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Title: Chapter 35 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
This was hands down THE best chapter of yours I have ever read. There's not one thing I can point out seperately that I liked more. I loved everything. Just let me ask one question. Any thoughts on giving Elladan his own story? You write him wonderfully. Poor guy deserves someone to love him too. Excellent work. I can't believe it's almost over.

Author's Response: Funny, I've been thinking that too. Below decks isn't going to be enough, is it? I have thought Imrahil was quite a nice character but so far, nothing's come of it. Maybe just for you... xx
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Title: Chapter 35 Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Don't think that we didn't notice the way in which Elrohir realized even through his growing weakness that he would risk everything there on the ramparts to save his beloved... and in the end Legolas saved him from that long fall into darkness!

I only hope it's an omen, not an ending

Author's Response: Ah, ebbingnight- you never miss a thing! ANd yes, Legolas saved him..where does that lead them? They still have a little way to go yet. xx
Date: 08/14/11 12:21 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 35 Reviewer: Mindirith Signed
This is such a wonderful chapter! the tension, but also the reconciliation (I was just plain cheering when Elladan decided to forgive Elrohir), and Legolas getting most of his memories (especially the difficult ones, I guess Gandalf must be one heck of a psychiatrist, for Legolas to be dealing with the mountain memories so wel). I am glad he has Gimli and Pippin, and I hope he has Elrohir also at his side at this point. He needs them all, as torn up as he is. I wonder what happened to Aicanaro. Did Legolas leave it on the ledge? Is Elrohir finally rid of it? Though I supposed that would be a curse as well, as they are on the eve of a great battle, in which he will need weapons he is used to. Is Elrohir going to be healed enough to continue? You keep me on hot coals!

Author's Response: Aicanaro...there's a bit more of his story in the enxt chapter, more hints at where he has come from and who forged him - just hints though. But you are right- Elrohir will need him if he fights the Nazgul again. Elrohir's shoulder is going to be a problem, isn't spoilers though!
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Title: Chapter 33 Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Hey Ziggy. Playing catch up. It's been a busy summer full of family stuff, but school's back in session, which means my days are less hectic. Any spare moments I had, I used for writing, so not much time to read. As always, great stuff. I love how Legolas is slowly remembering, but not just that, he is seeing his mistakes like the Elrohir/Eomer thing. And thanks for the end notes. I have just started reading Silm and did not know that fact. You are right, it makes Gimli's gift much more important than most would think.

Author's Response: Hi L8! Glad you have caught up then -I know what you mean about using spare time to write. I am way behind in reading but as this is drawing to a finish, I amsaving all my favs to read afterwards. I need to get this done in the next couple of weeks if I can.
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Title: Chapter 35 Reviewer: Melusine Signed
I love this chapter! And the title works very well. So tense there on the walls of Osgiliath with Elrohir teetering, trying to reach Legolas, then falling over. But the scene with Elladan thinking about Elrohir and everything that's happened, and his thoughts growing darker and darker, then realizing they weren't his own, that was just brilliant. But I just love Pippin in this. So inquisitive and so right about Legolas' feelings for Elrohir. Then I loved his 'mixture of admiration and surprise' at the idea of Legolas up on the walls with both the brothers. That still makes me giggle. So again just a wonderful combination of tension and humor. :)

Author's Response: Thank you Melusine- but you had such a part in this too! Sorry - just relaised I forgot to add that to the notes. Going to do that now xx
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Title: Chapter 34 Yzira Reviewer: Lisse Signed

So sorry it has taken me so long to review, but I will review you a dozen times to keep you writing, and no matter the place you post I will read and review you. I just needed to say this and will read again and say more.

Legolas stronger than Elrohir? Of course! And oh what an image of your beautiful Legolas submitting yet remaining in control as he kneels for Elrohir. I can just see all that long blond hair spilling over his shoulders, fluttering in the breeze! And I love Legolas come back when Ro says he will destroy him… “You flatter yourself Noldor.” We know what Elrohir means of course.

If Elrohir was not possessed by the Nazgul he would not have treated Legolas so harshly. He will hate himself all the more now for his abuse of his beloved, and for failing to protect Legolas.

Thank you for another incomparable chapter or two. Love you Ziggy. So looking forward to more!

