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Title: In the Darkest Hours Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I really liked this. There was a great deal came out in that conversations between the twins, and I think it needed to. I love the backdrop of the rain and wind which is very fitting to the mental state of both Elladan and Elrohir.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, my friend! I'm glad to know that you enjoyed this chapter and found it to be effective.
Date: 17/12/09 - 07:58 am [Report This]
Title: Despair Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
As usual I am running to play catch up but I wanted to leave a comment as I am often guilty of reading a story and enjoying but not leaving a review and I must appolgize as I read this chapter which I found extremely deep and well written, and nearly forgot to review! So I do appolgize.

The subject itself is very difficult to read, not becuase of the way you write of it becuase your writing has a beatiful mature flow to it that makes it a pleasure to read but what happened to Aragorn in itself I find difficult to read as you capture his emotions so well I can feel his anguish.

It is sad that he wants to push away all those who love him and want to help but I can understand at the same time why he would do this as he is hurting and suffering just as much mentally as he is physically and you handle it very well as it is not about the act itself, but the healing that comes afterways.

Though I tend to prattle on, so I just wanted to say that I am find this story thoughly well written and while again I must stress I find the subject matter itself hard to read, I apprechiate the mature way which you are writing of such a subject as it is tricky to do well though you have certainly managed.

Author's Response:

Well, thanks, Anwyn! I appreciate that you took the time to review, and I’m glad to know that despite the difficulty of the subject matter, you are still reading and enjoying the story. Thank you again for your very kind words about my writing—I’m very flattered that you think I am treating this horrible situation in a mature and believable manner. And yes, the story is mainly about healing, and the strength of the human spirit to ultimately overcome tragedy, and I hope if you stick with it, you will find it rewarding and uplifting in the end.

Thank you again so much,

peredhil lover
Date: 09/07/09 - 08:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Despair Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Very well done with this!

Aragorn's emotions are dealt with very realistically. I especially think his shame is, not wanting to be around any-one, for victims always feel shame, which makes their ordeals so much worse. One can feel it very strongly here, and it is familiar to any abuse survivor.

Again, an excellent chapter

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for another wonderful review—hmm, I don’t know what to call you anymore—should I call your wine? Or spice? I know, how about SW? :p

Seriously, I’m so pleased to know that you found this to be a realistic portrayal of the aftermath of abuse—that is, after all, very much what I am trying to achieve.

Thank you so much for reviewing. I’m glad to know that there is still some interest in the story, even though it may be a very dark and difficult one.

peredhil lover
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Title: Grief Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Wonderfully written chapter! You can feel Elladan's rage, Elrohir's grief and - almost - sense of defeat, Glorfindel's hard rein on his own feelings, and his doubts. Well done!

I actually don't blame Elladan at all, and when I wrote something similar (with the intent to rape by a group of wolfs-heads) I did have them all killed. This shows your characters are rather more civilized. :)

I actually enjoy feeling fury when reading this, since that is the sign of a damned good bit of writing: the emotions it evokes.

I am sorry you will be too busy to update as regularly as you have been, and I understand, but I certainly hope to see more of this story in the future.

Take care

Sian (was xFanarix )

Author's Response:

Hi Sian! Thank you so much for reviewing and for your kind words. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the chapter (if enjoyed is the right word!) and the varied reactions and emotions of the twins and Glorfindel.

With summer here, I will have a lot less free time, and I honestly don’t know how much time I will have to write. ( I have two little rugrats who just today finished school and are off for the next two months). I do have one more chapter almost all written and ready to go, though. It just needs a bit more polishing.

So, anyway, thank you again for reviewing—feedback really does encourages me to continue! :)

peredhil lover
Date: 22/06/09 - 03:27 pm [Report This]
Title: The Evil Men Do Reviewer: estelstheone Signed
This is just a hurried up review; I'll save the other one for you know where. But honestly, I am SO enjoying this story. Your writing is a breath of fresh air. More later when I really have some time to comment. For now, I just wanted to give you another review. You richly deserve them. Aragorn is far too trusting but that's not a fault or at least it shouldn't be.

