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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: Melusine Signed
It's difficult to focus on any one thing to comment on, except perhaps for the mood, which is dark and dire, as the circumstances dictate. Very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you Melusine - yes, it gets darker and darker now as they approach Minas Tirith. One more chapter left.
Date: Sep 27 2010 10:44 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I love the way you describe the turmoil Aragorn is experiencing over the palantir and taking the Paths of the Dead. And also, Elrohir's reaction to Legolas. It seems only natural that he might be apprehensive about a Wood elf. I am curious to see where this leads. Will they have a confrontation? Will he see that Legolas is indeed a true friend and not the savage that he surely has been led to believe the silvan elves to be? I hope he brings word of Mirkwood which might ease Legolas' worried mind. Very interesting chapter. Leaves me wanting more as always.

Author's Response: I am so glad you picked up on that. Elrohir is very complex in this. There is only one chapter left in this and Elrohir remains suspicious I'm afraid. I have always felt that Tolkien neglected Legolas and Gimli rather- and when the Grey Company arrives, surely they would have had some news? So I wanted to highlight the sacrifice they both make to stay with Aragorn- there is only one small bit in the book where they even mention this but it hints at vast unspoken emotions. But you are spot on at identifying Elrohir as a key character in this- I spent some time refining his part in this chapter.
Date: Sep 26 2010 06:37 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
It took me a few hours to read this thru. My favorite time to read and write is 4:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Aragorn is brave and so glad to see him begin to accept his kingship.

So glad he stood up to his brothers.

Thank you so much Ziggy for sharing with us. Love you!!

Author's Response: Interesting that you like that time of the day to read/write- if I am not working I can do the same- is it something about the unconscious? What can I say to such a lovely reviewer? I will get on with the next chapter.
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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
they who had turned aside from the Valar to live in Middle Earth, to tend the forests and to keep the earth's song alive in their hearts and who had deemed it a betrayal to sail across the Sundering Seas.

Again, a line that takes my breath away.

Author's Response: It's something I feel the woodelves had done very consciously- the were not the Sindar who turned aside to be with Thingol, and perhaps not quite the Avari - I am never entirely sure about that, but probably a mixture of the two by the time Legoals came along. It always seems odd that Legolas seems so unaware of the Noldor history, or of anything that is referred to in the Silmarillion. I have wondered if that was consciously done by the Prof or if he was preoccupied by the hobbits and Aragorn and just overlooked it- whatever the reason, it gives us such scope for our imaginings, dont you think?
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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
As you have said, Tolkien tells us about the hobbits in his version of LotR. As I read how Legolas holds out his image of a kingly Aragorn to bolster failing confidence, I understand why Legolas is the Elven representative on the Quest. Would a Noldor, such as our beloved Glorfindel care for the spirit of his companions as well as he fought with his physical being? As much as I love Glorfindel, I think not. They are all fortunate “a humble wood Elf”, your Legolas was chosen.

Author's Response: AH, I have never thought of that quite as consciously as you have articulated here. What a brilliant idea! I intend, at some point, to write about the Council of Elrond.
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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
“ He caught a whisper of a different song amongst them, it puzzled him, like the cry of an eagle on the high mountains”
A phrase like this is what makes the difference between a story teller and a skilled wordsmith, an artist. I have the deepest admiration for you dearest Ziggy!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that bit- it is an addition to the original, and shaped by the sequel actually. No more- spoilers!
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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
8000 beautifully crafted words. Where to start? Legolas saves them from the flying monster. As Melusine says, part of his charm is the fact that he is so dangerous, all that controlled, harnessed deadliness. Couple that with is ability to become one with, to sense the soul of his surroundings, and you have the essence of Elven allure. Eomers feelings are so understandable. Your description of the moment between Legolas and Eomer as Legolas places his hand on the other’s heart is so stirring!

Author's Response: You so get Legolas! Yes, I like that moment too, it is tender and not too sentimental. How could anyone not fall for that combination of deadly allure, as you say!!
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Title: Chapter 15 The Sons of Thunder Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Ah, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sons of Elrond: and here they are! Now the plot will really thicken.(Poor Eómer!)

Author's Response: Yes, me too. I wanted to slash it up a bit more but actually, it doesn't quite work - or I am not quite confident enough, I dont know. But I have added a bit more to indicate what's coming- its a delicate balance to not give too much away and make it heavy handed. Thank you as always for reviewing.
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Title: Chapter 14 The Palantir Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Oh my, just when I think this story can't get any more intense, it does. I'm glad Eomer was there to comfort Legolas when he needed it most, and in a way none of the others could.

