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Title: Lower-Earth Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed

An amazing ending to an amazing story. I'm sad to see the end, but at the same time, I was excited to find out how everything closed. You've got lots of talent, and I look forward to reading and reviewing whatever else you choose to write!


Author's Response: All I can say is I'm very flattered! Thank you so much for reviewing and reading, you encouraged me to write more than I thought I would. I'm sad to see the end as well, but happy in the way that it's finally done! :) I will always continue to write--you can expect more from me in the future. Who knows? Maybe I'll put Bree's plot bunny to use. -Fay
Date: Sep 13 2009 04:52 pm [Report This]
Title: Lothlórien Love Reviewer: Ria Signed
Ah, what a nice chapter-ending (the sickeningly sweet Sue-story ending, the cliffhanger: both great).

Author's Response: Thanks! And be ready for MORE cliffhangers. :) -Fay
Date: Sep 13 2009 01:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Reality Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
AAH! Why did you do that? Please update soon! This is a great story! The suspense...can't...hold...on...

Author's Response: *grins evilly* I know, I know... it's a cliffhanger! What's funny is originally I didn't intend to have this story go where it went. You can be sure for another update within at least a week, most likely less. -Fay
Date: Sep 05 2009 05:48 pm [Report This]
Title: Lothlórien Love Reviewer: Bearer of Light Anonymous
Okay, so i was thinking to myself half way through this chapter that Bree would be pulled out of this MS story and continue writing the walker story. This was not what i expected... Not good. Not good at all for everyone in lower earth. What happens next??

Author's Response: Ah, I can't tell you yet, that would ruin the fun! ;P Don't worry though, the next chapters WILL be posted, I'm just not sure how soon yet. Like I said to callerofcrows, the last chapters are going to be bigger, and I want to get them right. Stay tuned! -Fay
Date: Aug 30 2009 06:57 pm [Report This]
Title: Lothlórien Love Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Yikes! What's going on? I can't wait for the next chapter. You really have me hooked on this story.

Author's Response: Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, although it was my intention. :) The next few chapters or four are really important, so it is probably going to take me longer to put them up. I want to make sure they are exactly how I want them to be, and they are generally going to be longer than the previous chapters. -Fay
Date: Aug 30 2009 04:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Fluffiful Fancies Reviewer: Ria Signed
Baby Gimli is adorable! Well, the lisp definitely moves him into annoying fluff territory. Nevertheless, I feel motivated to write a Gimli-as-todder story. Oh, wrong, so wrong.

Author's Response: You're right. Oh how wrong it is...a cute little Gimli. Writing it made ME confused! :) Glad you like it. -Fay
Date: Aug 29 2009 10:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Epiphany Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Helen...she's so mean! I really hope that Bree doesn't end up staying there for that long.

Author's Response: The whole justice system isn't quite fair down'll have to see what happens.
Date: Aug 24 2009 05:54 pm [Report This]
Title: Alone Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Yikes! Gollum, right? Oh no! He's so creepy.

Author's Response: Yep. Sometimes he scares me to death! He used to really freak me out. This chapter was inspired a bit by a nightmare I had when I was younger... *shivers*
Date: Aug 24 2009 05:51 pm [Report This]
Title: Expectations Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Things are getting very very interesting. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for reviewing again, I'll be updating soon! -Fay
Date: Aug 23 2009 11:53 am [Report This]
Title: Expectations Reviewer: Bearer of Light Anonymous
Heh! Typical mary-sues. Takes them an awfully long time to detect sarcasm.:) At least bree tried to tell her sister that she was in LE. Wait.. Is there a higher earth coz there's middle-e and lower earth. That is a good idea! I don't think anyone ever tried writing another walker in the hobbit. Will be waiting for the next update... -Beol

Author's Response: Mary Sues really never do get it do they? And I can't say yet how Lower, Middle, and Higher Earth all tend to work out, again another plot bunny I haven't fully put to use yet. I am very tempted to start on that 16th Walker, and I think it would make a nice challenge too. Maybe after I am done with my current projects I can start on that! -Fay
Date: Aug 22 2009 01:52 pm [Report This]
Title: Fluffiful Fancies Reviewer: Lorian Signed
Wow is this funny to read! Love it, please write more soon!


