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Title: Chapter 46 Submission Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
This is such a satisfying ending to a superb story, Ziggy, that I've been dithering over how best to "review," given the wonderful, insightful comments you've already gotten here and elsewhere.

So I'll just say that, even though I saw the "teaser" part of the chapter that you posted earlier on FFN, I was still floored to find out what the "Submission" referred to in the chapter title actually involved. And, yet, reading it, I saw that the "submission" is perfectly inevitable, as both these proud warrior princes must become perfectly equal (in their different ways) if their bond is to survive. Legolas is as much a master of the heart and body as Elrohir is of the mind and soul. Their "Song" is not complete without all of these.

I noticed, also, the brilliant way in which the ending of the story circled back to the beginning: at their initial encounter we saw that both had quite false perceptions of the other (while Legolas looked up to Elrohir, Elrohir looked down at Legolas, and neither of them really knew anything about the other beyond mere appearances and legend!)--- now they both look at each other with a much deeper understanding of what each is, and is capable of. In particular, Legolas has grown far beyond his initial, feckless "Student Prince" romances and Elrohir has grown far beyond his initial, fire-breathing "Demon King" defenses. I love the fact that, from the beginning, neither has ever "given in" to the other--- and yet, in the end, they both have!

Author's Response: Wow- that is some review!! I love your analysis - it feels right even though I had not thought it through in that way- just write with my gut. To know you have drawn that from it, really flatters me- as much as anything that you have given it ths much thought. I htink I Most liek the idea that Legoals is master of heart and body and Elrohir of mind and soul because you are right- Legolas feels, is intuitive, sexual, is almost the anima and Elrohir is almost the animus of Legolas' intuitive nature. And oh, Student Prince and Demon King- how I like that!! It's almost sent me off on anotehr tangent now! Yes- and as you say, both have given in- giving a bit is what makes love possilbe, don't you think? Thank you so much for sticking with me, ebbingnight. It has been so important to get these reviews- it is all that makes it worht writing down, otherwise these things would just stay in my head. love ziggy
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Title: Chapter 46 Submission Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Wonderful! I have come to expect great things from you Zig and I am never disappointed. The end was greater than any expectation and completely satisfying.

I think Elrohir’s confession to Legolas was the most heart wrenching he has gone through. He was just so afraid. Legolas did not let him off until he had confessed it all. With that done, and Legolas forgiveness I think Elrohir is on the way to forgiving himself. He has allowed himself to be loved. Additionally I loved Legolas’ reaction, saying that he too had dark horrible thoughts and had to fight them. I remember back in chapter 10 this same theme was featured. L8 and I talked about the nature of evil for a few hours as a result, if I remember correctly. There are slithering things in all of our minds that scurry under a rock when someone comes too near. It is the nature of higher beings to be simultaneously attracted to and repelled by darkness. You have given us a case study in Elrohir of what is perhaps our own base nature. If your story makes people uncomfortable it is just that it has struck a chord. And truly good art makes a person feel something deeply, stirs us to wakefulness regarding things that are beautiful, but also things that are not. Your story has stayed with me for days after reading a chapter, and that is rare, happening with only a one or two other authors. I will be mulling over this last chapter for a very long time.

I love the scene in which Elrohir watches Legolas from afar during the celebration of the hobbit’s awakening. I really don’t know how they waited this long. Your descriptions of Legolas physically throughout this chapter make me see him more clearly than ever and he is quite a gorgeous sight. *G*That subtle little description of clutched grass and dirt leaves one with all sorts of yummy things to imagine about these beyond beautiful creatures! Your slash was as bold as I have read from you and I must say you do it very well. I love nasty full on slash and think you should write it as often as possible.

Again, many thanks for the hours of entertainment and for the deeper veins of gold in your masterpiece that are so thought provoking.

I am sad this is the end of your story of Legolas and the Ring War, but I know you will write more and your rewrite of Songs of Rohan does help ease us away from Sons.

Thank you for dedicating this to me and to my dear friend L8.

Love and Hugs, Candy

Author's Response: You are so sweet to post a review here as well. I so appreciate it my dear. Love ziggyxxx
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Title: Chapter 46 Submission Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Well, after spending a week at Universal Studios Orlando with the family, my daughter and nephew pretending to have Brit. accents (thanks to the new Harry Potter world) and keeping me in stitches with a good healthy dose of reality, it was nice to come home to see your post. A lovely end to a lovely story, Ziggy. As always you've done a wonderful job and done it well from the first to the last word. There's always a mix of emotions for an author when we type those two final words, and for the reader too. But I am hopeful that this will not be your only story and I look forward to see what else you can come up with. You're an amazing writer. Thanks for sharing your gift. And thank you for the dedication.