Nice to see Aragorn feeling guilty about getting his promise to go on with him. It's never explored in the books, but to go on with one path while your home is under siege must be difficult indeed. And poor, poor, well-meaning Pippin.

Looking forward to the next part!

Author's Response: Ah yes, that comfort... hmmmm. Eomer is just so earthy and straight really- Legolas just confuses him! Yes, Aragorn gets away with an awful lot in the books but Tolkien was interested in the hobbits really and I always feel he lost interest a bit in Legolas and Gimli. Don't worry- he gets to feel even guiltier in the sequel!! Yes, Pippin. He just wrote that bit himself. WIll post this weekend.
Date: Sep 19 2010 12:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 14 The Palantir Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
“… Eomer had been nothing but honourable.
. He was forgiven, he was innocent. He had no part in the elf's pain. He had given and received. He was loved.”
It was all so terrible for Legolas and my heart breaks for him. But my heart breaks for Eomer also. Of course he had been feeling superfluous, I am so glad Legolas went to him. You did such a fine job with the moments between them. I am amazed once again at your true portrayal of Legolas. As a magical creature in tune with the emotions of others, and of the very earth and stars, I can see how he would want to comfort Eomer. He is marvelous to put aside his pain and take care of Eomer that way. Makes me love him even more.
You did your usual magic thru out this chapter and you get another standing ovation from me! I could praise every syllable, but I will spare you the tedium of reading 500 words. Just know that I think you are a most talented writer and a deep thinking admirable person to have produced all of this great work.
Thank you so much for this!

Author's Response: Ah, my dear ladyjane! As always you write such nice comments. Yes, it is terrible for Legolas - but he will survive. Eomer is lovely too, isn't he- the way he just takes Legolas in and comforts him? I like that scene. Isn't Legolas just gorgeously wonderful. Just love him. Feel free to write 500 words anytime!!!

Author's Response: Ah, my dear ladyjane! As always you write such nice comments. Yes, it is terrible for Legolas - but he will survive. Eomer is lovely too, isn't he- the way he just takes Legolas in and comforts him? I like that scene. Isn't Legolas just gorgeously wonderful. Just love him. Feel free to write 500 words anytime!!!
Date: Sep 18 2010 12:58 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 14 The Palantir Reviewer: Aelinmir Signed
that is not right to stop there, continue soon please. Love you rendition of Legolas.

Author's Response: Thank you Aelinmir! I will post this weekend - had no laptop as it needed repairing but catching up now.
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Title: Chapter 12 Pippin Reviewer: Aelinmir Signed
'Go not to wizards for counsel for they will say both yea and nay. And go not to Mithrandir at all, for he will look at you and grunt. That is what my father says.' very funny
Date: Sep 17 2010 09:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 14 The Palantir Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I guess I hadn't realized before that everyone saw the vision of Mirkwood burning. What a horrible thing to have to witness. Your story is coming along nicely. I'm glad to see Legolas can still find comfort even after Saruman's cruel words. Nicely written, comforting scene in the woods. I think they both needed to soothe each others minds, among other things.

Author's Response: Yes, I still cringe when I think about this myself. I really didn't know that was going to happen before I wrote it but it had to be painful otherwise Saruman would not have had his revenge. I did wonder about making Saruman more discrete but it just couldn't happen...thank you for the review. I liked Eomer being so ready to help Legolas but feeling shut out, and then Legolas going to him.
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Title: Chapter 13 Saruman Reviewer: Melusine Signed
What a heart-wrenching chapter! Poor Legolas to have to witness the destruction of his home and the deaths of his father and people, even if it was something conjured by Saruman.

And poor Eomer, to realize that maybe 'it is what it is and no more,' is suddenly not enough, but it will have to be. You can see that he feels used, and that is so sad.

Like the previous ones, this is a powerful chapter that leaves no emotion untouched.

Author's Response: Yes- but you know Legolas is not uncaring- he is on shock and distraught. He will be kind - I know you want him to be . Now, about YOUR next chapter... this weekend I hope??
Date: Sep 12 2010 08:11 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 13 Saruman Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
The end of this chapter left me heartbroken. Eomer has tried to leave it as it is but he is too deeply involve with his heart. I loved that Gimli was the one to intervene and how the fellowship gathered around Legolas to comfort him. Still, I am sad that Eomer got pushed aside once again. Every emotion, every description, every mental scene came across in true living color for me. It is not often that I read something that stays with me as if I just stepped from a movie theater. Your story is one of those rarities that has moved me with every chapter. Awesome!!!

