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Title: Day Twenty Six Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I like all the flashbacks encased in here.
Didn’t realize Ivy could do that! Nifty! What?? Origo turn up his nose on a plate of steaming turkey. If before there had been a doubt that Origo was not well… Oh, and what’s this about Ivy being all the way to Mount Doom…? Come to think of that, Ivy’s past seems even more mysterious than even the puppies…:)
I’m especially enjoying the continuation of the log-adventure of Origo and Abira. Suspenseful and I looked forward to Tom.
Yay! We get to see Frodo and Bilbo! I like the picture of the ‘very important’ Bilbo, ever polite of course, tiredly but happily handing out gifts to all the denizens of the Shire.

Now, I pity Sam. Really. The children will take every advantage they can while Rosie is laid up… I can’t blame Elanor for trying.
Tom is well done! Why, you even got him to rhyme. ;) But I like his change to seriousness and how competent he was… he was very cool.
Pregnant… I thought so. Oh dear, Sam, can’t make the connection. :D
“They found who they wanted to spend their lives with and died with them” – Ah, that’s sad and beautiful all at once. That begins to explain some things…
I like your Goldberry too – kind, wise, and elegant.
I thought Pippin’s commentary on his first meeting with Diamond one of the most beautiful passages in the story.
You weren’t exaggerating about the surprises! Till the next chapter, I’m worried for Abira…

Author's Response: Ivy didnt come from Mount Doom... i think your a bit confused :) and yes, Tom did rhyme hehe Yes, we're getting a small bit of Origo's and Abira's future as well..
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Title: Day Twenty Five Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Good job laying out Diamond’s great dilemma: she can neither live with Pippin nor without him. Her lonliness and sadness was a hard thing to see. And she even considered giving Faramir away…! Poor girl; I hope Pip’ll come through for her soon.

Beautiful moment between Fatty and his mother. It’s a shame he couldn’t bring himself to go to the burial.

What a terror it must be to clean all those clothes by hand! I’ve an even greater respect for Rosie now. :)

My heart stopped at that great rip. Poor Elanor. She wants to be perfect and can’t bear her mother to see that she isn’t… even when there’s no chance her mistakes will stay hidden. The great question is, will Rosie unground her? I also find that thought a bit unhopeful, unless Sam is able to intercede…

Lot’s of tension between the pups! I can’t totally blame Abira for her outburst. I wish they could get along – it’s so hard to see Origo growling at her like that and then her attacking Ivy– but then things wouldn’t be so interesting. Still, a lot can happen between there and Radagast’s place.

“When all else fails, food was the answer. And a lot of it.” Agreed!

Oo! Let me guess… you hinted at this… could Pippin be writing the story of himself and Diamond? :)

Author's Response: Abira will now have to keep a low profile now.. she wants to help him, but she doesnt want to fight him :/ and yes, Pippin might be doing that :)
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Title: Day Twenty Four Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Pippin’s gonna do it! I was worried he would back out of seeing Diamond.

The bridge-crossing was suspenseful. I wanted to hear more, whether Abira made it… but since she’s here, I guess she must have. :)

Ah! Poor Origo! :( The same thing happened to one of my friend’s dog. Ran into a wall and knocked himself out. But I don’t think he had a fairy-friend to help him out. :P

Radagast, though! That’s a long way! There’s so much danger a puppy can get into… wolves, foxes, eagles, wild cats… Abira has to be the strong one now.

Then I worry for Nelly and Diamond. They don’t have a clue what’s happening. And Diamond is in great need of Origo now.

I had somewhat hoped Nelly would catch up with the puppies. But I guess they’re on their own.

Even though it’s not a happy situation for them, the adventures that are going to spring for it will make some exciting reading. ^^

Author's Response: Abira and Ivy will look after one another and especially Origo :) or try to...
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Title: Day Twenty Three Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Hey, you’ve hit the 50 chapter mark! :)

All these toast and bacon scenes seem designed to torment my dinner-impatient stomach. :P

*Will* Diamond ever teach Origo how to sit? I’m in suspense!

I always like seeing the controlled chaos of the Gamgee children.

“Maybe she doesn’t love me anymore…” Oh, very sly puppy!

