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Title: Cleaning and Cooking Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Oh, by the way... Legolast is a Wood Elf (of Mirkwood), and he is the Prince of Mirkwood. His father is King Thraundil (I think I spelled that right...)

Author's Response: YAY! Thanks for telling me! meerkatalex
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Title: Cleaning and Cooking Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Yay! You updated! I can most definitly see Pippin as a "Hobbit-sized snowball"! He just doesn't know when to stop, does he? One of the many reasons I love him! This was a really sweet scene between Merry and Pippin and more of how I imagine their relationship- Merry caring for Pippin. I also have in my version of Pippin's physical characteristics that he is very sensitive to cold, so this chapter definitly corresponded with my own opinions. I'm looking forward to Merry's inevitable confrontation with his father. Drama, drama, drama! I love drama! And angst... Lol, poor Eglantine!

Cute about the cooking thing! I love cute Frodo-Sam scenes.

I really want to know who those freaky people are that Legolas keeps dreaming about!

Lol! It is commonly assumed that elves do repel dirt and grime, but I guess it depends on who possesses the perception as to whether or not this is true!

Ambigious, kind of freaky ending. Cliff-hangers, duh, duh, dun...

Keep it up!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I really do appreciate it! :-) I always see Pippin as having a lower immune system than the rest of the Hobbits, meaning he gets ill more easily and catches colds a lot more; I know you agree with me from your story 'Of Magic ad Friendship' Anyone who is reading this review should definately go and read it! The confrontation with Merry's father is a very delicate situation in my opinion, so I'm trying to handle it carefully, so it becomes beautiful and brings Merry and Pippin closer together and Saradoc may be confronted by Pippin! You shall have to wait and see! ;-) Legolas's dreams will be explained further in due time, my friend! And he does not repel dirt and grime, but I wish that were true! lol! I like cliff-hangers, but I hope I'm upsetting anyone by them. Anyways, see you, and the next chapter is nearly finished! Thanks again, meerkatalex
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Title: Arrival Reviewer: Origo Signed
"People sometimes get a little homesick - and I still get ill every October"
what that in referance to bilbo's party?
if so, it was in September.. just wondering lol

anyway.. its good :)
although there could be a few less commers.. not much to change :)

Author's Response: No, people get homesick just in general and Frodo gets ill every October from when he was stabbed at Weathertop. (He is not yet cured of this wound, it's an AU story after all.) Sorry about my over-useness of commas; it's a weakness of mine. I will try to improve that! Thank you for reviewing! :-) meerkatalex
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Title: Snow and Water Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Quite a cliffhanger! I want to know what Legolas was dreaming about! Awww... really sweet Frodo-Sam scence, definitely reflects Sam's character well. Cute Merry-Pippin scene, too, but I miss the angst! Write more angst please! :) The "where's the fire" part was funny, though. Totally in Merry's character to freak out like that when startled awake! Just a note: Pervinca is Pippin's youngest sister- Pearl is his eldest (and Pimpernel is in the middle!) Oh, by the way, have you read my response to your review of "Every Day"? Now that's an essay! Keep up the good work and please update frequently- I look forward to it!


Author's Response: Angst will be coming up, don't worry! Merry's confrontation with his father is pretty near too, but don't worry about that, I won't put them through too much trauma! Or maybe I will... *Insert Evil Cackle here* Anyway, yes, I will update as soon as possible. Sorry about the mix-up with Pip's sisters I will try to amend that mistake, it's just that Pervinca sounds like a very strict name! Yes, I've read your response - it was very interesting and I was reading for ages! Now that is an essay, and I love authors who respond enthusiastically to their reviews! Thank you for reviewing, meerkatalex
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Title: Yule Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Good! A happy Merry-Pippin scene! That was so cute, and I'm glad that Merry finally feels at home. I always saw him as having blue eyes though, like in the movie. I love when you said that Sam spent a whole twenty minutes in a shop picking out the right color of fabric. To us girls, that doesn't seem long, but to a boy it would seem forever! *Laughs* Keep up the good work!


PS. In case you haven't seen it, I've posted the first chapter to the sequel of "Of Magic and Friendship", in case you're interested!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing the latest chapter! I liked writing this scene - I don't view all of the characters as they look in the movies. It seemed appropriate for Sam to take that long in shop - and you're right, it would seem like forever when he was picking it out! I will go and read the sequel now - if it matches up to the first story or better, then you're definatley onto something! I'm glad that Merry's happy now too - I suppose it would be quite hard in the beginning, but when he's been there for a while, he's sure to feel at home! Again. thanks for reviewing, and I'll look at the sequel asap! meerkatalex
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Title: Arrival Reviewer: Narya Signed
I'm really enjoying this so far - I really like your writing style and I think you capture your characters perfectly. The only thing I would criticise is your summary; I think you're seriously underselling a well-written story by putting that it's "not as dramatic as it sounds"!!

Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Ok then, thanks for the critisism! Looking back, it is really dramatic! I'm glad you've reviewed and that you think it's well-written! The new chapter is up as soon as I've applied the finishing touches! Thanks again, meerkatalex
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Title: Together in Time for Yule Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Yay for Merry-Pippin angst! I almost feel as though I am reading something I have written when I read the angsty parts. You said in a review of my story that our writing styles were very similar, and now I see exactly what you mean! I don't think the angst was overdone at all, but then again I have the same concerns about my own story. I look forward to reading more!


