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Title: Day Forty Seven Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Bleh, crows! Always nothing but trouble…

I’d also be fuming angry at Tom and Goldberry… Tom has much more explaining to do!

Leave it to Mya to find a way to escape! They are the most appropriate duo for spying on Sauron because I’ve always thought that Sauron must have an intense fear of dogs ever since Huan beat him up back in the First Age… And there’s something just awesome about two puppies sneaking around the depths of Barad-dur; who’d have thought two beings that intensely cute could ever be found there?

Aw, Tom! He gave them food but spared them the trip back… it’s sad that Pilith is feeling so raw toward him. I wonder if he ever mends their friendship…?

Ah, I’m glad they did end up going back to Tom’s house! I hated the thought that their friendship with Tom and Goldberry could be broken beyond repair. Oo! A mysterious meeting with Gandalf! This is getting more and more intriguing…

Legolas trying to fall asleep – THAT IS SO CUTE!!! That deserves to be expanded into its own full fanfic; could I pleeease? :)

Hamson brought Nelly back… and scaring poor Pearl out of her wits while at it… I’m dying to know what will happen with those two now! :)

Author's Response: of course you can make a finfic of legolas trying to fall asleep :)
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Title: Day Forty Six Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I admire the fortitude of the courier from Gondor. The journey to the Shire is not short one!

I have to chuckle at Sam’s curiosity over Elanor’s story. I hope he will not always need to sneak looks and that Elanor someday shares it… heh, the irony would be too great if he ‘stole’ her book as she did the Red book.

Ah, Frodo! Always up to no good! Rosie’s mothering skills are admirable. Talk with his sister?!! I can imagine why he might baulk at the idea… It would have killed my brothers. I’m intensely curious to find out if it works and if Elanor will agree to a muffin-making social.

Ivy’s skydive was awesome. Never would have done that myself… but I love a daredevil fairy. ;)

Hmm, so Hamson at last is feeling a little guilt. That’s some progress! And yes, go after her Hamson! Before it’s too late!

Mya and Pilith in Mordor – gives me shivers! They don’t deserve Sauron’s treatment. We know they escaped, though, to find Diamond and Nelly! But in whole, that’s the question…

Author's Response: Thanks for the review kitt :) hoped you like all the reading you have to do :P
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Title: Day Forty Five Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Ah, so now Hamson’s aunt is on Nelly’s side. All that Nelly went through and yet Hamson acts so distant. I’d be most frustrated with the guy...! Kudos to Nelly for being patient.

Oh, so Gloria might be adopted? I wonder the story is behind that…

Rosie knows her son very well and has excellent instinct for when trouble is brewing. As painful as it is, I enjoy the sibling rivalry between Frodo and Elanor. I still believe they will grow up to be best friends -- eventually. I like that Elanor is not so saintly that she does not try to overhear Frodo’s punishment…

Elanor’s writing down her adventures is an excellent idea – just like her father! :)

‘’ “Talking about me?” he joked.

In fact, they were. ‘’

--Same thing happened to me once… Start talking about a fellow and he has the
disconcerting habit of popping up over your shoulder. Anyway, this makes me smile. Nelly had to instigate the conversation! That takes courage… I am curious how Hamson will handle this.

Eee! Pippin and Diamond eating together!!! And Pip feeds Faramir – awesome! Of course he’d know how to feed his son best. ;) I hope this means the schism in their marriage is on the mend.

Some reason, snuggling in a nook on Weathertop sounds inviting right now, even if it be in the snow! :)
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Title: Day Forty Four Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I guess that Nelly’s swift departure was the easiest way to do it. But I am glad she at least talked to Pearl before she left!

I like that the whole Gamgee family got to play into the snow together. Elanor and Gloria’s adventure with the wolves brought back memories… I believe I fought snow wolves on more than one occasion, though usually it was an abominable snowman… ;)

I very much enjoyed this line -- “Elanor thought that this was because of all the orcs it had eaten. Although Elanor couldn’t understand why this was. For orcs were not very tasty.”

And this line I thought was interesting -- “Though she did not need sleep, she could stay up for the rest of time, time would pass quicker if she did sleep.” – A little bit sad but true, for the immortal…

That is what I call Determination! Nelly actually walked all the way to Hamson!! I can only hope he eventually sees just why…

I liked the horse’s commentary on Elanor’s bracelet. Such a sweet thing to do for her mother – Rosie does indeed deserve it!
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Title: Day Forty Three Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
So, Ivy’s magic works for bacon too!

