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Title: Then I Did Reviewer: Merry Signed
Very good. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying to write as much as possible, but with four AP classes and a senior project research paper due in a month, I'm not finding a lot of time. But I love to write as much as you love to read it, so I'll keep trying! Keep R&Ring! -Traveller
Date: 28/01/09 - 09:40 pm [Report This]
Title: Then I Did Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
I have one thing to say to you..."Life Is A Highway". Man Rascal Flats is one of my favorite bands! I have a question, is this before or after the War of the Ring? all I want to know. I also have another question, would you like to do a challenge? If not I would understand
Nice job on the story so far, keep up the good work:)

(Dunedain Ranger of the North)

Author's Response: Yay, another Rascal Flatts fan!!!! You'd think that there would be more country fans in Southeastern North Carolina, but they are precious few at my school... I love "Life is a Highway", but my absolute favorite Rascal Flatts song and favorite song ever is "Where You Are". This story takes place after the War of the Ring. Frodo has been to Valinor but decided to return to Middle Earth. For this to make more since, read my first story, "Of Magic and Friendship"- it is the prequel to this story. This story begins exactly a week after that one finishes, so reading it would probably clear up a lot of your questions. I might be interested in doing a challenge, depending on what it is and how much time I have (very busy schedule!). Thanks for your comments and keeping R&Ring! -Traveller
Date: 26/01/09 - 06:40 am [Report This]
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