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Title: Fate Reviewer: Los Gloriol Signed
I have to admit – as soon as I saw that there was a new review for this story, I just about wanted to sink into the ground because I wrote this so long ago and I’m super embarrassed by my first-written stories.

Some of the stuff I have written in the past and now makes me cringe. But honestly, you have no reason to be embarrassed. It was really a joy to read.

I read it on my birthday (the 27th) and it cheered me up so much! I’m beaming.

I'm glad I could cheer you up, especially on your birthday. *Hugs* :D I wish I had read it sooner.

I was kind of shy and unsure about writing my feelings in, but it’s so hard NOT to love Maitimo. :)

Your feelings come through and that was one of the things I liked most about it. You should always write with your heart.

ironically dreamed of the ending to this. You know, if I die or not. I didn’t write it because it’s kinda a let down, and to go the other way…I can’t really do anything further because (other than the healing stage) nothing significant happens for hundreds of years (and we all know I can’t push much past three digits). But then again, I could always improvise…that’s always fun!

Well, maybe she ends up being counted among the Elves, like Tuor. You could have her do something that pleases the Valar or maybe they take pity on her and decide she should be with Maitimo. I tend to ramble, so hehehehe just ignore me.

Keep writing, hon. It's a real treat for me to know I've got your creative cogs going.

LoL! The Feantur is insane, but it nagged me for five years so I decided to write it. Mae will be showing up soon. Thank you so much for the compliment. :D And thank you for writing such a fun and thoughtful story. :D

Author's Response: Okay, I am going to respond to this, even though technically you arenít allowed to review-reply. Forgive me Ė I got in some trouble on this site and Iím trying to warn as many people as I can who are violating rules so they wonít have to go through what I did. If you find anything to respond to from this, then you have to contact me. Thank you SO, so much! Sorry, itís a bad habit of mine to immediately hate my work just after Iíve written it. I donít normally go back and re-read it or edit it because Iím just too lazy or embarrassed to fix it. Valar, it feels like FOREVER since Iíve written something that wasnít solely humor, and now that Iíve gotten your encouragement, Iím really thinking about picking up where I left off on a few stories and starting new ones. I canít wait! Grr, now I just need the time. *Hugs back* Aww, thanks. :) You didnít have to read it sooner, Iím just glad you read it at all! And donít worry about my birthday, it still kinda feels like the 27th because Iím still recovering from birthday-punches (never, ever tell Maitimo itís your birthday Ė his birthday punches KILL! Well, tell him at your own risk Ė just keep in mind youíll have six other sets waiting for you if you do :P)! Thanks! I think one of major problems of my earlier stories was that I didnít know *how* to weave my heart into the story. It was the most difficult thing for me. Writing from the heart. As much as I love Arda (characters and all), it was so awkward to put it in words. Hmm, thatís probably why Iím so embarrassed about this story itís not that itís written poorly, it was the beginning of understanding the true and realistic feelings of the characters. You ramble?! Iíve gone on for half a page just thinking aloud. Iíd never ignore you; your words have truly inspirational. Thank you. Actually, I was thinking randomly a few days ago and I came up with this random/silly scene between Fingon and I at our first meeting (reactions and whatnot), but Iím debating on writing because I donít think heíd really have enough time to stop and share a funny/awkward dialogue with me when Maitimo is bleeding to death. So yeahÖCool! The Valar taking pity on me Ė thatís a disquieting thought. Iíll have to elaborate on that. If I were in Arda, Iíd worry more about mistakenly insulting them rather than pleasing them. Hanginí out with Maedhros is already on the No-no List. Letís seeÖrrr, my brain just disconnected. Sorry, Iíll have to back to you with some ideas on whatís to happen next. Alright, one last time, THANK YOU! Youíve been most wonderful to me and I highly, highly appreciate it. Iíd say peace as in a ďsee ya aroundĒ but youíll be seeiní me soon in a review for the Tale of the Feantur. I see youíve added two more chapters, but unfortunately didnít get around to reading them. Peace but not peace! Fei. :P
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Title: Fate Reviewer: Los Gloriol Signed
The portrayal of Maitimo was great! I see him like that, but then I get confused and change my mind. I'm insecure when it comes to him, but your feelings for him shone through and I loved it.

