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Title: Beltane Reviewer: Keiliss Anonymous
I really liked the ceremony, it has the warmth and feeling of togetherness that's such a part of Beltane. Though my Beltanes have never ended quite like that :D

Author's Response: That's just the Rolitaaria, once my friend and I nicknamed them the Masters of Innuendo because we were doing an RP and we just insane. Totally hot though :D I wish I could spend Beltane with the Rolitaaria really but I'm going to be stuck on an island for the weekend so I won't be able to . . . And if I wasn't going I'd be stuck at a Halloween party trying not to let facepaint drive me insane. Anyway, glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing - Taeliwren
Date: Oct 17 2008 04:13 pm [Report This]
Title: Beltane Reviewer: arulia34 Signed

Author's Response: I KNOW! Thanks for reviewing - Taeliwren
Date: Oct 15 2008 01:16 am [Report This]
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