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Title: Waking Dreams: An Early Morning Ramble in Anórien Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
Oooh, you are a morning person eh? I am your oppsite then, I love writing late at night, which I suppose could also be considered early morning depending how you see things, lol. My muse has never dragged me out of bed to write, though in fairness she has never tried, I guess she knows that even while she is very strong willed and persistant I can be far more stubborn!

I wasn't aware there was a longest running story list actually, you really do learn something new everyday! How does one find it?

I feel your pain about forking out the extra cash to buy the LOTR movies and then they dropped...drastically. When the extended editions came out on DVD I rushed out to buy them and spent about $50 candian each with taxes and now I grate my teeth when I am at HMV and see them for $19.99, It does not matter, I couldn't have waited this long to get my hands on them anyways.

This was an amusing piece, thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: I'm not really inclined to get up at those early hours. It's part of the price (?) I pay for being retired and not getting up to an alarm clock each morning. I usually get up when I wake up. Sometimes it's during the wee hours. Sometimes it's well after sunup. I tend to go to bed at varied hours too, so that's a factor. It's impossible for me to lie abed once I wake up. My mind starts to work immediately. On the morning in question, Arwen started bugging me to work on my stories.

You can find the longest running stories by clicking on "Top Tens".

The fact that the LotR videos dropped in price worked to my advantage. I bought three sets for friends of mine when Astro Video closed their warehouse. I bought two sets new for about $15 each and one set used but in "like new" condition for $6. Last year I noticed that Target was selling the theatrical releases on DVD for $6 each.

Thanks for your review and comments.
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Title: Waking Dreams: An Early Morning Ramble in Anórien Reviewer: Formegil Signed
This was quite a funny piece, it really made me smile. Your muse sure seems to be intrusive sometimes. I, for my part, still wait to meet my muse, either she doesn't exist or she's so shy she just sends me those ideas without making an appearance.

Author's Response: Buy the Liv Tyler/Arwen poster and your muse will appear. Well, providing that Arwen is your muse too.

I sort of dreamed up that whole story while I was semi-awake yesterday morning. My Evenstar poster is near my bed, so one glance at her was all I needed to start hearing her voice in my ear.

Thanks for keeping in touch.
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Title: Waking Dreams: An Early Morning Ramble in Anórien Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
There is a lot I do for Vanimórë , but getting up at 3.30 is not one of them. XD Muses don't need sleep, I do. I do get up at 5.45 seven days a week however, that is early enough. I prefer the mornings to write.

On the subject of cocoa: Númenor apparently had well-nigh everything. Plants and animals were also brought there from Tol Eressëa by the Elves, ( And Valinor did possess every plant or animal which exists on Earth ) and the Númenoreans were great voyagers. I think that the plants Tolkien mentions like potatoes and coffee ( in the Hobbit ) were brought by Númenoreans to the shores of Middle-earth and grown there. Athelas was one example, as Aragorn said in LOTR ( the book ) it was found only in places where the Men of Westernessë had lived or camped of old. I would imagine Pipe-weed had similar origins.

Take care, Karl


Author's Response: Hi, Siân! Nice to hear from you again.

You’re probably right about the availability of cocoa in Middle Earth, although I can’t seem to imagine Men or Elves drinking it. It seems to me that it would have more appeal to Hobbits and that cocoa powder would be a common item in their pantries.

I included a scene or two in “Arwen’s Journey” where coffee was served, but I referred to it as Black Tea made from roasted beans. None of my readers commented on it, however. It’s been 30+ years since I read “The Hobbit” so I can’t remember the reference to coffee. I’ll have to investigate it soon.

Thanks for your letter/review. I’m working on another humorous tale which I hope to post in a day or two.
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