Poor Diamond, being that terse is not like her at all. Of course it can’t be easy keeping up a big house and caring for a baby. She so needs her Pippin! It was good for Nelly to see that she others still trust her. I was pretty sure (though I still kept my fingers crossed) that the afternoon would proceed smoothly for her and Faramir.

Hah, Pearl’s good at this! She should be a marriage counselor. :P Seriously though, I’m glad Pippin absorbed her words, even if she doesn’t realize it.

It’s kind of refreshing to see that Elanor is not the paradigm of perfection: even she gets impatient, especially where food and toys are involved.

Aha! Frodo finally talks! I almost couldn’t believe that. ENTS! I can’t wait to hear more of his story. That was most unexpected. :)

Author's Response: yeah :) chapter 50 :) and yes, Ents, if your a tolkien fan, its not such a surprise... ;)
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Title: Day Twenty Two Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
The ‘starters’ were all sown in seamlessly! :)

Even the second time around, the boy and girl’s conversation leaves me bristling with curiosity.

This image of Origo dragging his turkey around makes me want to seize him a hug. I had a cat (coincidentally, named Pippin) who would drag a little doll around the house. It was adorable, even up to the part when he would throw it in the air and bite and scratch the life out of it. Origo’s far better mannered.

“Hobbits seemed to take up more space then humans or elves, despite them being shorter then them.” – A hilarious, but so, so true observation. :)

Origo reminds me of the same cat in a many more ways… he left his teeth marks in all my blankets and books… woke me every morning…of course he was so cute I couldn’t get mad at him.

Abira and Ivy… actually, it’s funny how Abira is far more trusting of Ivy. Origo took his time warming up to her.

Ah, that’s sad! But every bit the twist you promised! It didn’t feel just plopped in for its own sake, but worked up to through the whole story; I like that the breaking point wasn’t a huge, stormy dramatic scene, just quiet, sad, and realistic. I hope they can make things work.

You hit Merry and Pippin’s problem right on the head. The War of the Ring matured them in some ways and left them scarred in others.

Hard to say whether Merry is the best person for Pippin to stay with. They could either heal together or break together. And it seems they’re going down the latter road. Yet it is never too late for them to somber up, I hope!

Hah, I love that Isengard scene.

Yay for Ents! Treebeard was well done, his good humor, careful thinking, and all! “Robins, always the hasty ones”… yep, that’s Treebeard. ^^

Suddenly I’m struck with the thought of how Faramir is to grow up – surrounded by adoring aunts! Hah, I had almost forgotten the girl/boy argument of the sisters.

Oo! There’s symbolism of the broken pipe. If only Merry wasn’t so drunk, he could take that revelation a tad further…

Hmm… maybe if his sisters start harassing him, Pippin would think twice before acting up… but then I’m sure they’ve given him many a lecture of the years. Hey, perhaps that’s why he’s so rebellious. XD

Thanks for an hour of fun. :)

Author's Response: we will see more of Treebeard :) and i have yet to write in all of the character :) will still have two more to meet :) but thats going to be further in the story :) and yes, Diamond and Pippin are having break from one and other, maybe its needed...
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Title: Day Twenty One Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Dwarves preparing a feast in darkness… and so secretive about it too, like a dragon might find out, swoop in and crash the party. Yep, typical dwarven behavior. :D

I liked Diamond’s brisk dismissal of Merry. She takes no nonsense!

Now that was a nasty dream, and a strange time and place for it… I wonder what brought that on! Oh, right, ale... I guess Saruman would be immensely pleased to get his manicured nails into Merry or Pippin. Even if it was creepy, I liked it.

Rosamunda’s very strong; but then they’ve all different ways of grieving. Fredagar’s just so much more open about it, like most things.

Ohhh, Pippin! Now what is Diamond going to do with you? A somber Pippin would never have thought he could get away with it.

So much glorious feasting again! Makes my Mexican leftovers look rather sad.

I suppose a Hobbit walking into a kitchen and preparing nothing would feel abnormal. I almost expected Vinnie to get twitchy. :P

I shall miss those magnificent dwarf chefs.

I could feel a pulsation in the air from the Gamgee children's excitement as the presents were handed out one by one. Again, Elanor’s play scene was brilliantly executed, a flawless portrait of a girl at play.

