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Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Superpa Signed
My dear Ziggy,

I'm on chap. 25 right now and I had to stop reading and give you feedback. Hurray!!!! You made my day when Elladan rushed to help our dear elves, but before 'fished' Gimli to ride with him. Very few fanfiction authors had managed to do this. Excellent writting!!! Kudos to you and your beta! Now, just one more thing, you better finish this fic or I'll be forced to hunt you down and make you do it! :)


Author's Response: Hi Trish- thank you for pausing- it always makes my day! Yes, these chapters are the crucial middle ones and I am pleased with the way they turned out actually. I like the bit with Elladan scopping up Gimli too- its a really indulgent old-fashioned hero shot! You've got some good ones ahead of you so keep reading and pelase do drop me a line. I'm almost finished with it now and its nice to think there are still new readers out there. Dont worry- it will be finished. I just get stuck sometimes and bit disheartened when there aren't reviews.
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
And this is a wonderful reversal of the ship's cabin scene in Chapter 7 ("The Darkness Within") in that Elrohir wants nothing more than to heal Legolas this time, while before he wanted nothing more than to hurt him. The dark webs of desire and death are in both of them now, and I hope they will now be able to find and save each other somehow through that savage, sexual bondage. I'm not sure that Elladan, or athelas, or even Mithrandir can help them this time.

Author's Response: Hello ebbingnight! Thank you for this. How right you are, a mirror image of the Seasong and as you say in that astute phrase, a savage sexual bondage indeed. It is not clear at all if Elrohir now will survive - the web is suffocating him, drenchng him in its darkness and as you say, athelas is not going to be enough and Elladan could not heal Legolas. Next chapter is well on its way.
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Goddness, this last chapter has been up a while, and I missed it. Well it was so worth the wait. Elrohir is conducting an ME code!

He is giving all of himself. He finally has no dark motive at all.

It makes me wonder if he and legolas will ever be able to love each other or Eru forbid, will one or both not survive the ordeal. I am not surprised you gave us yet another cliff hanger. You tease! But we love you for it. Just prolongs the sweet agony for us and them. Good to spend my Sunday morning on the best reading fan fic offers. I just started reading a nice long story on the silm writers guild. Between that and yours, I'm in heaven!

Love, Candy

Author's Response: Hello Candy- what's an ME code? Sorry for my ignorance! But he is certainly not holding back and you'll see how it has to be him and Legolas rather than Elladan now. Do you think he deserves Legolas yet? Has he atoned sufficiently? I know another cliffhanger but it sort of stops where it wants to and I wasn't ready with the next chapter until now. About two more to go, at most three. Shouldn't be long now. love ziggy
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Oh goodness, how intense this was. I must admit if I were Gimly, I would have some harsh words for the ones that left the poisoned elf alone, in a tent with a young boy who knows nothing of healing, or indeed elves. Grrrr... good job the boy found Elrohir otherwise the others would be on a serious guilt trip.
It was interesting to see Elrohir's non-sadistic side in that last scene and I wonder if he is going to be able to keep that up.
Now, love him he does, because to take that black, spindly, spidery thing himself is a great sacrifice - yet one that perhaps one such as he would be better able to endure - or not? Can't wait for the next chapter, which I hope is not the last!!

Author's Response: Thank you Alpha Ori - I love it that you are so cross about Legolas being left alone with only Beren to look after him! And Elrohir is seriously redeeming himself right now. He is sacrificing himself for Legolas and that shows his abolute unselfish love, as you say. And you are right that he is the one who would endure if anyone could. Two more chapters probalbty and then finally I can get back to reading fics for my own pleasure!
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Come, he invited and he pressed his skin against Legolas and felt the desire flare like wildfire. Come, he seduced the black web, called to it, cooled himself. I will give you myself if you leave him. Elrohir felt the nipples pebble beneath his hands and he wanted to lick and suck them to hardness, to let his tongue trail down the hard belly and he felt desire like a furnace in his loins. He was hard and needy.

This is amazing. In this chapter something has happened to Elrohir that is not dark, or that is not all it is. It is dangerous, and a challenge to the darkness, and it's beautiful and very, very deep.