Author's Response: Ah, Legolas is in shock but he is a very gentle soul and never forgets his lovers. Wait and see. Proise to update this weekend if I can.
Date: Sep 12 2010 05:37 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 13 Saruman Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
Just got done reading and I am stunned. You have done it again. You took me there. There was no escape from the deep anguish. I felt Legolas crushed. How very artisticly you gave us Eomers pov and yet we also saw through Legolas' eyes.

I will give this another few reads and then a real review. Now I must say this is so powerful. Every bit as tradgic as you warned and written with skill, such amazing skill. You are a weaver of tapestry with words.

And the last line was a knife through my heart. I could feel Eomer's heart breaking through out this chapter.

Thank You for sharing your gift. I knew from the begining you were awesome. This has left me shocked by the raw emotion, the graphic death. You involved all our sences and made it REAL.

Author's Response: Yes, poor eomer- he thinks he can cope with what this is, but he struggles really. It can only get worse for him if he doesn't let go...
Date: Sep 12 2010 03:50 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 Pippin Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
OK! I can wait for slash.

Author's Response: Sorry- it didnt quite work- I couldn't face making it any worse for Legolas. Promise though more slashiness next time.
Date: Sep 11 2010 05:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
Hey, we want the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Oh Lady Impatient! I am working on the sequel at the same time and have very demanding readers for that too you know!!! I will post this weekend- was going to but my Mac touchpad isnt working so everyhting is taking too long. I could either slash up the next chapter - which is quite harrowing- or just post it as it is... a choice for you.
Date: Sep 11 2010 03:29 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
I’m not usually one to struggle for words at a review, but this was tough.I could say it was too good for words, but you would not be that lucky. I share the irritating quality of Legolas is this. I love your Legolas more with each chapter. He is perfectly done. You nail him (Wish I could nail him) each chapter each verse each emotion. You do this with all your characters. I know what each one is thinking. Can feel the night air. You are a master of description and emotion. You leave me breathless. What asthetic beauty start to finish, even though danger and death are themes they are so marvelously poetic and faced with such courage. I love you!

Author's Response: You just be as irritating as you like! It is so wonderful to have people who love Legolas as much as I do - I am so pleased you can enjoy the senses in this- I try quite hard to keep the description focused and sensuous , trying not just to rely on the visible.
Date: Sep 05 2010 08:59 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 Pippin Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I usually know what to say when I review but you have left me speechless. The interaction between all of the characters is so genuine. I find myself wishing that more of these moments between them all were in the books or in the movies. Legolas and Gimli are superb. Then you throw in the Hobbits and it is like the story within the story. I can't say enough. From one author to another... I bow with hand over heart. You are a true artist ziggy.

Author's Response: Well... that was so nice it left me a bit speechless. Thank you. I am flattered. I suppose Tolkien focused mostly on the hobbits and I always felt a bit starved for the others. I like the gap fillers and Pippin's voice is very strong in my head. A few more of those coming up but the next chapter is very hard for Legolas.
Date: Sep 04 2010 09:13 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 Pippin Reviewer: Melusine Signed
I kept expecting either Aragorn or Legolas to tell Pippin to get some sleep. :) A nice interlude, though there is uncertainty and darkness lurking.

Author's Response: Ah- perhaps I need to go back over this. Thanks. He is eavesdropping and they have not realised he is. Glad you liked it. As you say, darkness ahead and the next chapter is hard for Legolas.
Date: Sep 04 2010 09:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I am thoroughly enjoying this story. I am in love with your portrayal of Legolas. He is wild and unpredictable. It is a side of him I have not seen before and it makes perfect sense. I am so glad you decided to continue with your story and cannot wait to read more. You are a wonderful writer and I am hooked.

Author's Response: Thank you L8Bleumr -that view of Legolas comes from his irritating cheerfulness on Caradhras, and then he stops singing at Nimrodel and cannot translate the lament for Gandalf from sorrow, and then is so light hearted at other times. He changes quickly and of course Tolkien himself has Gandalf say the Mirkwood elves are 'more dangerous and less wise' than the Noldor Rivendell elves. As you say, it makes perfect sense!! You are very kind to say such nice things and I am flattered that another writer whose work I like, thinks so too.Just for you then. Next chapter.
Date: Sep 02 2010 07:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
– he had said, that is all it is. And he, Eomer, had said it was enough. And so it must be.


