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Title: 24 Apologies Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
To quote Gimli, if anyone's asking my opinion which they're not, i think we're taking the long way round! Hehehe...i agree..true love cannot be rushed. Or your Cal will suffer the same fate my Cal went through :) great chapter very tender as usual

Author's Response: I see you picked up on that. Nothing gets past you does it? And by the way, you spoil me too but I think we are both worth it.
Date: Aug 11 2010 06:59 am [Report This]
Title: 23 Love Is a Risk Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
You've got to be kidding me (again)?
But you're right, I know. This cannot be easy because your story is not about easy choices..
Teasing chapter ;)
The story flows very pleasantly, can't wait for the next chp, keep on this way!

PS: 'thanks for your thanks' (ahah) in the previous chapter header :)
PPS: your mastercard footer note makes me thinks about this comic posted on my fridge that you might enjoy:

Author's Response: I know. Some of my devoted reviewers (and you know who you are) are teasing me about this. I can't help it. But I'm posting a relief story (not related to this one) to cure their frustrations. Thanks for your kind words and glad you are enjoying the story. BTW what is sindarin for grandfather, refering to Thranduil, Caladwen's gramps? Your are very welcome for the 'thanks'. And finally, I've never seen that comic before. I love it. Thanks for the address. I bookmarked it.
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Title: 19 Embodiment of the Fea Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
Yes! That was the only way to make Haldir accept his feelings. Sometimes, one needs to go through tough moments to see all the good laying just there...
ok, aaahhhhhhh!

Author's Response: Sometimes it's better than a slap in the face.
Date: Aug 10 2010 12:06 pm [Report This]
Title: 18 Attack At The Border Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
you've got to be kidding me...

Author's Response: No. It's Murphy's law as usual. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. But don't fret. Big turning point ahead.
Date: Aug 10 2010 11:49 am [Report This]
Title: 16 Target Practice Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
great archery scene...
Girl, I'm hooked!

Author's Response: Thanks Celebelleth. I was worried it wouldn't come across so well. I'm glad I've got you hook, line and sinker.
Date: Aug 10 2010 11:20 am [Report This]
Title: 23 Love Is a Risk Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oh dear...this is not good! I fear they are going to part with this issue still between them and who knows how long before they can work through things. Well, maybe it's good that Haldir will have time to think about it and get past his fears.

Author's Response: Do not fear just yet. Things may not be as bad as they seem.
Date: Aug 10 2010 08:44 am [Report This]
Title: 23 Love Is a Risk Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
I have been sexually frustrated these few days. I am cranky and miserable...when oh when will they consummate their love? You are such a tease...wonderful chapter! can't wait for more!

Author's Response: OK Tell you what I'm gonna do for you. I'm gonna give you a little something that will hopefully give you some relief until Hal and Cal get on the same page with their feelings. Jeez, can't an Elf get to first base and not have to make a home run every time? Keep an eye out for a new post from me.
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Title: 8 Lesson of Love Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Aww, so sad! But that's the way it must be for now, I suppose. They're definitely not going to have an easy time of it, are they?

Author's Response: No, I'm afraid it is going to be a rough road ahead for our friends. For now though, they are right where they were meant to be.
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Title: 22 Home Again Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Uh for the hills Haldir! ;) Though I seriously doubt the Marchwarden of Lorien will be afraid of Legolas...but perhaps he would fear Legolas causing problems for him and Caladwen. Oh dear!

Author's Response: yeah, I believe Elves are more civilized than men. Still, I'm sure they wouldn't want their daughters marrying someone who's known for a lot of fooling around with different ellith.
Date: Aug 08 2010 11:43 pm [Report This]
Title: 22 Home Again Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
Naw! Already tried it. The recording said, *You must personally type in your review in order to be credited with the most spectacular 'Next' chapter to such a lovely story!* Beep! So here I am getting lucky and credited for the next lovely chapter. I feel so proud for the March Warden as he matures (even tho he is extremely, like thousands of years mature) and learns to become a more sensitive, patient and loving elf. More, more please!!

Author's Response: You see? I knew someone would try to dial that number. You are too funny. Glad to see you are still following along. Thanks for understanding that our Marchwarden may be old, uh... I mean mature... but he is set in his ways. Aren't we all? (set in our ways I mean);- )
Date: Aug 08 2010 08:42 pm [Report This]
Title: 22 Home Again Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Legolas...*sigh...gotta love a dad like him. handsome and caring. i hope haldir survives the interrogation soon. Just promise me Haldir will return safe and sound *crosses fingers

Author's Response: I have always pictured (in my mind anyways) Thranduil as being very overprotective of Legolas. Although we don't know much about Leg, I think of him as an only child. I am an only child and my mom was an overprotective parent. Now I find myself doing the same thing. So, to me Legolas would naturally respond in the same way as he was raised. As far as Haldir returning unharmed, don't worry. Legolas may be very watchful but he's not crazy. He uses words not weapons. Besides, something tells me that Haldir could totally kick his butt if need be.
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Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
Yes, (sorry for the wrong citation..) Haldir could have definitely borrowed 'namárië' to Galadriel; Since she was one of the Noldor, quenya was her 'mother tongue': the speech has been kind of forbidden by Thingol after he learned of the Kinslaying (even if the Noldor did not really participated) when herself and her brothers were dwelling in Doriath in the First Age. Since then sindarin was the main spoken tongue in Beleriand and therefore then in Lothlórien (the emigrating elves of Beleriand mixed there with wood elves and Sindarin became the common tongue).
The elvish languages are tough (and good 2nd sources are often an issue) and so much related to the historical events...
For my part, I chose to concentrate on sindarin, one thing at a time ;) So being quite into it (yet I do not pretend 'knowing' it..), please feel free to ask me any translation you'd need, it is always a pleasure for me to dig into the sindaring jungle for the most accurate word etc. :)

PS: about your **** computer, if you have a mac, you can find ¨ as option+u+ the letter you need, ´ as option+e+ the letter you need and ˆ as option+i+ the letter you need; dunno whether it works for pc...