Author's Response: I'm updating! There will be more very soon. -Fay
Date: Aug 19 2009 08:57 am [Report This]
Title: Fluffiful Fancies Reviewer: Bearer of Light Anonymous
Short but- Aww! Baby gimli sounds so adorable! (coddles lil gimli and leggy) Well, i guess bree is in a better situation than last time. Excellent job with the fluff. What's gonna happen next?

Author's Response: haha I still have the image of a tiny Gimli and Leggy in my mind. They ARE was fun writing something so fluffy and ridiculous! Well I'm sorry for the short chapter, but the next one I'm working on at the moment is longer, you'll just have to wait till I put it up to find out what happens... -Fay
Date: Aug 12 2009 09:39 am [Report This]
Title: Prison Break Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Sarcasm should qualify as a foreign language! I find it hard to understand a lot of the time. Good chapter, can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: You know, I would say English is my second language, most of what I speak is pure sarcasm. ;P Bree tends to be that way as well. I'll try to update soon! -Fay
Date: Aug 09 2009 02:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Elassa'_babe's Sentence Reviewer: Luna Signed
i like this story... I wonder what Bree's sister will do.

Author's Response: Glad you like it, let's just say Bree is in for it! ;P
Date: Aug 06 2009 06:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Elassa'_babe's Sentence Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Very good, as usual! What's going to happen next, I wonder?

Author's Response: Can't say yet, but you can expect some chaos in the near future...;)
Date: Aug 06 2009 02:01 pm [Report This]
Title: Lower-Earth Reviewer: Ndil Signed
lol! this is good and really funny! Will I get sentenced too? ;)

Author's Response: hehe thanks. I think we ALL at some point deserve to serve a sentence, for now I am safe. But I'm sure I will find a note informing me of my lifetime sentence any day now. ;P
Date: Jul 30 2009 02:30 pm [Report This]
Title: The 11th Walker Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Oh no! Yiiikes! Don't kill her off! I love this story too much, it shouldn't end so soon! Please update! I love your writing.

Author's Response: Not to worry! :) It ain't over till the fat lady sings. She's not dead, and this story isn't going to end anytime soon. I love writing it too much to be done with it.
Date: Jul 25 2009 06:55 pm [Report This]
Title: Forever Everlasting Fellowship Reviewer: Luna Signed
hahaha... toooo funny

Author's Response: thanks!
Date: Jul 23 2009 08:26 pm [Report This]
Title: The Way Out Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Oooh...very nice! Looking forward to the next chapter, this one is in my favorites!

Author's Response: I'll put one up soon!
Date: Jul 23 2009 08:18 pm [Report This]
Title: Leggoluvrgurl Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed

Sorry if I'm gushing, but I absolutely adore this series. It strikes home, and is really honest. Bree is believable, and the stereo-typical Legomancing Tenth-Walker Mary-Sue is just great. Other than a few grammatical errors, this story is perfect. Keep doing what you're doing, and I can't wait until the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad this is getting recieved well! :D I'll put up a chapter or too in the next few days. -Fay
Date: Jul 20 2009 05:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Forever Everlasting Fellowship Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed

I'm in love with this story. Absolutely in love with it. This is absolutely brilliant!

As far as tenth walker and Kansas go, you haven't happened to read my story, Walking the Line, have you? When I saw Kansas mentioned it made me chuckle.

This is such a great story.

Author's Response: Well thanks! This came as in inspiration to me when looking through my own story and finding how awfully Mary Sue it was! I decide to make fun of it and create a kind of parody of fanfic, and all the mistakes most people make. Oh and no I haven't read your 'Walking the Line' story, BUT I actualy do really love 10th walker stories when they're written well so I think I'll check it out. Kansas was purely a random state I thought of. :)
Date: Jul 20 2009 05:39 pm [Report This]
Title: Lower-Earth Reviewer: Erullisse Signed
This is freaking hilarious! Absolutely LOVED it - can only imagine how many years my sentence would be! HA! Quite an entertaining perspective . . . thanks for the laugh. Erullisse

Author's Response: Your welcome! *grins* Oh and I decided to make the story longer and more than just a one page piece, so I would read on. ;) -Fay
Date: Jul 18 2009 07:43 pm [Report This]
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