Please tell me the Enterprise landed in Ivy’s forest… ;)

Aha, so it was Pippin’s turn to distract Maggot’s dogs. Explains why they were caught… :P

Yay! Normalcy has returned to Bree because the Pony Has Reopened!!! The girl’s nerves I can understand; but that’s something only practice can iron out. Anyway, she seems most suited for this job!

Mya’s coming was a definite plus – if she can carry Origo and Ivy, their journey to Radagast should speed up. But still, what a long walk!

Poor Pilith…!!! but at least he did not spill the beans; leave that up to Gollum.

If I were in Nelly’s place, I certainly would want to get out of Hobbiton for a while and collect myself. But to Bree…! Ah, I see her plan is not going to be a smooth one.

Thank you; can’t wait for more… ^_^

Author's Response: Maybe that was a little hint to one of my favorite films, the lights and all :) Mya can walk much faster then a curious little puppy can :)
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Title: Day Forty Two Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Awwww, I’m very happy for Merry and Estella. Rosamunda’s right: they make an excellent couple.

Legolas and Gimli off on another adventure! Yay!

I think Mya and Ivy’s compromise of pretending not to see each other a clever one.

Don’t envy Faramir much – rebuilding Osgiliath – what a job!

Loved to see a continuation to Gloria and Elanor’s adventure… but I guess even Orcs must wait for lunch. :)

Sad and sweet bit between Odovacar and his father! But comforting.

I like this one: “Not that wasting time mattered to an elf. For they had a lot of it.”
And Frodo’s definition of an Elf is the best I’ve seen: “They’re like tall folk, only cleaner.” :D Poor Frodo, though; he wants so much to share what he’s seen but he’ll never be believed… Shall his aunt believe him, I wonder…

I guess meeting walking, talking trees is something that never gets old! Pippin and Merry lead unique lives – how many people can claim to have made acquaintance with so many Ents, in so many places?

Author's Response: Origo doesnt know that Mya and Ivy can acutally see each other.. Ivy and Mya re now secretly working together now :)
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Title: Day One Reviewer: FrodoLuver1 Signed
REALLY GOOD! Can u read mine and review I'd reeeealy appreciate it!
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Title: Day Forty One Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed

To say I was shocked doesn't cut it!

Glad the divide between Frodo-lad and Sam has healed. That the Ent was a she never crossed my mind – and she’s Fimbrethil to boot! She’s someone Merry and Pippin gotta meet. Will they really try to reunite her and Treebeard? Is that even what she wants…?

And Barliman…! wow… can’t say if I approve, but then, the girl would never be safe… still…

Love Elanor and Gloria’s dragon adventure! Can’t help but to pine for Smaug right now… ;)

Fishing! Haven’t done that for some time. Enjoyed the memories that brought back. :) I liked Frodo’s opinion that wriggling worms are awesome and that Elanor could happily do without.

I feel sorry for the little boy, though I do not blame Abira for recoiling from the cuddling. And what a father he has, to gather a gang to take a puppy from a girl. That’s devotion for you!

Run, Mya, run!

More, please. :)

Author's Response: "More will come" after the war, strangers and treated quite differently in Bree :/ Frodo loves creepy crawlies and anything slimy :D he's just a curious hobbit lad :)
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Title: Day One Reviewer: Peregrin Took Signed
Good story, I am glad that your one of the many people who know how to spell Peregrin :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :)
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Title: Day Forty Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Many nice things about this chapter – Nelly’s getting a new home! And finally Pippin tells the whole story!

Had to nod for Diamond hating Pippin for dirtying her floors. Yes! I know how that is. Precisely why I am holding off washing mine till after I am sure no one (with feet) is stopping by this week…

That’s very wise of Diamond – make sure Pip knows what he is sorry for!

“They did not have to train to fight. It was in their very soul to kill.” –

Ooh. That’s good perception. I’ll log that away. ;)

No surprise that Diamond would get bored at none-Pippin parts. The War of the Ring is overwhelming! Tolkien needed three volumes to cover it! :D

Six sugars too few! Goodness! I want to go to Dolly’s house…

Hehe, Dolly doesn’t believe Pip’s story… so it *does* sound a little insane… That’s true, though – Diamond would know if Pippin were lying!