So in a way Estella’s father is helping her with her grief. Beautiful thought! Writing is healing. :)

Author's Response: Diamond has Faramir to look after now.. eventually she'll let Pippin drink again.. i hope :) Vinnie was very bored haha, hot hungry and not thirsty, what does a hobbit do then?
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Title: Day Twenty One Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
A sweet, sad and enlightening beginning all at once. You’ve a knack for getting down the events of life simply and beautifully.

Poor Fatty is taking it hard. :(

At the same time, I’m so happy Frodo is awake and with appetite! I like that Sam can balance both being understanding of Frodo and still be the stern father when he needs to be.

Elanor and Marigold were very cute together. I’d expect Rosie’d be nervous about letting her children out! Even if it is sensible Elanor.

“He too had brought his wife and son a present. But he had hidden it very well, so well that his wife did not know where it was” Ooo! I’m burning with curiosity over what he could have gotten them!

Of course she loves you, Origo!!! I’m ecstatic they’re a family again! My heart was melting at that image of Origo’s sad puppy eyes and empty tummy. *Now* that he has his turkey are they truly a family again.

Elanor is so clever she’d find out sooner or later. “I’m always good.” Hah! Yes, she’s very clever… I guess she didn’t absolutely meant to eavesdrop… but eavesdropping runs in the family, after all. ;)

Now what is this Origo is remembering?? Protect Pimpernel and Diamond from what??? The mystery keeps deepening… :)

Author's Response: Origo is just jelous... he wanted to be the only one Diamond cuddled.. Yes, both Abira and Origo need to protect them... and we will see why before the end :)
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Title: Day Twenty Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Nothing to wear is a very serious and reasonable concern! :)

I liked the cutaway to Hamson and that he’s thinking of Nelly. It’s got to be hard to be away from everyone at Yule! It was fascinating to see a little chunk of his life because I never thought about the effort it takes to make ropes.

I was happy for Nelly when she rounded up the courage to go!

ALL THIS FOOD… Makes me wish it were Christmas again. I perked up to remember that Easter is only a week away and that means a giant ham and more desserts than eatable.

Wonderful storytelling to juxtapose the great sadness young Diamond had at almost getting her puppy to the busy Diamond of now who doesn’t yet notice she’s lost him.

Judging from Pearl’s dance of denials, she must not just like Folco, but *really* like him. :D

Strange to see Fatty so somber. But I think putting Odovacar’s death into the happiness of Yuletime made it all the more somber. The flashbacks were excellently placed and were needed to see Odovacar for who he is. The young Rosamunda one was so whimsical, to think how long ago that was and how happy they were. Naturally, I loved that he took Estella out for a meteorite shower. ^^

Solemn ending, sad and yet… Odovacar died with a smile on his face. That’s not so bad.

And then you give us a major cliffhanger of Origo versus the fox.

Goes without saying I can't wait for Day 21. ;)

Author's Response: cliffhangers rule :) and yet, odovacar did pass away, just as Tolkien told us haha.. and estella, where was she at the end?
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Title: Day Twenty Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Today is so rainy, it’s the perfect kind of day to cuddle up with this. (And a lot more preferable to my textbooks I got to read. :P)

Elanor’s adventure was true to her being her father’s daughter. :) I love how you can get into a small girl’s head and record simply and elegantly the process of playing. Those are small things one seems to forget as one get older, but you don’t seem to have lost it. ^^

“Even in the coldness of winter, a small bit of the summer could be held in her hand.” – Beautiful choice of words!

Interesting that those Dwarves are seen as equal cooks to hobbits. I would love to taste dwarven cooking… not surprisingly, I’ve become incredibly hungry. :D

I like how you show Sam’s debilitating guilt and concern in just silence… it says so much.

I laughed so hard at this – “Fredegar knew that he would have a hard time getting out of the room. He knew that he was not a hobbit that you could miss in a crowd.”

I was cheering for him, although I believed Rosamunda would find out one way or another… ah, but he’s saved by his sister! Chocolate mustaches would have been a dead giveaway.

Just want to point out an editing error: you repeated Estella’s entrance twice in Part 2.

