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Title: Giving Her Away - A Father's Tale Reviewer: Irial Signed
This is a lovely chapter. Not many people have looked into how Elrond might be feeling the day he gives his precious daughter to the world of men. Wonderfully captured ~ Iri
Date: Apr 09 2012 12:36 am [Report This]
Title: Giving Her Away - A Father's Tale Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
You filled the gaps with a lot of poesy and emotion. I like the fact that Elrond narrates the story (not an easy task..)

A question about the elvish language you used, is it a sort of Doriathrin? I could not figure it out and I am itching to know ;)

Author's Response: to be honest with you, i really dont know lol...i wrote this as one of my earlier peices where my source of elvish was not really kinda mix quenya and sindarin a lot i guess.. I'm sorry i couldnt give u a better answer :( but thank you for reading this :)
Date: Aug 25 2010 08:07 am [Report This]
Title: Giving Her Away - A Father's Tale Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I really like this story. You can see how it relates to every father giving away his little girl on her wedding day. Fortunately, most dads get to see her grow in her marriage for years to come, which is why it is so sad that Elrond sailed. Very good.

Author's Response: I wrote this story from a father's point of view. It intrigued me since i have made a decision in life that might deprive my dad of the opportunity to give me away. Yes, it is indeed sad to think Elrond will never know his grandchildren like the other grandfathers get to do. Thank you for your encouraging words!
Date: May 30 2010 05:23 pm [Report This]
Title: Giving Her Away - A Father's Tale Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
This part as I remember from the film and from the book, makes me teary eyed. For a father or Ada in this case to finally let go of a daughter he loves to be wed is beautiful. But this father not only gave a away is daughter but will never see her again. For she will fade in time because of her decision. But it is a decision made in love. A great sacrifice by both Father and daughter but with great love! This made me cry. Thank you for this.

Author's Response: I wanted to write something about father-daughter relationship. Having recently fixed the relationship with my own father, it was just time. It is a great sacrifice for Elrond letting her go since she has been with him for so long and after Celebrian left for Valinor. I'm sure they have made a strong bond between them and the love they have for each other would have surpass any that walk the earth. I'm glad you were touched by this story. I had a great time writing this
Date: May 29 2010 02:40 pm [Report This]
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