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Title: Chapter 40 Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Well, well - and here I was thinking this would be the last chapter!! There are always more than you think there are going to be!!
Great writiing, as usual - I really look forward to seeing how you are going to end this, the task seems almost - impossible!

Author's Response: Funnily enough so did I.. for ages, but I felt it needed to be given time to play out - so I am currently working on the battle scene and then, well, if I am really honest, I am not exactly sure how it plays out yet... it can go one of two ways...and hten hopefully I have time to catch up on reading YOUR story as I have fallen so behind.
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Title: Chapter 40 Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Ziggy, I truly am inadequate to review this and the previous chapter. But I will try. I have said from the beginning you are far better than Tolkien. This is one more proof. I could not stop reading once I started.

Once more Eomer’s unrequited passion for Legolas is heartbreaking, and I can see Legolas as almost tiring of it.

The black gate, the mouth, it’s tempting and taunting, all so masterfully written as to make me hold my breath while reading.

When I write I have trouble explaining and balancing the emotion and thought of two characters and you manage to make the horses heroes to us also.

Yes this chapter was for Elrohir and Elladan fans. Trust me, I am that! I love the hints of feeling between Imrahil and Elladan even in the middle of this horrible contest. Elladan is absolutely stunning in his courage and strength.

Ziggy, really it all comes down to this. This chapter was flawless, brilliant, and unforgettable. What beautiful artistry. What a gift you have. I’ve said this before, but I wish there was something I could give you that would show my appreciation for what you do, and who you are. But all I can do is thank you. This is one of those stories I will read over again several times. And it stays with a person. I find myself thinking of your characters and wondering about them as if they were real people I know. Btw, I love your twins with a passion. They are both magnificent.

Thanks again Ziggy,

Love, Candy

Author's Response: I like your idea of Legoals almost tiring of Eomer - as at some point he should probably. After all he did finish it cleanly and Eomer is still puppy-dog eyes after him.But I like Eomer and they were good together werent they?And as I have said to Ebbingnight, and Alpha Ori, I am not QUITE sure yet which way it goes...I have to let them reveal it to me rather than drive them down a path. They'll only rebel later and do something uncontrolled. It's enough that you review as that's all the reward I want. Thank you for being so absolutley postive, encouraging and consistent. x
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Title: Chapter 40 Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Posted in the Pit. XD Posted here to duplicate :)
Ziggy, this was like a compression, like reading under a louring cloud filled with dark heat. I could feel Legolas' confusion and pain, and the shadow of the Gate flung metaphorically and physically over the armies of the West. This scene with Elrohir and Gandalf and the Mouth is an example of what fanfiction should be about. You rewrote it and made it darker, more personal, more passionate, more dramatic than the original -- and simply much better. What a stunning example of transformative work. If every-one wrote like you I would be reading twenty hours a day. This was a clash of powers on a very deep level, the Mouth and Elrohir, Gandalf, Elladan against the weight of the past, against Sauron, against grief and guilt and temptation. Sometimes I read things with a feeling of weight on my chest and breathless, and I could *feel* each moment of this, each character and their emotions, and because I am a lover of wonderfully written drama and all the jagged edges of pathos and sorrow, I found it an incredible experience, Well done!

Author's Response: I love the way you call it the Pit- Curiouswombat calls it The Pit of Voles! Not sure waht voles have ever done though!Reading your reviews is much like reading your stories - beautiful imagery and poetic. I took my time over it and htat makes a difference- often I am just unable to give it the time it needs, which is why I want ot redraft to give Faerie a really definitive and polished version of it.
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Title: Chapter 39 Jaws of Steel Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I knew the Nazgul imprinted these thoughts upon Elrohir's mind, but I did not think it actually happened. You have me spinning for an answer and praying that this is only a false vision imprinted upon Legolas' mind. I know it is a trap that the Wraiths are setting up and I think Legolas is part of the bait if not all of it. I'm hoping that is all this is. As many times as I hated how Elrohir treated Legolas, I never thought he had it in him to actually harm Legolas in such a devistating way and I still refuse to believe it.

Again, the way it all unfolded in this chapter was beautiful. I love how no matter what happens or how confusing things seem, Gimli is a constant earthly anchor. How appropriate that it is a Dwarf, bound to stone as they are. Oh, please don't make us wait too long. I know that everyone who reads this will be anxious to know the outcome.