Poor Origo! He sounds so pitiful in the dusty darkness, his fluffy head on his paws… Wanted to give him a cuddle and tell him to think more over his decision. But I guess it’s not totally unthought out – he wants to find Abira! Is a puppy romance brewing…? :)

No way! *That* was a revelation! He’d already met Diamond years ago?! And he’s old, so old nobody knows how much or where he came from? Almost sounds like a Valinor hound, some distant cousin of Huan. Lots of fascinating possibilities; I hope we get to find out eventually.

Fun allusion to the Entdraught – “This was only due to an event that happened many years before.”

Author's Response: woops.. my bad.. i knew i did it when i was posting it argh!!! but thought it didnt really matter as one had more to the end of it.. i dont see a way of editing it out now.. their both part of the story.. origo is very old :) youll get even more history on him soon.. not giving away much.. hehe
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Title: Day Nineteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I love the cozy image of puffing chimneys sprouting out of the snow-covered hills!

Funny how Origo just ignores Ivy’s advice… though one must admit he *will* get round as a hobbit at the rate he snarfs turkey. :)

Hah! Excellent how Diamond took charge of Pippin’s ale consumption. I’d give her a highfive if I could.

For a minute there, I was afraid Pippin would refuse the Thainship… good for him! I’m glad he told his father about Faramir.

I’m very frightened for Frodo! What a shock! Showed the reaction of parents wonderfully: their shock, how they took charge, shooed Elanor to her room.

You’re very good at getting into Elanor’s head. You do all the characters well, but if I had to choose the best, it would be her. There’s not much of her in the books, but what you give us is a perfect continuation of what we know, and she acts precisely how I imagined she might – smart, very much her parents’ darling, and of course still a playful little girl, while trying to act like a lady… and still must deal with that timeless sibling rivalry. ^^

Cute! What is most charming about Origo and Ivy’s relationship is that Origo doesn’t seem to think there’s anything bizarre at all about fairies.

Interesting… I don’t think of Mt Doom still erupting… yet there’s no reason why not, because now it is an ordinary volcano, free to do what volcanoes do best. (Does it miss Sauron’s sorcery? I think not… :P)

Nice to see the men of Gondor hard at work, even while still recovering from the trauma that was Sauron. Ah, and Faramir: The Administrator. :) Of course Osgiliath is not full of the happiest members for him.

I like the sisterly moment there: naturally they’d want to have a little niece! (Ah, poor Faramir, he must wear pink... :D)

You’re handling Nelly’s continuing recovery well. I imagine visiting Diamond and Pippin is a relief, since neither two were around during the fire to have the conceptions that the other Hobbits have.

I like Diamond’s outburst at Pippin’s 'borrowing' of the bread. Pippin’s gotta love being the center of their rapturous attention. It’s his element!

Ah, that Origo. Not how I expected his reunion with Abira to go… pouncing the fairy instead!. :)

I like the contrast between Rosie’s calmness to Sam’s quiet restlessness. It shows a lot about each character.

“It was unusual to see a skinny hobbit.” … I really can’t imagine that! Walking through Hobbiton, they’d stand out as though they had sprouted mushrooms from their faces. ^^

Can’t wait for Yule…my stomach is rumbling already.

Author's Response: haha... Diamond knows Pippin too well to give him ale.. Origo just thinks its another toy to play with :) but one he cant catch.. Exactly, Mt Doom is just an ordinary volcano now :) i think Pearl was a little dissapointed about loosing the bet, but i'm sure she'll start on a new little flease for faramir :) Abira felt a little unloved and left out. she hadnt seen Origo in a while.. Yule!! more food and drink.. get ready :D
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Title: Day Eighteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Hah! Ale sorted Merry out. Go figure. :)

You’re always so good at giving us Origo’s pup-eye view: the terrible height of the bed, the forest of legs… those are impressions I vaguely recall from being much, much shorter.

Ah, that’s not so pleasant! Chickens smell bad enough alive.

That’s very like Sam to take no pleasure in killing the wolves or to see any sort of greatness in the deed. He just does what he has to. (But that’s why he’s the best of the best heroes. :D)

Poor Elanor! She’s very perceptive, yet she still doesn’t understand fully what’s going on.

Origo’s run-in with live turkeys is precious. “You eat them…” How’s he to believe those great old birds are his favorite snack? :P

I very much like the caring-dad side of Pippin. ^^

Of course! I almost forgot – Pippin and Diamond have a lot of catching up to do!

