Reviews For Magic Man
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Reviewer: Melusine Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/10/10 - 11:36 am Title: Chapter 22

Dig a pond? Well if we can watch Legolas skinny dip, I'll help. ;-)

Now that he's back in her world it looks like things will get even more interesting. I can't wait!

Author's Response: O.K. See you this weekend. I've got shovels, you bring the hershey syrup. In case you're wondering, ladyjane informed me of their addiction to chocolate. LOL (NO CAMERAS) We don't want to scare him away.

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 02/10/10 - 07:48 am Title: Chapter 22

I look up "most agreeable resting place in my sindarin dictionary, and what do you know! There's a picture of a couch. Oddly enough I also noticed a bottle of hershey's syrup on the coffee tabel. Hey, wait a minute. Have you been letting the Mirkwood press photograph your flet again?

Your foolish, or perhaps very clever, MJ just got Legolas alone deep in the woods.

Lucky lady, too bad the Mirkwood gossip rags where not around to take pictures of everything she saw.

You have quite a way of describing a hang over. Licking a cat, or a racoon. Yuck in either case.

Oh come on! Get to the Ahem would ya?!

Author's Response: You crack me up. O.K. I'll admit that I always keep a bottle of hershey's syrup around just in case. The hangover comes from personal experience, my youthful day of course. I know you want some ahem but I'm trying to keep this rated R. However, another story I'm working on will have more ahem to satisfy those cravings. And let's not forget Thranduil. He's got something special on the way.

Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed [Report This]
Date: 30/09/10 - 06:28 pm Title: Chapter 21

I knew it!
Okay, now, please more!!!!

Author's Response: *hehe* More is on the way.

Reviewer: Celebelleth Signed [Report This]
Date: 30/09/10 - 06:23 pm Title: Chapter 20

I love the way it takes;
this one before the last sentence makes me thinks to Loreena McKennitt's Dante's prayer.. I can almost hear it in the background while reading (or I haven't closed my itunes)
More seriously, I like the freedom we have to picture your characters and yet, there are quite well defined and constructed, having their own depth; really great job!

and less seriously (or not) I wished I could have her guts to leave the city and all behind and go for the dream...

Author's Response: Dante's Prayer is one of my favorite songs and was my inspiration for this part. I'm glad the characters are coming across for you and that you are able to think of them in your own way. Thanks again for your nice comments.

Reviewer: teacalm Signed [Report This]
Date: 30/09/10 - 02:00 am Title: Chapter 20

Our girl and Legolas are sharing dreams; lovely indeed, just a step away from ahem you know what,he he. Another thing, the portal happens to be in our girl's backyard, how convenient is that? Dots are starting to get connected, hmmm. More, more, more!

Author's Response: You know, you started this whole 'ahem' thing. I love it. I'm trying really hard to keep this R but my heart yearns to write ahem. I'll have to throw it in somewhere. Sharpen your pencil, more dots to come.

Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 30/09/10 - 01:13 am Title: Chapter 21

Ahhhhh! Me thinks that, she might be the key? But I will not pry the answer. When the question must continue. Otherwise Pssstt (raspberry noise)it is all ca-put!! Hehehe. What would the fun be in that. AAaaaaaaaa!!I await the next chapter Mi Lady!

Author's Response: You are thinking along the right path but it is not the answer. We must have a bit of fun before the end. Thanks melon nin.

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 30/09/10 - 12:24 am Title: Chapter 21

A mysterious blending of his old and new love. Legolas must let go of the past to embrace his future.
I loved that Thranduil hugged him. It is so refreshing to see Thranduil portrayed as a caring father. He must have been a very good father to raise such a beautiful strong son.
Can’t wait to see what happens on the other side as Legolas is forbidden to get involved.

Author's Response: Glad you like Thranduil. I think he is a tough ruler, strong for his people, but when he is with family, he puts aside the King and becomes the loving father. That's how Elrond came across for me in the movies and I wanted to portray this with Thranduil also. More twists and turns are on the way.

Reviewer: teacalm Signed [Report This]
Date: 29/09/10 - 03:48 pm Title: Chapter 20

I don't want to wake up if this is the kind of dreams I'm going to be having. Very delicious...Wouldn't that be something if Ethan sees Legolas? MORE!

Author's Response: If I had dreams like this, I would have an Ambien I.V. drip to keep me in a coma.

Reviewer: Melusine Signed [Report This]
Date: 29/09/10 - 03:31 pm Title: Chapter 20

"Wish I had dreams like this."

Don't we all! I'm almost afraid to ask how she could forget Legolas. So many possibilities . . .

Author's Response: Well, she of course couldn't forget Legolas but some things tend to slip her mind when he is not 'in her world'. To her, the dream is just that. The entity in the dream is not clear or familiar. And let's not forget, she tied one on big time, trying to drown her sorrows. Don't want to say too much and give anything away.

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 29/09/10 - 07:21 am Title: Chapter 20

It's really hard to speak when your dreaming and nearly impossible when being seduced by an invisible elf. I;d try to hold on too. I'm so glad Ethan got the boot.