Author's Response: Thank you my dear Sian. Yes, Elrohir really redeems himself in this act, which is why it needed to happen. I am cracking on with the last two chapters now which is why I am not reading anyhtig else at the moment- promise to catch up everything in a couple of weeks!
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Title: Chapter 43 The Black Web Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Abruptly Elrohir gained his feet, smoothly as though he had never been afflicted, and his cloak flowed around him like a shadow. He looked at Elladan for a moment and then he turned and strode down the hillside as if he had taken no wound, as if the Nazgul had merely inconvenienced him. He raised one gauntletted hand as he walked. Some few Men lifted their heads as he passed. And, after a moment of hesitation, they rose and followed him as if summoned. These were the Men whose hearts had no peace, who still wanted vengeance and their blood was hot. Elladan watched them gather about Elrohir. Baelderon was amongst them, his grief for his brother still darkened his eyes. Elrohir spoke. They did not cheer but their faces were grim and determined as Elrohir moved between them and Elladan could not help but think of them as shadowed. Incredible piece, because it, and that which precedes it, paints a very vivid image of the differences between Elladan and Elrohir. Elrohir is dangerous, and dark indeed, but glorious too. Come then, he said and opened himself, pulled the linen shirt over his head and bundled it up, threw it from him and tenderly, lovingly, covered Legolas with his nakedness. There was almost a hiss from the dark web beneath Legolas' skin. Oh my gosh! This had my breath stopped. It's beautiful and terrible and very dark. He knew there were words but he could not distinguish them- he was slowly wrapped in black threads that skittered and wove about him...the web cocooned him...and he felt himself falling, his heart enveloped and his lungs furred with the black web Oh lord. Now what. Every time I think it cannot ratchet up any more tension it does, but written so amazingly! (Oh Dark God was something I took from the Silmarillion; Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age.
In the East and South well nigh all men were under his (Sauron's) dominion, and they grew strong in those days and built many towns and walls of stone, and they were numerous and fierce in war and armed with iron. To them Sauron was both king and god; and they feared him exceedingly for he surrounded his abode with fire.
These were the peoples Vanimr had dealings with. And I am so flattered you would hint at his existence in this marvellous story!

Author's Response: Well as you know I have been reading all the DP and actualy it must have been in my ind anyway so it was inevitable. And I alway slike ot see references in other works of fanfic- makes me think its all really true!!
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Title: Chapter 24Nine for Mortal Men Reviewer: peamaps Signed
So sad! Omg, I don't see they getting out of this. It was a magical moment, the light, Legolas' spirit, it was beautiful to "see" in my mind. Congratulations to author and co-writer ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you. I am particualry proud of this chapter- I have a really clear picture of it in my head, of the fireflies, and hte light shining up on their faces.
Date: Jan 25 2012 12:21 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 22 Obsession Reviewer: peamaps Signed
perfect! never imagined that he had a plan
when we think Elrohir is beyond salvation...
beautiful art!

Author's Response: Yes- Mienpies does these gorgeous pictures for me. Such a lovely gift. And Elrohir HAS to be saved... doesn't he?????
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Title: Chapter 20 The Gift of Men Reviewer: peamaps Signed
So intense, I didint leave my eyes for a second!

Author's Response: Yes, this is Elrohir almost at his worst but it does come from feeling hurt and rejected- that moment when Legolas went after Eomer. It is not going to be easily resolved either. Thank you for leaving all these lovely reviews, Peamaps.
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Title: Chapter 16 Awakening Reviewer: peamaps Signed
I'm thrilled!
I would never imagine …omer would come.

Author's Response: Oh- do you know I had to go back and read that. Yes- Poor Eomer! And stupid, stupid Legolas. It's all going to go horribly wrong now of course!!
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Title: Rvyon Reviewer: peamaps Signed
Beautiful! Perfect!
I see hope for Elrohir, sometimes can't even believe it's the same story. Poor …omer and Elladan.
Very creative, thousands of things happening, I don't know how you get so many ideas.
I'm in love to your Elrohir more and more, and Legolas of course. He's so strong and usually he's made a weak carachter.

