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Title: Saturday, 10th August , 3018 T.A. Reviewer: Ria Signed
I like her introspection in this chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. I didn't write the poem just to let you know
Date: 10/23/08 07:13 pm [Report This]
Title: Tuseday, 6th August, 3018 T.A Reviewer: Ria Signed
I like how you are letting Amariel be unsympathetic at times. It makes the narrative more interesting to know that she can do and say the wrong thing. Her voice seems very young, however, for someone who is more than two thousand years old.

Author's Response: Yeah I know. I wanted to make her seem a little immature for someone of her age, since she has led such a sheltered life and imperfect characters are so much more interesting! :) Sarah
Date: 09/29/08 10:59 pm [Report This]
Title: Thursday 25th July, 3018 T.A. Reviewer: Ria Signed
Thanks so much for responding to the challenge!! The detail of the dress color is very Sei Shonagonish.

Author's Response: My pleasure. I don't really know that much about Sei Shonagon so I'm glad I got something right! :) Sarah
Date: 09/29/08 09:40 pm [Report This]
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