Author's Response: Hi L8 -that sounds such great fun!! Aren't kids wonderful?! Yes, it was really really hard to write the end - and I am still in mourning for it I think. Thank you for sticking with me throuhg it all L8- you have been so encouraging. love ziggy
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Title: Chapter 46 Submission Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Oh my God. I don't know if I want to cry, or smile or what.
This chapter had absolutely everything that has made this such a stunning story from beginning to end: the Hobbits, dear, wonderful Gimli, whom I have never seen written more wonderfully, your superb, poetic language, and Legolas and Elrohir.
I am not sure how I thought it would end with these two, but this chapter surpassed anything I could have imagined. Legolas' mercurial and fey wildness, his demand that Elrohir submit was unexpected and brilliant. And one thing I must say, quoting this:

So he had stayed hidden away, cloaked in his love and shame. But the memory of Legolas’ love, his forgiveness and acceptance, of his own acquiescence and submission, bathed him in warmth and love. He felt a softness in him that had not been there before, like some hard and frozen part of him had unfurled like a new leaf, and fragile, was seeking the sun’s warmth.

It takes a damned amazing writer to portray a fierce and arrogant soul as finding humility. This is extraordinarily moving, and there is a grandeur to it. He does not collapse into a different character; there is a nobility to his acceptance and humility, and it is brilliantly, superbly written, Ziggy.

As for their sex. Wow. That savagery, that warrior-meets-warrior, that desperate almost angry, no-holds-barred lust, is why I read slash and not het any longer. That sex-scene (and the previous 'almost' in the tent) deserves a gold star, it's so passionate it reaches a depth that is magnificent.

This chapter had everything, power, passion, poignancy, beauty, sadness and beautiful lust. I feel wrung out after reading it, but satisfied. And because you didn't write it write up to the end, I feel that the story still goes on, so it is not like having a door shut in my face.

Please keep writing. I don't know where you'll go for here, but you really must, as you are stupendous.

(Thank-you for the mention :) I am thrilled.

That was beyond incredible, Ziggy. Gosh, I am rarely moved these days by any writing at all; it has to be earth-shaking and this chapter and whole story is certainly that. Brava! /

Author's Response: Gosh. I'm a bit overwhlemed actually. Thank you. It was so hard ot finish and get right- I am so glad you think it is. You really helped me through this Sian. Love zig
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Title: Chapter 45 Tall Tales and Pipeweed Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
‘I do not want to forget!’ Legolas declared, miserably, vehemently. He thrust himself away from Gandalf and grabbed at his clothes strewn with such carelessness, and strode up the bank. He found a place amongst the cool willows and threw himself down.

He lay on the cooling grass, his arm thrown over his eyes for he no longer basked in the Song, in the deliciousness of the day. A dreadful ache had settled just below his ribs and it felt like all the black threads that had been burned away by Elrohir had bunched together just beneath his heart.

‘If he does not come with me,’ he finally decided, ‘I will not leave either.’

And if that doesn't convince Elrohir to make his choice wisely, nothing will!

Author's Response: It's really funny how reading this again is like NOT reading something I've written - thank you for picking this bit out, it's just reminded me of something. Elrohir is no fool, he'll stop being an idiot soon. x
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Title: Chapter 45 Tall Tales and Pipeweed Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Dear Zig,
This review is long overdue. I have so enjoyed Sons of Thunder. What an exceptional story. In a way I am glad I took so long to review. The time gave me a chance to see what I remember and why. I remember you saying “Legolas picks hearts like flowers.” It might have been true at one time but not now. The story may not end with a toss in the clover for Legolas and Elrohir, but it ends with them alive and focused on each other. The word beloved is so weighty, so full of hope.
It is remarkable that after all the damage he has caused that Sauron still holds some place in Gandolf’s heart. He grieves for him. Amazing. It is staggering to think of all Gandolf has seen.
Eomer will recover from his love for Legolas, but I will never forget how love humbled a King to the point of kneeling in the dust while his army marches past him. That was one of the most moving things I have read. It brought tears to my eyes and I still think of it.
Elladan. What a beautiful soul. As I reflect on Sons, I of course think of him and hope he someday understands his brother’s more passionate nature. I think the swan prince just might help him do just that.
Your writing is just magic and Has given me many happy hours and fostered great conversations.

