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Title: In a Name Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Aw, very cute! Pippin is also called Pip, after the pips in apples, and I love it that he managed to get the apple off of the floor without moving, according to Paladin. The relationship between father and son is lovely and portrayed very well, and I enjoyed reading this. I do think that Pippin does not like his full name, and for a good reason - Pippin suits him so much better; Peregrin sounds like a grumpy old grandpa's name! The last sentence is espeially sweet and I love it that Pip is tiny and cute. Yay for fluffy Pippin stories!


Author's Response: Yay!!! I'm glad you liked it (even though it's not angsty)! I never really thought that Pippin was particularly fond of his full name, either. The only time that Peregrin suits him better is when he is Sir Peregrin, Knight of Gondor. Otherwise, he is dear, sweet little Pippin. (I feel like I can call him that, because I feel like I know him so well after making up so many stories about him!) I'm going to try and write more soon. Hopefully it will be on the sequel to Of Magic and Friendship, which I know you are breathlessly awaiting (lol), but I have to get my thoughts together on it first, so more short fics might come first. I don't know, but it will be something. Keep tuning in! -Traveller
Date: Jan 20 2009 01:20 pm [Report This]
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