Reviews For Blue Moon
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Reviewer: Irial Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/04/12 - 07:55 pm Title: Blue Moon

I'm so jealous of you! No matter what you are writing - epic adventures or shrot sidetales - you have an amazing ability to draw in your readers and dazzle them! If I was any more jealous I'd be turning green and bursting out of my shirt! ~ Iri

Author's Response: LOL. Well, don't lose your shirt over it. Gosh I wrote this so long ago. I'm afraid to go back and read these older stories. I know I'll see all kinds of things that will make me cringe, but that was my best at the time. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/09/10 - 08:28 am Title: Blue Moon

Aw, such a sweet one shot. I really liked this. I admire how Ethiriel holds to her sense of duty, even though she wants to do the opposite. I probably wouldn't have! Well written and sensual.

Author's Response: Thanks LC. I wanted to tap into an untamed sense of want and need, but at a distance. And then when they finally came face to face, Ethiriel needed to be the strong one. But you're right. I would have totally jumped him. hehehe

Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed [Report This]
Date: 24/08/10 - 08:21 pm Title: Blue Moon

""Author's Response: ... This one popped into my head while I was in the shower this morning. I just had to get it out of there and in white and black.""

Girl, have you drained all the waters of the north hemisphere??
how are you able to pour such a story (4000 WORDS!!) in a blink???

Author's Response: Ha ha ha. You cracked me up. You know, I never even looked at the word count. Once I got going I couldn't stop. I think Orophin has been tickling the back of my mind. He's tired of Legolas and Haldir getting all the fame. Now Rumil is tapping on my shoulder. Hmmm. Wonder what I could make him do? I'm headed back to the shower now. Maybe a cold one. ; - )

Reviewer: luthien85 Signed [Report This]
Date: 24/08/10 - 07:01 am Title: Blue Moon

Very..very hot... it scared me at first you know..the idea of watching someone you love making love to someone else...but im glad they both found each other... Hey, I answered your challenge :D

Author's Response: You did? *jumping up and down* I'm going there right now. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed [Report This]
Date: 23/08/10 - 10:32 pm Title: Blue Moon

Sweet, naughty, touching little elleth!
Very cute tale; I felt for a while leaning on a mallorn tree :)
And indeed, good to meet one of the brothers without being overshadowed by a certain marchwarden..

Author's Response: Thanks Celebelleth. This one popped into my head while I was in the shower this morning. I just had to get it out of there and in white and black.

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