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Title: Praying for Daylight Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Another beautiful chapter! I love this as it shows the relationship between Merry, Frodo and Sam. I'm glad you kept the gardener in, as I view him as Frodo's most loyal, trustworthy and comforting friend. Pippin's going to be alright, isn't he? I hope so; I'll have to cry if he dies. I haven't read a story yet where Pip dies and I don't cry. I think it's terrible that he's in so much pain, and there's a cure for it but they cannot get it yet.

Asthma! Why didn't I think of that?! My dad has it and I didn't even place my mind on it! I hope that Pip will get better soon, and when he gets to see Fair again it will be a lovely reunion. About Fair's name... I love it that Pippin and Diamond named him after Faramir, as he was like a brother to him in several ways. Boromir, I think, was more of one to him, but as Faramir was alive I think it would have meant a lot to him too. Anyway, I love Fair's nickname because he sounds so innocent and fair of face, and because if Pippin wasn't called Pippin that would be a good name for him instead. Er, out-of-topic-question; does Fair marry Goldilocks, Sam's daughter, when he grows up? If so, that's another pairing I think is beautiful... *Sob*.

"Merry fought down the urge to yell with excitement, knowing that if he did so it would only cause Pippin to start gasping all over again." This is so like Merry in character, and I love the end of your chapter too, when you say that Pip is willing to stay up all night jsut for Merry. I really, really, hope that he gets better soon; you can't put him through too much trauma, can you? Overall, you already know how much I love this story and the first, so keep going! I will review until the end! :-)


Author's Response: Yay for long reviews! You know I love these! :) I was never going to discount Sam from the story- this series is called "The Travellers" and I fully intended to include all four of them! Sam plays a rather important part in this story, as you will see in the next chapter. I read your story (I think it's called "Misfortune and Mushrooms") where you killed both Merry and Pippin at the same time! This was before we started reviewing each other's stories, so I didn't know who you were, and I thought, oh my gosh, how could you do that? But then I went back and read it again and realized how well it was written and what beautiful angst there was, and it's become one of my favorite stories. I'll have to go back and review it for real one of these days! As I mentioned in my first story, Fair is crushing on Goldie... I'm glad you liked the end- the really intense scenes are by far the most fun to write! It wasn't that Pippin was willing to stay up all night for Merry- quite the opposite, really. Merry was willing to stay up all night for Pippin. It was that Pippin was willing not to die because of Merry being there with him. This is how this chapter's song lyrics apply: "but you always say something without even knowing, that I'm hanging on your words with all of my might, and it's alright, yeah I'm alright, for one more night..." The only thing that is keeping Pippin from giving in completely to his pain is Merry. I'm glad you're enjoying it! As always, thanks for the reviews! -Traveller
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Title: Real Pain Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
I especially love this in the story:

“Be strong, Merry. Be strong for our Pippin.” “I shall,” came the soft whisper.

This is so cute; I love the way that you portray all of the Hobbit's relationships. Is Sam out of the picture now? Anyway, I really like the part at the end about Fair and his dream; and I think I know who the gray man is, yay!

And have I told you that I think Fair is such a true nickname for Pippin's son? I think that the relationship between all of the Hobbits is SO cute - the way you portray Frodo as the supportive cousin for Merry is brilliant - Merry always comes across as the strong cousin for Pip, but when it gets too much, everyone has to fall sometimes, don't they? See, what I'm trying to say is that Merry always comes across as so strong, butu he must feel helpless sometimes, which you have perfected absolutely perfectly! I hope to read more soon - and well done for making this chapter excellent! -


Author's Response: You have now idea how happy it makes me that you liked that line! I was going to word it another way (I don't even remember how, anymore, even though I just wrote it last night!), but then that line just sort of came to me. I totally agree that it's basically a summary of the relationships between Frodo, Merry, and Pippin, even though that's not what I intended it to be. (This makes me wonder- in my AP English class, we go through books and pick them apart, picking out symbolism, foreshadowing, and all sorts of literary devices. What if the author didn't actually intend for those things to be there- what if what he or she wrote just sounded right at the moment? Of course, most of those authors are long dead, so I guess we'll never know!) No, Sam is not out of the picture, now! The series is called "The Travellers" because it's about all four of them- I guess I just write about Merry and Pippin more because they're my favorites! I'm pretty sure that Sam will show up in the next chapter, so never fear! I'm glad you liked the dream part- I absolutely love writing that! We'll just have to wait and see if your guess as to who the gray man is is correct (take a stab at the sobbing man, too, while you're at it!). Why do you say Fair is such a true nickname for Pippin's son? You hadn't mentioned this before. I acutally got it from a series of books that I read called the "Mrs. Murphy Mysteries"- the dude's name is "Pharamond". I mean, come on. They're set in modern times. Anyway... Yeah, Merry always tries to be strong and seem like he's not afraid of anything, but he really only feels that way when he's with Pippin, because they build each other up so much. There will be more of this aspect in the next chapter, so keep reading! (Although I'm sure you would anyway!) Thanks again, -Traveller
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Title: Real Pain Reviewer: Merry Signed
Very well done. A great chapter , as always. Looking foreward for the next!

