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Title: Learning Patience Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Parts of this, like the begining and the part where Faramir says the tea is horrible are very humorous! Rhav's maturity shows through in this chapter. the whole thing is over before she even knows it! you've showed her compassionate side here too, and it's a nice thing to see since we've seen so much of how ruthless she can be. She has matured and very quickly too, but then, she's forced to, isn't she. It's not like a total switch in her personality either. I think she is a very compassionate person. This chapter is well written and a smooth and easy read. I'm wondering what will happen next!

Author's Response: I think being locked up and forced to face your demons might sober anyone up, even Rhav. She just wants to get back to something familiar, but she can't turn down someone begging for help either. Of course, the fact that it is Faramir makes it that much more important to her. You are right, she is being forced to hold back, divine intervention maybe? She is a warrior and knows where her place is, but yet when asked to stay and help, she puts those feelings aside to do what she can to bring comfort. This is all just preparing her for what is to come.
Date: Feb 26 2011 06:48 pm [Report This]
Title: Not This Day Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
This is a sweeter side of Rhav, the "new" Rhav if you will. I know she was dying to go battle, but it is very comforting and more noble to sit with someone who is dying. This I have experience from my profession, during my time as an RN on an onocology unit. People are always afraid of being alone at the very end; I am glad she stayed. Would have liked to know her thoughts about the sitatuion, since she is an Elf and Faramir is a Man.

Author's Response: I guess I hadn't really thought of that since we all know Faramir doesn't die. But I think the experience would have humbled her even more. When I wrote this chapter, I was so tired after writing the previous battles. I just didn't have it in me to write another one. That's where Faramir came in. He was my 'out' I guess you could say. And Rhav really needed to be calmed. Battle would only get her excited again.
Date: Feb 26 2011 01:04 pm [Report This]
Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: Signofthetimes Signed
Sad, mad Denethor, I'm glad he makes an appearance, one of my favourite characters but not one that turns up much in fan fiction. I like Rhav's introspection in the prison cell, let's hope she turns the corner soon!

Author's Response: I think Rhav has no choice but to change at this point. It may not be easy but it's necessary.
Date: Feb 22 2011 02:35 pm [Report This]
Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: haldirsbaby Anonymous
Bad BAD girl. you killed off Haldir...Traitor!...My heart aches....

Great there anyway you can add alternate chapter where Haldir does not die?

Author's Response: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I know how much you care. Leggi says he will punish me later for doing what I did and he won't stop until I learn my lesson (which I don't think I'll be learining any time soon,lol). But just remember, no elves were actually harmed in the making of this story. Hal is still alive somewhere and if I know him, he's standing right behind you.
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Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: AmberRoseEm Signed
I'm a little confused by this chapter, it feels rushed within it compared to the timeline of the movie. I thought the beacons were lit before Denethor brought Faramir to be burned. If she arrived at that point wouldn't there be a huge army out front? I was otherwise able to follow her story and I'm glad she found her hope. Until the last chapter I wasn't sure where she would ultimately end up in the battle!

Author's Response: I may have changed it a bit just to get it to fit a little better. I'm following the basics of the movie but not strictly. I needed to get her there after Gandalf but with the purpose of meeting Denethor. Having her trying to intervene with the burning of Faramir needed to happpen in order for her to be thrown in jail. Like I said, I'm not following too close on the timeline, but we all get the general idea.
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Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Nice way to keep the action and story moving forward. I can definately see all the story lines clicking into place and everything falling together. I hope she gets to meet Eowyn. I think they would have alot in common!

Author's Response: She does meet Eowyn, though it's not really a part of this story. I imagine Rhav and Legolas becoming close friends with them, especially after Ithilien and Osgiliath are rebuilt. Actually, I can see Rhav and Eowyn becoming great friends leaving Faramir and Legolas to wonder if they've created some kind of estrogen monster, lol.
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Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I love that Rhav and Legolas are able to communicate this way now. It's romantic. :) I want to turn this story into a movie! It's heart warming to see Pippin again. Oh, how I've missed him!

Author's Response: I think it's a sign of things to come for Rhav and Leggi. Their faith in each other is strong enough that they feel one another during desperate times. Glad you like Pippin. It just a small part really, but just where he needs to be at the right time.
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Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
Despair is the worst thing. Poor Denethor; I do pity him.

Author's Response: I always did feel for him in a way. His mind was so clouded that he didn't even have faith in Faramir anymore. His was a tragic story for sure. Rhav was luckier in this aspect. She had Legolas to lift her from a similar fate. And it's because of this that she sees what has been in front of her the whole time, his love and devotion.
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Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Ah, the wake-up call from hell. Good. Even Katherina and Beatrice knew when to heed it, and Legolas is definitely more worthy than either Petruchio or Benedick. Finally she *gets* it. :) Now I can root for her.