Author's Response: Dont worry- Elrohir has not actually done any of this but it was his fantasy, if you remember, back on the SeaSong and so the Nazgul have shown him what they offered Elrohir. Oh- I have already writtent he next chapter and you will like that I think... I am tweaking it t make sur there are no glitches- I found some in htis and have corrected them on ffnet but not here yet! Legolas is going ot have a hard time of it in the battle ahead so be prepared!! xx
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Title: Chapter 39 Jaws of Steel Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Ah, Legolas! Walking from one waking nightmare before the Black Gates into that other nightmare of memory! But nightmares are dreams, not necessarily the reality--- at least we can hope that Legolas is seeing only what the Nazgul want him to see. But he's no longer a ghost, and, fortunately, Gimli is still there to ground him in what reality there may be.

But the truth of what happened on that mountain is certainly enough to break anyone's heart.

Author's Response: Exactly... and as I have said toothers, Elrohir fantasized about this, imagined it and did not actually do anyhting...much the same as his standing back and watching before...but he did still imagine it. Oh, I htink the next two or three chapters are going to get you all wound up on Elrohir's behalf! And poor Eomer. And Legolas...what a mess! But not far to go...
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Title: Chapter 39 Jaws of Steel Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I never feel I have written quite as powerfully as you respond and I think it is your own lovely passion for elves and the fire in them that makes you read it like this.

No way, Ziggy. I've spent all my teen and adult life hunting for those elusive stories that burn the soul. And most don't. This one chapter carries more sheer elan and force and passion than the whole of Lord of the Rings, which is written very 'safely' when one considers the subject matter. But this is how it should have been. Now, if Tolkien had just been able to graft your passion onto his world-building skills, I would never have felt the need to read (or write) Tolkien fanfic. But then, he would have had to write slash too, and I suppose that is wishing too much d;-)

Author's Response: Yes- a step too far I think! And if YOU didnt write, well maybe I wouldnt write like I do either, I learn by reading, and I have learned great things from you and your impeccable imagery..
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Title: Chapter 39 Jaws of Steel Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Wow, Ziggy. Bloody hell.

(I reviewed on, but I prefer to review somewhere where an author can reply if they want.)

Although I am literally trembling by the end of this chapter, you made another bad week just fade into the mists. This is what I need, a story that completely rips me out of myself, and everything in this chapter did. There is so much raw power and pathos in this that it's like a fist in my face and has laid me out, really -- and not in an overdone way, but by pulling me in and sparing me nothing -- just as Legolas was spared nothing.

Author's Response: You are just sooo lovely, Sian! I never feel I have written quite as powerfully as you respond and I think it is your own lovely passion for elves and the fire in them that makes you read it like this. Love ,Ziggy
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Zig, I can definitely see how confident Elrohir is in Legolas’ love. And it is a welcome and most beautiful change from the usual self loathing and self doubt Elro usually suffers from. One of the main points of the story is Elrohir’s healing and it is so good to see.

Author's Response: Yes you are right of course and we'll have to see how he copes now as he confronts the Mouth...and as you know, things don't always go smoothly and we've still got seven Nazgul left to deal with!!
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Lisse Signed

It seems L8 has spoken for me in her review! I mean we talk about every chapter and are in agreement about your work. I do have to add that the Nazgul as living gargoyles is so imaginative and spooky. I read this oh so perfect chapter on Halloween for the first time and it was so appropriate to the evening.

I hope you do not mind my saying, I found a bit of humor in the fact that Eomer and Elrohir nearly fell into hand to hand combat over Legolas under the threat of death in an impending battle with Darkness. It just goes to show what males think with. Hehehe!

The humor aside, my heart still breaks for Eomer.

I am so pleased about your hints and flirtations between Elladan and Imrahil. Imrahil seems so gallant and courageous. I love the fact he thought so quickly to offer every hope of success to the soldiers by keeping their provisions. This is exactly the kind of love interest Elladan deserves, one with a good heart and piercing elvish eyes. Squeals of delight from slash fangurl!

This was a perfect chapter. But perfection is what your writing is!

