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Title: You All, Everybody Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Hey Dae, I have updated my Bio, let me know what you think! (I put some of my favorite quotes at the bottom)


Author's Response: Nice quotes. I've only heard of one of them before:)) So, you like Jurassic Park? Awesome movies! I love them all. My favorite part in the third one is when the people get into the labs and in the background you see the raptor run by. *Shivers* I'm trying to write stories. A little hard because one series I'm going to post is called The Unknown Daughter of Feanor. The other series is Daewen which is my story in Middle-earth. Enough about me! Snowball fights are great aren't they? Namarie.
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Title: You All, Everybody Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Ugh. Pippin! I wonder what that was...
Hmm. No, I don't think Elladan will survive. (Just kidding. But really...)
I almost, ALMOST feel sorry for gold team. But please continue to pester them! :D
Oh, yay! I seeing rules bent! Will the staff make the battle get, uh, uglier, I wonder?

Author's Response: Elladan. Yeah, don't you just love torture? Feel sorry? Hah! Never:)) Hm, Orli so far has been really nice. Does he have it in him I wonder? I guess we'll find out. Thanks for reviewing!
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Title: Plans Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Oh, Aragorn, you weeny! *aims snowball at King of Men* Ah, at least it ended well.
I was wondering when Elrohir would show up. Now gold team's got twice the evil. Oh dear.
*laughs* Geneva Convention!
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Title: A new friend joins the battle Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I liked seeing all these characters here, Dune... and am quite happy Dae's been saved from Sparrow's most Evil clutches! :D
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Title: You All, Everybody Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Ohmygosh, I love "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" It makes me laugh! Lol, keep this up!


Author's Response: Yeah, the first time I heard They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard, I was in the library trying not to crack up. Ah, I plan on keeping this up. Fei's craziness is rubbing off on me. BEWARE!! I will be posting some serious stories, I just need this humor right now in my life. Everything feels like a maelstrom and I need a way to relieve it. Thanks for reviewing!
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Title: It's Only the Beginning . . . Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Don't fear, Dune and his men are here! (laughs) I have been wanting to say that for a while!

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Title: Of Attack Plans and Captures Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Horror!!! Give me a musket and I'll blast them to gold ribbons... and then I'll take Sparrow to dinner. Yeah.
Hey, Gollum's captured! Does this mean we get to taunt him back? *rubs hands eagerly* No, that's mean, isn't it? And Valar know his self-esteem is teensy.
Don't die, Dae!
-Kitt :)
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Title: Of Attack Plans and Captures Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Good chapter very suspenseful! Now it is my turn!

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Title: Sibling Rivalries Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Alright! Chocolate cookie!!!
*nods* Yeah, when it comes to sibling rivalry, the best thing to do is to walk back, slowly. (Although younger me would never have hesitated to go WHAM.)
Oh dear! Gollum's gonna get captured again... he's not going to be happy... especially if Aragorn does it...
"Some snooping!" Suspenseful! What sort of snoopin'?
-Kitt :)
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Title: Guys Are . . . Disgusting Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
You most certainly made Van laugh! He’s much better now, but the fever’s still slightly there (just between you and me: his eyes totally lit up when I said, “Dae wrote a new snowball chapter—this one’s especially for you”). Van particularly liked the end where Gollum's complaining about being the one to do the dirty work and he laughed when he and Orli rolled their eyes after I said that guys are... disgusting. Excellent job! It’s hard to get Van to laugh when he’s feeling under the weather! I can’t wait to see what happens with Gollum. Will an abominable snowman come and eat him while he’s digging?

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Title: It's Only the Beginning . . . Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Good chapter! I was wondering when a new one was going to be added! Just remember Dae that me and my men are still waiting on the sidelines ready to jump in with our catapult and two cannons! Keep up the good work!

Signed by,
(Letter sent personally to Dae by wolf, and no you can't hold Mith as a prisoner!)

Lincoln: Hello there and who might you be?

Dune: (stands up and salutes) "Dunedain Ranger at your service Mr. President! Big fan of the Civil War sir!"