Love Candy

Author's Response: Hello my dear Candy! Thank you for the lovely support you always give-it's worht writing just for you! And there's a new chapter waiting for you when you look next. Love Ziggy
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Title: Chapter 34 Yzira Reviewer: Mindirith Signed
Legolas appears to be a perfect match to Elrohir. He also seems to have an instinctive dislike of Elrohir's blade. Wonderful. But... Please don't leave us hanging like this! You can't leave this story with a cliffhanger! I don't know why I didn't get an update this time, I accidentally figured out that you added 2 new chapters. I hope you will write, and either post the new chapters here or on Faerie. I will be waiting with baited breath. I enjoy your story too much not to.

Author's Response: I will be finishing it here but when I post on Faerie, I'll be redrafting it and adding spice etc. I didn't really know where this was going to end up so it's nice to be able to go back and take my time with it. Yes...Aicanaro is taking on a life of his own. I'm not sure what he's up to
Date: 08/04/11 02:36 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 34 Yzira Reviewer: elflove2011 Signed
Beautiful as always and thanks for the sex scene, we all appreciate it! As always I had to re-read this a few times as you pack your wonderful detail so tightly I am afraid that I will miss something... I really did feel for Elrohir during this chapter, can't wait for the next installment, come back from your holiday quickly!

Author's Response: Yes, I had so many people saying they were disappointed when Legolas woke up i really elt obliged! But it would have wronbg to have had it there and Elrohir needs to learn to give up control. Hope you like the next chapter as much.
Date: 07/30/11 06:54 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 34 Yzira Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed

Oh, if this is the last, terrible memory that Elrohir has of our brave, beautiful Legolas, it is certain that he now will choose death, the gift of Men, in order to forget what his own Song has brought to his beloved: he won't want to survive.

Author's Response: Never fear my dear! I would not do that cruel thing to Elrohir. He has to be redeemed yet. But you are right, if anything happens to Legoals... or if he THINKS it has happened, he is in great danger of giving up everything. Hope you enjoy the next chapter.
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Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
I know what you mean, my beta is on holiday and I am just about holding back publishing my next story. However, I must say that I think the chapter is very challenging from a punctuation point of view, yet it would make all the difference - brilliant though it still is.
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Title: Chapter 34 Yzira Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
I am in Spain, it is 1 o'clock in the morning, and it is still 24C - however, the thermic sensation has risen to at least 40, if I am not mistaken.
I would say so much about this chapter, 99.9 % of it good - wonderful.
I found the first half of the story did not flow so well, partly due, I believe to a few punctuation issues. But your descriptive narrative, the gradual build up of suspense as Elrohir climbs the stairs, as he succumbs to the black voices, only to realize - too late, that it was not him - but his hunters. Your imagery is wonderful, evokes the scenes you describe almost visually - Another fantastic, enthralling and truly skillful piece of writing.

Author's Response: Ah- I need ot go back againt then- it was, like you, very late and I changed things after Anarithiline had beta'd. I spent sol ong reading and proof reading over and over I htink sometimes you lose sight of it. No time now- I'll do it when I come back. Thank you.
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Title: Chapter 33 Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
This is a particularly well-written chapter, in my humble opinion. I particularly like your descriptions of the ruined stonework - very effective. I also think this 'recovery' chapter is so very central to I assume lies ahead, and that will allow Legolas (I hope), to hava a hand in it.
This new twist, where Legolas believes his estrangement with Elrohir is his fault, promises much drama and angst.
I eagerly await the explicit sex, it is about time these two get their act together.
Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you, Alpha. That is always particualry nice to hear from a fellow writer. Yes- you can see now, having read the next chapter, how improtnat it was to have this slower pace adn gradual recovery.
Date: 07/26/11 01:39 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Keeping Watch Reviewer: Mindirith Signed
Thank you very much! I did not expect anywhere near so complete a response. I greatly appreciated. I wanted to pose the questions, but expected to just wait for the next chapters for the answers. I had not thought about the glamour, that makes a lot of sense. I did assume that loosing oneself in such a host was not too difficult, if it were not for this "sense" Legolas seems to have of feeling Elrohir. But of course the glamour takes care of that. And you are right, of course. Thank you for refreshing my memory. Remembering those things makes it much more logical, I apologize for forgetting. I found The sons of Thunder not that long ago, but it was quite a read all at once. I loved every minute of it though. I will probably go back to the beginning, and re-read, just so I will be ready, and completely caught up for the next chapter. Which I am looking forward to. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Author's Response: Well it was useful for me too to have those questions asked- it nudges me that I need o tremind readers what has gone on before and to expalin things again - I read very quickly too and sometimes miss details that make me question the story. I appreciate those questions. So you will see in the next chapter how you have helped me to make things clearer! And the next chapter is quite an importnat one in terms of Legolas' memory and Elrohir. Thank you again.
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Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: mientje Signed
so beautiful , how not to fall in love with your characters !

