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Title: Chapter 10 Reviewer: tinara Signed
Well, I see (sort of). So Eowyn's entrance and rant only affirmed Faramir in long-time beliefs. He probably didn't even really listen. Mh, I wonder how Aragorn is taking the situation - he seems to have had no qualms to follow his passion for Faramir and I wonder if Arwen knows about it or if he assumed Eowyn wouldn't have any problem with this arrangement...
So I kind of have an idea what Faramir is thinking and why he's reacting this way, I'm more clueless than ever about Aragorn and I'm still very curious how Eowyn will take this proposal of a divorce from Faramir - I could very well imagine the next escalation :-)!
Please update sometime soon, I'm waiting for more!
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Title: Chapter 10 Reviewer: Branwyn Signed
The complexity of thoughts and emotions in this story fascinate me. Must take forever to write, but I'm thankful for the time you spend. This has gone in a completely different direction than the one I thought it was heading when I first started reading it. I'm curious to see where it goes next.

Author's Response: Aww, I'm so touched by your kind words, Branwyn! Indeed, the situation is what they call 'complicated', so I figured the thoughts and feelings of those involved should be, too. As for the time I put in, from my point of view, I don't put enough, hehe. The writing as in 'typing' does not take that long, what does is waiting for the next bit to take proper shape somewhere in the far reaches of my mind :) I have the whole plot outlined till the end, but the small details of each chapter come into bieng only once the previous one is done and up - so yeah, it takes a while. Thanks for your patience!!
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Title: Chapter 8 Reviewer: tinara Signed
Well, this was a cold douse, from Eowyn's reaction I gather not only for me. I must say I'm quite perplexed - is Faramir saying he's no longer loving Eowyn or is he simply being very presumptious? For he met Aragorn earlier than Eowyn, didn't he? And I don't think he could have cheated Eowyn like this, only pretending feelings of love when his heart was completly elsewhere. So I wonder what made him offer her this without consulting her? In a way it's quite insulting to her, isn't it? Well, I hope you will update soon, for I'm truly curious for Eowyn's reaction. Will she freak out or even consider this option? From her thoughts you portrayed I gather she's quite content with Faramir and the only other one she's dreaming about is unavailable anyway.

Author's Response: Tinara, thank you very much for this thoughtful review! Chapter 10 is up now, and I hope it would shed some light on how and why Faramir ended up handling the situation the way he does (although maybe 'handling' is not exactly the word, hehe).
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Title: Chapter 8 Reviewer: Branwyn Signed
Well, that was certainly a direction in which I did NOT expect this story to go! Wow. Just wow. Looking forward to chapter 9 (and all the subsequent ones).
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Title: Chapter 7 Reviewer: Branwyn Signed
Will there be more to this story? Please say yes! Can't wait to find out what happens next!!

Author's Response: Yes - another chapter has just gone up! And thank you so much for the positive feedback!!

Author's Response: Yes - another chapter has just gone up! And thank you so much for the positive feedback!!

Author's Response: Yes - another chapter has just gone up! And thank you so much for the positive feedback!!
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Title: Chapter 7 Reviewer: tinara Signed
I could not imagine that after this whole time watching the two men, Eowyn could simply walk away, but confront them at the spot was somehow as well not an option. So I guess the falling sword was kind of necessary. Now I hope you will update soon, I would love to see this fight - I guess it will be quite memorable!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words! Yes, it has just been updated. Whether it's turning out memorable is for you to decide ;)
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Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: tinara Signed
I like how you use this quite interesting situation to explore very different feelings and thoughts with Eowyn. I was quite surprised by the evolving situation in the first chapter, was a bit hesitant what to think in the secon but I'm now quite impressed how deep thoughts you put in between the in parts highly entertaining flow of events. I'm really curious through which thoughts you will force poor Eowyn the rest of the night and to which course of action her musings will take her.
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Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
This is a poignant and extremely insightful look at human nature. Very well written and deeper than the surface. You obviously have put a great deal of effort into this chapter, or you are even more talented that meets the eye and this came to you naturally, effortlessly?

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much, it feels so great to read such words! As for how I write, if you are interested - I don't really know :) Once a portion of a story is complete and I set it aside and look at it from a distance, it begins to feel to me as though I had indeed not put any work into it at all, and it just sort of 'came' to me. But I know that not to be true, because getting a chapter done does require me loads of writing back and forth, and even more loads of thinking back and forth - and it also takes a lot of time for it to 'come to term', if you see what I mean. Yet still, I would not define what I do as 'effort': I don't really think anythink up as such, it feels more like I unearth the stuff that's already there, but buried very deep in some sort of debris. All I know is that at some point the text begins to make sense to me, and some sort of logic becomes visible in it (or so I hope) - although it is often not the logic I had initially meant to put in there. So, actually, I think it's all the muse playing with me, blame it on him... Creativity works in mysterious ways, right? :)
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Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
Poor Eowyn. What a mess. Does she drive her sword into the matress between them, or throw herself in the middle of a manwich? She has more restraint than me. I'd have to do one or the other.

