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Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Narya Signed
Absolutely gorgeous. This is such a touching story; I love young Estel! Sweet without being mawkish or sentimental, and you've structured it very well. Thanks for this.

Author's Response: You're welcome. A lot of people don't show the way Gilraen would have felt. I will probably explore that a little more in the future.
Date: Jan 23 2009 04:20 pm [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Gilraen's sorrow is captured so well. Oh my, my eyes are leaking...
I am so glad she has Estel to help her remember Arathorn and to comfort her.
Beautiful job, Dae.
- Kitt *reaching for tissue*

Author's Response: Thank you. I've never liked doing sad stories, and I've heard that I should improve:)) I'm glad to know that I'm not terrible at it! Thank you again for reading!
Date: Dec 13 2008 06:15 pm [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Sil Greenleaf Signed
Aaw, this is an adorable story. Well written and original. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I will definitely keep writing. Thank you for encouraging me so much. My heart is so warm right now! Hannon le mellon-nin.
Date: Dec 05 2008 02:40 pm [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Charli800 Signed
I can understand that. I guess you'll just have to be betaless for a while then. I still vote for a spellchecker though. :o)

Oh and will it email me when you add new chapters? Do you know? I kind of do everything based on my email, to save time.

Happy writing,

Author's Response: Yeah, I think most of my spelling mistakes are from typing though. I get so excited and just go. Yes, you can get e-mails for new chapters. Go to Edit Preferences and click the box that says so:)) It's really nice.
Date: Dec 04 2008 01:59 am [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
It's a nice idea, but you are not putting yourself quite into the soul and mind of a woman like Gilraen. You are right, one year is not enough, I watched my mother in agony for over two and a half.

You must reach for more depth of feeling and expand more on her thoughts, her memories of Arathorn, what she thinks of Imladris, her hopes and fears for her young son. If you write of grief, especially of losing a loved one, you really have to have experienced it to make it authentic, or read stories which address it as if the author truly has been there.

If you have lost some-one you love, then make yourself remember. Grief is something which should never be written glibly or passed over, as in RL, it is agony.

I recommend you look at this story:
To Give Hope
The author is wonderful at writing of Gilraen, Estel Elladan and Elrohir and I think you could pick up many tips. It is not an adult rating.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yeah, I've lost a few loved ones in the last five years and I understand now. Yes, even though it will be hard to remember the grief, I need to to make this better. Yeah, I definitely didn't do that part right. Thanks for the recommended story! I'm reading it now. How is Vanimore? I haven't been reading the story because it is dark and I'm trying to get over some dark things in my life and worrying about him didn't help me. Maybe some day I will read it . . . you are a fantastic writer. Namarie.
Date: Dec 03 2008 12:03 am [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Charli800 Signed
*cough*beta reader*cough*
*coughing fit*
This is a nice idea, but I think it could have been developed a bit more. Do you have a beginning, middle and end?


Author's Response: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about this but I don't feel comfortable enough to give away my e-mail. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have jumped into something like this without knowing certain things. If you keep reading my stuff, any comments will be listened to and appreciated, though. I didn't realize until yesterday that I hadn't told you yet. I know this needs to be edited and stuff, but you must admit, it was pretty good for just half an hour's time. I do plan on adding to this so we'll have to wait until that happens! I see my days being filled up with stuff to do before Christmas. Thanks and again I'm sorry. Maybe sometime I will accept your offer and we'll get to know each other a lot better. Until then, Shadow Maiden.
Date: Dec 02 2008 11:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Just Like You Reviewer: Ria Signed
Oh, very sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks. I just love little Estel, don't you?
Date: Dec 02 2008 07:25 pm [Report This]
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