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Title: A Royal Offer Reviewer: haldirsbaby Anonymous
OH man...Haldir is full of suffering..I just hope Calavene does not take Leggy up on the offer and Thranduil contacts Haldir soon! God, maybe even put her on house arrest till he gets there. However if she did take the offer she would be rich indeed and be the wife to a hunky Leggy...OOOPs I just ticked Haldir off saying that. Who cares..I love him too.
hugs girl...great chapter

Author's Response: I think you can guess who Calavene would choose in the end... If my writing has come close to anything acceptable than it would be apparent that her love for Haldir is immense. but you'll never know lol
Date: Aug 03 2010 10:10 pm [Report This]
Title: A Royal Offer Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
Sorry I could not review sooner. There were certain issues at home to take care of, which I will not get into here. Anyways the fight on the Pellenor fields (probably did not spell that right)was just about how I remembered it from the movie. It was great ,I loved it. As for Calavénë and her constant running. Girl hold still for a spell so Haldir can find you and tell you how he feels. LOL! I just hope King Thranduil does not end up kicking her out! Just like Legolas to be so kind and noble as well as honorable to think of her and her rep by marrying her and saving face. But Haldir better get his stuff in check and clean up. Go after her elf! hehehe. Will wait for the next chp. (hopefully soon).

Author's Response: Haldir better get his stuff in check! Thranduil is appalled not by Calavene but her predicament and things are made worse by Legolas wanting to marry her just for the sake of saving face. I don't know whether Thranduil will let her stay... We'll see how my mood is tonight before i write lol. If i'm happy i might be merciful lol. Thank you for your review. I hope everything at home will be fine. My thoughts are with you :)
Date: Aug 03 2010 08:44 pm [Report This]
Title: A Royal Offer Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Good grief! Legolas is making an offer for a fake wedding while he gets some action on the side. Calavene is not taking very good care of herself. Haldir is a drunken mess. I'd like to see that. Actually, this last part about Haldir at the practice field, drunk and shooting arrows struck me as kind-of funny. And then Rumil slaps him. I could picture it in my mind and I chuckled to myself. I'm glad to see Calavene with Legolas in Mirkwood though. He will help her recover her strength. She needs to start taking care of herself. They are all just one big mess aren't they?

Author's Response: They are definitely messy lol. Legolas was trying to be kind but hey, man has his needs lol. i don't know whether i want legolas to stay in the picture longer. I kind of liked the idea of him and calavene being brother and sister like, but i don't know maybe i'll decide to ruin Haldir's life after all. He is a meany sometimes. It took 6 large bottles of miruvor to make haldir look funny and yes, it would be funny if the scene became a movie or something lol
Date: Aug 03 2010 07:48 pm [Report This]
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