Awesome, awesome scene between Barliman and the girl! My palms were sweating in suspense. Oh, he must have a plan! And he better hurry; the girl is in bad shape and Bree may shut down with the Pony!

Clever Mya! Becoming a puppy really has benefits! … Ok, so playing hide-n-seek with the boy may be not the best way to spend an evening, but still, she’s out of cold… ^_^

Author's Response: Thats my plan all along... instead of just having a puppy as a character, make her change :P so that you have two characters for the price of one :) ah, but will she in the warmth for much longer?
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Title: Day Thirty Nine Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
*gives Ori three pots of steaming turkey* I hope that does it anyhow… :D

Go Barliman! Go! Hurry!

A little amusing about the town-wide disruption the Pony’s closed doors caused. Is this the end of all things?? What’s gonna happen to the regulars now??

I love Mya; sometimes shy, but very capable. Sad about the old man… :( Yet opportune because I hated the thought of Mya leaving him!

Ach, Mya passed them by!

So glad Origo has an appetite! And even the robin got a share! Earned it, he did. I could just see his little eyes popping. :)

Elanor’s adventure is very Caradhras-eque, but with a Balrog-sized wolf, I think the more dire. (Will this quest continue? I am curious if Gloria and Elanor can make it…)

Hehe, I like the reactions of all the children to the news! “Girls are icky!”

Diamond’s steadfast cleaning makes me want to hide my floors in shame.

Nice flashback! Always so whimsical seeing Frodo – we get no other chance to see him! I breathed a sigh of relief for Pippin once he got back on the ground. And very funny about their secret first smokes!

Hmm, now what could Pippin be about to do...?

Author's Response: Yup, now that the Prancing Pony is shut, they have nowhere to go. and no one wants to stay out in the coldness haha and i think elanor's adventure does sound a bit like caradhras, her father does have the book after all :)
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Title: Day Thirty Eight Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
All the bird talk was funny – but it’s sad that their communication deficiencies resulted so tragically for Origo! I thought the crow meant trouble. Don’t trust big black birds! (But the crow’s fears are warranted. Origo’s favorite dish is a bird thrice the size of him. At least Origo probably never put hot plate of turkey together with the feathered creature – or there might be some more trouble! :P)

Elanor’s bracelet for her father was super-sweet; their apologies and embrace, doubly so! :)

“Ale seemed more precious than bars of gold to the hobbits.” – Hehe. Another of my favorite hobbity quotes.

Oh, the reluctant robin! But he’s turning out to be helpful fellow!

O! Poor girl… :( Say someone will come to her rescue, please!

And Frodo is having a bad day too. *Loved* the scene between Frodo and his mother! Everything Rosie said was so… true… Frodo is not a very little boy anymore; he has a right to know how frightened his parents are.

Elanor and the horse are friends again! Yay!!!

“There, she got out a large mug, usually used for ale, but was now going to be filled to the brim with hot tea.” – I salute Diamond’s taste in tea. Large mug, filled to the brim, together with a good book! (Though I prefer honey over the sugar – doesn’t make the teeth so crunchy afterward. :P)

Well, to make an understatement, I’m very worried about Origo!! Don’t go beyond the silver curtain yet, pup!

Author's Response: Thank You, Kitt :) Yeah, the birds want a peaceful forest, they find origo as a threat and thats why they did it. Lets just wait to see what happens to the pup :/
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Title: Day Thirty Seven Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Well I *was* very surprised! Ivy and Origo separated! The girl taken!

To backtrack… Diamond started the book! That’s something. :)

Gloria and her horse put a whimsical spin between these other tense moments. I always enjoy these slips into imagination! Sometimes I forget how it’s done; and to think imagining the bed as a sheer cliff used to come so easily!

Ivy’s vision of her friends was so happy and so sad. "Not your time *yet*..." - forboding, that!

Origo can not last long without her! How will he get his turkey???

So Abira is making up her mind – Origo could really use her at the moment – but jeez, trailing them all the way to Radagast sounds daunting at best for a little pup.

