Reviews For Heart of Stone
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Title: The Road to Rivendell Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
The plot thickens or is that her belly? Anyways Haldir is in for a big at least one year. I hope he does not wait too long to fetch is lovely bride to be. OMG! I just realized that Haldir ...Knocked up Calavene! Oh well he will make it right. LOL! I just love this story and it will become one of my archived fav's amongst my other famous fav stories.

Author's Response: He doesnt want to wait but Calavene will not make it easy. This pregnancy comes as a surprise to her as well. It adds to the shame she supposedly feel for being an unwed elleth. She will try her best to hide :) thank you for considering my story for the honour :)
Date: Jul 28 2010 03:07 pm [Report This]
Title: The Road to Rivendell Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oh elfling! Haldir's elfling! He will be beside himself with joy...well, once he gets to Calavene and confesses his love for her, which can't be soon enough for me!

Author's Response: I hope you could wait a little longer since the plot still needs to unfold :) there is still the battle of pelennor fields to write about and a familiar face will inject some drama hehe
Date: Jul 28 2010 01:38 pm [Report This]
Title: The Road to Rivendell Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I'm glad she made it to Imladris without incident. Haldir better get going. He needs to be with her. I won't relax until then. Darn those wargs.

Author's Response: it would be a while before he finds her. I guess the Valar wanted to teach something to both Calavene and Haldir :)
Date: Jul 28 2010 07:20 am [Report This]
Title: The Road to Rivendell Reviewer: Lisse Signed
a great chapter! I loved the addition of the Valar Elbereth. I am reading along and enjoying your story.

Author's Response: thank you for still following the story. I am glad you are enjoying it.
Date: Jul 28 2010 02:58 am [Report This]
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