I alway like it when people can put a part of them in the story, be serious and add humor. You did that well.

I think you should continue this. I'd like to see more of them together.

Author's Response: Wow, I cannot believe another Maedhros (Iíll go with Maitimo, since you prefer it) fan actually liked this! I have to admit Ė as soon as I saw that there was a new review for this story, I just about wanted to sink into the ground because I wrote this so long ago and Iím super embarrassed by my first-written stories. I cannot thank you enough for this review! I read it on my birthday (the 27th) and it cheered me up so much! Iím beaming. Thank you! :D I just re-read it and I think I made it a bit confusing in some parts. I canít change a lot of it because this was originally a dream I had, so thatís what makes it weird. I switch from thinking outside the dream and actually being a character in it. Thatís also why Maitimo has brown eyes instead of his grey (I say silver) eyes. It was just that way in the dream. Aw, thanks! :) I was kind of shy and unsure about writing my feelings in, but itís so hard NOT to love Maitimo. :) Yeah, itís really fun mixing humor and seriousness. I canít get too drone-y without adding Show Tunes ;). A few weeks after this was posted, I ironically dreamed of the ending to this. You know, if I die or not. I didnít write it because itís kinda a let down, and to go the other wayÖI canít really do anything further because (other than the healing stage) nothing significant happens for hundreds of years (and we all know I canít push much past three digits). But then again, I could always improviseÖthatís always fun! Hmm, Iíll have to get back to you on that. Youíve got my creative horse a runniní. A million thanks, Fei. :P | P.S. Oh, and Iím reading your, A The Tale of the Feantur. Ugh, itís so strange itís epically amazing! I love Celegormís and Maglorís relationship and the thought-shots and the dialogueóitís all so impeccable! I absolutely LOVE it! It must have been tough on the membrane to write, thoughÖ:D
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Title: Fate Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
*claps muchley* Bravo!!
Oh my gosh, I absolutly love this. I almost fell out of my chair as they were sining the show songs (especially the "Lovely bunch of Coconuts"!!) and then i almost cried as Maedhros was begging Fingon to kill him.
So, SO good. The way you portrayed Maedhros and his brothers was really good and really sweet. And all the "hanging" puns were hilarious. I totally loved this. If you decide to make it a story, thats cool, but its totally cool the way it is, too! =D

Author's Response: *Bows deeply* Thank you, Henoluin_ Esilim; your words mean so much to me! :D I cannot thank you enough, your review made me beam! Ah, yes, Humor is something I canít leave a story without; I just HAD to add ďLovely Bunch of CoconutsĒ. It just fit. YAY! I made someone nearly cry with my work! *Crosses off New Years Resolutions List* Sorry, Iíve always wanted to do that. Aw, thanks. :) The Feanorians were a lot of fun to write. Celegorm nearly killed me, but it was all a good laugh. Thereís been a bit of a debate on the way I portrayed Maedhrosósome think I did well, others not because Maedhros sounded too (how do I put thisÖ?) ďhappyĒ when I met him. I portrayed him to be happy to see someone elseóI didnít want to make him all gloom and doom just because he was hanging. Yes, that would be unbearable, and I truly feel sorry for him, but why should he take it out on someone else? I was going to change a few things because I think Maedhros was a bit to quick to trust and talk to me, but never go around to it. No one seemed to pick up on my Hanginí Out and literally Hanging off of Thangorodrim pun. I didnít even mean for the cliffhanger one to start. Actually, I was going to add what actually happens to me to this, and then another instance where this Original Character Elf gets to ďhangĒ with Maedhros, but I havenít gotten around to it. With the inspiration of your review, Iím thinking about finishing this off. So, thank you! Peace, Fei. :P
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Title: Fate Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Hello Fei -
(Hopefully it's OK to reply to a review-reply). Interesting plot idea! It could develop into a good story, I mean, it would be fun to see how Maedhros is around children. And exciting, too, trying to keep her from Morgoth. (I didn’t mention before, but I like that in this story you judge a man how good he would be as a father. Very wise!)
Listen, if you need help I can beta for you: check grammar, critique plots, and so on before you post a story. Let me know. (I should be contact-able from my bio).
I started a story about Maedhros in Doriath that ends just as he goes to search for the boys. But I find him a wee bit hard to write. *laughs* I admit I’m a little envious you have the dynamics of his personality down so well.
There’s few happy!Maedhros stories, really, but he’s such an amazingly tragic character it can’t be helped. Did you ever read Still Anonymous’ The Greatest Torment? (It should be on this site). It takes place after Fingon rescues Mae. She portrays Maedhros very well and has a seemless dream-flashback-back-to-present thing going. She’s also got a cute Sons of Feanor story A Gift from OromŽ.
(Hey, I shout CŪrdan’s Beard too! *ducks angry shipwright’s paddle*)