Lincoln: (laughs) at ease soldier! So you like the Civil War eh?

Dune: (Nods) Yes Mr. President, Pro-union all the way!

Lincoln: (Bends over and whispers in Dunes ear) I like your spirit boy, you make a fine soldier, carry on! (Walks away from Dune's camp)

(Shawn and Max walk over and look after the tall man)

Shawn: was that who I think it was?

Dune: yep Abraham Lincoln, president during the Civil War.

(Dune, Shawn and Max walk back to their tents, not even noticing as a certain Pirate spies on them.)

Jack Sparrow: (Rubs his chin) Now thats interesting!
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Title: Guys Are . . . Disgusting Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Ewe, yeah, I can't imagine the mess. I mean guys are, well... *whispers* filthy.
Ah, no more Spock. At least we shan't have to hear him talk anymore!
Poor Smeagol, stuck with all the nesssty jobses. Hmm. But doesn't he like the nassty jobses? I guess digging through ice in a loincloth doesn't count. :D
Great! I'm anxious to know how *this* plan is going to turn out.
-Kitt :)
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Title: "A House Divided... Cannot Stand" Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
VERY filthy! So filthy theat they are drowning in filth, and it once again hurts their eyes to the extent of blindness! XD. Good chapter, Kitt! Keep goin'!

Date: 02/13/09 03:33 am [Report This]
Title: It's Only the Beginning . . . Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(Dune turns to Shawn, Alex, Fletcher, Morion, Scratt, Henry, Tom, Josh and Mac) All right men! get the catapult ready. (Shawn, Fletcher, Alex, Morion and Scratt nod) and get the two cannon's armed with the snow cannonballs! (Henry salutes and so does Josh, Tom and Mac) "Aye sir they will be ready!" (Dune nods) All right then get to it! Dismissed!

Note to Dae: can't really add a chapter right now so I give you control of me and my character's. Do anything with them, but do not, I repeat do not, make them act like girls! (mock scowls and then laughs) Be right back need to add a new chapter to A slave no More!


Author's Response: *Rubs hands together* Okay . . . . Actually, I'll wait for Kitt to update the next chapter and I'll add on from there. This should be interesting . . . Fear me!
Date: 02/12/09 09:48 am [Report This]
Title: Elessar's Charge Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(Dune grins when he sees them appear in his field of vision) Revenge is mine! Now it is my turn. (Arms catapult that he had gotten from Narnia, Prince Caspian) This should work!(Dune Grunts as he pushes huge snow balls into place) Ok now it is time for me to begin!
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Title: Infiltration Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(A light flashes and Dune reappears) What I couldn't stay awya! (Peaks out from behind his rock and gasps!) What the? What the heck is going on?(Shakes his head and looks at the contraption he has brought with him) this had better work!
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Title: "Kelp"ing Out... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(Dune sighs) well so much for my big plan, Time for me to leave this story. (Picks up a book and mutters a spell, a light appears and Dune is gone) Merry looks over behind the rock "Now what was that?"

Good Job on the story Dae, I was trying to get you in the end but hey, my partner in crime got frozen! Keep up the good work! You may see me at the end.

Revenge shall be mine!
Date: 02/12/09 09:09 am [Report This]
Title: The Coming of the Snowball of Doom Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(Dune Frowns as he watches Sparrow get frozen) Crap! well so much for that plan, but where did all the water come from! (Looks for snowballs and all are gone) Gosh dang it now I have to start over!
Date: 02/12/09 09:04 am [Report This]
Title: Jealousy in the midst of Battle Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
(Dune pulls Jack into his hiding place) I will be needing your help when you wake up, Captain! (continues making snowballs)
Date: 02/12/09 08:57 am [Report This]
Title: Uninvited Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Crap! I am not going to fight a Dark Lord! (Dune ducks back behind his tree. he then looks over a Jack sparrow) I wonder... (Ducks as another snowball nails him) Aw come on! (Runs to a new spot) This is really getting cold, I need to arm myself! ( begins to make his on snowballs) this is going to take a while!
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