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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Haia Signed
I really liked this, I lost 2 of my favourite teachers in 1 week (litterly) and I kept feeling hopeless and just like a ghost to the world the whole time and your story really told truth to how someone thinks.
We never really don't know how much we love or need someone until they are gone...
I know this happened awhile ago but I hope your friend, Laila, is doing well. -cyber hugs-
Date: Mar 21 2009 10:47 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Aw, I feel bad that no one reviewed this before me. But…

Fear not! SuperFei to the rescue! *Throws back superhero cape in the blowing wind and places hands on hips. Gives a cheesy grin to the camera. The glass lens cracks at Fei’s smile* Not againnn! *Frowns disappointedly*

I am really sorry about that; I should be more serious for this review. *Slaps self* I promised myself I would be serious when reviewing! Okay… back to business *Solemns*

I feel bad because –

One: This is so good! I mean, honestly, I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I feel really bad for Laila and Ann. Are they okay?

Two: It was the only story of yours that did not receive a review. What’s up with that? You are an incredible author!

I find this deeply moving. I have not really dealt with losing someone close to me, for my Grandmother died when I was about 8 or 9 and these things never really hit me – I didn’t understand it. But now, years later, I get it…
I think that you portrayed what everyone feels when they lose someone special perfectly.
My opinion: To make it a bit more beautiful, maybe you should not abbreviate words (i.e. “They are never coming back.” would {still my opinion} sound more emotional then, “They’re never coming back.”).
Fun fact: I learned last year in English that there are five stages of grief. I couldn’t remember all of them, but there is a lovely invention called Google:

Denial (this isn't *happening* to me!)

Anger (why is this happening to *me*?)

Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person *if*...)

Depression (I don't *care* anymore)

Acceptance (*I'm ready* for whatever comes)

I think you really hit Denial, Anger, and Depression… but, perhaps, you could try to put the others in? You don’t have to do it, just a suggestion.

On the less dim side of things: They aren’t Lost forever, you’ll see them again, when your time comes, you’ll get to party with them in Heaven. Right? :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing this! I was worrying that it was terrible compared to other author's works and that was why no-one was reviewing it. However now you've reviewed it, I'm so relieved. Laila is one of my closest friends; she lost her mother, Ann, to cancer in August. She deals so well with it and I'm so proud of her for being so strong. She never cried in front of her friends, and it worries me. But I've finally accepted that that's the way she copes with it. She talks about her mum too; I could never do that if I were in her place. I am so honoured to hear that you think I'm an incredible author! I hope that this touched you, and I think it did. I'm a really bad non-abbreviater and apparently a walking dictionary, so I'll work on that... The five stages of grief are really accurate and I'm glad you've told me about them, I'd have never have found out otherwise. You know, what made it really hard writing this is that I haven't ever Lost anyone. ((Excluding my hamster, and I was about nine then, so it doesn't count.)) When Ann died it hit me hard. I cried for ages, even though she's not related to me, and I've only met her once. I felt so bad. Thanks for the constructive critisism, and I'll take it into account. Thanks again, meerkatalex
Date: Jan 27 2009 02:39 pm [Report This]
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