Author's Response: Hello, hello. Yup, itís totally fine to review-reply. What can I say; I have my wise moments. Thanks; I thought it was an interesting story idea, too. I even have some dialogue scenes thought up: ďYou know, when you pick up a rock and turn it over, you see bugs and mud all over the back of it, right? That is what reading a personís mind is like, Maedhros. It is not what you think.Ē Well, something along those lines. It would be very hard indeed to write it though because I was thinking of starting it off with the Second Kin-Slaying. You know, having Mae in Doriath fighting and what not, then the three Cís dying and Elwing escaping with the Silmaril and having Elured and Elurin captured and all that epic stuff. But it would be difficult because Iíve never written a battle before. I mean, fight scenes yes, but not battles. Oh well, I challenge myself. Or maybe I can start it off with him just finding herÖthat would be easierÖbut less epicÖhmmmmÖ. * Sighs * Would you be my Beta? Really? Yay! Thanks! No, I havenít read any of those stories; Iíve been meaning to read more Maedhros stories here. You know, to read the different portrayals and all. But, Iíve only seen Mae/Fingon slashes. Well, Iíll write a few beginnings for ďthe ListenerĒ. Namarie, Fei. P.S. CIRDANíS BEARD!! * Gets pushed overboard of ship by an angry Cirdan * P.P.S. Have you ever heard a joke that goes like, ďYou know how when a man falls overboard, you say, ĎMan overboard!í right? Well, what happens when a women falls overboard?Ē ďYou say full speed ahead.Ē
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Title: Fate Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
This was intense. I love the character sketches of the sons of Feanor... they were just wow. And Maedhros was amazing; you know, I can believe what you told is true. He was real-to-life and facinating. I hope you do more.
("hangin' with Maedhros", "cliffhanger", no, very good puns!)
-Kitt : )

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Kitt! The character sketches were my favorite part to write; I loved all of the different personalities. So much fun! For some reason Caranthir is my second favorite Son now that I have written his personality down. I do not remember that much about him, only that he was ďCaranthir the DarkĒ and that he gets killed by Dior with the other Cís. Maedhros was so sweet in my dream; I loved it! So very attractive, too. Actually, I am thinking about doing another Maedhros story. I *was* going to write more of this one; you know, if we lived, I would take him back to see his brothers and all [happy happy joy joy], then I would get to hang out with him when he gets to go to Himring and all of that. But the time line that I found said that was 15 years later and nothing else eventful happens for a few hundred years; we all know I canít live to 400, unfortunately. But, fear not! I have been toying around with this other great idea that just-so-happens to include a great deal of my favorite redhead. All right, so you know how Maedhros goes into that dark forest to find Elured and Elurin in the year F.A. 507, right? Well in my idea, instead of finding the lost twins [since he doesnít anyway] he stumbles upon a girl that has a gift that is said to be VERY rare among our lovely Elvesesses. This is as far as I got in a summery [if I were to actually write this story]: ďTo what lengths will Maedhros go, to protect a young Elfling from the menacing clutches of Morgoth? What if this Elfling has a gift that is said to be a 700-year-old myth? Find out in Ar-feinielís new story: the ListenerÖĒ Well, something along those lines. The wording is still a bit weird; I have to work on it. And it might be a bit hard to do, for I am still deciding whether to do this is first person or not and all of thatÖyou know, I might need help on thisÖseeing that this chick canÖOh, before I forget! I loved your Arena: The Legolas Fangirl Edition chapter! It was SO funny and random! I laughed all the way through it! Especially when Aragorn choked on a pretzel and when Cirdan said, ďManweís blow-dryer!Ē * Laughs * I use a phrase something like that but I say, ďCIRDANíS BEARD!!Ē * Runs away, screaming, from computer being chased away by an angry Cirdan * EEP! I must flee!!
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Title: Fate Reviewer: TiraSil Signed you die? By the way, I hate reading cliffies, for all that I love to write them...(hmm, that pun was just as terrible).