Hehe. Sibling rivalry… not that we were exactly hobbits, but dinner was always like that between my brother and I – eat fast, swallow only when necessary, to get the last piece of pizza! I never had a problem with my other siblings though – I guess there’s always a special tension between the first two born. (Now we’re best friends. I expect Frodo and Elanor will be closer too as they get older.;) )

Ach!! Need I say how upset I am the girl was kidnapped? : ( Gimli must come to the rescue with an axe, a BIG axe, and Barliman at his heels with a bigger axe. Legolas has an even bigger axe and, alas, sinks into the snow, but, boy, he tries! :P

Author's Response: Yeah, Ivy and Origo have been seperated. But, what's going to happen next? how long will it take to get back with eachother?
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Title: Day Thirty Six Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I was really worried about little Faramir there. But I was super glad for the excuse to see Dolly again! She’s truly no-nonsense – who better to talk to Pippin! From her Adventure she must know better than anyone that Diamond and Pippin adore each other.

AND… PIPPIN FINALLY WENT TO DIAMOND! Now the question will be, can Pip ever top that book as a Yule gift. Will Diamond ever read it?? She must!! (Or I’ll be sad. ;) )

(On the side, if I were Pip or Dolly, I’d totally expect Paladin and Eglantine to eavesdrop… maybe I’m just more distrustful… :P)

I like how the real and not-real worlds merge for everyone not directly involved with Origo. (Ooo, highly philosophical that is, I can’t think of it too much so late in the evening, so I’ll leave it at that.)

And it seems the girl is getting on splendidly – clean! and happy to work. I like how well you get into her head as she transitions to this new life, like how she suddenly notices how dirty her hair is.

Know what, I’d never heard of toasting bread in eggs. I’m SO doing that tomorrow! :D

Author's Response: You're missing out! and its called "Eggy bread" one of the easiest things to make.. ansd yummy too :) and yup.. the girl is getting happier.. Maybe Barliman will give her a name soon :)
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Title: Day Thirty Five Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Not yet Thurs - I'm ahead of schedual today. Nah, I was glad to have time to sit down and read this. :D

I like the fairy scenes. It’s so nostalgic reading about Ivy’s friends, knowing their sad fates…

Very cool to make Origo’s other self in the Real Origo’s dream! It ties the two storylines together neatly.

Ohh, I was so happy to see Harry healthy and on his feet! He didn’t look too well from where the movie left him.

I love your Barliman. The very same busy, forgetful but kindly barkeep I love from the books. You want to give him a hug – he’s so sweet to the girl! Her working him is perfect. If he handles the men looking for the girl the same as he does the drunks, she will be well-protected. (And the ale spilling over the much-distracted Barliman’s hand – too funny. :D)

As always, I’m struck by how well you portray the Gamgee family. Elanor’s breakouts resemble very typical scenes from my house. (Usually were by me, I’m afraid. :P) Gloria as an only child must lead a polar-opposite life from Elanor… I can imagine each girl slightly envies the other’s family situation.

Hehe - “Hobbits and goblins.” Sounds like fun!!

So writing has been healing for Pippin… Before his drinking had been how he dealt with his past; this is much more constructive! And I think Diamond will like it better as well. ;)
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Title: Day Thirty Four Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
More Ivy’s past… what is sad that we know this does not end well for her clan. :(

I had forgotten that Abira was with the old man. (It’s a sorry thing that Abira can’t stay forever; it sounds like he needs a dog or someone!)

Legolas and Gimli going to Helm’s Deep! We will still run into them now and then, yes? Maybe? Please? :)

Ahh, Hamson’s rope troubles; once again, I never appreciated how much work went into rope-making! And using a rope to clear the water wheel is very just indeed. (Nelly’s got good taste men, I say.)

The girl is now being pursued! Need I say I really, really, really hope she gets away? :D

Author's Response: Yes, Legolas and Gimli are going to Helms Deep, like they've agreed for quite a while. And yes, the girl is now being hunted, will they find her?
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Title: Day Thirty Three Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Ahh! There’s bad fairies? Who knew! I doubt they’ll keep their promises… could they have set the fire…?? Ivy really knows how to take charge! I liked seeing all the fairies and how each has a distinctive color and personality.

Abira’s and Origo’s difference in tastes never stops being cute. :D

And Elanor meets the puppies! Too bad it was not real…

“The candles seemed to instantly stop their dancing and stood like guards watching their perimeters.” – liked that!

The girl’s escape had the air caught in my throat… I know the feeling… not that I ever had to escape a tyrannical innkeeper before… but sneaking downstairs at night, the magnified sounds, yes, that’s the scariest thing! Very good job at piling on the suspense! What will happen to her now… I hope to learn what becomes of her. (Still keeping my fingers crossed on Gimli and Legolas showing up).