Thank you beautiful Zig! Looking forward to more.

Love Candy

Author's Response: Thank you my dear Candy!! Love the fact that you seem so pleased by Imrahil's developing crush and Elladan's blissful ignorance! That is for you and L8. And I am delighted you thought it so humourous that Eomer and Elrohir almost come to blows- it IS very adolescent and I hope too that Elrohir comes acorss as very confident in Legolas' feelings for him. I have two chapters pretty much finished but lovely Anar is snowed under so it will be a little time before she gets to it. Much love
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Hey Ziggy! First of all, I had to giggle at Gimli and Pippin with that little part about the hawk and the bat. Reminds me of that “Who’s on first?” skit. I can see Gimli has little patience for Hobbits, least of all Pip. And then Gimli goes after Legolas about tucking in his hair. He’s such a papa bear sometimes isn’t he?

I love the kind of romantic undertones to this chapter. Legolas is so smitten with Elrohir and Ro seems not smitten but more accepting of Legi’s little nuances. There’s a look, a held gaze, a brush of an arm or a whispering breath and I feel the heat and the anticipation between them. And the same with Elladan and Imrahil, though very subtle, I think something might be brewing between those two and if so, good choice. It is evident also in the way Elladan speaks to Elrohir, more lighthearted as someone who has just felt his heartstrings pulled on. You know, like everything is suddenly right with the world and old feuds can be forgotten because something new and wonderful has replaced the bad.

This whole chapter is a mixture of tension and worry met by strength. Someone is always easing a worried mind, like Elrohir as he belittles the Nazgul. Wonderful speech by the way. And the Rohirrim striking their armored chests with their swords . . . so powerful. Candy and I both loved that part. We also want to tell Elrohir to stop, that he’s crazy to provoke the Ring Wraiths like that. What is he thinking? LOL

I know this is still the calm before the storm and wonder what you’re thinking having Elrohir ride to the gate. The suspense is building nicely and I cannot wait to see where this will lead.

Author's Response: Ah, my dear Candy and Mo- you noticed! Imrahil and Elladan is for you, (amongst others). I iwll follow that up after this is finished. I love your points about Legola sbeing so smitten and Elrohir less so but accepting- spot on! He IS more mature but in many ways less experirienced than Legoals in love- Legoals is comeplely rules by his heart...well, not just his heart! As you say, calm before the storm, because the Nazgul are really bent on revenge.
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
They MUST burn brighter - be more intense

Yours certainly do, oh so brightly. I also absolutely love the differences between Legolas and the Sons of Elrond.
There are so few stories where Elves are truly Elvish, the way I have always envisaged them, and that makes so many stories just fall flat; the Elves might as well be Men with long wigs.

But it's not just that of course. I read avidly, not to have a giggle, definitely not ever to read a formulaic romance, which is easy to write and 'coffee-table' reading, (I don't 'light-read, except for Pratchett, who is also extremely astute and clever) but but to be completely absorbed, smitten, impressed, spellbound, and have my soul shaken. I demand so much of stories; they have to be 'the perfect storm' for me to read and continue to read and love them. No wonder when I find such stories I am all over them.

My gosh -- when I first saw this story in this site, I read a couple of reviews and thought 'I don't want to read a 'Fellowship' story.' There are so many about, though most are GIME's, that I could imagine how any-one could make it interesting. But because Ebbingnight loved it, I decided to read, and this should be canon; (It should also be a spectacular incredible film or series.) It knocks Tolkien into a cocked hat, which is why I laugh loudly when I see people saying, 'No-one can better the Master.'
They can.
You have.

I am so glad there will be another chapter soon, and when this story ends, I will re-read it often, but don't stop writing. You are not only a superb writer with a richness of characters and imagery which is so very rare, but you write passionately about passionate characters, which is about as common as a blue moon. You have an amazing 'verse here, please keep writing.
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Watch this space. I will aim to post next weekend and the chapters are almost written now.

*does happy dance*

It's lovely to know roughly when to expect this, even though I am well aware that I have no idea what to expect! Most of the time I feel as if my own reactions to this were pretty much those of a hobbit surrounded by heroes in this world of yours....