Author's Response: Yes, a mess indeed. Well, I don't suppose the idea of joining the party has even occured to her at this point - nor for some more time along the story. So she is pretty much left with the 'drive her sword' option, so perhaps it is for the best that she waits :)
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
So Glad you continued this. Will read soon. I've got a back log of good stuff to read.

Author's Response: Hey! Sweet to know you're following. Mm, and what would that stuff be? Maybe I'd like to read also? ;)
Date: Nov 03 2010 06:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
You have made me go back and forth on this one. I am able to put myself in Eowyn's shoes here. At first she just wants to watch and maybe get some small compensation for it. Then she sees things differently and is even sad for them. I felt like she should be fuming mad. Then when I begin to agree with her, she flips and lets anger and jealousy in. Now I find myself back to my original thoughts. Great work. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Ha-ha! Your comment made me laugh with joy. To be frank, though, she's made me go back and forth too... Problem is, I guess, that the longer she watches, the more she learns, and the more complicated it all becomes. Besides, a woman's mind (let alone her heart) is not always 100% logical - and, after all, she does love the man (at least one of them), so anger is by far not the only force driving her. It would have been so much simpler if it was...
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Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: Luna Signed
Aw :(

Author's Response: Luna, thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad you didn't turn back after the initial shock of what happens in chapter 1, and stayed on to see the matter clarified (if we can use that word here). I love Eowyn too, and I assure you, making her (or anyone else) suffer has never been this story's purpose. Although, admittedly, so far suffering in one form or another is indeed what she's most busy with. But we'll see how things develop...
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Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: Luna Signed

finally got a view of what it was about the King that brought her husband such physical joy. She bit her lip painfully to stifle a shocked exclamation of awe.
----hahahahaha :)

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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Luna Signed
WOW. I was not expecting THAT.
Date: Nov 02 2010 06:49 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Luna Signed

gasp! Noooo Faramir, noooo!


I love Eowyn!

Date: Nov 02 2010 06:43 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I can only imagine what she saw. Well, I know what she saw but... you know what I mean. It's good to be the King. I will not guess where this is leading to but my anxious thoughts see Eowyn in a delicious Gondorian sandwich. Loving this fun, exciting sexy piece.

Author's Response: Oh, yes, I know what you mean xD And yes, being King is good, and going to get only better. Well, at least for some time... Anyway, love the 'delicious Gondorian sandwich' phrase! I would have so totally stolen and used it if only they had sandwiches in Middle-earth...
Date: Oct 02 2010 08:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
Wow! What a unique and satisfying approach! Farimer can go at it all night, can he? That’s good because that is exactly the kind of man Eowyn needs. Very well done, very hot!
I’m an elf fancier myself . All that long hair and beautiful sleek bodies!
That aside, you did a great job of this. Absolutely love your Eowyn. You’ve got her nailed, well hopefully next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, you know, I totally love Elves myself. Pity they don't get to have a spot in this story ;-)
Date: Sep 19 2010 05:34 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Ria Signed
I love your selection of the poem from Twelfth Night to start your story. It hints at love triangles and ambiguous sexuality: perfect!

Eowyn emerges as a fully realized character, so far, with a believably complex mix of responses and emotions. I can't imagine how her relationship with Faramir could recover from that sort of betrayal, though.

Author's Response: Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot to me. Well, let's see how things go...
Date: Sep 17 2010 09:38 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
I keep thinking of things i like. Lol at the strong animal between her legs line and didn't mind getting dirty. A girl after my own heart and that of my elves!

Author's Response: Heh, thanks again! I love the story has really touched you like that!
Date: Sep 15 2010 01:09 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Oh wow! I must say that Eowyn is one of my favorite characters and Eowyn/Faramir are my favorite couple, but you have made me see them in a whole new light. Love how you portray Eowyn. This is how I imagine her to be once she settles in with Faramir in Ithilien. I hope she never loses that fire. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you, L8Bleumr! Your kind words are most inspiring :) Ah, Eowyn could never completely settle down, now could she? ;) Frankly, much as I love both their characters, I always had some doubts re the peaceful uneventful bliss of their marriage. Such a couple is just bound to have some adventures, don't you think?
Date: Sep 15 2010 01:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ladyjane Anonymous
Hey, this is really good. I like Eowyn and you are so true to her strong character in your story. I love her ranting. Bet she is beautiful angery.

See you next chapter.

Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, ladyjane! They all have strong characters, though, so we are in for some interesting developments ;)
Date: Sep 15 2010 12:27 pm [Report This]
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