I wonder when Pippin will let out he has a son. The grandparents will want to know!

Aaah, it so hard to read about Hobbit meals at this hour without drooling on the keyboard. Still seven hours and nine minutes till breakfast. Sigh.

Things just don’t let up for Pippin. Will he actually choose to take on responsibility??? Too bad his recourse in a tough decision was to drink… why, he ought to try talking to his wife instead. Oh yeah, being Thain would be good for him.

I love the scene in the kitchen. Diamond bustles about, misinterpreting Ori’s barks and Pippin is absolutely oblivious. It was funny! :D Ivy’s so mysterious. Whatever could be her purpose there?

Author's Response: thanks for the review Kitt :) Pip and Diamond certainly do have a lot of catching up to do hehe :) read about Hobbit meals? try not to read Yule one and two then hahaha... you'l just eat everything in the fridge when i'm done writing it :)
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Title: Day Seventeen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
They finally reached the Shire!!!

I just can never get over how cool you make your Elves. Mine are always so silly, but yours have just the right touch of otherworldly seriousness and humor. I loved every word of Diamond’s conversation with Elladan! What a juxtaposition those two are.

I can’t believe Pippin gave up food. I guess for him, there can be no more sincere ‘thank you’ than that! :)

Good job again on showing the worry of Rosie and Sam and how they tried not to communicate it to the rest of the children.

Masterful depictions of Nelly and her strain with her mother. I think Nelly’s slow recovery and her mother’s pride is realistic. (Besides, it makes interesting reading!)

Funny daydream! But like Sam, I feel sorry for Fatty… he certainly missed out on a lot, and there’s no way he can ever be as close as the other four now.

Love this line - “the feeling of being loved started to seep away as Diamond picked up Faramir.”

Vivid action! I was biting my nails as Sam hid behind the tree. It’s lovely that he gets to be a hero again. Really, it shows how far he’s come. When the Fellowship was attacked by wolves in Hollin, it had been always the others that shined.

OOO! YAYAYAYAY! Aragorn and Faramir!!! Already gotten the news? I guess that’s the wonder of Rivendell’s postal service. :)

I took a deep breath out when the cart finally reached home. It made me want to get up and hop around. What a relief!

Hah, Merry’s really a handful!

Sam doesn’t get a break. As mayor and a savior of Middle-earth to boot, he certainly can’t ignore the wolves, even at the expense of his son. I wonder if Rosie will see it that way? I’m so worried for Frodo! My insides are knotted in suspense…

Author's Response: Wow, what a review :D thank you as always :) You'll get to see a lot more of Aragorn and Faramir in the chapters to come.. maybe even some old friends may pop in for a few chapters as well :) Now that Origo is back in the shire, he'll have a ton more adventures to go on :)
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Title: Day Sixteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Here it is... :)

You shouldn’t be so worried. This had both its cute and tense moments. The characterizations were spot on. You were excellent with switching between Frodo and Sam’s points of view. The reader is kept in suspense of whether Frodo is alright, even though you go back to him several times. I like to see the ‘adventurer’ side of him – he went on when the rest of his friends did not. It’s like he’s living up to his namesake. And I loved the pure boyishness of his friend’s dares. It’s all very realistic. (Seriously, I’ve so many brothers + their friends, I see that sort of thing a lot! ^^)

Elanor’s ‘evil glare’ made me laugh. It reminds me so much of the long ago rivalry between me and my younger brother. But like with my brother, I believe Frodo and Elanor will become best friends in the end. :)

I had such a twist of anxiety on Rosie and Sam’s behalfs. Just Rosie’s thought of Frodo lifeless in the snow sent shivers down my spine. All the not-knowing… Parent’s worse nightmare! :(

All I can complain about – you probably foresaw it – Legolas and Gimli are leaving??? “Legolas looked away for a split second. He could not see what the future held for him…” Aw. So he could come back tomorrow, he could come back in a 100 years. ;) He’s so Elfy, I love how you’ve done him. It’s such a shame they couldn’t stay longer… I’d really love to listen in on them for hours, but there was no way it could be.

I an’t decide if I like Merry’s memory loss. I’m worried it’ll come off as trite unless you put a new twist to it. There does need to be some suspense to Merry’s story, though, so it’s not an all-out bad idea. If you haven’t you could do some research into memory loss and make sure you’re showing the symptoms accurately, because it’s been way oversimplified in movies. I think that would make it stand out.

