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Title: Greenleaf Reviewer: Lorian Signed
Aw, that's sweet! I love the song Greensleeves and I'm glad someone else knows the original words, as you obviously do. I once wrote a skit about it, but that was for a history class and I hate it. Plus they performed it in class, and I had no idea they would...ugh, Embarassment! Anyhow, you are a remarkably flexible and good writer! Lorian

Author's Response: Yeah, the tune haunted me and it felt like there was a better story behind it. Almost like the words weren't fit right to the tune, anyway, thanks for reviewing:)
Date: Apr 02 2009 08:41 am [Report This]
Title: Greenleaf Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
1) Oh, so you go from cuddling with Legolas to snuggling with Glorfindel in one night? Nice...

2) I’ll tell Pip that you are joining us in the biggest snowball fight ever this year!! As soon as I find him… For some reason I can never quite locate him when I want to, he just pops up here are there.

Fei (calling out behind her): Heyyyyy Pippinnnnn, I have a nice tasty mushroom here…

Should we start a Round Robin for the snowball fight or something?

3) Are you still thinking of diabolical things to do to me for “Arena: The Legolas Fangirl Edition”? Or am I supposed to be writing Fei VS. Daewen Part II?

4) I would tell you about my nightmare but I honestly forget it now. Next time one scares me like that one did, I’ll be sure to e-mail you about it.
I really am glad that you’re here – I don’t have to hold as much as I did in now. I might not show it, but you really are special to me too…(Okay, why is it that when I try to be appreciative, I sound like a stalker?)


P.S. Have you seen Maedhros around? He disappeared…I haven’t seen him since LotR Jeopardy. I asked Fingon and Maglor where he was, but neither knows. I fear for him…

P.P.S. I finally got a picture of Legolas! Well, sort of...

Author's Response: 1. Who says I wasn't snuggling with both at the same time? Hm???? 2.Definitely Round Robin! That's a great idea! *Rubs hand together with evil grin* Oh, yes. 3. I have thought of some things to do to you . . I just need to add some more things to it. I liked the new one you did. You captured my essence. Oh, and the second part of Jeopardy was interesting. Dancing Balrogs; I never would have thought of that. 4.You're not being a stalker. I know what you're trying to say. I saw your new picture. Interesting. My sister likes penguins. No, I haven't seen Maedhros but I'll tell you when I do. Last night Elladan and Elrohir dropped by and I was so busy having fun with them. We kind of set fire to my couch but, um, it's okay now. I think. Anyway, have a good night and I hope you dream a good dream with Legolas in it. :Dae
Date: Dec 16 2008 01:02 pm [Report This]
Title: Greenleaf Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Oh, ok, I see how it is. You don’t respond to my reviews anymore.
* Pouts *
I mean, I threaten you a few times, take my picture of Maedhros off, cuddle with Legolas and you decide to stop talking to me?
* Taps foot against floor, waiting for an answer *
No, I’m just kidding. I’m not that callous!
I had another nightmare last night – that was fun. I woke up and Legolas wasn’t there to “Fight away all of my fears”. Is he spending this week at your house? Hmm, I wonder where Maedhros is at night…


P.S. Merry, Pippin, and I are planning to start a huge snowball fight in the Shire, you want in?

Author's Response: I just found your review! I mean, come on! *Smiles* It's alright. I definitely want in on the snowball fight! Fei, if you want to tell me about the nightmare, all you have to do is e-mail me. I'll listen. Legolas only wanted to see me for a day and he's hurrying over right now:)) I mean it about the e-mailing, Fei, I will always listen - I've got the time, believe me! And even if I didn't, you're special to me - you're my best friend here. - Dae
Date: Dec 15 2008 01:59 pm [Report This]
Title: Greenleaf Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
I used to play a game much like "Telephone" but it was just called "Whisper Down The Lane” I remember this one time, in Erestor's class, he had me and my fellow classmates play it. Oh no, big mistake on his part! The original line to pass along was, "Erestor is my favorite teacher." But it ended up when the line was over to be, "Erestor sells drugs outside of Glorfindel’s house."
Great work on this song! I loved it!

Author's Response: *Laughing* Glorfindel is right beside me now, laughing his golden head off. *Whispers* I can't believe you don't like hugging! I mean, it's kind of nice sometimes. *Snuggles with Glorfindel* Just kidding:)) Okay, I don't want to gross you out, I mean, it's cold and I wanted to spend the night with a friend. Thanks for chatting!
Date: Dec 07 2008 03:48 pm [Report This]
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