Author's Response: Ah, well you know I like a strong Legolas too. I am so glad you are growing to love Elrohir- stick with him! He has some dark times ahead and needs your love!!! Love Ziggy
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Title: Chapter 11 The Hunger Reviewer: peamaps Signed
I was thrilled through the whole chapter. Your creativeness knows no limit ^_^
Maybe Legolas can cure Elrohir, his secret is sooo terrible. Can't wait to read next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm sp glad you are enjoying this. I have to go back and see what I was writing and that's nice too. I was pleased with this chapter- I like the way it moves from one person to another and looking at Elrohir from these differrent perspectives.
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Title: Chapter 8 Aftermath Reviewer: peamaps Signed
Legolas is interested in Elladan, you are so creative. Thousands of things happening at the same time, so exciting.
I loved the twins talk, the comfort, I still feel for Elrohir and his older twin is just wonderful. Who wouldn't need someone that promised never let go?

Author's Response: It's so nice to read this- Elladan just gets nicer, better, more noble the more I write him. I will probably have to give him his own story sometime- maybe with Legolas. No spoilers!!
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Title: Chapter 7 The Darkness Within Reviewer: peamaps Signed
It could not been more perfect, I waited for this. You described his darkness so well. Poor Elrohir, I still have hopes for the good in him.
But he is scarring. I would never imagine he would do something like this!
Wonderful chapter, very shashy!

Author's Response: Keep hoping! Elrohir needs all the help he can get- he has some very dark places to go before he comes out into the light!!
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Title: Chapter 5 Reviewer: peamaps Signed
Amazing! What a complicated but stunning Elrohir you created. I feel so much for him, he suffers, maybe that's the way he finds to easy his pain. Loved this chapter.

Author's Response: I liked writing this chapter- it was in the days when I had more time and I think that shows in the writing if that does not sound too arrogant. You are absolutely right about Elrohir suffering to ease his pain- he punishes himself.
Date: Jan 23 2012 03:19 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 4 Lust Reviewer: peamaps Signed
Talk about longing! It was fun indeed although I can't wait!
This Legolas is one of the strongest ever, I'm in love with him. I can't expect he to meet …omer again can I? It was so beautiful, I'll never forget that story as well.
Thanks for sharing such a wonder with us.

Author's Response: It's so lovely to get all these reviews in one go! Thank you for the lovely comment about Legolas-but he DOES meet Eomer again but it's never going to be the same. Poor Eomer.
Date: Jan 23 2012 02:09 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: peamaps Signed
I can't believe you made a sequel, I'm so happy.
I absolutely loved how strong Legolas was and the story with …omer, can't wait for what you hold to us in this one.
I'm sure I reviwed that one as well, maybe in other site but didn't hear from you ^_^
Going to next chapter.

Author's Response: How lovely to hear from you again, Peamaps! I think you reviewed on Adult Fanfiction but I had so few reviews I did not post this one there. I think you will like this- there is a bit where Eomer appears but the plot is about Elrohir and Legolas in this one. I hope you enjoy it! Love Ziggy.
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Title: Chapter 42 Reviewer: Lisse Signed
This review is being done on my I pod so it will be brief with another to follow. First, please prolong the sweet agony. Write as much as you want because I do not think it you could possibly write until I have had my fill of reading. Second, this is saying a lot but this is your best chapter. I was almost too much for my heart to take. There are only a few authors who can break open my chest, extract a beating heart, break it, return it, and expect me to go on with my day. You are one. Your writing leaves me changed.

Once again, love and graditude

Author's Response: You are an angst queen, Lisse! I'll see how it goes although I am not sure if they can hang on any longer! Poor Legolas- would you have him endure poison AND heartbreak? Hm- yes, I htought you would! xx
Date: Jan 16 2012 11:42 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 42 Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Oh, and yes, the sensual aspect of it is gorgeous, which might seem paradoxical in such a bloody battle, but it isn't. It is all about the senses, and you wrote that better than a pro.
Date: Jan 15 2012 10:09 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 42 Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Yes, I thought Elrohir was going to fall. My eyes were stinging.

Then Elrohir looked upon him with such love and he felt him open his hand. 'Let me go, Elladan.'

Author's Response: i LOVE it that you thought Elrohir was going to fall! That moment was his redemption I think. xx
Date: Jan 15 2012 09:27 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 42 Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Wow, Ziggy. Again, such a titanic, desperate emotion and blood soaked chapter.
The interaction, the love, the despair between Elladan and Elrohir was so beautiful, my heart was in my moth, as I thought Elrohir would fall in the end, into the void.