Thank you Zig. Love you. Candy

Author's Response: It is always lovely to get a review from you Lisse. I think you have been one of the most faithful reviewers and it's a joy to write for you - you always review and are so appreciative, overlooking the typos and errors! Yes- Legolas is really smitten and thank you for reminding me of that snippet- I might use it sometime. Ah, now there is a story in Gandalf andSauron, don't you think? Gandalf describes this as his 'great work' so they must have been connected some way. Opposite perhaps in teh music? So a connection had ot be strong and Gandalf will feel that emptiness now. You say such nice things that I have to write something more, but not sure what yet. Watch this space.. or rather, Faerie because I wont be psoting here I dont think after the last chapter of Sons. Love zig xx
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Title: Chapter 45 Tall Tales and Pipeweed Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Ziggy, I cried at this; it was so beautiful, and so much in it. It's like a complete meal, and yet it has not ended on a happy note, and neither does LOTR, really, so it is fitting. Legolas dread that Elrohir might choose the way of Men truly made me weep.

almost he could see the future; himself standing on a distant shore, on a beach where they said there were jewels instead of pebbles. He was shading his eyes with his long hand and gazing far out to Sea, searching for a sail, a ship, but the last one had already come. Nothing...He could see himself sitting near three grassy mounds that were planted with flowers and small tokens, utterly forlorn. The weight in his chest settled further like a stone around a drowning man. He saw himself then, a ghost haunting the doors of the Halls of Waiting and then finally passing through...and nothing then.

I could cry too, that this story is almost ended, because it is so rich, so beautiful, so passionate, so much love and hate, power and darkness; everything that I want to read in a story.

Author's Response: Funny you should use food as an scene is of course the Feast! I am working on it now my dear.
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Title: Chapter 45 Tall Tales and Pipeweed Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Well, that just about wraps it up, except for the uncertainty of what Elrohir's reaction to everything will be, and of his intentions of sailing or otherwise. I also wonder if you will clear up the fate of the Greenwood and her king, because the last I heard of that, Thranduil was spitted upon a pike. Was that simply Saruman's venomous hatred or was it real - I imagine it was, as an orc also pointed out the devastation of Mirkwood.
I hope work doesn't put you back too much and we can look forward to the epilogue soonest.
Great writing, insightful descriptions of feelings and attitudes, and a lovely scene between Legolas and Frodo, where our prince works a little woodland magic upon a poor, ailing hobbit.

Author's Response: Yes- I Have got a snippet in the next chapter about Thranduil ,but I have plans for that if I ever get round to it so hold fire on that bit. I am glad you liked the Frodo/Legolas bit - it just seemed very natural that they would all want to help. Thank you dear. See you over on Faerie.
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Title: Chapter 44 Distant Shores Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Wow Zig, I just started reading but had to let you know that I'm here and loving this. The paragraph in which Aragorn watches Sam and Frodo with such pride is so touching and true. It is to Tolkien's credit that he made a simple gardener the true hero of his LotR. I know volumes of commentary have been written on this, but I love your take on it. Lots more to read but I'm reading my fan fic slowly these days.

Love you, and thank you for this chapter, your masterful work in The Sons of Thunder, your kind mention of me and my friend L8, and for every single word you write.

Author's Response: Hey Lisse- sorry I overlooked replying to this! I am so glad you picked up on the love between the Fellowship -Tolkien focused on the Hobbits really and didn't give enough time for the others. Love to you and L8 as always! xx
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Title: Chapter 6 White Wings Reviewer: Irial Signed
Oh my lord I'm nearly in tears! My heart is pounding... I actually don't know what more to say except that just by your words I'm in the clutches of sensational emotions! ~ Iri