Author's Response: Yeah, Ethan is probably off licking his wounds. He had a good thing going with our girl and he blew it. Of course, his competition is no match.

Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 29/09/10 - 12:29 am Title: Chapter 20

Me too! I would not mind a warm breath breathing on my neck and then kissing me with the hottest lips around. Oh wait I am dreaming again! LOL! It must be great to be back at the ole farmstead. But what will she do for money or can she be self sufficient. Well I guess with a farm she can grow just about anything that she can sustain herself with. Just hope ole Clyde does not come around to harass her. Hope Legolas comes back, but at the same time it could be risky.

Author's Response: Well, she makes money from selling her crops. The house is paid for. And then, she has some saved up. Sounds a little silly maybe. Now go back to your dreams. Legolas will be along shortly.

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 10:44 am Title: Chapter 1

I'll remember that as I work on the fic I'm trying to write for your inner rocker.

Author's Response: Cool beans dude. Rock on sister!

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 03:27 am Title: Chapter 19

Some how we need to get our girl(your name here) thru to Mirkwood with a bottle of hershey's syrup. Not that elves need anything to make them taste better.

Author's Response: Now you've touched on a subject very dear to my taste buds. There's nothing better than Hershey's chocolate. Add an elf in the mix and I just might disappear from civilization altogether.

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 03:14 am Title: Chapter 19

It's always good to follow your heart. Our girl has done the right thing. Hey she needs a name so Legolas can call it out when... he needs to.

Author's Response: "Oh yes (insert your name here). Don't stop." How's that? Hey, it works for me?

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 02:56 am Title: Chapter 18

Real life sucks some time. Elves are always a welcome cure for the every day, which Ethan seems to be. I'm not mad at him, I'd just rather see our girl bed the Elf. If She thinks Ethan is passionate...

Author's Response: *hehe* There's nothing like a good romping with an elf to make you forget about the everyday crap.

Reviewer: Ria Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 02:22 am Title: Chapter 18

Wow, this is dramatic and interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you again.

Reviewer: Ria Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 02:21 am Title: Chapter 16

Confused, here. How is Minaethiel a direct descendant of the Valar? That detail suggests a character who may be too good to be true to me . . .

I like the way you let Legolas be still evolving here.

Author's Response: I'm just winging it. That is my only explanation for Minaethiel. She has very strong ties, blood-wise, to the Valar. Eventually things will be explained as far as who she is and how she is connected to Legolas. It's not just your typical boy elf meets girl elf and falls in love situation. Her name means unique after all. I wanted to make her something different, forbidden. Thanks again for the review, Ria.

Reviewer: teacalm Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/09/10 - 01:59 am Title: Chapter 19

Ethan sure knows how to woo a can quit your crummy jog. The man has no respect for your girl. That's a good thing she turned him down flat. Good for her! Legolas better watch out for her too. She can throw a punch if she needs to do it. I hope Ethan eats his heart away at the loss of his girl. Me thinks he underestimated her and took her for granted. Again, you brought up the overfamiliar feelings that seems to come out in the surface more frequent and stronger now. I have lots of theories playing in my mind right now, but I'll wait for you to surprise me. Ever your loyal reader, L.

Author's Response: Ethan is young and confused. He really does love her, but he wants his cake and eat it too. He thought she would naturally give up every part of her past and follow him around like a lost puppy. The draw of her country home and the land there is very strong, constantly calling to her. It is every bit a part of her and she could no sooner give it up than she could cut off her arm. And the fact that there is a gorgeous elf living in her woods might be a draw also. It would be for me. I would have dumped Ethan a long time ago, and this is my own story. LOL Anyways, I love your enthusiasm for this story and I am ever grateful that you are my loyal reader and reviewer. I appreciate it so much and always look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Moe

Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 27/09/10 - 07:46 am Title: Chapter 17

Again, love your Thranduil. So commanding. Love the interaction between him and Legolas. Poor Legolas, he's falling in love,and she would have to be with a forbidden mortal!

Author's Response: I'm beginning to work on something for you using Thranduil, a drabble hopefully. I have a hard time keeping things short as you can see. I have a couple things in mind.

Reviewer: teacalm Signed [Report This]
Date: 27/09/10 - 01:38 am Title: Chapter 17

Ok, is your girl connected somehow to Minaethiel? It makes sense if it is, and explains how Legolas touch is very familiar. I love how you made your girl strong, and not easily persuaded even by Ethan. I think if it comes down to it, she will choose her life in the country, surrounded by her magical forest, over Ethan. I like the fact that she did not beg Ethan to stay. Go girl! About Ethan, I can sympathize with him. I am a city girl, but if my man moves to the country for whatever reason, you betcha I'm going to follow him wherever he goes (even to Timbuktu). But then again, that's just me; I'm hopelessly desperate. Keep on going please, and thanks.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like our girl. I love to make my women stong. I can relate since I am a taurus and have quite a stubborn side. I would not have followed any man until my husband came along. He was worth following. Guess that's why I've been married for almost 15 years. As for Legolas, he truly does have feelings for her but there is an underlying link that you have touched on. How we get there is another thing.

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