Author's Response: I honestly do not know if I die or not, for I woke up. This story was a dream that I had about a week ago that I decided to write and share with the LotR community. But when I woke up, I felt this deathly cold chill. It was very scary but at the same time exciting. I love writing cliffhangers, always so much fun. Your pun wasnít that bad. Thank you reading, TiraSil.
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Title: Fate Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Okay, as a Silmarillion lover of over two decades, I have to say, Maedhros sounds very modern in this, and very flippant about his situation, his torment and the Oath. And he sounds young. He was almost as old as Fingolfin. He also had grey eyes, Tolkien stated that in ' of Elves ' in the Appendices of LOTR, " They were a race high and beautiful, the older children of the world, and among them the Eldar were as kings, who now are gone; the People of the Great Journey, the People of the Stars. They were tall, fair of skin and grey eyed, though their locks were dark, save in the golden house of Finarfin..."

In an AU I suppose you can have eyes of any colour, I do, for a Half-Elf OC, but grey eyes, from very dark to glass-pale, sounds so much more beautiful.

If you want to read some stunning, mature Silmarillion based stories go to the Silmarillion Writers Guild which has the most talented and award-winning Silm-fic authors on the net. You learn just by reading their stories.

Having loved the Elder days for so long, I feel that the tragedy and grandeur of that book needs treating with great emotional maturity.

oshun Has made Maedhros and Fingon her own in her wonderful ' A New Day ' which won the Longer Works: General in this years MEFA's, which awards are for the best of the best fanfic writers. Once a First Age slash story would have been the kiss of death, fortunately now such works are judged on the writing skills of the author. I consider her writings the canon that was not written. Her portrayal of the Finwions and their relatives is more than masterly.

We only improve sentence construction and the power of our words by reading. I would really advise your looking on the SWG for stories which capture all the pain, glory and tragedy of the Elder Days. I have learned a great deal from some of the wonderful authors on that site.
I honestly would advise you not to self-insert, it's almost an unwritten rule that good writers don't indulge themselves like that. Usually an original character has something with which we can connect, but blatant self-inserts and Mary Sue's go hand in hand and no-one wants to be a Suethor.

I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is meant, which is advice from a much older writer who is still learning.

Take care.

Author's Response: Iím really sorry I got this all-wrong. I didnít mean to disgrace the Silmarillion or something. This was my first [and probably last] Silmarillion fanfic and it was a bit of a stretch for me because I only read it once and that was a few months ago. As you might have noticed or not, I am extremely new to the world of writing. I have no experience and talent what so ever, anyway. Thanks for the grey-eyes fact, I forgot about that. This was actually a dream that I had so I was just writing it down and posting it for fun. For some strange reason Maedhros had brown eyes in it. Sorry, I should have done more research before writing this, if I should have written it at all. I didnít mean to make Maedhros so modern, but that was the way he was in my dream; I guess he had to dumb himself down to talk to me. Sorry again about his age, I read somewhere that he was 3,100 years old when he died so I just subtracted 3,100 from the year of his death. Thanks for the SWG link, Iíve never heard of it will check it out when I can. Sorry about the self-insert, itís just that Iíve never really written in 3rd person and donít really know how Ė Iím just not a ďgood writerĒ.
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