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Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: Peregrin Took Signed
Haha, I've seethe trilogy many times but never really found mistakes. But the was one...

When Gandalf and Pippin were talking in Minas Tirith looking over Pelenor Fields, and Pippin comes up to the edge of the railing. Well you look, Pippin's hands are about the same as Gandalf's. So then I thought, maybe Billy Boyd is on his knees, then when the light in Minas Morgul went up it looked like he was on his knees because the way we backed away!

Any great job, I enjoyed reading this!
Date: Nov 12 2011 01:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: Daewen Signed
Very . . . informative . . . now I have to watch all of them again!
Date: Nov 04 2009 09:08 am [Report This]
Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: sylc Signed
Thanks for sharing these, callerofcrows. I've never managed to spot a blooper (I'm really bad at spying them), but with your help I'll know where to look on my next "Lord of the Rings" trilogy movie marathon. Thanks again!

Author's Response:

It's not a problem! I'm glad that you liked this little blurb and I hope that you enjoy finding the bloopers I pointed out. Who knows? Maybe you'll start spotting several of your own. :-D I hope that this piece made you laugh, and that when you find the little oops moments in the trilogy that you laugh as well!


Date: Sep 14 2009 01:03 am [Report This]
Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: atouchofhobbit Signed
At Hollin, when the crows are coming, everyone hides while the pony stands outside, alone. Everyone hides, and when the camera zooms, nobody is there. But who hid the pony? Poor Bill.

Haha, yeah, I noticed that one. Maybe he just went behind a big rock?
Hmm. I just had a thought. Is there ever an explanation of where Bill comes from, or does he just appear?

Author's Response:

Yes, actually, there is an explanation of where Bill comes from, but it's in the book. Sam buys Bill the Pony from the pony's abusive master, Bill Ferny, in Bree.

And the big rock is a possibility! I didn't think of that...hmm...

Thanks for the review!


Date: Aug 05 2009 01:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: Elanor Fay Signed
aha! You know I can't think of any at the moment but I have spotted some mistakes as well, *giggles* I am SO watching the two towers, Frodo's feet jiggling? lol

Author's Response:

Yes. Feet jiggles. The first time I saw it I was just like, "What is this?" and had to pause and play several times before it hit me that, yes ladies and gents, those feet weren't moving in the normal manner. The only bad thing about bloopers is that once you know they're there, you will ALWAYS see them. It gets harder to concentrate on the wonderful moments in the film, or the artwork. When I want to focus on that, I need to force myself into that mindset. And even though I manage to do that, one scene always throws me off! It's Eowyn, with her hair blowing in one direction and the flag she's next to going the opposite way.

Date: Aug 04 2009 08:28 pm [Report This]
Title: Wait, What? Reviewer: Luna Signed

*giggle* VERY Amusing... I have not noticed many of these. Of course, its usually because I am jumping up and down with glee... except during sad, death scenes. Then I just hold my blankie *Poor Gandalf, Haldir*


Author's Response:

You're welcome, Luna! I used to be deathly afraid of Gollum, so I would bring my stuffed animal down to hold whenever I watched the movies at home. Not scared of him any more, but sometimes it's nice just to have a comfort thing around.

I'm glad that this was amusing. I hoped that it would be! In such spectacular films, bloopers seem to be really hard to spot. There were others that I found, but they were really very technical, like swords being worn on the left instead of the right, broaches that were facing right instead of left, hobbits switching positions behind a log, Frodo's fingernails randomly altering length...

You get the idea. :-) Please chip in if you find any more!

Date: Aug 04 2009 07:36 pm [Report This]
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