I could see all of this, as I have ever since you began this wonderful story, so rich, overwhelming, beautiful and terrible as these last chapters have been. A true tour de force. Brava!

I would certainly like to see more, but it wholly depends on what you, as the author feels compelled to write.

(Will post this on too.)

Author's Response: Thank you Sian. ooh- did you really think he was going?! That's brilliant- I am so pleased. I think that's the testament I needed. Thank you. Am reading Dark Prince again to reward myself for finishing this chapter and letting htings mull a little before I start the next.
Date: Jan 15 2012 08:51 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 42 Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
The internal battles here (Legolas's decision to go to Aragorn's rescue rather than Elrohir's in order to fulfill his sworn oath of "following" him, and Elrohir's struggle to free himself enough from the sorcery that keeps him wielding the Morgul blade and wearing the iron crown to save his brother at least) dwarf the external ones, though those are brilliantly done too: we feel the ongoing nightmare of sliding on the entrails of friends and foes alike, and facing the prospect of either being crushed by a troll or disemboweled by an orc as your strength finally starts ebbing away over the course of this long, long day....

And, yes, please feel free to prolong our enjoyment of the suffering as long as you like! :)

Author's Response: What a fabulous review - I am really glad the sensual aspect of it worked - I always try to make it more than waht they see and what happens and I felt that the slaughter, the sheer numbers of orcs etc would make it like this. I am getting really mixed responses to my question (which I had forgotten I'd asked of course!!!) so I'll wait for a few more. But I am writing as we speak so `i hope it won't be too long! Love Ziggy
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Title: Chapter 41 The Last Battle Reviewer: Lisse Signed
How do you do it? How can you possibly have such a brilliant imagination as to see and feel the Nazgul attack so vividly from Elrohir’s pov. The whole thing is genius! How can I stand it until the next chapter is posted? Btw, I loved the kiss. It’s about time. And I was touched by what Elrohir thought as the Uruk attacked him. He wished he had not spent his life on self loathing. I hope he keeps his will strong and takes off that crown. Zig you have left me stunned as always. You just get better and better and how can this be possible for someone who writes with an already perfect result?

Much love and thanks, Candy

Author's Response: Hello my dear Candy! Yes- the kiss was the main thing I could see whe I was writing the previous chapter actually. And don't worry, the next chapter is with Anar now and I think I will get it posted by the weekend. You do say nice things. Thank you Ziggy
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Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
OK, after having been on the move for quite some time, I have finally arriving on windy Anglesey - twelve hours travelling on planes and trains, taxis and busses, braving near hurricanes and horizontal rain, ignoring a few twats along the way, and the odd stray sheep - am I unhapy? frustrated? did I get bored?
The answer of course, is no, for I had the good fortune of being able to read this chapter through it all, and at the end of the day, now in festive pyjamas with a glass of strange, welsh read wine - may I say what a lovely journey it has been.

Author's Response: Sounds like a jourapy through hell so I am very very glad you enjoyed reading that chpater on the way. A real compliment. Next chapter is already finished and just needs some tweaks. I'm getting through it more quickly now I hope and updates should be more frequent as I actually know where I'm going with it now- first time in ages!! Love ziggy
Date: Dec 26 2011 10:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 41 The Last Battle Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed

I should have guessed that you'd get the stinks of battle right, from the orcs to the trolls to the Nazgul themselves.

And the ways in which time on the battlefield can race by, and drag on, and stop dead.

And, of course, how choices made can play out in unexpected ways....

Thank you for putting up the chapter as a special holiday treat!!!

Author's Response: It's a pleasure, ebbingnight. Glad you enjoyed it- and thank you for noticing the smells! I added some of those just in the final edit -I like descriptions to be sensual in its literal sense and the troll wod be smelly, wouldn't they!! You are such an observant reader - it makes it all worthwhile, time is funny - Anar was very ruthless with the editing and wanted ot make sure we got that sense of pace and 'jagged' edge in the chapter. Happy Christmas ebbingnight and thank you for the review Love Ziggy
Date: Dec 24 2011 09:27 pm [Report This]
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