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Title: Hl ~ Encouragement Reviewer: Ennostiel Signed
yaaay! new chapters!^^ thanks for your hard work! as for the grammar in the previous review I wrote, I just couldn't make sense of a few tiiny little parts of the story, but it might be that my head isn't functioning right these days and that's why I don't understand some things (and I'm pretty sure my brain DID decide to go on strike...) and yeah, I've read gwaleth, ohtar, mellon aaand I enjoyed it sooo much, especially I love the way you describe the battles, not many people can do that and usually ignore the fight/war/battle parts, which really saddens me. I love your stories so far so keep up the good work!^^

Author's Response: LOL Yep, new chapters. I find that reviews make me want to take the time to add them to this site, though, I do have them on FanFiction (dot) Net, too, and they are further along there. Ahh, so it was a grammar/story-telling problem. Gotcha. When you said "disturbing", my mind immediately freaked. That is not a word an author wants to hear unless they are writing a villain or a horror/suspense story - both of which I am not! Oh, good! Glad that you liked it. Really? Wow. Everyone says I do really well on the battles, but those are what I work hardest on because they do NOT come easily to me! Well, that and describing my character's surroundings. LOL I will keep up the good work and please, read O Uruloki as well. I am writing it at the same time as Hervess a Iel so people can keep up on Morroch's story, too! Thank you for your review Ennostiel! ~ Kaisaan
Date: 24/11/10 - 04:37 am [Report This]
Title: Sabar ~ Mine Reviewer: Ennostiel Signed
Muahaha, I registered just to review this, how nice of me, huh? :D Anyways, so far out of the fanfics I read on this site, your story is the most enjoyable. Here's why: the introduction of dragons and maia powers - thank you! As I don't write myself (or never bring myself to do this) reading something similar in a way to the things that float around my head is reaaaally reaallyy nice^^ as for the other reasons: well, in some places your grammar or whatever it is called might be a little disturbing (though i am not sure I should be saying this since I'm not even from an english - speaking country^^') despite that fact your story uses a huge variety of words, as a whole it's full and completed, and I just adore you for the way you expressed the character's: they have a Tolkien - like feeling to them, thumbs up for that! Aaand laast but not least! Legolas is married! THANK YOU! I got annoyed from the tons of legomance already :D Uohoho, not this was a long review! P.S. Make Arienel remember everything faster, I don't like when Elrohir gets troubled :D

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! That was VERY nice of you! *blushes* Thank you again. I didn't think it was all that good to be honest. LOL It's nice to know someone appriecates the thought and uniqueness I tried to put into the story. :) Disturbing? How so? Disturbing is really NOT what I am going for. Can you clarify what you meant by that, Ennostiel? Thank you for the compliment about words and being complete, though, that is a high compliment indeed! As it my characters being Tolkien-like! Wow! You just made my day! Yes, Legolas is married. LOL I like Legomances, but I really wanted something a bit different from the norm. Don't worry about it! I love long reviews! I will update the other chapters I have asap! I haven't been doing it because I thought no one was reading... Glad to know someone is! ~ Oh, have you read Gwaleth, Ohtar, Mellon or O Uruloki? This story is the second in a series... ~ Kaisaan
Date: 23/11/10 - 02:33 am [Report This]
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