Author's Response: Hey, estelstheone, fancy seeing you here! :) I look forward to your comments later.
Date: 16/06/09 - 06:55 pm [Report This]
Title: The Evil Men Do Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
Oooh, a new chapter, fantastic! :D

While I do not mean to sound like a know it all I did have one of those pit in the stomach worries as how to this would end espically when they offered Aragorn a drink! Though chalk that one up to being told more times than I can count not to accept drinks from strange men!

Also, unfortunately my yelling at the screen for Aragorn to run away did little as well!

I found the little touches of this chapter quite fascinating, such as Aragorn being understandably turned off by the crude manner of the men and wanting to go but then scolding himself for being so judgemental of them.

I love reading stories such as this one where it feels that we are truly meeting the boy who grew into the King that Aragorn has lived a pretty nice and sheltered life and could not really understand these men who have come from who knows where and proably have had a very tough life.

It does not excuse them of course from what they have done and what they might yet do but I believe that no one is ever born bad but circumstances do definately tend to sculpt us.

Your writing style is excellent and I found myself feeling just as uncomfortable and uncertan as Estel through the exhange of these men and that is certainly the mark of a fantastic writer.

Aragorn was certainly raised quite well to remain so polite in the face of such rudeness, that is for certain!

The only critique I would offer is actually the exact same as Fanari's in that you really should not have to post a warning with the beginning of every new chapter as the story does have a high rating and while it is certainly unpleasant for a reader to inadvertantly stumble into something they are not prepared for, you have really left amble warning up to this point.

This is dark fic but I do as it happens to enjoy dark fic but ONLY if it is well written which in this case it most certainly is as you are not writing of a dark, touchy subject matter just for the shock value of it but you are taking your time and developing a story around it and the lesson that will come out of this for Estel though I write that with worry but whatever doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, right?

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Anwyn, for the wonderful review and for your kind words! I’m so glad to know you enjoyed the chapter. I appreciate that you can see I’m not just doing this for the “shock value” but taking the time to develop a story. I do believe I have some important things to say here. And I think you are so right –whatever doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger (or, at least, wiser!).

As for why I keep warning all the time, see my response to Fanari below. But I will stop warning for every chapter now, at least at this site.

Thank you again so very much. I really appreciate it!

peredhil lover
Date: 15/06/09 - 08:14 pm [Report This]
Title: The Evil Men Do Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I was expecting this - although not that they drugged him, but I'm sure that a group of men traveling alone for a long time without access to women would not be averse to boys or men. It just happens.

Aragorn seems so naieve to the ways of men, but I think he would be at that age, picking up the way the ruffians speak and smell, so much at variance with what he has been used to in Imladris. I also think from their point of view, he would look handsome and *fine*, high-bred if you like. It seems there are those there who know what is going to happen, the older man attempting to warn him off and then the young one being sent away. It appears that this is not such an unusual happening in this group, but the older man does not have the authority or strength to challenge it. He is displeased but not going so far as to warn Aragorn off.

The only negative criticism I have is that I don't think you need apologize for the content of this story or the way it is developing, but perhaps your reader-group do not read dark or more adult material usually and you are warning them. I don't believe either Men or Elves were angels, so whatever happens, if there is a well-written plot I am *in*. :)

I am enjoying this tremendously.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I’m glad to know that you are enjoying the story! :)

You’re exactly right—I guess my usual reader-group is not used to seeing such material from me, and I’ve already taken some flack for daring to write something like this, about how it isn’t “true to the spirit of Tolkien” and I should have to label it as AU (which I don’t believe is warranted), and how Tolkien didn’t “intend to imply that Aragorn was raped,” etc, etc. I’m also not permitted to post this at one site I usually post at, and didn’t even bother to ask if I could at another. So, perhaps you can see why I feel I need to keep apologizing and warning about this story! But, I do feel I am writing something very important, and I do believe I can keep this “true to the spirit of Tolkien” (whatever that means). They haven’t really given me the chance to see where this is going, or how it will end.

But, anyway, I appreciate it that I am able to post it at this site, and I will keep in mind that I don’t need to warn for everything when I am posting here.