Author's Response: It's strange to say how delighted I am that you are in tears! But knowing it's had that effect is most gratifying. Thank you, Iri.
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Title: Chapter 5 Reviewer: Irial Signed
Elrohir is so powerful in his anger! I feel so sorry for both him and Legolas and of course Elladan, Aragorn and Gimli who are all caught up inbetween! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Yes-it's dragged them all in. And I hope Aragorn shows the difficulty he faces- he loves Elrohir, this IS his brother, but he loves Legoasl too - if you fel angry at him a bit at this time, that's fine too - I like to try to show them as not perfect.
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Title: Chapter 4 Lust Reviewer: Irial Signed
Wow. What a brawl! The tension and emotion and all this darkness! I'm on the edge of my seat! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Elrohir really loses it here and because Legolas won't back down they really do fight with intent to hurt. That just wrote itself - I felt like an observer writing that to be honest. Thank you for stopping and commenting- it makes my day!
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Title: Chapter 3 The Black Ships Reviewer: Irial Signed
Your imagergy and the motion of your chapters flows beautifully. Wonderful work, Ziggy! ~ Iri

Author's Response: Ooh- what a lovely comment! Thank you, Irial.
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Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Irial Signed
Hi ziggy. I'm new to your tale but not your works. I'm looking forward to reading this promisingly magnificent tale and I'm a little glad that I've found it late because it means there are endless chapters for me to immerse myself into. I admire your prose, structure, vocabulary and imagination. And I love your Gimli. There's just something about him :D ~ Iri

Author's Response: Hi Irial- great to hear from you! And thank you- no pressure then:) I have recently started reading it through again in preparation for re-posting it on Faerie (a newer site where lots of writers have migrated from here) and found lots of things that need tweaking. So I hope this will not be disappointing!
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Title: Chapter 44 Distant Shores Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
My stars, how did you do that?

I loved your Legolas just as he was, brave and charming and flirtatious and insouciant as can be, until I read this chapter and realized that until now, he has not been truly challenged during the Quest to behave like the prince he actually is. Seeing him beg Gandalf for Elrohir's life made me realize that he knows that without Elrohir his "song" will never be what it can and should be, and he's willing to give his own life in return. He needs Elrohir just as much as Elrohir needs him--- and now they both are fully aware of that fact, whether or not they survive.

And, miraculously, seeing how Aragorn and Gandalf finally attempt to rescue them both in this chapter, I forgive them for having used Legolas as bait and bribe as they did in the interests of defeating Sauron--- now that they realize that his role has been far more essential than they knew.

This was a complete and compelling reversal of almost everything I thought I felt about the story (with the exception of Gimli and Pippin, who I still love just the way they are!)

Brilliantly done, Ziggy!

Author's Response: Thank you my dear ebbingnight- making me blush. One of the really nice things about reviews is that reviewers point things out that the writer has no awareness of-and you always do this. I had no idea that Legolas would come across in a way that would remind you as his status in the Woods- as a prince. That is lovely to know so thank you for tellnig me. But you are so right that he now knows he needs Elrohir like Elrohir needs him. And I am relieved that Aragorn and Gandalf have been redeemed by their actions- Anar was most anxious that this should be the case and she practically co-wrote this story. Thank you again. Love ziggy
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Title: Chapter 44 Distant Shores Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
you know how you take a certain path and all other options close behind you and there is only one way.

Oh yes.
I did kind of suspect you were going to kill him off. Most people don't do that, but the way you write, the passion and power, I thought it possible. You don't skirt around pain and pathos. I am glad you didn't, though, since there would have been a gap in the world (and one immense s__t storm from your followers!
LIKE it? It's masterful, exquisite, powerful! everything I demand in fanfic!

I would love to see a Glorfindel/Legolas from you.

Author's Response: I like to think about those two just before I go to sleep! I think Glorfindel would approach Legolas in Minas Tirith and Legolas will be ashamed that he did not face the Balrog - and Glorfindel did. Some nice hurt/comfort ensues. Obviously outside the Sons AU.
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Title: Chapter 44 Distant Shores Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Well, now, I thought you were going to kill them, and I would never have forgiven you for that.

I think I may have blinked while reading this chapter, but I cannot be sure. This chapter was simply - intense, absolutely spellbinding, magical, and utterly - beautiful.

I started out angry at Galdalf and Aragorn, even at Elladan, before I realized his motivations for leaving the tent, and then I wondered if they would die. Then, I knew they would die, and just when I had lost hope... this is what art is about, I believe, provoking such an array of feelngs and emotions, and you, my friend, are an artist.

