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Title: Chapter 7- Rejected Love Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
They liked the sushi! Wonderful!

I am reading this in a cafeteria so around all these eating people the burp contest just made me crack up.
Ah, they really, really are going to break in… oh dear.

Aragorn’s misspeech was adorable!

Hoo boy, Robyn does have family problems… what could her parents be doing? Trying to make each other jealous? Hmm… it makes me glad she has a friend such as Kim to go to.

Her talk with Pippin was sweet. She’s much stronger than she thinks. :)

Very sad about the fish. :( I do cry my heart out every time one of my numerous cats disappear.

Hah, Middle-earth men are *scarily* straight forward. But then, it’s nice in a way; no secrets and second-guessing… For some reason I never thought that Merry was in love with Eowyn, but it makes sense. I love how simple and true that sounded coming from Merry: “Sometimes, loving someone means letting them go… He made me realize that it would have been a waste if I lost love and lost friendship as well.”
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Title: Chapter 5- Tokien's best friend Reviewer: Aki_choc Signed
"She had an ordinary appearance but she was charming which was better than being pretty." that's very true.

Gimli is so funny. It's really good how you pace the story. It's not overwhelming and it keeps me interested with all the inserted humor.

Good job! Favorited.
Date: Oct 19 2009 03:58 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1- The beginning Reviewer: Lolita-gee Signed
Thank you so much for writing it in a simple, funny way! It's so much easier to read that way haha
Date: Oct 19 2009 03:32 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 6- The memory of Boromir Reviewer: Lolita-gee Signed
Aw....poor Pippin....

HAHAHAHAHA CRACK IN! Aragorn sounds so cute haha >_
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Title: Chapter 4- Evenstar and Bonding Reviewer: Lolita-gee Signed
OMG Aragorn sounds so HO-OT! haha

This part made me laugh so much. My brother was looking at me weirdly because of you! haha
“Just a few more stops. The barber shop and then I have to- CRAP!” I said. It was 11:15 in the morning. My parents were probably wondering where I was. How the hell did I forget about my parents?

“Errr...Robyn, honey, you don’t have to shout out that you need to crap.” Kim whispered.
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Title: Chapter 2- They're REAL?!!! Reviewer: Lolita-gee Signed
I want to touch Legolas's ears too haha >.< Gimli is so funny. I'm glad that you kept their personalities the same. I like this Kim girl! haha
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Title: Chapter 1- The beginning Reviewer: Lolita-gee Signed
OMG you've become so good at writing @_@!!! SO proud of you dear!

I love this part: “Hahahaha…” I laughed uncomfortably. “I get it…you guys are fans of Lord of the rings, right? So what do you want? Original transcript, is that what you came for?” I stood up from the bed and reached out for my cell phone. “If you guys don’t get out of here, I’m calling the police.”

“Police…what is this that she speaks of?” The young man who had said his name was Frodo turned to the old man who said his name was Gandalf.

“Is it some kind of food?” The ‘so-called’ Perrigrin asked, seeming giddy. “I like the sound of that, Po-lice.”

OH AND THIS PART:“She does not believe us.” The ‘so-called Legolas spoke gently.

“Ye be stating the obvious laddie.” Gimli stuck out his head up high in an ‘I-told-you-so’ manner.
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Title: Chapter 1- The beginning Reviewer: Tinker Signed
I'm starting to like Kim more and more. And Robyn too, they're friendship seems really strong.
And the little love triangle :D, legolas is so clueless, and kim is a little too.

This part : '“Well…since no one is willing to get a haircut...' It made me grin, i couldnt imagine any of the fellowship wanting to cut their hair.

The last part also tied up the chapter really well.. it was so sad when gandulf was remembering tolkein..

Looking forward to the break in.. lol.. i wonder how the fellowship are going to tackle this one ^^
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Title: Chapter 5- Tokien's best friend Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Yay! Gimli is reunited with his ax!

I feel for Robyn, although her obvious jealousy is kinda funny. :)

I thought this was a wise observation - "She had an ordinary appearance but she was charming which was better than being pretty."

Gandalf's reflections on Tolkien were sweet!

Now to see how well the Fellowship stomachs sushi... ;)
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Title: Chapter 4- Evenstar and Bonding Reviewer: Tinker Signed
Yesss!! i definately loved the whole 'lets go shopping'
I love your dialogue (like i said before)
And the whole seatbelt thing.. lol, a nice touch ;D. And and.. you didnt forget about the other characters which werent there, like Arwen. Aragon's so sweet.
looking forward to the next chapter!!
xx chan
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Title: Chapter 2- They're REAL?!!! Reviewer: Tinker Signed
Haha, just read the second chapter. The conversations are so well thought out!
'"It is okay. I am not feeling hot. The air is of the right temperature." He said..' this was soooo funny :D

Nice desciptions of Uruk-hai, and the best friends really cool as well.

I wish i touched Legolas's ears.. or Aragon's, though that prob wouldnt mean
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Title: Chapter 1- The beginning Reviewer: Tinker Signed
Hey Kun!
Wow, you've gotten so amazing at writing. Everything flows and is clear, its funny =], and the protaganist is easy to follow and connect to. I love the plot.. its so clever! Especially the little details you can take in woth the family background, and the angst Robyn has about showing her weaknesses.
And the way Gimli talks! lol..The characters stay true to the movie (no slashes :D)
Your so talented, you should definately keep going!
xoxox Chan
(ill be the screaming fan that stalks you if you ever decide to become a writer. lol)
Date: Oct 16 2009 04:50 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 4- Evenstar and Bonding Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Lots of good stuff! Gandalf in a seatbelt, hobbits in sneakers, middle earth men SHOPPING! There was a pleasant mix of humor and seriousness like that fake-Aragorn's rant on Boromir (he got what was coming to him!), Robyn's dad and Aragorn's grave talk about immortality.
You describe their new wardrobes so well. Oh my, Aragorn does sound HO-OT... hehe, even better, he's a mind-reader. :)
Date: Oct 15 2009 11:09 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2- They're REAL?!!! Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Robyn’s skepticism is funny and quite believable. I bet real-life Hobbits are adorable… :)

Hehe. Uruk-hai like prunes. (oo! But don’t let them hear you say that!)

Legolas’ response to Kim’s observation was hil-arious.

At least Kim and Robyn have a temporary solution to their problem. (Yet Kim can't think it's that big a problem...) But can Robyn keep this secret from her parents? And I wonder about these portals that JRR found.

Another good chapter! Keep it up! ^^
Date: Oct 14 2009 12:57 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1- The beginning Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Hey! I LOVE your style! It's clear, friendly, fast. It's like Robyn really is telling her story, and is not just a character on a page. I can really feel what it is like to be Tolkien's great-great granddaughter - all the rapid fans, the expectations to become a second Shakespeare, and the push from her father for her to be strong.

You have so much detail, but it’s so well spaced it is not overwhelming, it just *fits*. I especially like how you say - "But the people from that dream seemed to fit their characters even more…It was as if they WERE the characters that Tolkien had described, that they were the characters that he based his characters upon."


To put more characters in the description, press the Ctrl key when you click each name.

Hope that helps! I look forward to reading the next chapter. Yup, this is quite a strange situation... ^_^

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