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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
This is a brilliant essay! You have put your feelings and heart into this, and it answers on of the best challenges on this site! But back to your essay - it is very well written, and the part at the end about toxic environments is so very true! I am glad I've read this, and even happier that you wrote it - I only apologise for not finding it sooner!


Author's Response: I applogize for the lateness of my response to this, It is not uncommon that I simply do not realize there is a new review and I do my best to reply to reviews when I can. Thank you so much for your kind words, I always apprechiate reviews and I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed this as that truly does mean alot to me. I do tend to put my heart into everything which I write, what I come up with is not always perfect but I do my very best.
Date: Feb 02 2009 02:31 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I have been on some sites that are absolutely ripe with the horrible vibe that you simply know there are some who are waiting in the shadows sharpening their claws to tear whatever you might venture to offer up apart.

Mind you these same people who are so quick to judge the work of others are often the ones who have no public writing of their own to show, I have always taken that as a sign they are too afraid that they will receive the same kind of horrendous treatment. I am disgusted by the fact that in some sites this disgraceful behavior actually seems to be encouraged as it draws in bystanders to the “flames” being tossed about and the site receives more hits. Without pointing my finger at certain sites, as I know those of you reading this who have been around will know of a few, I am really focusing too much on the negative aspect of some fan fiction sites.

I could not agree more. Many of the offender elsewhere write very little and seem to spend their time waiting to jump on a story or some aspect of it they hate. People who hate and are bitter and judgmental, are always hateful. I cannot stand Sue's, but after 15 months I have come to the conclusion they are a phase, and a bit like teenage acne, people grow out of them. They also, are just 'prentice work.

I also want to thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave me long before I decided to post and your immense effort in collaborating in Dark Lands and also in Dark Blood, despite your work, you were incredibly consistent and also followed the story plot and added to it. I did not have to try and write around you. I am thrilled that, rather like me, you ' practiced' on role play for some years then took wing, so to speak.

Author's Response: I cannot stand nastiness in any of it's form's and there is just something about someone being nasty about something you have written which hurts much more than someone walking up to you on the street and saying "You suck" or something stupid like that. I no longer have patience for the utter waste of time that is "sporking" where people will spend hours doing codes and *trying* to be funny but most often they just fail I find though some stories are so bad they do deservve it but at the same time I prefer writing my own stuff as opposed to tearing someone elses work apart for weird amusement. Re.Sues, some people do not care and that is fine as they cannot be bothered, than neither can I frankly, I just will not read the story and not review it either, if they don't care than neither do I. I have read stories that start "I know my character is a sue but I don't care" You are most welcome, It was really my pleasure, I throughly enjoyed collabrating with you and I am still working on my edit's for Dark Blood >_< I got alot of work done on that the other night but I am re arranging the story in someways and I am changing pretty much everything with Annie which is taking time becuase I keep changing my mind, thats indecesion for you! I think that Roleplay taught me alot such as figuring out a plot, becuase without a plot you get characters sitting around just talking all the time, which is incredibly dull. I can't say I would go back to it now, though I have been asked and politely refused as I have become too accustomed to working on things when I can which is harder at times then it is others with my working or somethings I feel too shot to really be creative and I would not want to hold anyone up but Dark Lands and Dark Blood came easily, well, intially, the editing is quite difficult I am finding but I am slowly getting there I think it was a good place to work out sue-ishness too as lets face it, most RPG characters are sue if not I would have had one of THOSE stories that would get ripped apart, so it really helped to work through alot of things creatively before I was ready to start writing the bigger, more indepth stories. Thank you so much for the review! :)
Date: Dec 22 2008 01:17 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Your essay shines, Anwyn! I found it truly fascinating and forthright. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I am so glad to hear you liked it :) If I can try to be nothing else at times, I do try to be forthright but is very good to hear you found it fascinating as well! Thanks for another challenge that was a welcome diversion from some editing I have been doing and really made me think on a couple of things regarding my writing.
Date: Dec 22 2008 06:30 am [Report This]
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