And there they were… Legolas and Gimli!! (Sorry Gilmi, I’m fond of fish fillets).

Author's Response: and all the fairies names seemed to match up with their own colour as well :) and yes, we will see more of that girl... her part in this tale is not over yet :)
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Title: Day Thirty Two Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
As much as I feel bad for Elanor, I feel worse for her horse!

But even she does not have it as bad as the barmaid…can’t even have a fire. That’s rough!

I am squirming to know what Tom means by “Sauron is not the only one to worry about” and what Gandalf has planned for them. I will miss Tom and Goldberry, but the journey to Minas Tirith has the potential for a thousand adventures… :)

“Aragorn took a deep breath, the line of Kings was set in stone for the rest of time.” – Like that a lot!

We get to see a more intense and pensive side of Sam, telling the story of Mount Doom to Rosie for the first time. His statement did catch the throat in my breath, there: “That book is more precious then anything I own. Yes, of course that all my family are precious to me.” Talk about trauma… Rosie must have a better idea why Elanor taking the book hit him so hard…

Sad, very sad about Ivy and Leila. I guess Ivy doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice; perhaps that is why she refuses to give up on Origo. (I certainly could not have gone on as long as she has with the stubborn pup. :P)

I love the flashback to Pip and Merry’s Maggot adventure! I see that their dog-dodging experience went to good use in Wraith-dodging.

Sad to leave the barmaid behind! She can escape another night, perhaps… (Personally, I’d like to see Gimli break down the bar door and say “You comin’ with us.”)

No disappointment! This made for a pleasant Saturday afternoon read. ^_^ (And I slept till 11:00, not *quite* noon; an improvement, that!)

Author's Response: Elanor is still a bit too young to understand sentimental value... But i'm sure that she will by the end of it :) Ivy just wants to get him home again.. he shouldnt have gone away in the first place..
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Title: Day Thirty One Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
It would have been perfect if there were snow outside – it’d been white for three weeks up to two days ago when it all melted. But I still enjoyed this update very much!

I love the image of the White City under a blanket of snow. I don’t think Gondor, being so far south, gets much snow, so that’d be something special to its inhabitants – and a lovely way to welcome their new prince – Eldarian is born! I hadn’t expected that!

It’s like Englantine to step in and try to help. But that was quite a frosty conversation about Pip! I guess she’d not ready to forgive him yet…

Poor Origo!! Luckily the driver was a decent fellow. Not everyone would pull over for an animal they just hit!
I feel very sorry for the barmaid! I hope Ivy and Origo don’t make her situation worse. Dare I hope they in some way help her?

Hmm, what could Tom be hoping Mya and Pilith do in Gondor?

Hehe, I liked Sam’s conversation with the elder… that prediction never goes stale from the local elders around here, and they’re usually right.

Not that I blame Elanor for being curious about the Red Book… it’s only one of the greatest books ever… :P But that’s really being caught red-handed! (sigh. Didn’t mean for that to be a pun…) I’m full of apprehension for her… sure her parents can’t stay mad forever… but they could stay mad for some time…

You leave us with quite a few cliffhangers! I look forward to new installments as ever! And happy New Year! :)

Author's Response: Elanor just wants to know what her father did. all she gets in small glimps of what Frodo and the others did. new chapters should be coming in a few months or so.. :) not too long now :)
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Title: Day Thirty Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Sad to think they could be nice and warm… and we still don’t know what’s happened with Abira in reality…!
Ha, Ivy’s had to become this mother figure to Origo… The “if you don’t come I’ll leave without you…” usually does the trick… But Origo certainly overreacted! ;)

Poor, poor Gimli… are there no heightchairs left in Rivendell… ? :P Ah, that would dent his pride a tad too…

Ahhh, so Mya gets her question of what they’re going to do today answered, but not Gimli. :P

Interesting stuff… Pilith’s hopelessness against Sauron and Mya’s concern for the Hobbits… and it’s so hard to think these are the same carefree puppies!

And that raises my curiosity of what they were doing during the War of the Ring… if they were around to witness any of it… Black Riders, Saruman’s Shire takeover and all that.

