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Title: 14 Saying Goodbye Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
I do love your frequent updates! Though sad, this chapter was hopefull, and showed more of Haldir's devotion, which I thought was nice. I cannot wait to see what awaits in Lorien :)

Author's Response: Things will definitely begin to pick up a bit once Haldir returns to his home. The Marchwarden will return. Thanks for reading.
Date: Jul 27 2010 06:41 am [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oh *sniff!* Haldir is just so sweet and kind and caring in this chapter! Always there for Caladwen, but not smotheringly so. And he sent her flowers! *sigh!* I'm falling in love with this Haldir...I just hope he lets himself feel his losses, too from the earlier chapter and doesn't close his heart to his own sorrow. He seems to be making wonderful progress on opening his heart fully. :)

Author's Response: Thank you LisaG. I wanted to have Haldir resume his guardian role but not show too many emotions for Caladwen. She is grieving and it just wouldn't be right for these two to have feelings for each other yet. I'm glad to have brought out these emotions for you. Haldir seems like he could be easy to love (though Legolas might get jealous. He's been creeping back into my writers mind again). However, Haldir still has some issues and they will come forward before too long. Thanks again for your review.
Date: Jul 26 2010 12:30 am [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: haldirsbaby Anonymous
I am sooo loving this story...Please update soon

Author's Response: Hello again haldirsbaby. I'm happy your happy ; ) Thanks for reading along. Updates will be back to normal now. I just need to get my brain working again. Vacation with the family takes a lot out of ya.
Date: Jul 25 2010 10:59 pm [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Nice to see you're back - along with thw update you brought with it :)
I really liked this chapter, sad though it was. I liked Leodred, though ofcourse, I'm liking Haldir more. I hope Caladwen cheers up soon enough.
Until the next update,LC

Author's Response: Thanks LadyConfidential. It's good to be back. Caladwen is strong and she will bounce back after she's had time to grieve. She's young yet. But Haldir? Well, he's still hanging on to his stubborn ways.
Date: Jul 25 2010 10:47 pm [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
That was so touching. While Haldir had his own sorrows, he went out of his way to go to the one he promised to watch over when she was still in Eowyn's womb. And now that she lost her husband, he comes to be her guardian once more, even in his own sadness. Isn't it nice to have someone, anyone to be there and offer support to you in your time of need? I await the next chp.

Author's Response: He may be cold and stubborn from time to time but he is an Elf through and through. He swore an oath and will do his best to abide, though he will falter along the way. More to come. Another chapter tomorrow perhaps. I'm happy to see you're still following along. Thank you regaliaria.
Date: Jul 25 2010 08:11 pm [Report This]
Title: 13 Tragedy In Rohan Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
I am glad you are back! Wonderful chapter. so tender and sweet. It is good to see Haldir in his element. Caladwen will need time and it is fortunate haldir has it. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks, it's good to be back. Haldir has always felt the guilt of not following through with his oath to be her guardian. But when she needs him most, he is there for her. Next chpt will be up soon.
Date: Jul 25 2010 07:37 pm [Report This]
Title: 12 Nieriel's Secret Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Wow! What a bunch of revelations for Haldir to take in...and so much change all at the same time! Losing Nieriel, finding out she new him and his mother when he was an elfling, his concern over Caladwen and now the possibility of finding his soul mate in her. The poor elf may need some therapy soon! ;) I can't wait for his reunion with will be a sad occasion, but I think it will be good for both of them to share their losses.