Author's Response: Merry-Pippin angst really gets to me as it's really emotional and beautiful to read about. I hope you add another chapter to your story soon, and am glad that you like most of the reading and writing styles that I like. In addition, you should not be concerned about the amount of angst in your story. Some people will love it, some people won't, but it's up to you what you write! I'm glad you love this story, and I'm happy that you leave so many long reviews! The next chapter will be up soooon! meerkatalex
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Title: Despair Reviewer: Traveller Signed
Ohmygosh, poor Merry! And poor Pippin, to have to see his best friend like that. I really like Frodo and Sam's relationship- although Sam still wants to serve Frodo, he is not so adamant about it as he once was, and Frodo is ready to just have Sam's friendship rather than service. Keep it up, I'm really intrigued, especially to see what happens with Merry and Pippin (of course)!

Author's Response: Yep yep yep! I love this story and am so glad that you are reviewing frequently! You must really like it - I love writing cliffhangers but I'm not too keen on putting them both (Merry and Pippin,) through too much trauma, although it is nice to write about them being together with that special brotherly bond that they cherish. Thanks for reviewing - another chapter coming up soooon! meerkatalex
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Title: The Discussion Reviewer: Traveller Signed
This is awesome! I like reading angst and drama almost as much as I love writing it! Poor Merry. And Legolas- those dreams sound really scary. I look forward to reading more! By the way, Sam's parents are Hamfast Gamgee and Bell Goodchild, and Pippin's parents are Paladin Took and Eglantine Banks. I hope this helps, and keep the chapters coming!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing - I am so happy that I'm one of the first authors that you've reviewed on this site! I love angst and drama stories too - I have a lot of them on my account that I've written already and they are mainly about Merry and Pippin's brotherly friendship. Thank you for telling me their parents, and good luck with your own writing! The chapters are comin' up, don't worry! meerkatalex Oh yeah - Pippin is my favourite character too! He is so CUTE!
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Title: The Discussion Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I would say write exactly what you want. It's a huge mistake to write * for * other people. I did it, and it caused me months of headaches editing my work back to my original idea. People who don't like angst can go and read fluff. I myself like tragedy, drama and sorrow, it shows more depth than fluff, so please keep going :)

Author's Response: I love angst, and I love fluff. I love anything really, and as long as the story has a plot, I really don't mind reading about things that some people are uncomfortable about, for example, sex and slash pairings. I have decided to dedicate my future work to people, but am sticking to my own writing style as I really cannot write about some of the characters. I love writing about Hobbits, then Elves come a close second, and then everyone else in Middle-Earth, but I must say that I will not write about something that I do not feel comfortable in writing. I like writing everything as long as it catches my attention - I will not start a story if I don't think I'm going to finish it, and the genres are up to me, right? I'm the author! ;-) Well, thank you for the information and opinions - I live for reviews! Good luck with your own writing, and have a great new year! meerkatalex
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Title: Arrival Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
You really put your heart and soul into this charming story. Bravo!

As for the descriptions and the angst, that should be left up to the tastes of your readers. You must write according to the style you feel most comfortable with. Some will love the way you express yourself, some won't. That's the situation every writer must face.

You've paragraphed your text well. You might want to cut back on the symbols separating scenes, however. If you use more than five or six in a row, it sometimes causes glitches in the website's programming. I'm not sure how, but Adoralyna posted a memo about it some time ago.

Author's Response: I have; it's one of the best I've written so far, I think. I don't normally like to write AUs but they always wriggle into my mind! ;-) Thank you for the advice about my writing style - I do like to write angsty stories but are worried about what other people will think. Recently I have dismissed this but I do try to take all reader's likes and dislikes into account, although now I wouldn't change this story for the world! I will edit the symbols seperating the scenes, as I've just looked and it looks rather complicated and silly. Thank you for reviewing; I hope to hear from you soon and will try to email you about another idea I have had. Thanks for the advice, I'm sure it will come in handy and I will look out for future memos! meerkatalex
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Title: Arrival Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I really want to compliment you on this piece, as I was reading how you found this site. I am not surprised you have received very high marks for English, and want to tell you to keep writing, although if you have written since you were a tot, you probably always will.

I wanted to ask if this was AU, because although Bilbo, Frodo and Sam ( apparently ) did go to Valinor, it did not give them immortality. It was one of the reasons for the ban of the Valar in the Second Age. The Númenoreans ( or some of them ) believed that if they conquered Valinor and set foot there it would give the eternal life, but in fact they would have died sooner as they would be exposed - for want of a better word - to the glory of the Valar, they would wither like flowers in too hot sunlight. The Elves did try and tell them that. So any Mortal being ( man, Dwarf, Hobbit ) would still die, and possibly sooner than they would if in Middle-earth. There was healing there, so that their lives would have been peaceful, and Frodo especially would have been healed of his loss of the Ring and the Morgul-blade wound, but by the time Legolas and Gimli arrived, the Hobbits would have been dead. Gimli would die too.
if it's AU, never mind. Elves also sleep with their eyes open.

"I think they have all lost their minds. Elves do not normally drink so freely."

They probably do, actually, lol, since they don't suffer cirrhosis of the liver or other Mortal ailments. In The Hobbit the Wood-Elves were certainly enjoying their wine!

Apart from those things, which are nothing to do with the quality of your writing, I think you write with lovely description and should just--keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving such a long review - I was hoping for some feedback on this soon and hoped people would like it. I suppose it is an AU fic but I'd never actually thought about their ages and immortality. I will take all of your constructive advice into account and update soon, andonce again, thanks for reviewing!
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