Author's Response: Wow! You are very knowledgeable in the elvish language and I will definitely turn to you for any further information on the subject. Thank you very much for your support. As far as my computer, I don't have a mac. But I figure anyone who knows elvish will know what I'm trying to say and for those who don't I translate to the best of my knowledge. Thanks again Celebelleth. You were very helpful.
Date: Aug 08 2010 08:27 am [Report This]
Title: 14 Saying Goodbye Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
it is coming... ;)

A little comment on the elvish word 'Namaria'; I guess you mean Namárië, but this is quenya, so your Caladwen wouldn't use it; in sindarin, you could use Novaer or Cuio vae (i.e. fare well); This might work better ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out my spelling error. My weak point is elvish and I only know what I can find on the internet which is not always right. My other problem is that I don't know how to get the accents over the letters to work. My computer illiteracy is showing I know. I took note of the sindarin words to use if I should need them. However, it was Haldir who was saying farewell in that part. I remember Galadriel using it and figured Haldir would also say it the same way. I appreciate your input very much.
Date: Aug 07 2010 05:28 pm [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
Very nice chapter, you wrote this part with much simplicity yet depth; the emotion flows naturally..

no I will not cry... ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad it came across for you. It's ok if you cry. I won't tell anyone ;-)
Date: Aug 07 2010 04:36 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: Melusine Signed
"This task will not leave him unchanged."

I'm sure it won't. :) Looking forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: Hey, nice to see you here. Happy reading, my friend.
Date: Aug 07 2010 06:28 am [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Mmm, can't wait!
By the by, on the request of both you and luthien85, I have updated. Any feedback is welcome. I only briefly proofread so don't hesitate to point out the mistakes :) LC

Author's Response: YEA! Update. Thank you... thank you... thank you.
Date: Aug 07 2010 05:32 am [Report This]
Title: 21 No Greater Love Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Ahhh!! Eowyn!! Why oh why!! I was enjoying the heated embrace and the kisses. and then there was a promise of love making and the poof! shattered... u have left me wanting and i do not appreciate that... update soon or else...

Author's Response: Your idle threats do not frighten me my young friend. Leave it to family to interfere in your love life. Eowyn kind-of jumps the gun by calling on Caladwen. Faramir is not that bad off yet.
Date: Aug 07 2010 01:53 am [Report This]
Title: 21 No Greater Love Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Oh dear, I had indeed wondered when Faramir's passing would be...the next chapter is not set to be a happy one. Tears will fall afresh :(

Author's Response: Don't break out the tissues just yet. If you remember from the other story, Faramir's ailment is newly discovered but he's not down and out just yet. However, there will be consequenses to this new love between Hal and Cal.
Date: Aug 07 2010 01:44 am [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Soon, I hope. I shall work on it this weekend. I have just been so busy as of late - I shall try!

Author's Response: Patiently waiting.
Date: Aug 06 2010 08:30 pm [Report This]
Title: 20 Accepting Fate Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Ah! I do not check for a couple of days and then I've three or four lovely chapters waiting for me! The interaction between Haldir and Caladwen is as addictive as before, and now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy :) I love this story, and cannot wait for further updates. LC

Author's Response: Don't get too used to the fuzzy feeling. That's all I got to say about that. Glad to see you're back. I love reading your reviews. This story is taking on a life of it's own and going longer than I first thought. I try to update every day or at least every other day. Hey LC, when are you going to update your story? I want to return the favor;-)
Date: Aug 06 2010 03:54 am [Report This]
Title: 20 Accepting Fate Reviewer: LisaG Signed
*big sigh* Ain't love grand?! :)

Author's Response: Yes it is LisaG... yes it is. *sighing with ya*
Date: Aug 06 2010 12:41 am [Report This]
Title: 20 Accepting Fate Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Oh dear... a life force sucking elleth! Haldir better watch out. I hope caladwen wont suck his energy too much or haldir wont have any left for me! great chapter. I like the energy plot line :)

Author's Response: All this talk of Haldir and sucking is... well never mind. Glad you liked it but it's time to turn up the heat. The 'Marchwarden' is about to make an appearance soon. Everything can't be all bunnies and rainbows now can it. BTW it cracks me up how our stories criss cross sometimes, especially since we seem to post at the same time.
Date: Aug 05 2010 05:56 pm [Report This]
Title: 19 Embodiment of the Fea Reviewer: LisaG Signed
“I love you Caladwen. I love you and I need you in my life. Please come back to me. Please… Caladwen… I love you.” WOO HOO!!! :D

Author's Response: I think you might be the first one to quote something from one of my stories. Glad to have made you happy. You are too kind. ;-)
Date: Aug 03 2010 11:53 pm [Report This]
Title: 19 Embodiment of the Fea Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
1...2...3.... aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! that was sooo sweet!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *runs around the room

Author's Response: Don't trip over any furniture. Thanks for aaahhhhing with me ;-)
Date: Aug 03 2010 11:06 pm [Report This]
Title: 19 Embodiment of the Fea Reviewer: haldirsbaby Anonymous
HOLY MOLY>...This is the best chapter yet! I have chills running up and down my spine on this one...BRAVO!!!!MORE MORE MORE PLEASE...GOD you are good!!! HUGS MELLON NIN!

Author's Response: Thank you... Thank you...*takes a bow* It tickles me to know Haldir's biggest fan appreciates this. And don't worry. There will be MORE MORE MORE.
Date: Aug 03 2010 09:53 pm [Report This]
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