Author's Response: Oh I LOVE that line - a hobbit surrounded by heroes!! Well I would be a hobbit no matter how much I'd like to be an elf xx Having said that, I am re-writing bits of that chapter right now...realsied there was something else I could do to heighten the tension. I can never leave well alone!!
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Lisse Signed
OMG! How long has this been posted? I wasted my Sunday morning on rubish when I could have been reading this! Better late than never. Thanks Zig.

Author's Response: Lisse- you ALWAYS make me smile! Hope you enjoyed it and the next one will be out soon.x
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Oh, I remembered a quote which I found the other day, which certainly applies to you and your stories.

To dream magnificently is not a gift given to all men,
Charles Baudelaire.

But you most certainly do.

Author's Response: You have me blushing again.x
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
And as I said on ffnet- your reviews read like poetry themselves and how often does that happen? xx

It happens when the story demands it, which is rare. I have a passion for incredible characters, who are larger-than-life, and moreover when it involves Elves (or the Peredhil) to be able to see them as what I believe they are, not Mortals; they seem to imprint themselves far more deeply upon the world, and the eye is always drawn to them as to a fire at night. Not many people write them like that, because I think they don't understand what Elves are, and make them human, which is wrong, depressing, and moreover pointless. Elves are human, but not Men. What would be the point of Elves at all if they were just like long-lived and long-haired Men? Legolas in your work is fey and beautiful and dangerous, Elrohir burns like a dark star, but they are both clearly of Elven blood.

Fanfiction has given me so much pleasure, both in writing of course, but in reading, when I find stories like this which simply blaze. I could never read and then go off thinking, 'That was good.'
I know how much authors put into their works, especially something with such themes as Sons of Thunder, and I am quite unable not to fling myself into reviewing. It is a 'hair-trigger' review. I don't think I've ever read 9,000 words so fast, then gone back twice to read more slowly, and I was practically exploding with the need to review. :)

Yes, of course you can use that phrase -- it's not copyright, lol.

Author's Response: Ah well, the feeling is entirely mutual! And of course you are so right about Elves- human yes, men oh no. Its trying to get beneath the skin of that difference isnt it? They MUST burn brighter -be more intense. And the comment about Elladan and Elrohir being like Feanor and Fingolfin is praise indeed coming from the best Silm writer ever! The next chapter is already written really but Anar felt it needed ot be cut in two so I have time to just tweak things and it will be out next weekend, then we have one or two more chapters in Mordor and hten home again... ah, but how. x
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
This is so deeply satisfying now, Ziggy: no matter what happens, here at what could well be the end of all things, Elrohir has returned to what he truly is, though he still can't accept that he has. No matter what happens, we know for certain that Legolas will find him and love him, whether in Middle Earth, in the Halls of Mandos, or in the Undying Lands.

Author's Response: Yes. He is really determined and resolved. I wanted it to be like Wuthering Heights- that last paragraph is one of t emost romantic pieces of writing ever and I wanted Legolas to make some sort of vow. But oh Ebbingnight... you know, Elrohir still has not told him what has happened and there are others who know. Watch this space. I will aim to post next weekend and the chapters are almost written now.
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Alpha Ori Signed
Fabulous! And I love this part, such a wonderful thing for one of our heros to imagine...

‘We will make a stand today that will make our people proud of us,’ he said and his voice was defiant, resonant.

It seemed to Gimli that in the mist that lay about the departing camp, ghosts of Men and Elves stood, like the Army of the Dead had done at Pelargir, and he thought he saw a glint of steel in the mists, and far away there was the sound of horns and the distant echo of a battle cry. It was here, after all, that Gil-Galad and Elendil had stood. He shivered slightly and turned to look up where Legolas stood tall against the grey sky, with the wind lifting his hair and a gleam in his strange green eyes as if he too, saw the ghosts of long dead warriors, Elves and Men.

I very much look forward to the last chapter of this wonderful story.

Author's Response: That is so good to see these bits noticed, Alpha- than you for commenting. It is always good when another writer comments because I know you know the hard work that goes into this. Still a couple more chapters to go because I didnt know that something ni the next chapter was going to happen - you know how it is!! xx
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Oh, and because I cannot double-review on FF.Net, I have to say, Elladan and Elrohir together reminded me piercingly of Fëanor and Fingolfin; as if they had walked out of the Elder Days or were taking their place here, at the Morannon.

