Reviews For Tainted Light
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Title: Chapter 4: Ask Reviewer: Encairion Signed
WOW! That was intense, and wonderfully so! You wield words like few other authors can, and it is a privilege to read.

This is my favorite chapter so far! Painfully passionate and desperate, simply exquisite in the emotions you brought up in me:

"Can't you guess that for me it is the same? And yet I look at you, Silmë, and see a light that I do not wish to blight, that I cannot bear to dim. It was sweet to see by it for a while; but what my blood touches, it ruins."

"I do not care!" The words cut my mouth, my controlled despair broke its dam: "Look at me, Maitimo! Mine is the choice. Look at me, and forget the rest. Look at me, and tell me what is it that you ask of me now."

Words like knives, words like wind. Eyes that sought mine, and a hand that rose to touch my face. Reluctantly, until my fingers found it, and entwined with its own.


Reasoned choices, choices unthought of. And the truth that slips off the tongue, as simple as the light.

"Remain. Not for a day, not for a season. For the eternity of the Eldar, remain with me."

Broken paths that eventually meet.

I let him embrace me, and his fire did not burn.

Well done, so very very well done!
Date: May 05 2010 02:00 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3: Sea Reviewer: Encairion Signed
You showed yourself a true master of words in this chapter, it was gorgeously done!

"The Sea…too few are the words one might try to say, even as many a poet has attempted to sing of the harmony of the deep. For in the face of such majesty even the best pen is broken; and the attempts are but pale veils before too great a beauty for even the immortals to ever grow used to it. Endless words have the Eldar wrought in praise of gem and star, and dappled light, and growing tree; and sometimes their words have been fair and brilliant, and have graced their objects of newfound shine. But forever the Sea escapes our words, and fills our minds with a voice that, the sages say, speaks of the Music ere the World was made. And in our silence we are uplifted, and something greater than joy, something we have no name for, grows into our spirit, and makes it great."


"He bent, replacing the star among its companions on their bed of rock. When he straightened again, his eyes shone, their emerald made dark by the halflight; and his beauty was greater in that moment than ever before I had seen it. In this corner of Arda stolen from the sight of the Eldar, he was free."

I just love this scene! You captured Maedhors so perfectly, his need for solitude and escape even in the Blessed realm. I think if Silme is not already in love with him there is something wrong with her, for I am sure I have just fallen and fallen hard *sighs*

Cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! See, all the time it took to squeeze it out was not in vain...;)
Date: Apr 29 2010 09:12 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2: Dance Reviewer: Encairion Signed
Another lovely chapter! Things are heating up. I do think you have captured Galadriel's willful headstrong spirit very well. Her flame blazes just as brightly as any others.

I thought you described the Feanorian fire exquisitely:

" And yet too often I look on Fëanáro, that still fathered me, as one would look on a wonder one can only suffer or take joy from, and never ask oneself about, nor ever come to fully understand."

"Admiring and wistful seem to me your words, and I cannot deny that Artanis' thought closely resembles them. But when I saw you I saw no fell fire, but a light that was warm and gleaming, yet kind. A light to make things clearer, and not to burn them."

I loved the way you are coming at the issue of burning fea. Meadhros still burns but it is not the destructive fire of Feanor.

:sighs: Meadhros is so hot! I should not be having these thoughts when they were only talking *g*

Silme dancing? That could be every erotic! Whenever I think of sole dancers (Luthian you too) the idea of dancing *for* someone emerges. I am not sure where you will take that scene but even light suggestiveness could be hot. It makes me think of wild wood elves dancing under the starlight ;D

Author's Response: Ghgh, very glad you keep liking it. :) Ah, wat is with Finwions and fire? ;)
Date: Apr 26 2010 12:05 am [Report This]
Title: Prologue Reviewer: Eldalie Signed
Thank you! :)
Date: Apr 23 2010 04:06 am [Report This]
Title: Prologue Reviewer: Encairion Signed
Wow! That was incredible. I really loved all the foreboding and dark hints you wrote into the beginning, it gives me chills but is so very intriguing.

You write Galadirel so well! She's a terribly complex women who I think must be one of the hardest Tolkien characters to write, but you're right on.

The chemistry between Maedhros/Silme is intense, I cannot wait for more! And I liked your Caranthir, poor guy had to hold a conversation with Galadriel ;D

This is a splendid beginning. Well done
Date: Apr 23 2010 02:49 am [Report This]
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