Author's Response: Thank you for following along. I am home now and will be updating regularly. I hope it wasn't too much to throw out there at once. Hopefully, Haldir won't loose his sanity,lol. I was trying to get as much in as I could before I left town. The reunion will be bittersweet but a long time coming. Sorry it took a while for me to respond to your review but I had no wifi for the past week. What ever did we do before internet? Thanks again LisaG.
Date: Jul 19 2010 12:52 pm [Report This]
Title: 12 Nieriel's Secret Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
I'm really liking this story thus far and am sure I'll love your next update (which I am hoping is not too far into the future!) Keep up the good work, I know everybody appreciates it :) LC

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind review. I normally do not take this long to respond or update. Vacation is over and updates will be regular again. I hope you continue to follow along. Many twists and turns to come.
Date: Jul 18 2010 06:05 am [Report This]
Title: 12 Nieriel's Secret Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Wow..that was a bomb! A great history to add to add to the marchwarden persona. to be scarred from he was an elfling. wonderful chapter. can't wait for caladwen to meet him in rohan!

Author's Response: I had to go back and read my own chapter. It's been a while but I'm back. Haldir has issues, that's for sure. Much more to come soon.
Date: Jul 16 2010 07:54 am [Report This]
Title: 11 Leaving Ithilien Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Wonderful story! There is just not enough Haldir fanfic out there and this is terrific! While I'm glad he's found some happiness with Nieriel, I'm aching for him to be with his soul mate Caladwen...I hope he doesn't have to wait too long! :)

Author's Response: Haldir makes a wonderful subject doesn't he. He is haughty and stubborn and everyone loves a badboy. Nieriel will tame him to a degree but he will not change much... yet. It's always nice to hear from a new reviewer and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for your kind words and I hope you will follow along. There is much more on its way.
Date: Jul 14 2010 06:00 pm [Report This]
Title: 11 Leaving Ithilien Reviewer: lintstar Signed
I'm loving it! So much! Just hope Caladwen and Haldir get together soon! Congrats.

Author's Response: Hello lintstar. I'm happy to have captured your attention. More to come.
Date: Jul 14 2010 11:43 am [Report This]
Title: 11 Leaving Ithilien Reviewer: haldirsbaby Anonymous
very well written mellon. loved it cannot wait for more.

Author's Response: I am glad to have you review my story. I know what a big Haldir fan you are and if you like this piece then I feel I'm doing my job. Thanks for the kind words.
Date: Jul 13 2010 10:39 pm [Report This]
Title: 11 Leaving Ithilien Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Wow, nieriel... captain, lover, head mistress and now teacher..a yoda of sorts for Haldir, teach him the ways of love i must! hehe..great chapter. i cannot wait to see what happens in lorien!

Author's Response: Once again you've got me in stitches. I never looked at it that way. I guess she is a jack of all trades isn't she. Maybe I'll have her do the old jedi mind trick on Haldir. Crossover anyone?
Date: Jul 13 2010 10:09 pm [Report This]
Title: 10 Wedding Day Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Oh, get a room caladwen! you made haldir all jealous and worked up now lol! Wonderful and tender chapter. I cannot wait to see how things progress with caladwen and leodred. Can't wait also for when haldir accepts what he feels!

Author's Response: I'm laughing out loud. You are too funny. Thanks.
Date: Jul 12 2010 09:52 am [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: Morwehn Signed
this is coming along wonderfully, i`m totally hooked, again!

Author's Response: Thank you Morwehn. I am happy to be able to have captured your attention once again.
Date: Jul 12 2010 04:03 am [Report This]
Title: 9 To Kiss An Elf Reviewer: Eruwadhiel Signed
I am just curious, you ended the last story with Faramir and Eowyn concieving a son. Where is he?