/“Fairies are not for pouncing.”/ - Hehe… The pup really does need some discipline, though. :)

Elladan fishing! A fun image, that... as for the fish, there are worse fates than getting eaten by Elves!

I feel sorry for Pimprernel’s mother and Vinnie for getting into such a tight spot.

I adore the flashback to young Pip and the others… /“ Being sick was a hobbits worst nightmare.. food would become tasteless.”/ - Makes getting sick sound even more dreadful!

Oh, Merry! Not that trying to read the book was incredibly polite… but, well, Pip *did* let on as though he were writing something just awful about him. At this rate, Pip will be thrown out of his parents’ house too…

I like Eglantine’s description of the Quest… “little adventure”… hehe… Really, I like her, she says what she means to say though it means being strict and harsh at times.

Anyway, this was a nice break from studying... thank you! :)

Author's Response: Yup, fishing elves.. how else would they get food? Origo is just stubbon in a way that makes him more cute :) And we many never know what happen to lttle abira... for now ;)
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Title: Day Twenty Nine Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
This came right in time! I finished a book last night and was at a lost what to read next.

You DID say it would be a twist! I admit, I never expected you to AU yourself! It’s something to think about, if Origo hadn’t lost his memory, although the ensuing adventures wouldn’t be as dramatic. :)

Hehe, I enjoyed Ivy’s trick on Diamond… and the mystery of the opening door with the two sisters.

/“Of course, the road we take will have a few cobbles, but that is to be expected”/ -Cool!!

Your Tom is just magnificent! Just outstandingly kind and wise! He always says the right thing. Sometimes you’d never think Tom thought at all about Sauron, but it seems right that he should even if he doesn’t show it. And it’s a very wise thing too, what he says about ‘immortality’ – even immortals must die, even if that’s not until the end of the world, or what have you…

/“But why cant we just stay here?” Origo asked, lifting his head up.
Ivy knew that Origo knew the answer. She had told him a few times now./

LOL! Many a time! The pup’s gotta get the answer ingrained in his brain… Ivy won’t go along with that one forever…

Yay! Mya and Pillith’s made up! And thanks to the magnificent Goldberry and Tom for providing the setting!

I’ll agree with Elanor… I never had to share a room and I was never envious of my siblings who did! :)

EEEEE! Legolas and Gimli!!! Poor Gimli. No meat. No ale. And such trouble with his boots! I loved that… I could just see the expression on his face when he realized that he indeed had a *second* boot to remove. :D

OOO! And is it possible they will meet up with Origo and Ivy? I mean, they’re heading towards Rivendell too, right…? ^^

I finaly remembered something I've been meaning to do: add this to my favorites on my bio… for what it’s worth, some people might look in my favorites… ! Or I hope they do, I try to be vocal about it… :D

Author's Response: and its 1 year exactly since the first two chapters were posted :D and i'm about 4 story days of one third haha... over two more years of writing to come yet and it doesnt look like i'm slowing down :) and thanks about :) i havent got any reviewers on there so.. thanks :D
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Title: Day Twenty Eight Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I’m still absolutely awed by your Goldberry and Tom. No one could be better suited to getting Pilith to snap out of his guilt.

Things are pretty sad for present-time Origo, though. The dream was unnerving, for its ordinariness that he just could not understand. His concern for Mya contrasts sharply with his present unconcern for Abira, buried somewhere under the snow.

Cozy scene of the Gamgees learning their letters! Lovely sibling rivalry – or overhelpfulness as it were… ^^ Sam would think that important. He was quite exceptional among hobbits of his class for learning letters – and from Bilbo of all hobbits.

/There seemed to be less hobbits out in the coldness. Lunch was a considerable factor for this./ - Hehe. Good observation. :D

I’m very sorry for Diamond. : ( Faramir alone must be a full time job.

I was glad to see some of Ivy’s back story… But Poor Ivy!… that’s tragic. She lost her home and her friends… is she really the last one left? Was that fire an accident or purposefully started…? I hope there will be more about her past!

Origo’s sense of direction is undamaged – that’s encouraging! I admit, I was a bit worried there… :P

Have a good holiday! ^_^
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Title: Day Twenty Seven Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I enjoyed all this Hamson and Pimpernal.

Excellent at showing all the hurt, confusion and feeling of helplessness in Pimpernal’s heart.

It was fun seeing a day in the life of Hamson. Making ropes is a lot more work than I ever guessed. :)

The flashback of their picnic was sweet.