Author's Response: well I am honoured to be the recipient of your first review on this site. Thank you.
Date: 07/03/11 01:36 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Again a very beautiful moving chapter. The fact that the horses were all overjoyed to when Legolas came into the stable was as charming as could be. I can just see Legolas walking briskly into the stable and whistling tunelessly as you say.

Legolas is so brave. I love what he said about impossible odds and great danger, that’s what wood elves are good at.

I was absolutely delighted when he smiled at the herald and made the poor lad forget his own name.

Oh and Zig, don’t tell me you were not trying to break my heart when Eomer told Legolas he would love him again if only the elf would let him. My goodness! Poor dear smitten Eomer. He seems so infatuated. I know what must happen. I also know Legolas lovers Elro, but Eomer love Legolas just the same. He is so tender and caring and I love that he tosses his pride away to sink to his knees and help Legolas with the army he commands streaming around them. Eomer is a beautiful soul, strong, strong enough to be gentle.

Many thanks for this!! I am endlessly glad you are still posting here for us. What a great loss to the site it would be if you were not here.

Author's Response: I am still posting here for the time being, Lisse, but I am also posting on ESteliel's new site- which is full of wonderful writers I have not read before and an easy site to use. I will give Keith a chance but to be honest, I like waht he has been saying on his blog less and less. I don't liek the veiled threats that say things like - nothing will change yet - and suggestions tha tthese things can be looked at again later. But give the guy a chance too. My suspicion is he has seen a chance with the new Hobbit film and expects a massive upturn- which will happen. And then seek to seel the site or sell advertising. Anyway- I could go on. Ah, Eomer. He just won't lie down, will he. And he is lovely in htis. And Legolas has to be very very gentle, doesnt he. And if Elrohir does reject Legolas, the last thing the lef should do is go and revive what eh had with Eomer on the rebound...isnt it? Well... you know...Legolas is unpredictable. So he could go one way or the other. LOve Zig
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Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: Mindirith Signed
Poor Legolas! I am not sure Gandalf is really doing him a favor by keeping all his memories locked up. I love the chapter, as I have enjoyed the rest of your story. I always look forward to the next chapter. "Legolas catches up with Elrohir and feels much, much better" I was going to ask what Elrohir thought he was doing, that his absence seems to be doing more harm then good to Legolas, but at least in the next chapter they seem to get together. I am curious as to how Elrohir manages to evade Legolas' eyes. Wouldn't Legolas have been able to describe Rvyon to Gimli, who should have been able to figure out that he meant at least one of the sons of Elrond? And shouldn't Legolas have seen Elladan and asked him? I am very much enjoying the story, and looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: In answer to your very fair questions -Elrohir really thinks that he is destructive and will be bad for Legolas- he thinks he cannot control himself and so the best thing s to keep away. He also hates himself so much he beleives he does not deserve Legolas- he thinks he should have stayed away and let Elladan have him. The 'glamour' he puts on himself is easy for him. He is after all, Galadriel's grandson and Elrond's son- in the saemw ay the cloaks of Lorien have th epower to conceal in the weave, and the ropes come undone on their own. Also, it is easy to lose yourself amongst 7000 men and Elrohir wants to evade Legoals- Legoals is focused on looking for him and in the next chaper you wil lsee he finds a different way to find him, and is more successful. And your point about why Legolas doesnt just describe Raveyon to Gimli is a good one - but if you read it again, you will see that Gimli just nods and grutns whenever he mentions him, so Legolas assumes he knows whom he is talking about. Also no on e really want s to remind him of waht happened on the mountain in case it drives him back into the place -the memory of the Nazgul. Elladan is nowhere in sight at any time that Legolas is around- he had already left before Legolas arrives - I did that purposely. He does not ride up with Aragorn either. Gandalf has screened the memeories to give Legolas a chance to heal. Remember how he woke in the houses of Healing, screaming? He would not be able to ride with the Host if Gandalf had not done that and Gandaf knows Legolas should be there at the end - see earlier chapters. But Gandalf does not have limitless power anyway so already that wall is crumbling. Better for Legolas to be confused by Elrohir than to be stuck in that place screaming like he was in the Houses of Healing I htink. To some extent this chapter is about setting up the next stage and they still have a long way to go - dont worry. It will alll be resolved.
Date: 07/03/11 04:50 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: Melusine Signed
This is so, so brilliant! The tenderness between the Fellowship as they wait, the humor they display, along with the worry, it's so well done. So much tension between the brothers, understandable but painful too. And Elrohir's jealousy of Eomer, nice to see that. I can't wait to see how Legolas and Elrohir interact, especially if our dear Greenleaf re-gains some more of his memories.