Otherwise, this story is just as good as your first one. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hello, Eruwadhiel. It's nice to see a review from a new reader. Thanks for following along and thanks for inquiring. According to Tolkien, Faramir and Eowyn had a son named Elboron. I wanted to keep certain facts as true to the written story as I could and mention his birth. He is not a main character in my piece though he has small parts here and there. I figure Caladwen is about 18 when she marries Leodred and she's at least 5 to 6 years older than Elboron. So he is still a boy at this time. He around, just not an important character here. Eventually he will marry and take over when Faramir passes on. I hope this helped clear things up a bit.
Date: Jul 10 2010 09:07 pm [Report This]
Title: 8 Lesson of Love Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Yay! A wedding is on the way! I feel bad for Haldir. When will our marchwarden learn about true love? I am glad Legolas finds no fault in Leodred. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haldir will go through some trials and tribulations before all is said and done. Legolas is hard to convince when it comes to Caladwen. He's such a protective dad. Much more to come. Hopefully soon.
Date: Jul 09 2010 07:22 pm [Report This]
Title: 7 How To Please A Warrior Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
A great lesson learned today. If i ever have the need to please a warrior i shall do as instructed lol. great and sensual chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you liked it. I like to think Haldir has a kinky side and Nieriel has always wanted to try out something different from the norm.
Date: Jul 08 2010 12:04 pm [Report This]
Title: 6 The Proposal Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Owh! You tease! Things were getting hot and heavy and then boom! trees talking lol. One year, anything can happen in one year and i hope the relationship between caladwen and haldir will stand the test of time

Author's Response: I love reading your reviews. You always make me smile or laugh. I promise you won't have to wait long to get to the juicy part. Haldir has been celibate long enough.
Date: Jul 06 2010 03:03 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
OMG! Finally! I get to read the chapters again. Wow, i missed a lot here. Niriel is a perfect addition to test our marchwarden. She's like the mirror image of him but slightly less cold i think. It's heart warming to see the relationship between Caladwen and Haldir grow. I like that he can be himself in private moments with her. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Welcome back. Next chapter is up. I'm trying to post as often as I can before I leave on vacation next week for 2 weeks. Not sure I'll have internet where I'm going, at least for the first week. If I do, more chapters to come.
Date: Jul 06 2010 02:54 pm [Report This]
Title: 5 No More Games Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
I like your Haldir's perfectly haughty demeanor, and yet he can be wholehearted and tender. This is how I felt about him in the books (less in the movies), arrogant and sensitive. Definitely a very interesting character (not much developed in the books so there is a wide degree of freedom there!).
But I don't believe of word of Nieriel's strictness regarding her heart...
can't wait to

Author's Response: So it would seem you have Nieriel figured out. It is not her heart she protects but instead her pride. She's been around long enough to know what she wants. She is unwilling to bend her rules or let anyone take advantage of her. Haldir is a risk as far as that goes. I see his younger years as being a 'player' you might say. However, he is changing too. If they were human, I imagine them as 40 somethings; too mature for a 'booty call' but still in need of some excitement and romance without strings. The next chpt is going to spice things up. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you like my version of Haldir.
Date: Jul 05 2010 12:28 pm [Report This]
Title: 4 Desire Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed
Nicely written, I enjoy your really nice story so far!
please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much Celebelleth. Glad you like it and I will be updating regularly. I hope to keep you entertained.
Date: Jul 04 2010 04:41 am [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
We should one day combine forces lol and my haldir would definitely own yours :D

Author's Response: I'll take that bet and raise you a Legolas.
Date: Jun 30 2010 02:06 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
great start and great cliffhanger. I was afraid to read your story since we're both doing Haldir. Ideas might get mixed up lol. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I know right? I have been writing this for a little while but couldn't post it until I was finished with the first one. Because the two stories relate to each other, I had to make sure things matched up and even had to change some things in the first one to support the second. And then you started doing Haldir first (though somehow I don't think Haldir minds) :0 lol I guess great minds think alike. hehe. When we're done with our stories we can co-write a new one and call it My Haldir Can Beat Up Your Haldir. *likes to laugh at her own jokes*. Good hearing from you.
Date: Jun 30 2010 01:37 pm [Report This]
Title: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: Morwehn Signed
I am loving this already, can`t wait for the next chapter! :-)

Author's Response: Glad to see you're still following along. Thanks Morwehn.
Date: Jun 29 2010 04:36 am [Report This]
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