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Title: Stuck Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Things are getting very interesting! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Thanks! I will!
Date: 26/01/09 - 02:18 pm [Report This]
Title: Elrond Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I like your characterization of Elrond. I found this very authentic again. Elrond and Vilya kept Imladris a haven from evil for thousands of years, and would doubtless be cautious at some-one appearing unheralded on their borders. They did, of course, know the Dúnadain, who were Men.

Reflected in the mirror were signs of a rope burn around his wrists.

Oh pants, a cliffie!
Very good! :)

Author's Response: Thank you again for the praise! I hold your reviews in very very very high esteem :)
Date: 26/01/09 - 09:11 am [Report This]
Title: Elrond Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
I am interested, my friend. Please do continue!

Author's Response: I do plan to continue the story! Thank you for the review!
Date: 26/01/09 - 06:06 am [Report This]
Title: Not in Kansas Anymore... Reviewer: ladygreensleeves Signed

Author's Response: Ok!
Date: 25/01/09 - 01:43 pm [Report This]
Title: Not in Kansas Anymore... Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
I think you should keep this story – it is a very good start.
I thought the beginning was well written. You gave the description of Brandon awaking this eerie effect – which was cool.
I liked his reactions -- and his fear is remarkable. I honestly felt scared with him and feared for him. Fear *is* a funny thing. I completely agree – “it dulls the mind, but sharpens the senses”. I wonder why… *shrugs*
I loved the encounter with Elves – I thought that was real, as opposed to other stories where the Tenth-walker is immediately accepted into Imladris. And I like how Brandon compares the Elf to an Alien. I would too if I had never seen LotR.
Overall, very, very good job; Keep writing!


Author's Response: Thanks, I will!
Date: 25/01/09 - 08:24 am [Report This]
Title: Not in Kansas Anymore... Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Hmm, you know, I like this. Your writing style is also very good. :) I think the reaction of the Imladrian Elves is authentic, having looked at way too many stories where the girl who falls into Middle-earth is immediately accepted like the reincarnation of Lúthien.

I would like to read a mature, well written story of a guy in Middle-earth. ( Actually I'd like to read a story of a soldier in the SAS joining the Fellowship, but unless Andy McNab - Who was in the SAS and wrote Bravo Two Zero - writes it, I doubt I will see one d;-)

I wouldn't give up on it, although there are so many falls-into-Middle-earth - out there, that does not mean you cannot write a good one. In fact if there were more well written ones they wouldn't have such a bad name. Pink Siamese's, Hobbitland is the only one I have read which I like so far, but Pink could write about a teabag and make it enthralling.

So well done, if I were you, keep going, if you carry on this way it will be very good :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!
Date: 25/01/09 - 08:13 am [Report This]
Title: Not in Kansas Anymore... Reviewer: Midnight Signed
This is really great! The fear from Brandon, reminds me of many dreams I have had of my own, only his is not a dream.
I wish you good writing.
-Midnight §

Author's Response: It may be a dream...or it may not. Thanks for the well wishing, and I hope you keep reading!
Date: 24/01/09 - 07:19 pm [Report This]
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