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Title: Somewhere Reviewer: Sil Greenleaf Signed
I think lots of us here feel this way (without meaning to speak on behalf of anyone!). I certainly hope that there is something besides this world, and if its as beautiful as Tolkien's elves and their world seem to me, then thats even better.

Certainly an interesting piece of writing and well worth thinking about.

Author's Response: Thanks, yeah, I hope that elves are real. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my writing. I never thought I'd be doing essays on here, but I'm opinionated and that's what comes out the easiest.
Date: Nov 10 2008 01:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Somewhere Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Re your response to my comment. Keep your mind open, daydreaming is a good state for inspiration for one thing. Nothing comes to us when our minds are chock-a-block with ' clutter ' - maybe you should make notes somewhere of what you feel/experience and what thoughts come into your mind, also where you were and what state of mind you were in, calm, or so forth.

Author's Response: Yeah, I've noticed that if I do that, I can remember back and the same feeling will wash over me. One thing I noticed is, I first read the LOTR in March about five years ago and whenever it's spring and the snow is melting, there's this smell that makes my heart jump and then I remember that when I was reading it that I felt so happy and light. I remember things better if I have a smell to tie it to, so, yeah, that's good advise. Thanks!
Date: Nov 09 2008 11:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Somewhere Reviewer: SlimJim10 Signed
missing a period at the end of 2nd paragraph. last paragraph: is that supposed to be someone or somewhere?

other notes:

Author's Response: Thank you for correcting my grammatical errors. It slipped my sight. 2nd paragraph: it's supposed to read, somewhere, somewhere. I'm repeating myself to give it what I think is a haunting feeling. *shrugs* I don't know if it worked or not.
Date: Nov 09 2008 07:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Somewhere Reviewer: Scribetothehighking Signed
I bet that they do exist... and that they are as alive as we are right now.

Great work... it expresses what many of us hope for

Author's Response: I'm glad I can put into words what others hope. It makes me feel really good. :))
Date: Nov 09 2008 11:36 am [Report This]
Title: Somewhere Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
They're only as far away as the thickness of a shadow, on the other side of a dream. We fill our minds with the now, this is the huge difference between Men and Elves, we live such short lives, we cram everything into them, we are overloaded with information, with wanting more ' things ', with worry, with the general clutter of our frenetic, frantic lives. Elves do not live like that, their mind-set is different, and they never forget, even those who died and chose to live as houseless souls in the world.

Often we cannot hear or see anything because we put up to much ' white noise ' of thoughts, which is why people seek to clear their minds through meditation or prayer. the voice of God was the ' still small voice ' it was not in the storm, but the silence.

There are many things which happen in the world which don't yet fit into science, although they may one day. I've spoken to perfectly sensible people who have seen ghosts, angels, UFO's, even Elves, but it was never when they ' wanted ' to, it was when their minds were in that strange autopilot state, maybe when you do something which takes no concentration so you daydream. My first encounter with a ' ghost ' was when I was washing up coffee cups in a work-place, and thinking of some guy I fancied XD.

Elves and Men cannot coexist in the world as it is, they, I think, live in some parallel dimension now, so we see them only as shadows on the corners of our mind, or feel something. We cover the world in concrete and belch pollution into the skies. They were supposed to beautify and heal Arda, perhaps they do, in every garden and park, and the last wild places. They might be called' nature spirits ' now, but they would be appalled at what we've done, the poisoning of the planet. Our selfish way of living , at not being one with the world, not respecting it at all, must seem dreadful and wasteful to beings who respected the world and gloried in it and were created as a part of it.

You know a muse is with you in a story as they nudge you in the direction they want you to go. That's why a lot of authors say, ' well, my story seems to be going it's own way. '

The easiest way for them is through dream, when our minds are unguarded, or when we are at peace, and who, in this life is often at peace? Our minds must feel like a continuous scream, ( I was talking to my uncle about prayer and he said, ' Do you still pray? ' ' Of course, ' I said, ' I talk to God all the time, I'm always asking things, praying or carrying on a monologue. ' he said, ' Do you ever stop and listen to him? '
Hahah, good point. He must be wondering why I don't shut up so he can get a word in edgewise!
It's hard to talk to people who scream. The forgotten people have to wait for our silence.

Author's Response: Those are words of wisdom. Thank you for putting in your thoughts. I have to tell you something. I was thinking about Vanimore when I fell asleep last night and everything we said and when I got up to shower this morning at seven. I was in the shower daydreaming as I often do when all of a sudden I felt a cold something placed on the small of my back. For two whole minutes I didn't move because I'm pretty sure something was behind me but I turned, there was nothing there. Someone had to be there. Do you have any suggestions?
Date: Nov 09 2008 12:47 am [Report This]
Title: Somewhere Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Beautifully written. So, I am not alone in believing that Elves exist. That lightens my heart. (Which is not easy to do)
Although their time ended, it will come again. We just have to wait for it. :)

Author's Response: You are not alone. I think a lot more people believe, but are like how I was - afraid that people would think we're crazy. Thank you for reading.
Date: Nov 08 2008 06:48 pm [Report This]
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