Oh, the ominous wolves! Their introduction was so smooth and cool. They’re seriously frightening. I gotta know what comes next. :D

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Title: Day Fifteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Aha! I knew Elanor couldn’t have done it. Frodo got himself in way too deep. If I were Elanor I’d be feeling very smug right now. ^^

Old Harry the gatekeeper is alive? Yay! His getting hit by the gate made me very sad.

They’d better find the cart soon! Can’t have Merry getting frostbite!

Hehe, Rosie’s penchant for sweet tea reminds me of my own.

I had to smile at the reunion! Legolas and Elladan were so cool and… Elfy. I bet Pip’s gotta be thinking this is a dream! He could never have imagined finding the Elf and Dwarf plus Merry by Bree of all places. It will be neat to see Diamond’s reaction to these two old friends of Pippin’s. :D

Author's Response: if elanor couldnt have done it, maybe that fox did :) Pippin doesnt know where he is haha he's just trying to keep up with whats going on now :)
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Title: Day Fifteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
That certainly was not a good wake-up call for Pearl! I hope the two sisters don't start agrivating each other... unfortunatly, that's what sisters do. :P

Interesting bit about Pip's recurring dream. It's kind of like Frodo's annual Nazgul and Shelob pains. But of course Pip would have nightmares over having a chat with Sauron! You showed his fear very well.

Aw, poor Ori has a cold! I miss the spirited pup. :(

Well, Merry and Gimli are not doing much better. Maybe, once they meet with the others, they'll be more merciful than Legolas. :D

Hmm... did Elanor really destroy Frodo's snowhobbit??? I can't wait to find out.

Author's Response: i know! origo isnt feeling well.. maybe he'll get better when he's back in the shire :P
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Title: Day Fourteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Aw, poor Elanor! But Frodo’s not got it good either. Sibling rivalry. :D

Ouch, that IS awkward. The subject of invitations needs to go on Rosie’s list of forbidden conversations. At least innocent Elanor was around to save the moment.

‘“He’s not even cute” Origo thought sadly.’ – I guess that’s all a matter of opinion. :)

Oh my, it really has been a long time since Pip had ale. I share Diamond’s concerns… I hope he doesn’t drink them dry. ^^

Author's Response: Elanor and Frodo always go up against each other lol Origo is very jelous at times. Pippin is itching to get back to drinking haha
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Title: Day Fourteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I loved all the wintery descriptions here! Now I’m all pumped up to make snowballs tomorrow.

“the light started to give up the secrets of the night.” – Very poetic! :)

The Gamgee children are so cute. But I feel sorry for Sam having to get up in the cold - no fun!

Heh, I’m rooting for the girls in this snowball fight. :P

Author's Response: hehe :) winter in the shire means that Yule is on it's way :) which means... FOOD!! and yes, Sam would have rather stayed in bed, sleeping haha
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Title: Day Thirteen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
AHA! The girl is the puppy!
And she is an adorable one that. :) She came just to help Pimpernel, right? That’s so sweet. (But still… who is she???)

Now I see! With only thirty invitations, receiving one would be quite an honor.

I think Elladan’s driving the cart is so cool – they couldn’t ask for a better driver. (I suddenly had a scary image of the sons of Elrond driving taxi cabs… :P)

Heh, whenever has Merry not wanted food? :) Seriously, I feel so sorry for him. Here I was complaining of being cold, but I’m at least in a house with the promise of a hot dinner and warm bed.

Pimpernel could have imagined that she’d worrying about whether her mum would let her keep a pup. I was so happy that Nelly finally got the courage to get out of bed! Then not so happy at her mum’s answer… poor Nelly! (Ok, I gotta admit, I don’t much care for the smell of dog myself. I’m a cat person all the way.) At least she has sisters to back her up.

Happy Christmas! ^^

Author's Response: BINGO!!!! She is a changeling :) Origo is addicted to Turkey and now i think Abira is addicted to bacon haha i guess all of the hobbits will be happy when their back in their own beds with no more adventures to go on.. haha
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Title: Day Twelve Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Adorable confrontation between Faramir and Ori!