Author's Response: Hello Mel- glad you have picked this up but I guess you are looking at Esteliel's new site. I am posting there now too so see you over there. THis was a bit of an in=between chapter really and setting up for the next leg, which is going to be rife with sexual tension!! Eomer still hankering after Legolas will simply complicate things further dont you think?!
Date: 07/02/11 07:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
oooo very very very nice. Lot's of tension with Eomer and Elrohir. Gandalph is a tad grumpy with Legolas, surprising after everything that has happened. The fact that Legolas is still sufferiing from his injury makes his record recovery much easier to assimilate. I loved this chapter, and as usual, will be impatient for more, soon.

Author's Response: I know- Gandalf is just grumpy when he is not being wose and serious, dont you think? I knew it was going to be a tough one to get credibity for Legolas going to Mordor but really, we couldn't leve him behind, could we. I hope I've done enough to make that beleivable with the bloodlessness of the wound, and it being more of a spiritual wound than physical. Let me know if it doesn't work though, won't you. Thank you, Alpha.
Date: 07/02/11 03:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
This is immense and stupendous, Ziggy. The interaction of the characters, both friendship and unease, love and desire, care and agony; the marching of the host (it feels as if I were there with them) The life under that huge and epic backdrop. Aragorn's uncertainty, Elladan and Elrohir's schism, the Hobbits, Gimli, Eomer, and what tugged at the heartstrings, Legolas' trying to find Elrohit:

He could sense him, feel the air vibrate with his presence, the power of him...but whenever he looked in the direction of that sensation, his gaze slid off and around he could not focus. And yet he felt the intensity of an elven gaze, so different from a Man’s gaze. He felt it linger on him but when he turned to look, he saw no one, just the ranks of marching men, or Aragorn, or Gandalf...

He would search, scan the faces and see the long, sleek fall of black hair tied severely back, the sharp grey eyes sweep over him, the sculpted lips pressed together...and when he swung round to face Rvyon, he was gone...

This is beautiful as only something so profound can be. I desperately needed to immerse myself in this, to get away from all the stress that has erupted. Thank-you so much for posting it. I am longing for Legolas to find Elrohir!

Author's Response: Wow- that was quick! I have just posted it and am trying to catch up with reading fics I am following!! And don't worry- Legolas WILL catch up with Elrohir next chapter!
Date: 07/02/11 11:05 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 31 Confession Reviewer: Lisse Signed
“Elrohir felt suddenly envious that Mirkwood's children were so free, so unashamed, unlike the Noldor for whom sex was about wedlock and binding and for whom desire was supposed to fade. It had never been so for him and he wondered if he might have been happier had he been born in Mirkwood.”
L8bleumer (Melissa)and I were just talking about this quote from your chapter 14.

There are a few things I forgot to mention. First, as others have mentioned, I appreciate the insight into Gandalf and enjoyed reading it.
Second, I noticed your mention of our dear Melusine. She is working on her lovely het right now. Those that love slash are in for a real treat in reading her. It was Melusine’s exquisite slash that prompted a change of heart for me. Now I LOVE it.

Author's Response: I love that you and L8 were talking about this- how intensely flattering. Yes- thank you for finding it - it takes me ages to remember where things are. AH- interesting that Melusine inspired your het fics. When I was writing the prequel to Sons, I started off wanting Legolas ot be with Eowyn- but Eomer was very insistent and even though I really wanted Eowyn most readers wanted slash- isnt it funny. I think slash is ..I was just going to say uncomplicated and then I remebered what I was writing! And what Spiced is writing and thought what nonsense!
Date: 06/18/11 06:22 pm [Report This]
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