fëanor drinking his tea with a hint of chilly). There would be a reading corner with large leather armchairs and bookshelves filled with the favourite books of the characters …. so much room to play around. If I find some time, it could very well be possible that this little ficlet will grow.
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Title: What are fanfiction characters doing, while ... Reviewer: elfenears Signed
very funny and original. now everytime i read an unfinished story i'll be wondering more what they are up to waiting for us. i often stop writing in the middle of a sentence with my stories so i feel for them alot.
anyway keep up the good work and thanks for writing.

Author's Response: I thank you so much for your kind words. I had not expected to get a review just some minutes after posting the ficlet, this makes me even happier. I was so nervous and pondering for long if I should really post this, I have never posted any of my scribblings before and was content with just reviewing the work of others. What made me especially nervous is the fact that English is not my mother tongue, but after reading and editing it again and again, I think I managed it well. I will certainly continue writing, I have finished about 32 chapters of the story I am actually writing at and it will soon come to an end. When everything is beta-read and edited I will post it as well, that means, if I still have the guts to do so then.
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