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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
This story is a tad different from your others, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it. It gives a real insight into Doctor Hornblower's personality and it provides information from his own mouth which gives us a better view of him as a doctor and a fellow Hobbit.

Of course you had to put Pip in this story - who wouldn't - and it works perfectly; with the story about the dragon and the inquisitive question that Pippin just had to ask - "Do Dragons get ill?" This is so in character and I admire you for aligning that slight streak of humor next to inspiration and the overall great foreshadowing that is put into the story how you can only achieve. (And my fellow writers - you know who you are!)

About your other, main, story - Everyday... Yes, I like Estellas personality, and even more so her nickname; a childhood one that stuck, I expect, or Merry's pet name for her? Well, yes, anyway, it is good you've adjusted her personality so that it isn't the same as Diamond's, but her own traits and ways of dealing with friends, love and family.

Frodo's and the Doctor's conversation really does give an insight into why Frodo wanted to become a doctor - I've always wondered about that, but it slips my mind to ask every time! :D Best wishes, love, hugs and plot bunnies, from your friend and fellow author,


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for leaving your usual long review! I was worried that no one would see this story because it got knocked off the most recent list in a matter of hours! Of course I had to put Pippin in the story- how could I not? Lol. I was searching and searching for a way to begin the story, and somehow beginning it with another story was the only thing I could think of. I guess it makes sense, because that would be something that Frodo and Merry would use to entertain little Pippin while he was sick and in bed. Since this is not really that much of an angst story, I tried to incorporate some humore and "aww" moments, and Pippin is a really good canvas for that, especially when he's so young! I'm glad you caught the foreshadowing with the Quest and Frodo's future career choice, and thank you for saying I'm unique! Frodo is actually a bit of a reflection of myself in this story because his reasons for wanting to become a doctor are similar to my reasons for wanting to become a veterinarian- we are both driven by a passion for care and love and helping. Doctor Hornblower is, in this story, also a little bit like my Allied Health teacher, so this is a little bit of a tribute to her. In truth, the original reason I wanted Frodo to become a doctor was so he could help Pippin when he got pneumonia, and Frodo seemed the right one for the job because of his practical personality and need to protect his younger cousins. His relationship with Holly and another character, which I will introduce in the volume following "Every Day", is actually based a lot on a story called "All Creatures Great and Small", which is autobiography by a veterinarian named James Harriot. I have read the book and seen the TV show and it has been very inspiring to me. I think I'm going to name my vet clinic after James Harriot, when I open one. I'm glad you like Estella- she was a little bit hard to characterize at first! I think her nickname would be something that most people would call her when they were talking to her in a familiar manner, such as family, friends, etc., but I think Merry would call her "Stellie" most often. You're right about it probably being a child nickname that stuck- I'd never really given much thought to it! Anyway, I'm really glad you liked this little story, and the next chapter of "Every Day" will hopefully be up soon, but it's well past time for me to write a chapter for "Guards of Himring vs. Killer Tooks"- Fei just might eat me, lol! If you haven't checked that out yet, do so- you'll see what happens when an angst writer attempts random humor, lol. Things get interesting. Oh, and speaking of angst, the next chapter of "Every Day" will have plenty! I have a question- have you ever done anything with the MEFA awards? I would sort of like to nominate your "Misfortune and Mushrooms", if that would be ok. I'm in the process of trying to nominate a couple of my own stories, but I don't want to seem too greedy and nominate all of them. Which ones do you think? Drop me an email or something and let me know. Again, thanks for the review and I hope to hear from you again soon! Love and hugs and plot bunnies, -Traveller
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