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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: caladhiel amariel Signed
ooh mysterious and very descriptive. and, although, apparently, "its plural" it is a great name! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed it and didn't mind the name.
Date: Oct 06 2008 12:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Ria Signed
Interesting. By the way, Nephilim is a plural form. I'm not sure what the singular form is. Maybe Nephil, by analogy with seraph or cherub in English?

Author's Response: Yes, we know.
Date: Sep 10 2008 09:02 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Sharpe_and_Harper Signed

I really liked this story. It was sad, but extremely well written. You and your sister did a really awesome job! This is going on my favorites, and I really hope to see more stories like this from you! Take care!

Author's Response: Again, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I'll try to keep writing!
Date: Sep 02 2008 01:36 pm [Report This]
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