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Title: Khamul Reviewer: Masked Signed
I really like your characters. :D
I haven't read the complete story yet, though.
Date: 09/12/10 - 12:16 am [Report This]
Title: Metima Reviewer: tinara Signed
Yeah, why not women? And they would have a real motivation and would be inclined to loyalty towards Sauron if he treats the respectfully as humans (at least in the beginning). Nice idea.
Date: 04/01/10 - 06:33 am [Report This]
Title: Khamul Reviewer: khazarkhum Signed
Recasting the Nazgul as ladies...

Well, why not? I wouldn't want to stand between Elizabeth I, Hatshepsut, Hillary Clinton, Theodora or Elinor of Aquitaine and one of those rings. Keep going!
Date: 03/01/10 - 10:31 pm [Report This]
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