Reviews For A Reminder of You
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Reviewer: Encairion Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/02/10 - 07:24 am Title: Chapter 1

Well, if I wasn't already in love with Maitimo, then I would be now!

Love it, exquisite, heart breaking writing.

Thank-you for sharing. I loved it the first time I read it, and love it even more the second! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. He's hard not to love. I am so glad you reviewed not only because of your kind remarks, but because I got a chance to see your story archive. It's definitely my sort of thing and I'm hoping to get time this weekend to read your work. :) Thank you again.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed [Report This]
Date: 31/01/10 - 11:48 am Title: Chapter 1

A beautiful expression of unrequited love. We all know that feeling. What a lovely, romantic, poet you are. I hope you find your real life Russandol.

Author's Response: Thank you again for reading and taking the time to reply! I never take it for granted and I am very humbled by your remark. I have found my Russandol. Every night I am greeted by his romantic snoring ;) Hugs!

Reviewer: Narya Signed [Report This]
Date: 23/03/09 - 08:28 pm Title: Chapter 1

This is so unbelievably beautiful, Los Gloriol; I don't think there's a woman alive who couldn't identify with the sentiments you've captured so perfectly. Utterly poetic. Gorgeous. Brought a lump to my throat. Instant favourite.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D Your words touched me because that was exactly the feelings I was trying to convey. I am so flattered by your review. This, of all my writing means the most and to have people love it just so wonderful. Thank you again! By the way, I really enjoyed your essay. It brought up so many great points. We ned more people like you out there challenging preconceived ideas. Great stuff!

Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/03/09 - 08:45 pm Title: Chapter 1

Hehe. But “good-looking” is accurate. He had the most glorious , sheeny shoulder-length red-purple hair.
Really, it’s Ar-Feiniel who’s truly crazy for him. I’m all for Círdan… it’s the beard.*swoons*
Right, the dreams! He was in my house, looking into the mirror, with an oh-so-despondent tug on his face. My first thought was that he was going to kill himself. Again. I shouted his name a dozen times to get his attention. He wouldn’t even look at me. Grrr. I was getting seriously worried, so I squeezed between him and the mirror and talked to him about “getting out” “seeing the world” “Wunderlust!!!” And why didn’t he come with me to see the world…? I think he finally looked into my face and disappeared. *pouts* I never have a two-way conversation with Elves, not even Legolas. Well, Ar-Feiniel’s had way crazier Mae dreams. She wrote about one in a story called “Hangin’ With Maedhros.”
Ooh, I had fish once, long, long ago; they were named Fish1, Fish2, and, yeah. *bursts out laughing* Morgoth the cat! I always name the cats after Hobbits or Rangers. If we ever had a litter of 7 they’d so be the Feanorions, but I don’t think anyone else in my family would be happy… I mean, it took my brothers ten minutes to guess how to spell (let alone say) Maedhros. Yes, the French, though if the pay’s good he’ll go over with the English. The game-fellow on the screen has two hands, unfortunately. My theory is that he has a screw-on hand. *nods seriously*
-Kitt :)

Author's Response: Oh yes he is the sexiest thing in Tolkien's writing. Red-purple hair? Have I missed something concerning my copper-top's hair all these years? Or was this in your dream? Ar-Feiniel has good taste. Cirdan? Now that I didn't expect. Despondent and Maitimo sounds about right. Lolol oh Kitt! In your house? Hehehehhe I always think of him in particular places in my house ;) I'm naughty. Kill himself??? Uggggggggg No!!!!! Sqeezed betweeen him... Mmmmm hmmm yes. Yes he does play hard to get. Awwwwwwww :( He's a Feanorian they are all nightmares and unpredictable. Maybe he was just so flattered by the offer he was too embarrassed to accept. I think he is shy when it comes to women. Seriously that is how I see him when it comes to the opposite sex. And you know not having a two-way conversation with Elves isn't a bad thing. It is a good way to keep your sanity. They tend to talk about themselves too much. Legolas? Ar-Feiniel has good taste in Elves. I will have to read this story. I'm always fascinated by how people see Maitimo. It's an interesting look into the human psyche. Fish1 Fish2???? Dear oh dear! heheheheh Morgoth is a great name for a cat! Fair enough. Most people don't know how to say Maedhros (well-made copper). Just say Maitimo (well-shaped one) . Much easier and he preferred to be called by his mother-name, Maitimo, and personally I think it is much more romantic sounding *sighs*. I can see that. Maitimo would want to get paid for his efforts. I think Elves were kind of shallow at times. Hmmmmmmm two hands? Well you can always say it was before he lost his right hand. A screw on hand? Like Captain Hook?

Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/03/09 - 07:38 pm Title: Chapter 1

Another Maedhros fan! Yippee! You know, usually, I would threaten to fight you for him, but since this has left me so awestruck (to the point where I can’t even hold my arms in a boxing-stance), I shall reframe from ruining the moment. :D

“But you are not him, not your father’s son, for I have seen the laughter and the kindness when no eyes are upon you.” – I am in love with this line!

Written so beautifully and deep with emotion, absolutely incredible! This is so sweet but so sad. Something in me wants Maedhros to have this girl. You have portrayed Maedhros flawlessly.

Little things like red leaves and the night sky remind of Maedhros, too. :)

Author's Response: Oh yes! I love Maitimo. I have loved him since reading the Silmarillion years ago. He is one of those characters that has always touched me in a way few have in any book. LoL! Well I think there is enough of him to share, besides we all have our different idea of him. My Maitimo muse is insane. Thank you so much for reading it. I'm just so flattered I managed to have another Maitimo fan like it. (quote)Little things like red leaves and the night sky remind of Maedhros, too. :) *sighs* Usually it is copper I most associate with him because of his circlet, but I tend to find more reminders in nature. A simply beautiful elf-lord. Thank you so much again for reading :DD

Reviewer: xFanarix Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/03/09 - 07:16 pm Title: Chapter 1

I have to just echo Amaranth. I love your writing style, as it does seem to come straight from the pages of Tolkien, it has that grandeur and beauty about it. I remain extremely glad you decided to begin posting, it would have been a terrible shame had you never shared your work.

And thank-you, I very much appreciate the hugs - and your amazing and insightful reviews.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You know it always means a great deal to me when you review, because you are just an awesome writer and friend.

Reviewer: Amaranth Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/03/09 - 06:49 pm Title: Chapter 1

This is so wonderful, full of emotion, sad and very touching *sigh* I know I said it before, but I will say it again: I love your writing style. *hugs* ~ Amaranth/Lintalome ~

Author's Response: Ah! Oh dear I feel horrible! I didn't realise you were the same person!!!!! *flogs self* Thank you so very much for the review! And I love yours! I'm really enjoying the Cirdan/Maglor story. I can't wait for the next chapter :DDDD

Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/03/09 - 12:13 am Title: Chapter 1

Beautiful! It's not written in verse but it sounds like a song, somehow both sad and happy.
*tittery* Maitimo's hard not to like! I even just dreamed of him last night... very good looking. :D And then this morning my brothers were playing thei 100 Year War game... well, they named their character Maedhros. He fights for the French, you see. Yeah, um, random; well, I've been thinking about him since I woke up, so this was a perfect ending to the day. Thanks!

Author's Response: Kitt I always love your reviews because you make me giggle and your so upbeat. You dreamed of him??? Oh do tell! Or should I not ask? hehehehe Extremely good looking. Nothing that sexy should ever have been written. ROFL! For the French? Im giggling my head off. I think about him every free minute of the day. He's lurvely :DD I'm glad it brought a smile to your face. Now I shall go pine over him some more. Join me in the swooning. By the way, I love fish too. I named mine after the seven sons and then my at, Morgoth at them :/

Reviewer: Shadow Maiden Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/03/09 - 08:19 pm Title: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Thank you for reading :D

Reviewer: xFanarix Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/03/09 - 08:12 pm Title: Chapter 1

How poignant and beautiful. It might have come straight out of a story from so very long ago.

Author's Response: Thank you Lethe :D By the way *big hugs*

Reviewer: Anwyn Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/03/09 - 08:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

This is beatifully written but also sad as I am certain that nearly all females reading this can relate to knowing a man, and adoring him but knowing it could not be more than a thought.

But never would they challenge you, for you are a formidable lord, whose sharp wit and caustic tongue are unmatched even in the face of their arrogance.

That is abseloutely excellent, I have always envisoned Maitimo to be a deep thinker yet at the same time not one to back away from a challenge.

It was really intresting to read this from the perspective of an unknown character, one who would have quietly watched and while it is a short piece it also has a great deal of depth and emotion, an abseloutely wonderful piece.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! *sighs* so true. Maitimo always seemed like an unobtainable sort of elf. The eldest son of Feanor and brother of six of those nightmarish elves. I think he had to be formidable or they would have walked all over him. I can't imagine what dinner must have been like in that household. :O Thank you so much :D I'm really flattered you liked it. Maitimo is a joy to write.

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