Wonderful! We get to see Sam finishing the Red Book! And eating cookies over it – quite hobbity. I love the toast he gave the Fellowship. :D

It’s so depressing thinking about the destruction of all Pimpernel’s possessions. I rather hoped they could save something.

So Pimpernel thinks she’s figured out the cause of the fire? It sounds so awful… there’s no way I could sleep at night if I were her.

Hamson’s a hard guy to figure out, though he seems so simple. I guess it is best for him to go away and mull things over. Still, that’s quite an announcement to make to Pimpernel at such a time. Aw, they really love each other, they’re just slow about it. 

Hehe, Origo finally gets cuddles from his Diamond!

Author's Response: i think both Pimpernel and Hamson know that they both need time away from each other. and yes, she thinks she's figured out what started the fire, but nothing could be saved :( yup origo got his cuddles :P
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Title: Day Eleven Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I’m so glad the site is back up!

Good job at showing all the emotions of Paladin. I guess as Thain he’s used to everything being under his control. Then something like this happens… no wonder he’s so in shock!

The closeness of the sisters is touching. I sure hope someone can get through to Paladin. This probably is not the homecoming Pippin is imagining.

I like the contrast between the Elf and Dwarf – Legolas clean and energetic, Gimli frozen in his boots. :D

Pimpernel’s distress is understandable! I liked the ‘evil eyes’ of the candle. At least her mother is understanding about it.

YAY! Origo’s back with his Diamond! And turkey! That’s cute – a bit of rivalry between Origo and the other noisy ‘pup’. :) But Origo certainly does not find that cute… I’m sure he’ll warm up to Faramir. Eventually. ;)

And the question remains: what started the fire?

Author's Response: Origo will have to get used to Faramir and they'll be friends :) Paladin doesnt think he can do the job any more.. and the fire.. i do wonder what happened :) you might find out soon :)
Date: Nov 29 2009 04:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Day Ten Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Awesome bit of drama here! When you said things were taking a different twist, this wasn’t what I expected. I like it – fires in the happy-go-lucky Shire don’t immediately cross one’s mind. And Hamfast got the chance to be a hero!

This really struck me as sad – “All of the old books had been incinerated. Their words and pictures lost forever.”

You piled on the suspense skillfully. I like how you went back to before the fire – it makes me want to yell at Nelly to watch out. (And give a suspicious eye to the fireplace, candles and oven.)

Brr! Poor Origo! I say that a lot… but it was miserable even before he got wet. I hope his Diamond finds him soon.

Their return journey is about as different as can be from their race to Rivendell. Now they can enjoy the scenery. I love how you show Pippin’s new maturity as a father!

Now, will Pimpernel be alright…! It makes me sad that so much was irreplaceably lost in her house. But that can be forgiven if she recovers.

Another day well done. :D

Author's Response: haha :) expect the unexpected is what i'm good at haha but how did the fire start and will Pimpernel remember it? Pippin is now offically a father :D i dont think he isnt quite ready, but he'll try his best :)
Date: Nov 21 2009 09:48 am [Report This]
Title: Day Nine Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Exciting chapters!
I liked the style at the beginning. The clock bonging through the empty house really made it seem all the more forlorn.
DIAMOND IS ALRIGHT!!! And Faramir is born! Wonderful! I loved how you led up to the moment Pippin learned about the birth – the twins are really Elves of few words. :)
Hehe, Dolly has good reason to think Pip had done more that drink Miruvor. Good job on showing its strengthening effects.
Pip and Diamond’s reunion was beautiful. And this was a lovely line – ‘“But the wind here, it seems” Diamond paused, trying to think of a word. “Softer”’
So Origo is really ok?

That’s funny! Very like Diamond to think of Yule cleaning at time like that. ^^ Her vision is wonderful.
I like that Diamond gets to share a part of the outside world with Pippin – it’s such a big chunk of his life, it should bring them closer together, maybe let her understand him better.
Boy! Does Diamond have nightmares! I don’t know hers or Pip’s is more terrorifying. (Really, I have had cleaning nightmares. :P)
I’m still quite confounded over that girl! Poor Origo – his loyalty does get him into uncomfortable situations.