Hobbits have a shorter attention span than humans or Elves… probably true!

Folco’s nervousness was humorous, when compared to Pearl: she seemed right at home!

Ooo! I liked this flashback to the four hobbits’ return especially. …And Pippin had to ask whether his mother was worried… lol! Typical Pip. Of course she was! Really, if I were his mother, I’d be worried for him if he just took a stroll in the vegetable garden…

/“A dark place” he answered./ - Nice!

And Hamson’s proposal was absolutely priceless. :)

I’m glad the sisters made up. I do agree with Pearl though… Nelly has to go on with her life…

/”Don’t cross the bridge…”/ - No way can I blame Rosie for pounding that it into Elanor. Poor Rosie! She could use some time off, but as you say, the world continues around her, and she can hardly not be a part of it.

I just adore your Goldberry and Tom! They’re so mysterious, honest, ageless and wise all at once. Pilith is very much one of them; I love how he’s done in his human form.

I have so many favorite lines I have to single out a few –

/“Fate is fate, Pilith, you can not see the future. Not even Old Tom could have seen what was coming next”/

/“To sleep in your human form or your animal form” she said, smiling./


Author's Response: Rosie just wants her children to be safe. she loves them so much :) Pippin had been so caught up in war, that he hardly had time to think about home. and yet again, we may see more of Hamson's day soon :)
Date: Jul 22 2010 02:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Day Twenty Six Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I like all the flashbacks encased in here.
Didn’t realize Ivy could do that! Nifty! What?? Origo turn up his nose on a plate of steaming turkey. If before there had been a doubt that Origo was not well… Oh, and what’s this about Ivy being all the way to Mount Doom…? Come to think of that, Ivy’s past seems even more mysterious than even the puppies…:)
I’m especially enjoying the continuation of the log-adventure of Origo and Abira. Suspenseful and I looked forward to Tom.
Yay! We get to see Frodo and Bilbo! I like the picture of the ‘very important’ Bilbo, ever polite of course, tiredly but happily handing out gifts to all the denizens of the Shire.

Now, I pity Sam. Really. The children will take every advantage they can while Rosie is laid up… I can’t blame Elanor for trying.
Tom is well done! Why, you even got him to rhyme. ;) But I like his change to seriousness and how competent he was… he was very cool.
Pregnant… I thought so. Oh dear, Sam, can’t make the connection. :D
“They found who they wanted to spend their lives with and died with them” – Ah, that’s sad and beautiful all at once. That begins to explain some things…
I like your Goldberry too – kind, wise, and elegant.
I thought Pippin’s commentary on his first meeting with Diamond one of the most beautiful passages in the story.
You weren’t exaggerating about the surprises! Till the next chapter, I’m worried for Abira…

Author's Response: Ivy didnt come from Mount Doom... i think your a bit confused :) and yes, Tom did rhyme hehe Yes, we're getting a small bit of Origo's and Abira's future as well..
Date: Jul 13 2010 01:40 pm [Report This]
Title: Day Twenty Five Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Good job laying out Diamond’s great dilemma: she can neither live with Pippin nor without him. Her lonliness and sadness was a hard thing to see. And she even considered giving Faramir away…! Poor girl; I hope Pip’ll come through for her soon.

Beautiful moment between Fatty and his mother. It’s a shame he couldn’t bring himself to go to the burial.

What a terror it must be to clean all those clothes by hand! I’ve an even greater respect for Rosie now. :)

My heart stopped at that great rip. Poor Elanor. She wants to be perfect and can’t bear her mother to see that she isn’t… even when there’s no chance her mistakes will stay hidden. The great question is, will Rosie unground her? I also find that thought a bit unhopeful, unless Sam is able to intercede…

Lot’s of tension between the pups! I can’t totally blame Abira for her outburst. I wish they could get along – it’s so hard to see Origo growling at her like that and then her attacking Ivy– but then things wouldn’t be so interesting. Still, a lot can happen between there and Radagast’s place.

“When all else fails, food was the answer. And a lot of it.” Agreed!

Oo! Let me guess… you hinted at this… could Pippin be writing the story of himself and Diamond? :)

Author's Response: Abira will now have to keep a low profile now.. she wants to help him, but she doesnt want to fight him :/ and yes, Pippin might be doing that :)
Date: Jun 27 2010 08:21 am [Report This]
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