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Title: The Thing Worth Having Reviewer: The Dragon Signed
I like the fact that the Orcs turn back into elves (even if that is not Canon *grin*) and is this the end now? No more Greenjade? What has happened with Smeagol?

Author's Response: Oh there's quite a bit more;) I remember reading where Prof. Tolkien in his letters had considered how orcs might be purified after death and sent back in their original form, and I'd never read any fanfics that did anything with that idea, so I figured I'd take it myself. It was tied in with the thought that Radagast had shown the orcs kindness in trying to help and rehabilitate them, thus opening the way for their eventual redemption. Pretty neat, huh?
Date: Apr 13 2011 12:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Chasing the Darkness Reviewer: The Dragon Signed
Eeep! now what? and poor Greenjade!

Author's Response: We'll soon see...posting the next chapter soon;) Thanks for commenting! ~~~~~{~@
Date: Apr 13 2011 03:39 am [Report This]
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