He turned and found Elladan close, and he held Elrohir’s gaze for a long moment and then stepped close to Elrohir. ‘Be safe, my soul,’ he said quietly and Elrohir felt sudden prick of tears. He squeezed his eyes shut for the surge of love he felt for Elladan. How could he be so generous, so noble? ‘I find I cannot face the world without you.’ He pulled Elrohir into a sudden embrace and Elrohir felt the calm blue peace envelop him but there was such loss and longing in that light it caught his breath.

I am crying here. Why do the best stories always make me cry?

Elrohir's reaction to Eomer's jealousy shows his maturity and his hard-earned patience, compassion and almost fatalism. While Eomer was a courageous young man who made an excellent king, his youth and callowness could never match Elrohir's deep, dark fire and brilliance. This was an exchange of such polarities!
It's a shame Eomer's been hurt, but it happens to us all. And there's no happiness in Elf-Mortal relationships, only eternal separation.

Elrohir knew Legolas watched aghast and called to him but he merely turned and dipped his head slightly and rode on with not a backward glance, for he had etched in his memory a warm hand slipping across his, and a hard, strong body pressing against him as if by accident. A breath ghosting over his mouth but so fleeting it could have been a dream and being immersed in light like walking beneath the beech trees in spring when the new leaves unfurled their green-gold. It was enough.

He felt the Nazgul’s sharpening interest and felt their cold regard, the slide of their malice. They were breathless with anticipation. He walked into a potential trap and he knew it was a trap. They wanted him, and they had waited for him.

Oh, Lord. :( This story torments me, but with its brilliance and its darkness all shot through with indescribable passion and beauty.

Author's Response: ooh- I love that phrase' deep, dark fire and brilliance'. Can i use it? And of course, you are right about Elf-Mortal relationships. I htink when all this is done, Legolas will have learned a thing or two - Anar is very keen that they make progress as characters and she keeps me focused when I go off on some hyperbolic epic romance! Next chapter will be next weekend as this chapter has been spilt into two and well, things can go wrong and Elrohir is not the only one who knows what ahppened on the Mountain.
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Title: Chapter 38 Before the Black Gate Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I had huge problems reviewing on; I think it's up, but in case it is not, I'll post it here:

Ziggy, you have made my day, week, month probably.

This is so, so epic. The atmosphere is so absolutely real and intense I can breath it, see it, I am like an observer.

He felt his thumbs pricking and the hair on his scalp froze in horror for the wind lifted the black shroud of one rider and Pippin stared, realising that these were no gargoyles or stone, but the Nazgul whose steeds clung to the Towers and even as he watched, one slowly unfolded its thin leathery wings and detached itself from the Tower, lifted onto the air.

That is absolutely masterful, and gives an incredible and instant impression of the immensity of the Morannon.

And this, such a sense of waiting, of the imminent battle

Pippin glanced at Legolas and saw his jaw was tight and his eyes fixed on the warrior below. Pippin saw how their eyes met and Legolas dipped his head ever so slightly, but his eyes did not leave the face of the son of Elrond. Elrohir.

And there is such tension and sheer beauty here between Legolas and Elrohir

And then he was there, before Elrohir and pushing past. A warm hand slipped across Elrohir’s and a hard, strong body pressed against him as if by accident. A breath ghosted over his mouth but so fleeting it could have been a dream and Elrohir felt immersed in light like walking beneath the beech trees in spring when the new leaves unfurled their green-gold.

How superb!
This is just a thunderstorm between them

shudder of longing and desire flooded him and he felt himself stiffen instantly and his loins were liquid. Legolas paused for a moment, looking deeply as if he knew, and that he gazed into something wondrous, into the depths of his soul, and then he was gone, striding down the slope and calling to the Dwarf and Hobbit to join him.

Be still, my heart.

Do you know how incredibly rare it is for some-one to write true chemistry? It's impossibly rare, in fanfic, (I've read it in about 4 stories only over the past four years) in published works, but this is incredible. It's what sexual chemistry should be and never is.

And this is glorious, dramatic. It has to be set to an epic theme.