Thanks again so much! I really appreciate the feedback.

peredhil lover
Date: 15/06/09 - 02:02 pm [Report This]
Title: The Ways of Men Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Aragorn's thoughts are very revealing, I think. Of course, he is young and has been raised in Imladris - also sheltered, as 18 in a Mortal village, or even a city, a young man of that age would have heard his share of bawdy talk, no matter how noble his blood. Yet he is drawn to them as is only natural. I am trying to imagine how I would feel growing around ageless and beautiful beings, and even were I loved, I think it would be hard not to feel out of place, and his noting the signs of age on his mother would be one of those 'life' moments.

His curiosity is only natural, and he does not know enough about how Men can be to be wary. having been around far too many groups of drunken men, I know how easy they can turn from jovial and expansive 'I love you mate!' to aggressive - there is definitely the risk of this with these men.

Lovely work!

Author's Response: Hey, Fanarix, thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate it, and I’m glad to know that you think I’m doing an effective job with my characterization of young Aragorn here.

Hopefully, the next chapter will be up within a week or so, and then we’ll get to see what happens with these drunken men. :-) peredhil lover
Date: 08/06/09 - 02:30 pm [Report This]
Title: The Ways of Men Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
Hmmm, Judging by the warning at the beginning of this chapter I do not imagine our dear Aragorn is going to receive a warm welcome from these strange men but that is just me and I do not mind being proven wrong! I am deeply intrested by this story already and am on pins and needles for the chapter as there are too few stories of Aragorn's younger years with his adoptive family in Rivendell and you write them so superbly it fills in the gaps incredibly well.

This chapter raised an intresting point of how Aragorn would receive meeting other men after being raised amongst the Elves for nearly his entirely life, I found that quite fascinating how he was so intrested in something such as grey hair and wrinkles.

Fantastic chapther and whatever I can do to motivate you to get the next chapter up faster I am game! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Anwyn, for reviewing! (And I apologize for not responding to your last review—sometimes they slip by me here as I don’t get notified when someone leaves me a comment on this site.)

I appreciate your kind and generous comments on my writing, and I’m glad to know you think I do an effective job of portraying young Aragorn and his foster family of peredhil. And thanks for your comments on this chapter. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot obviously—what it would be like to be raised completely surrounded by beings so very different than yourself, and then suddenly having to try to make your own way amongst your own kind.

I’m tweaking the next chapter right now, so thank you for helping to motivate me! :-D
Date: 08/06/09 - 02:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Prologue: The Evil to Come Reviewer: Anwyn Signed
Goodness, what a place to leave off at! I am really looking forward to more of this story as I do like dark fic as long as it is well written and since you are writing this I know it will be abseloutely fantastic. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter as now I am quite concerned for Aragorn!
Date: 28/05/09 - 07:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Prologue: The Evil to Come Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I am enthralled by *dark* stories, and I am instantly impressed by the atmosphere in this one. I like the way you have not skimmed over Elrond's memories of Celebrian's torment, as many writers prefer to do, but have shown it as something raw and hideous.

You certainly could not put me off, as I relish well-written dark subject matter. This is an excellent beginning.

Author's Response: xFanarix, it’s so nice to hear from you! I must admit, I’d noticed the absence of your wonderful reviews, and I’d missed them. :-) Thank you for reviewing. I’m glad to know that you found this chapter, and Elrond’s memories of Celebrian’s torment, to be effective and convincing. I could not possibly have skimmed over these memories, as they would have to be hideous. How could they not be? I hope to be able to do this subject justice--not to minimize it, or handle it superficially, and to depict the effects of this trauma on the survivor and their family realistically--to show it for what it really is. I’m so glad to know that you are going to stick with it! peredhil lover
Date: 28/05/09 - 11:32 am [Report This]
Title: Prologue: The Evil to Come Reviewer: Ria Signed
Your table of contents warning seems very thorough. I have one thing to add, though: If the rape is male/ male, then you should add a slash warning, even when the main story is not slash.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments, but I’m afraid that I must respectfully disagree. This story does not contain slash, because this story is not about sex. Slash is about sex and sexuality, rape is about violence, domination and control. Who is raping whom is irrelevant--rape is a horrible trauma, not a sexual experience.
Date: 28/05/09 - 11:23 am [Report This]
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