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Reviewer: Traveller Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/08/09 - 02:18 am Title: Don't Worry

Beautiful! *Traveller gives applause* Yay for angst! :) Short and yet very well done! Very vivid descriptions of what Frodo saw as his pain overcame him- I liked that a lot. Also great job on the conversation between Rose and Frodo- short and clipped, as would be natural after something so awkward. Very much like Frodo to not want to worry Sam. Where is Sam, by the way? You'd think he'd be around constantly, with Rose so pregnant.

I'd also like to mention that I'm very happy that you used the name "Rose" and not "Rosie". Many people have only seen the movies and therefore are under the impression that her name is Rosie, but the book states that it is actually Rose. I use them both interchangably sometimes when she is spoken to by those close to her, but I'm very glad that you recognized this detail (I guess it seems so crucial because of the combination of my OCD and Hobbit obsession!) Overall, an amazing piece!


Author's Response: Oh, I always appreciate your opinions on my hobbit pieces! (You were the first person to ever review I remember, so I guess it's only fitting). I am always intrigued with how Frodo felt near the end of ROTK, it was very different for me to explore his 'dark dreams' which had never been written from his point of view.(At least that I've known.) Ah, and I thought someone might notice I used Rose instead of Rosie. I double checked to make sure I used her name correctly. It would be out of place if Frodo had called her Rosie. And I thought it should be awkward for both Rose and him, but that being the person she is, she was very loving and knew somewhat what he was going through. And it says in the chapter 'The Gray Havens' in the Return of the king that Sam is busy planting trees and restoring the Shire during or around this time, so I imagine it wouldn't be too odd for Rose to be alone for part of a day, though she is very pregnant. I believe Frodo stayed with her to ease Sam's mind. Funnily enough though in this piece she ends up taking caring of him! Lol and cheers for OCD and hobbit obession! Thanks for reviewing, -Fay

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