Author's Response: I'm blushing and pleased - all the better when it's from another writer I enjoy reading. Thank you. As I said to Sian, you have Anar to thank for my not killing Elrohir- I kept finding myself drifting that way and she kept telling me I would be cyber-murdered! But I just needed to find out what happened, and Gandalf happily supplied it.
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Title: Chapter 44 Distant Shores Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I was going to bloody well find you and kill you near the end, when I thought Elrohir had gone, and Legolas would fade!
I am shaking, here.
That was so magnificent and painful to read, Ziggy. You have made these characters immense and real in a way that very few authors (and not excepting published author, either!) ever manage to do.

Everything was so glorious here, so magnificent, so I can only quite this, as it is triumphant.

For a moment, there was only the quietly guttering flame. And then, like a dragon awakening, Elrohir’s own crimson power surged, his fiery spirit kindled and he burned. Fire raged in him, crimson fury and power flooded him, poured like molten lava through his veins. The black threads caught alight and flames ignited in the suffocating web and it burst into flames.

A blazing soul, Elrohir turned and gazed and gazed at the strange Elf who ran towards him, a green-gold presence that reached out to him, that stretched out his hand and caught him in a hold that was stronger than he was himself. Legolas.

Olórin felt the Song soar, the huge notes spiraled and surged together...they melted one into another and built into a beautiful crescendo. He listened rapt, as Elrohir’s own Song lifted on the wind above the snow-clad peaks, and circled higher to where eagles soared in the cold blue skies....the wind lifting them so they could look down and see the jewel that was Arda.


Author's Response: I know- (evil cackle). Actually you have Anar to thank for Elrohir making it - I was always going to kill him off! At one point, I even though he would die and then seek his true self with Elladan! But that never felt right - you know how you take a certain path and all other options close behind you and there is only one way. And Elrohir's choice was still never certain so he might still go off on the path of Men and leave L heartbroken- its all there to be written! Glad you liked it- I just hopped over for a lustful look at the Theban band after our SHOUT conversation- nice one of the Twins there too. But you know, I quite fancy writing a Glorfindel /Legolas one now - and I still have the Council of Elrond in mind but its a short piece and has to be outsdie Sons or I will ahve to go back and amend everything to become even more complicated!!
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Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Superpa Signed
My dear Ziggy,

I'm on chap. 25 right now and I had to stop reading and give you feedback. Hurray!!!! You made my day when Elladan rushed to help our dear elves, but before 'fished' Gimli to ride with him. Very few fanfiction authors had managed to do this. Excellent writting!!! Kudos to you and your beta! Now, just one more thing, you better finish this fic or I'll be forced to hunt you down and make you do it! :)


Author's Response: Hi Trish- thank you for pausing- it always makes my day! Yes, these chapters are the crucial middle ones and I am pleased with the way they turned out actually. I like the bit with Elladan scopping up Gimli too- its a really indulgent old-fashioned hero shot! You've got some good ones ahead of you so keep reading and pelase do drop me a line. I'm almost finished with it now and its nice to think there are still new readers out there. Dont worry- it will be finished. I just get stuck sometimes and bit disheartened when there aren't reviews.
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
And this is a wonderful reversal of the ship's cabin scene in Chapter 7 ("The Darkness Within") in that Elrohir wants nothing more than to heal Legolas this time, while before he wanted nothing more than to hurt him. The dark webs of desire and death are in both of them now, and I hope they will now be able to find and save each other somehow through that savage, sexual bondage. I'm not sure that Elladan, or athelas, or even Mithrandir can help them this time.

Author's Response: Hello ebbingnight! Thank you for this. How right you are, a mirror image of the Seasong and as you say in that astute phrase, a savage sexual bondage indeed. It is not clear at all if Elrohir now will survive - the web is suffocating him, drenchng him in its darkness and as you say, athelas is not going to be enough and Elladan could not heal Legolas. Next chapter is well on its way.
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Goddness, this last chapter has been up a while, and I missed it. Well it was so worth the wait. Elrohir is conducting an ME code!

He is giving all of himself. He finally has no dark motive at all.

It makes me wonder if he and legolas will ever be able to love each other or Eru forbid, will one or both not survive the ordeal. I am not surprised you gave us yet another cliff hanger. You tease! But we love you for it. Just prolongs the sweet agony for us and them. Good to spend my Sunday morning on the best reading fan fic offers. I just started reading a nice long story on the silm writers guild. Between that and yours, I'm in heaven!