Author's Response: yeah.. i think the houses misses the hobbits :) i gave a small, very small hint about the blond girl :) maybe too small.. but it's there if you read it closely. Diamond's dreams scare her the most haha She's always trying to make other people happy instead of herself :P
Date: Nov 12 2009 10:48 am [Report This]
Title: Day Eight Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Poor Origo! He keeps getting himself into messes…

I have to admire Estella’s resolve. It was certainly right (and brave) to confront Folco and say what needed to be said.

Legolas and Gimli are so much fun. I laughed at Gimli’s comment over Legolas’ wood-wondering habit. It would be disturbing for the Elf to suddenly leave and then – POOF – appear overhead in a tree. Gimli’s just a patient guy. :D

I liked the flashback to Sam’s wedding. And the glimpse into the Gamgee house. The shrinking space at their table was a nice touch.

Yay! Yay! Yay! He made it to Rivendell! The twins are totally mysterious – especially with their identical sitting postures and all. To a newcomer, they’d be almost creepy. :) But I really do like how you’ve portrayed them.

The description of Rivendell was lovely, very Elven!

Origo is saved! But who is this strange blonde girl???

Hey, that’s something I never thought of: without shoes, Hobbits’ feet must get rather… dirty. They must need footscrubbers by their frontdoors.

Nicely done again! ^^

Author's Response: :) yup.. they made it to Rivendell haha The blonde girl is someone that we'lll see again.. but not as you see her now :D
Date: Nov 05 2009 06:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Day Seven Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Starting with an overview of all the wintering animals was cool. (And also made me chilly... ^^)

I like the touch of Estella’s diary. You couldn’t show her thoughts any better than that.

I guess Hobbits have a way of seeing what is wonderful in all the seasons. It sometimes takes a while to remember that, but, yeah, I don’t prefer one season over another. The Hobbiton snowball fight makes me almost wish it were snowing here. :D

I feel sorry for Pippin and Diamond’s turkey. :(

Ah! The boys were actually brave enough to fire on Nelly and Estella. I wouldn’t want to be in Folco’s shoes (or feet… whatever…) But it was a surprise to learn that Folco likes Estella too. Poor Estella’s now caught in a love-triangle… oh dear.

I was biting my nails over Merry!
Then I got so excited with the ‘pointed ears, blond hair…’ bit. I laughed out loud. Legolas and Gimli! I agree with Merry – by the Shire seems like another world from the one those two were in. Your Legolas and Gimli are authentic - and cool. I mean, Legolas noticing that there were not Hobbit prints but a cart trail – that’s totally what he’d do. And his whole idea of walking the Great East Road. Why not? :) And Gilmi is his jovial self.

Aw, I feel so bad for Sevossi. Seriously, I want to give her one my kittens. Heh, her mother really didn’t help.

Gimli’s reply to Legolas’ suggestion to run was hilarious. I don’t blame him. Running in snow ain’t easy.

Hehe! Dolly’s father was a true visionary!

You were right. I loved these chapters. ^^

Author's Response: Yule is coming up :) lets hope that Merry, Pippin, Dolly and Diamond can get back to Hobbiton in time for the big feasts :) and lets hope that estella can recover in time. Legolas and Gimli were traviling to Rivendell anyway. so they might catch up with Pippin :)
Date: Oct 30 2009 10:56 am [Report This]
Title: Day Six Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Now that’s a sensation I would never dream of: having my toe hairs pulled out by dried mud. :P
I think I said it before, but it needs to be said again - you’re really good at transiting to the dream/flashbacks. You focus on an object and kind of expand the flashback from it. It’s so cool, like a device used on film to switch between scenes; I just don’t see it in written form often. :D
I liked to see Pippin’s family – all the details their similarities, their shortened names, Pimpernel’s wedding…
You also did a good job at showing Pippin’s intense emotions associated with Weathertop.

Hehe, Fredegar’s scenes with his mother are precious. ^^
Now I really do feel sorry for Merry. Of course Pippin and the others are having fun, but at least they have a cart.
I like Pearl’s little pink jumper!
Sevossi is so cute. Too bad she must be an obstacle on Origo’s quest.

I didn’t think the flow was bad – it was just different. It actually sounded cleaner. Keep up what you’re doing! :)

Author's Response: well.. i normally right as if i already see it as a movie.. i seem to write in more detail when i see it as a movie lol
Date: Oct 25 2009 07:59 pm [Report This]
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