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Title: The Thrill of the Hunt Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
I love this! Kiara, hmmm? There's a Kiara in the Lion King II. I love that movie, it's beautiful. I love the last line too as it made me chuckle. Yes, chuckle. I do like this, and it does include Pippin, which is good, but I can see the main focus is on the hunter. I wish I had a hunter. Correction: I wish had this hunter! :D It's a good story for something that you wrote last year. I wish I could write this well. Maybe you should put Mellon in the Everyday story, or let Merry or someone buy her for him to make him happier. I love this new feline character! She's adorable! Good luck with the stories -


Author's Response: I'm glad you loved it! Yep, Kiara is my kitty-kitty! I actually did name her after Kiara from The Lion King II- good guess! Her story: We were shopping at the office supply store in Wilmington, the big town near where I live, for dry-erase markers of all things. Well, the pet store is right next to the office supply store, and they were having an adoption fair. We all went to look at the animals because we're animal people, not because we wanted to get one. But then we saw her, all curled up asleep, and thought how much she looked like one of our other cats, Tom. Then she woke up, looked straight at us, and seemed to say "Well, are you ready to take me home now?" The rest is history. She's a very beautiful tabby (brown with black stripes), and beautiful eyes. But she's very unpredictable, hates to be picked up, and enjoys fueding with me. All in good fun, at least on my part. :) She is the inspiration behind Mellon. Mellon actually was in "Of Magic and Friendship", near the beginning of Chapter 2, and is mentioned briefly in "Every Day", I think in Chapter 6. She will show up in the next chapter, too. I'm glad you think she's adorable- I think all cats are! You mean you don't have a cat and wish you had one? You should get one- they're lots of fun! Our three cats (Tom, Smokey, and Kiara), constitute a large part of the conversation that goes on in our family, lol. We often wonder what we talked about before we got cats! Thanks for the review, and plot bunnies forever! -Traveller
Date: Apr 30 2009 01:13 am [Report This]
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