Love, Candy

Author's Response: Hello Candy- what's an ME code? Sorry for my ignorance! But he is certainly not holding back and you'll see how it has to be him and Legolas rather than Elladan now. Do you think he deserves Legolas yet? Has he atoned sufficiently? I know another cliffhanger but it sort of stops where it wants to and I wasn't ready with the next chapter until now. About two more to go, at most three. Shouldn't be long now. love ziggy
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Oh goodness, how intense this was. I must admit if I were Gimly, I would have some harsh words for the ones that left the poisoned elf alone, in a tent with a young boy who knows nothing of healing, or indeed elves. Grrrr... good job the boy found Elrohir otherwise the others would be on a serious guilt trip.
It was interesting to see Elrohir's non-sadistic side in that last scene and I wonder if he is going to be able to keep that up.
Now, love him he does, because to take that black, spindly, spidery thing himself is a great sacrifice - yet one that perhaps one such as he would be better able to endure - or not? Can't wait for the next chapter, which I hope is not the last!!

Author's Response: Thank you Alpha Ori - I love it that you are so cross about Legolas being left alone with only Beren to look after him! And Elrohir is seriously redeeming himself right now. He is sacrificing himself for Legolas and that shows his abolute unselfish love, as you say. And you are right that he is the one who would endure if anyone could. Two more chapters probalbty and then finally I can get back to reading fics for my own pleasure!
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Come, he invited and he pressed his skin against Legolas and felt the desire flare like wildfire. Come, he seduced the black web, called to it, cooled himself. I will give you myself if you leave him. Elrohir felt the nipples pebble beneath his hands and he wanted to lick and suck them to hardness, to let his tongue trail down the hard belly and he felt desire like a furnace in his loins. He was hard and needy.

This is amazing. In this chapter something has happened to Elrohir that is not dark, or that is not all it is. It is dangerous, and a challenge to the darkness, and it's beautiful and very, very deep.

Author's Response: Thank you my dear Sian. Yes, Elrohir really redeems himself in this act, which is why it needed to happen. I am cracking on with the last two chapters now which is why I am not reading anyhtig else at the moment- promise to catch up everything in a couple of weeks!
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Abruptly Elrohir gained his feet, smoothly as though he had never been afflicted, and his cloak flowed around him like a shadow. He looked at Elladan for a moment and then he turned and strode down the hillside as if he had taken no wound, as if the Nazgul had merely inconvenienced him. He raised one gauntletted hand as he walked. Some few Men lifted their heads as he passed. And, after a moment of hesitation, they rose and followed him as if summoned. These were the Men whose hearts had no peace, who still wanted vengeance and their blood was hot. Elladan watched them gather about Elrohir. Baelderon was amongst them, his grief for his brother still darkened his eyes. Elrohir spoke. They did not cheer but their faces were grim and determined as Elrohir moved between them and Elladan could not help but think of them as shadowed. Incredible piece, because it, and that which precedes it, paints a very vivid image of the differences between Elladan and Elrohir. Elrohir is dangerous, and dark indeed, but glorious too. Come then, he said and opened himself, pulled the linen shirt over his head and bundled it up, threw it from him and tenderly, lovingly, covered Legolas with his nakedness. There was almost a hiss from the dark web beneath Legolas' skin. Oh my gosh! This had my breath stopped. It's beautiful and terrible and very dark. He knew there were words but he could not distinguish them- he was slowly wrapped in black threads that skittered and wove about him...the web cocooned him...and he felt himself falling, his heart enveloped and his lungs furred with the black web Oh lord. Now what. Every time I think it cannot ratchet up any more tension it does, but written so amazingly! (Oh Dark God was something I took from the Silmarillion; Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age.
In the East and South well nigh all men were under his (Sauron's) dominion, and they grew strong in those days and built many towns and walls of stone, and they were numerous and fierce in war and armed with iron. To them Sauron was both king and god; and they feared him exceedingly for he surrounded his abode with fire.
These were the peoples Vanimórë had dealings with. And I am so flattered you would hint at his existence in this marvellous story!

Author's Response: Well as you know I have been reading all the DP and actualy it must have been in my ind anyway so it was inevitable. And I alway slike ot see references in other works of fanfic- makes me think its all really true!!
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Title: Chapter 24Nine for Mortal Men Reviewer: peamaps Signed
So sad! Omg, I don't see they getting out of this. It was a magical moment, the light, Legolas' spirit, it was beautiful to "see" in my mind. Congratulations to author and co-writer ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you. I am particualry proud of this chapter- I have a really clear picture of it in my head, of the fireflies, and hte light shining up on their faces.
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