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Title: Someone To Look After Reviewer: Elanor Fay Signed
Ah, I simply just adore stoires about the four hobbits. (I'm an incurable hobbit addict). This was very cute in explaining Frodo's and Merry's relationship. Not only that but Frodo moving to Bag End. Oh, and I love how Sam and Frodo meet! Very cute! It's true the ages aren't 100% accurate, but hey if it works, it works, and it did.
The piece was beautifully fluffy. Well done!


Author's Response: Thanks! Incurable Hobbit addicts unite! Lol- I'm obviously one as well. I had actually never given thought to how Sam and Frodo met before I wrote this story- it just sort of came to me when I came to that particular part of the tale. Poor little Merry- I felt so bad for him that Frodo had to move away. That was my little bit of angst for this story- I'm quite a fan of angst, especially if it has to do with Merry and Pippin, which I write on a regular basis. This story was my little fluff release, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Please keep reading and reviewing! -Traveller
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Title: Someone To Look After Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Lovely. :D I'm glad that both Frodo and Merry have found new friends, but it must have been ever so hard for them to adapt to not being in one another's company. However I do so love the way that you have explained how Sam and Frodo met. I assume that Frodo was the person - or maybe Bilbo - who taught Sam his letters and told him tales of dragons and Elves.

Aw, I love that you've included a young Pippin and Sam in this; they're so CUTE! The descriptions of Pip as a faunt is so fluffy and cute I may have to steal him! :D No, I would never do that, as you wouldn't be able to write more! Please write another story soon; possibly how Merry and Pippin's friendship develops and how Sam's and Frodo's does too? It would be perfect for elaborating on the friendships of Hobbits. However there is one line that really got me thinking:

“No, it wouldn’t be proper for a gardener-boy to be friends with Mister Bilbo’s cousin.”

This provided a very intriguing thought-provoker for me; do you think that the division of class would affect Hobbits much? By the sounds of this, yes. I mean, who cares if Sam's father is a gardener? Surely they are smiled upon by other Hobbits? I do know that these bullies, whoever they are, must be arrogant and mean and making up reasons why they were picking on Sam, but it dawned on me how much the social classes and divisions are at ease in the Shire. It must be blessed relief.

Well, I do so love this story! I think you should do a sequel, and I will gladly review the next one that pops up! Good luck and plot bunnies, love,


Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you finally got a chance to read this little story! I knew you'd love toddler-Pip! Yes, I think it must have been very, very hard for Merry and Frodo to leave each other- I think that their relationship was a little like Merry and Pippin's, with little Frodo being like bigger Merry, and little Merry being like slightly bigger (or maybe not any bigger, because I guess their friendship pretty much started from Day 1 of Pippin's life) Pippin, if that makes any sense. Merry and Pippin's friendship is the best of all, though, and the most fun to write about, in my opinion (and yours too, from the sound of it!) I always think that it was Bilbo who began to teach Sam his letters and told him tales, but I'm sure Frodo probably helped, when he wasn't listening to the stories himself. Lol, little Hobbits are ALWAYS cute! Actually, you can steal Pippin the faunt anytime you like, just as long as you promise to give him back when you're through with him! I'd love to read it if you wrote a story about cute little Pip and Merry! I know angst is primarily your thing, as it is mine, but I think you'd be intensely capable of a cute little Hobbit story (especially if it's about Pippin!) As for another story, I'm currently working on Every Day and The Bachelors Babysit. I have Chapter Six of Every Day up, I don't know if you've seen it. It's called "Mister Samwise's Magic Tea"! Go figure what it's about. Read it, it's got Goldie and Fair together in it, which I think you'll like because you seem to be such a big fan of them! :) At some point, I might do a story where I do six mini-stories, chapters, or drabbles in which I show each of the Travellers in some friendship scene together, whether as children or adults, individually, each with one of the others- Frodo and Sam; Frodo and Merry; Frodo and Pippin; Sam and Merry; Sam and Pippin; and Merry and Pippin. Does that sound like a good idea to you? I do think that class divisions would effect Hobbits and their general society. I know it might not seem a lot like it in the books or movies because Frodo, Merry, and Pippin, as Hobbit nobles, are very tolerant and friendly with the lower class, Sam in particular. But I think that some of the Shire upper-class, particularly those sligthly beneath the really high ones, such as the Sackville-Bagginses (the really high ones being the Brandybucks and Tooks and such), look down upon the working class. I think that one of the reasons that Sam loves Frodo so much and is so loyal to him before their true friendship develops is because he and Bilbo treat him just like another friend, with love and respect, as do Merry and Pippin. Even so, it is obvious that Sam is blatantly aware of the class difference throughout the trilogy (hence, "Mr. Frodo"), and is self-concious about his social status. This is why I think it a very likely case that jerkish, snobby little upper-class Hobbit lads would make fun of poor Sam, especially since he possesses such a shy personality to begin with. Whew, that was long. Yay for analysis! I'm really glad you loved my little story! Maybe a sequel, maybe not. I hadn't really planned for one, but if the plot bunnies attack... Please go and read Chapter 6 of Every Day if you haven't already- I'd love to know what you think! I always love your long reviews! Thanks so much! *Opens hutch and shoos some plot bunnies over to meerkatalex! "Go, do your work!"* :) Love from, -Traveller PS. Completely off topic. Rascal Flatts came out with a new CD and song called "Unstoppable". Totally potential title and basis for another story!
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Title: Someone To Look After Reviewer: Dreamflower Signed

Oh, I'm always delighted by stories about the friendships between the lads as children!  And I especially love them when they show how close Frodo and Merry were.

 He knew that Merry sensed his pain- the little lad saw, heard, and felt everything. Merry crawled into his lap and squeezed his hand, his flaming anger reduced now to only ashes, replaced with his innate desire to comfort. Frodo squeezed back and murmured,

“You may not know it now, but you’ll understand someday. I promise.”

Merry nodded and buried his face in Frodo’s chest, finally giving in to his tears. He wept for all he was worth while Frodo rubbed his back in small circles and stroked his curly hair as he murmured, “I’m going to miss you, too, dear one.”

And I also loved the part where Frodo threatened the bullies with Gandalf!  That was just too funny and cute!

The only little problem I could see was it being slightly AU to canon about their ages--but your change was so small compared to the way *some* people do it that I didn't really mind it.


Author's Response: Thanks for your lovely comments! I thought hard about the exact way I wanted Frodo's threat to the bullies to come out. I'm rather proud of the earthworm thing, myself! :) Sorry if the ages were a little off, I usually put a warning on my notes about that but this time I didn't catch it. Personally, it's more important to me to stick by exactly what you want to come across in the story than worry about being completely Tolkien about things like ages. Thanks again and keep reading and reviewing! -Traveller
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