That is so sad.

Author's Response: Yes, it is sad, but I have never planned for Legolas to be in love, but I think Eomer is just a tiny bit, don't you? But he will have Lothiriel to keep him company.
Date: Aug 31 2010 01:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
This is my second attempt at a review. I have such writers block I cannot make out a grocery list!

“The elf looked away but he remembered the feel of the heavy muscle and furred skin, the rasp of a beard against his cheek and although he had muffled the man's ecstatic shout with a deep kiss, he recalled too, the softness that came after the hard unyielding coupling, for he had not held back and neither had the man.”

Very erotic! Please delve a little deeper into this kind of writing.

As Eomer remembers their night together, you paint so many beautiful pictures, so many varied and rich emotions. A kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations is evoked.

How marvelous to give Legolas green and gold body art. (shivers at the thought). That certainly was not the only thing that made me shiver! How sexy to have Legolas take Eomers hand and put it on his lap. Daft Eomer! Take the hint dude!

I have long thought the transformation from Elf to Orc a fascinating subject. And I have always thought of it taking a very long time. Legolas gives indication that a darker side lays just below the surface and may be more easily accessed:

'Is it so hard to think?' said the elf softly. He laid his hand across Eomer's eyes briefly; the image frightened Eomer anew for the crazed lust for battle in the elf's eyes had been reflected in the eyes of orcs.
I could feel Eomer’s shock and dismay.

Legolas certainly is complex. He is capable of worry to the point of grief over a couple of hobbits and at the same time his fierce blood lust in battle shows his kinship with orcs? My how I love your characters! You have given them such depth. (Swoons) And once more the polarity of these two sides to Legolas is potentially within all Elves, sweet and gentle yet capable of barbarism. Their passion swings to extremes in both directions, and makes me love them as you portray them. (Eomer shares this feeling of course.)
Your writing of the way Legolas responds to Eomers fear is beautiful and I am so impressed with the way Legolas corrects Tolkien’s original description of wood elves as somewhat stupid and dangerous.

“ 'I am but a simple Woodelf. We are less dangerous and much, much more wise.' Then he had closed Eomer's mouth with his own, demanding and insistent.” When Legolas said this I stood and applaud. Then wished I could see all that came next!

I felt so bad for Legolas and Eomer when Gandolf interrupted them. And what a perfect way to vale the subject, horse breeding. Legolas is so lovably wicked!

Our poor Legolas does not get much peace does he? Gandolf must have had grave tidings to insist on talking with Legolas at that time.

Legolas’ conversation with Gimli was also disturbing,as he talked about death and abandoning the quest.

Cannot wait for the next. I am sorry. I’m sure you did not want someone to give you a review and retell your story, I just get carried away. And yet I feel I have come short of describing my admiration. I am so enjoying your work and thank you fore it!

Author's Response: I am really glad you liked that bit about Orcs- I think Legolas is better portrayed in this fic than the sequel as other - because the sequel involves other elves much more, he seems less alien. I am worried about losing that touch with him. I have to say I am pleased with this chapter and you are so gorgeously appreciative! Yes- I was always annoyed that Gandalf says that about Woodelves! I felt Legolas had to have the right to reply. Oh- you are so lovely for applauding! Legolas will love you! You can guess what tidings he will give Legolas. And it has such repercussions in the sequel. (shameless plug!!) I LOVE your reviews- dont worry . Please keep gushing all you like- its very good for my ego!!
Date: Aug 31 2010 02:51 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Hmm, yes, Eomer now seems both besotted and put off by Legolas' 'otherness.' As you say he will be king and of course Legolas is wise enough to know that they can never have anything more than what they have.

Interesting chapter, and very well done, as usual. You have a way with descriptions that I can only wish to manage at this point. I can see Legolas stripping the bark off the twig, each jerky motion. Gimli seems quite unraveled by now, and Aragorn has so much on his mind you can't help but breathe a sigh of relief that he's getting some rest. Gandalf seems very grandfatherly here, but of the sort that will take no guff from anyone, and everyone knows it.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, as always!

Author's Response: I am glad you picked up that detail- I was pleased with it too. You are right about them all feeling that stress. Legolas has even more to contend with in the next chapter- up next week probably. Until then, hope you get back to writing some longer pieces as well as your wonderful drabbles.
Date: Aug 29 2010 07:52 pm [Report This]
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