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Title: Chapter 1: Something wicked, This way comes Reviewer: Sliven Signed
Really interesting story! And spooky, too. I do like Gríma as a character, and I feel so sorry for him, now. In death, at least, I like to imagine that there was mercy to be had for him. =)
Date: Oct 11 2015 04:16 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Something wicked, This way comes Reviewer: Amaranth Signed
Very nice!!! I liked the detailed description of Grima, it made me shudder and it WAS spooky. In addition with his screams and wails, he really appeared tormented and suffering.

Does one who caused such suffering in life deserve mercy in death?

I think Grima has been a poor, spineless creature who came under the influence of someone to mighty for him to resist, and probably he was too much a coward to even try. Maybe he reveled in the little power and influence this gave him, as I do not think there was something else in his life to keep him from wallowing in self-pity and give him a certain measure of self-worth. Even though I do not like Grima, I do not think any soul should still suffer in death, not like this. ~ Amaranth ~

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review Amaranth! I found it really quite thought provoking as I do agree with you on many of the points about how no one should ever be made to suffer and I did consider that but I let the story take over and as cold as it may seem, it felt right. Grima is a fascinating character becuase he is just so slimy, and easy to hate but also it is hard to tell what motivated him apart from his lust's for Eowyn. I think many people forget that due to his apperance that he was Rohirrim by blood, and that the Rohirrim felt so strongly of their honor that it was a part of their spirit, so when Grima turned his back on his people and betrayed them and his king as well he really sold a piece of his soul though wether he realized it at the time or not. Sauraman was not weak, and Grima was by no mean's a stumbling fool and I think he knew what he was doing to a degree, but never gave thought to the consequences of what would come later. The Rohirrim's idea of the afterlife seemed to be it would be one huge eternal party with ancestors and all those who had died before, but since Grima spit on that herittage he would not be welcomed and would be a lost soul as the fate of mortal men in death is far different than elves, that men would not be thrown into the void, but forced to eternally wander and not find peace, or in Grima's case eternally be a 'puppet' as he was in the final years of his life. I do not doubt that before the end Grima regretted alot, and it was revealed he had done some horrible thing's but perhaps he felt he was too far gone to be saved. As to the why he would come to Eowyn, I felt that was just another punishment to him that she would see how even further from grace he had dropped, that she hated him in life and she saw him in death as well and he terrified her, but she still hated him and felt no sypmathy, not that would have saved him but he is still a mockery. I liked writing this as it gave me a chance to explore a more supernatural element as well, which I always enjoy and Tolkien rather hint's at times what happens to a mortal spirit in death but leaves it open for interupretation as well, and this is my interupretation of what may wait for someone who has done terrible things in life. Once again, thank you very, very much for the review, It has truely caused me to delve deeper into my own story and think about it some more.
Date: Dec 03 2008 12:49 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Something wicked, This way comes Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I loved that Anwyn - , the wail of a spirit bound eternally to a dark master.
Oooh very interesting idea. Really good. Did you have fun writing it?

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I don't know if fun was really a word I would use per say, lol but I definately found writing this as apart from writing a scary story it gave me a chance to explore what might become of a mortal spirit after death as their path is just as different from Elves as they are in life and since Grima rather sold his soul it does not strike me as he would be shown any mercy for what he had done in life and while a mortal might live on in a happy afterlife IF they behaved themselves while they lived, he did not not and I always got a sense he was strong bound to Sauraman so much so that he could not escape him even when they were both killed and so he is still forced to lurk, a miserable and restless spirit as I found his character quite malacious as he was given a chance to redeem himself somewhat and he still turned it down, wether he did not want to prove himself or he was too afraid, I esd never really certain. Since I never got the impression there was such a thing as "Hell" as we know it in Middle Earth mythologhy that those who are cursed and forced to wander forever and never know any peace, which is just a horrible a torment I would think. Thank you very much again for the review, I am so pleased you liked the story!
Date: Dec 03 2008 12:52 am [Report This]
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