Author's Response: Thank you! I look forward to writing the next chapter- I just have to decide which of my whirling, killer plot bunnies to stick in there! Keep R&Ring! -Traveller
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Title: Then I Did Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Great work on the story so far! Keep updating please and make sure your paragraphs on description aren’t too long! Otherwise I have no complaints! The scene with Merry and Pippin at the end of the chapter is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! There are no grammar or spellings mistakes that I can see, as per usual, and your style of writing is brilliant. However you do like to make Merry call Pippin ‘dear’ a lot – is this typical of your writing style? Just one of those little habits that are hard to break? Because I think it’s so sweet! The lyrics from the song that are in the story are cute and appropriate, and the band Rascal Flatts – sorry. I’ve never heard of them. You must think I’m so behind on the times, and yes, I am. I am not an up-to-date person, and I don’t know much about the eighties, seventies or sixties. However the chapter title and the title of the story are awesome. I love the relationship between all of the Hobbits, especially Merry and Pippin, and the way that you portray Diamond seems interesting and correct. I love this story and hope that you respond to this review soon – wishing you all the best, and a further few plot bunnies,


Author's Response: Thanks for all your wonderful comments! Which long description paragraphs would you be referring to? I honestly thought that I hadn't included as many as normal in this chapter. Let me know- constructive crit is good and appreciated. I loved writing that Merry-Pippin scene at the end of the chapter, and I love making my readers happy-cry! About the "dear" thing: in my mind, as probably in yours, Merry and Pippin are as close to each other as Frodo and Sam are to each other. They have been through an incredible amount together, and feel so close to each other that it's hard for me to describe their relationship in words (but I sure as heck am trying!) Merry feels especially close to Pippin at this point in time because he very recently came so close to losing him forever. Merry calls him "dear" because that's exactly what he is: extremely dear to Merry's heart. Merry also view's Pippin's actions in allowing Diamond to go and study with Mistress Hibbs as selfless, for remember, this is the time of the male-dominated society. Pippin could have technically stopped her if he wanted to, but it's not in his personality. Keith Urban, one of my favorite singers, said in his song "You're My Better Half": "They say behind every man is a good woman, but I think that's a lie, 'cause when it comes to you, I'd rather have you by my side." I think this quote pretty much sums up Pippin and Diamond's relationship, as well as the fact that they're completley, head-over-heels in love with each other. (As you can see, I get much of my inspiration for my stories from music!) Anyhow, the fact that Merry views Pippin as such a morally good person results in his frequent use of the affectionate term. In return, Pippin sees Merry's choice to stay and take care of him all by himself for three whole months as equally selfless, and he does occasionally call him "dear" as well. I do have to admit that I was inspired by the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". Aslan calls Lucy "dear one", and it just touched me because it felt like an intimate term to describe an intimate friendship. I'm not going to say "Oh, my gosh, you've never heard of Rascal Flatts, where have you been?". I'm only going to say that you need to check them out because they are AWESOME!!!!!! They are not from previous decades but rather, released their first album in 2000. They are a country group that crosses over with rock, and their music is amazing, inspriational, and fun to listen to. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? I've noticed that you spell the word "favorite" with a "u", which implies that you are from a European country. I'm from southeastern North Carolina, USA, in case you were wondering. If you're from Europe that might explain why you haven't heard of Rascal Flatts, as they are a country group and it's probably not as popular over there as it is here down south. I'll see if I can find links to music videos for "Every Day" and "Then I Did", as well as lyrics to the songs. They're worth listening to! Oh, and don't worry: I'm not up-to-date either! I just got my first ipod this Christmas! I'm glad you like my portrayal of Hobbit relationships. Because I'm curious: what exactly do you like about the way I portray Diamond? Since Tolkien never mentioned her except in the Appendices, I had to create her character completely from scratch. I'd love to know specifically what you think of her, because to me she's a very interesting character! Thanks for your continued reviews and support. I've added you to my favorites, in case you haven't noticed! Plot bunnies to you, too, -Traveller
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Title: Then I Did Reviewer: Merry Signed
Very good. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying to write as much as possible, but with four AP classes and a senior project research paper due in a month, I'm not finding a lot of time. But I love to write as much as you love to read it, so I'll keep trying! Keep R&Ring! -Traveller
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Title: Then I Did Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
I have one thing to say to you..."Life Is A Highway". Man Rascal Flats is one of my favorite bands! I have a question, is this before or after the War of the Ring? all I want to know. I also have another question, would you like to do a challenge? If not I would understand
Nice job on the story so far, keep up the good work:)

(Dunedain Ranger of the North)

Author's Response: Yay, another Rascal Flatts fan!!!! You'd think that there would be more country fans in Southeastern North Carolina, but they are precious few at my school... I love "Life is a Highway", but my absolute favorite Rascal Flatts song and favorite song ever is "Where You Are". This story takes place after the War of the Ring. Frodo has been to Valinor but decided to return to Middle Earth. For this to make more since, read my first story, "Of Magic and Friendship"- it is the prequel to this story. This story begins exactly a week after that one finishes, so reading it would probably clear up a lot of your questions. I might be interested in doing a challenge, depending on what it is and how much time I have (very busy schedule!). Thanks for your comments and keeping R&Ring! -Traveller
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