Reviews For Terms of A-dress
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Title: Epilogue Reviewer: tinara Signed
A great story - funny, thrilling, with plenty of adventures for poor Erestor and a hint of romance.
But I can't help wonder if being a spy would truly suit Erestor, he seems a bit too good-natured for this to me, but who knows, there might slumber unaccounted character traits in him.
I enjoyed the story immensely and read it all in one go.

Author's Response: Oh, yes - I liked leaving it with the promise of romance to come. Hopefully people will enjoy daydreaming. As for Erestor as a spy...I have no idea! I've just run across the fanon concept of him as some sort of spy a few times and it intrigued me, made me wonder how he might have fallen into such a profession, so when I started writing this I thought I'd slip in a little hint about one possible route. I hope the Third Age doesn't turn him cynical and broody...

I'm delighted you liked the story so much - especially knowing that it sucked you in enough that you kept on reading right through to the end in a single session. Thank you for reviewing!!
Date: 01/10/10 - 08:10 am [Report This]
Title: Epilogue Reviewer: dapperscavenger Signed
*lol* Duilin is brilliant. No airs, just says it as it is. And that neatly explains all those tales where Erestor is a spy!

Author's Response: *grins* I always wondered how Erestor might have ended up as a spy, and it seemed like an opportunity to good to miss here! he goes. I'd be intrigued to see the results of this training 200 years down the line, however! *raised eyebrow*

Duilin was very refreshing to write - no filter between brain and mouth. It was so much fun having him affectionately insult Glorfindel :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the story - thanks for commenting!
Date: 24/07/10 - 03:12 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Not sure what I love most about this chapter: Erestor and his impulsive gift of the ribbon; Duilin and his urge *not* to be seen by all as some legendary hero; or you for writing this endearing piece (with orcs!)

Author's Response: LOL!! Poor Duilin - he's a bit conflicted. He *needs* to be legendary and a hero for the task ahead, and yet it goes against his nature these days. It just doesn't come as naturally to him to posture around the place and be brave and dashing (though I think he can fake dashing fairly passably when he tries) any more! getting a soft spot for the silly old grump-bag. ;)

I'm delighted you're still reading and enjoying! Thanks!
Date: 20/07/10 - 08:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: dapperscavenger Signed
Well, you've caught me. Cross-dressing elves just so happens to be a head-turner for me *lol* The hat was a nice touch though I do have to wonder what he has on his feet. The mind boggles! :p

Author's Response: LOL! Well, I'm glad it suits your tastes! *grins* I blame Keiliss entirely for the hat - the idea was too tempting to resist! Feet...good question! I assume walking boots or similar - he's a practically minded Elf at heart (well, so he believes) and says he's a cross-dresser, not a pansy. Thanks for the review!
Date: 20/07/10 - 03:53 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
I am charmed by this, though frankly the "dress" could be a little less English-garden-partyish, couldn't it? Though exactly whose illusions I'm trying to preserve here, I'm not quite sure, lol!

Author's Response: LOL!! Well, being English...and a fan of garden parties...I guess it rubbed off on me! Perhaps that's just Duilin's personal style! ;) I'll try sending him the Marks and Spencer's catalogue and see if that piques his interest!

Thanks for the review - I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the fic, and I hope the remaining chapters are to your liking!
Date: 19/07/10 - 05:21 pm [Report This]
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