Elladan smiled back, loosening his hold on Elrohir, and clasping his brothers’ arm. Elrohir swept his cloak aside, unpinned the Dunédain star with one hand and tossed the heavy sable cloak to a squire who ran forwards to catch it with awestruck eyes. Together the brothers strode out to the front, beyond the line of the swan knights, beyond any of them. Their long hair was raven-black as their armour gleamed in the dim grey light, mithril runes on their cuirasses were molten swirls and Elrohir rolled his shoulders and swung his sword a little, dark Aícanaro glittered darkly, ferocious and hungry.

The whole of this chapter is like smoke and thunder and lightning and passion, so much pressure against the skin. Magnificent!

Author's Response: Spiced - I have said before, you have to be one of the most appreciative writers ever; you always notice and comment on waht someone has done; you always applaud and appreciate hte work and you are always so generous in your compliments. Thank you. And as I said on ffnet- your reviews read like poetry themselves and how often does that happen? xx
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Title: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Another breathtaking chapter, Ziggy. I don't know how you manage to keep the tension ratcheted up, but you do, and it's amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you dear- the feeling is mutual .Wait for the next one!!
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Title: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Another breathtaking chapter, Ziggy. I don't know how you manage to keep the tension ratcheted up, but you do, and it's amazing!
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Title: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
I really enjoyed seeing things through Pippin's eyes here. It was a nice break from all the usual tension. The end of your chapter was the best part though. I love your description of the darkness and mist. I can really feel the dread and fear as if I am actually there. Elrohir seems much different here, better, stronger, more confident. I see it in the way he comforts the men, tries to give them some of his own confidence. I feel him even out a bit as he senses Elladan's calmness. And to have him stand next to Legolas makes me see how far he has come since the beginning when there was so much animosity. They will fight together, not against one another. Makes my skin tingle a bit. Looking forward to the Black Gate.

Author's Response: It's funny how easily Pippin comes to me, his voice is the easiest to write. I'm pleased the dread got you- I wasn't sure how much to put in but you'll need that for hte next chapter! Elrohir ha really got himself back to where he wants ot be with his own state of mind I htink -the obvious love Elladan adn Legoals have for him restores his self-esteem and confidence but its fragile. Ah- so much can go wrong yet!! xx
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Title: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Ziggy, I enjoyed this chapter as much as every one before. Pip writing a mental letter to Merry is brilliant on your part and exactly what I would expect from Pippin.
Oh and Legolas looking at the twins like Sam looks at Rosie, it made me chuckle, and the fact pip thinks everyone is blind but him.
Very much enjoyed the last few lines.

Elrohir's hand rested on the hilt of his dark bladed sword. His black hair was pulled back from the strong and stern face, but his grey eyes were intent and he went and stood near Legolas, so close that they almost, but did not quite, touch. Together they stood, here on the edge of Mordor, before the final battle. They did not speak but Legolas leaned towards him slightly and in the cold air, his low, wordless song misted and mingled with Elrohir's breath.

This might be the last loving moment they share. The self imposed ban (from Elrohir) allows only their songs to swirl about each other. What you have done is beautiful and mystic. I love it and thank you for all the effort you put into your writing. I know words of gold like yours do not just effortlessly jump onto a page.
Thanks Zig!
With Love, Candy

Author's Response: Pippin is wonderful- easy to write and just great fun. I like writing him. You are right- it's hard work but such a joy to get comments back- the best thing in the world is to see that someone actually reads and enjoys what I've written. It makes it worth all the work. Hope you liked your little extra candy! xx
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Title: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Ziggy, It is 7:20 a.m. in Gahanna, Ohio and when I saw that you had posted this I actually cheered.Now I get to spend my morning in my favorite way, reading the most excellent of fan fic and drinking tea. ALONE!

Reading Now.

Author's Response: sounds lovely - my favourite thing too.
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Title: Chapter 36 Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Ziggy, I've already said a few times how much I love this chapter and can't really think of anything else to add except: Brilliant, BRILLIANT writing!

Author's Response: Thank you Fran. I think I got my style back after really rushing through the previous one or two chapters to be fair. Next one is with Anar although I cant help tinkering with it. Are you happy for me to send it to you for a quick respone before posting? x
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