Author's Response: You make me laugh. Well, she has to get it sooner or later. This kind of a rock bottom moment is the best way to slap someone into a change. But even through it all, Legolas is devoted to her. He just won't give up on them, even when it seems that she has. So root away my friend.
Date: Feb 21 2011 09:19 am [Report This]
Title: Foresight Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
I always wonder what I would do if someone gave me a premonition of my future; I think it's best that I don't know. And here Legolas is faced with the very thing. He is very sweet in his message to Rhav. I wonder how he will feel when he sees her in Gondor.

Author's Response: I for one would not want to know. I deal better if I don't know as apposed to knowing and sweating it. And Galadriel's warning was kind of vague. It could have meant just about anything. So now begins a change in these two lovers.
Date: Feb 21 2011 09:14 am [Report This]
Title: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: ziggy Signed
Great chapter- really caught the excitment of the battle and all that is going on above the city. Pippin's character comes across espeically well though you write him sparsely, but maybe that's why- because there is nothing wasted in this chapter. I really liked the bit when she connected with Legoals and felt the sea, he was distracted, she couldnt work out what it was but of course, we nkow- great bit of writing Mo!

Author's Response: Pip only has this short piece so I didn't spend too much time with him. He was there to do his part though. Glad the sea longing came across. Like you, I think that is an important side of Legolas' character. It would have affected him maybe more than other elves. For me it is his Mirkwood heritage and being so close to the natural vibe of the forest. He changed to the point that he could no long just here the call of the trees. Now it is partnered with the call of the sea and I imagine the battle might have been tough at times.
Date: Feb 21 2011 08:42 am [Report This]
Title: Stolen Moments Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
LMAO (laughing my ass off)!!! How utterly awkward that moment was to the two friends! And Antien is a fiesty Elf who I still love dearly! How they can go on seeing each other without that scene going through their minds is going to be tough. Nice distraction for Rhav though. And the scene with her and Legolas is touching. He is still so amiable towards her, and she remains somewhat reserved. But a good start for them both.

Author's Response: I'm glad you got a kick out of this. Think of all the laughs those two will have over the years. "Hey Rhav, remember when you grabbed my..." "You know you liked it Antien." Antien is fiesty and if you want a good read, please check out the author 'aur'. She has written a piece for my two favorite oc's. It is perfectly Antien/Glandur. She is a very good friend and has done justice to these two. It's called 'A day or so in the life of Antien and Glandur'.
Date: Feb 21 2011 08:26 am [Report This]
Title: Severed Bond Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
Haldir's death was very saddening. I like at the very end how he slips in that he loves Rhav, could be his last laugh eh? Because she can't really follow him now. Legolas' hurt at her not taking comfort in his arms is understandable, but right now Rhav is in a mess. Hopefully she can fix her wrongs with the Prince. Like how you summarized the battle nicely.

Author's Response: Yes, you could say that. Haldir got the last word in. And she would never admit to it (and would kick my butt for saying this) but I think she had feelings for him, somewhere buried deep. Though I would not call it love. And Rhav could not have gone to Legolas. He is a part of her mess as you say. Only Antien can comfort her right now.
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Title: Foresight Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
Oh thank goodness! He finally understands her! I pray that this brings them closer, although, I miss Haldir. :(

Author's Response: Well, all I can say is that there are a couple future chapters that will make you say 'Haldir who?' *evil grin*
Date: Feb 20 2011 02:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Severed Bond Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I cried through this whole chapter.. It's so sad! :( Fantastic story.

Author's Response: Well, you can borrow some of my tissues. It was a hard thing to do. Glad you're still enjoying.
Date: Feb 20 2011 02:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Foresight Reviewer: luthien85 Signed
Dear Moe..its has been a while but i finally managed to read up to this point. i must say i missed your stories and i'm glad to see you are still as wonderful as ever. I love legolas in this story of yours and how the two met and bickered and then fell in love. I look forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello my dear review buddy. It's been so long. Glad to see you back here again. Just like old times. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read this tale and I'm so glad you are enjoying it. There's more to come and some yummy stuff too, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*
Date: Feb 19 2011 10:41 am [Report This]
Title: Foresight Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Wow! there is alot in this chapter! I think this is some of the best stuff you've written. this chapter just flooows. I think there might be alot of foreshadowing in here too. You can actually feel the progression of thier relationship here again to something that will be satisfing and fulfilling at the end. This is how loving lasting relationships are built, slowly over time. They finally understand each other, but that doesnt meam their journey is over! And the whole Leggy, sea longing thing is forboding! I can't wait to see what happens about that!

Author's Response: Things are starting to come around now for both of them. For sure they have always loved each other even though it may have been buried at times. Rhav is on her way to making some realizations about her life. Legolas is experiencing his own changes too and I think eventually this will help him relate to Rhav even more. Their journey is not over by far and I see it continuing on long after this story is told.
Date: Feb 18 2011 06:15 pm [Report This]
Title: Foresight Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Well I hope she's making the right decision here. Galadriel is as fallible as anyone, and so many of Rhavaniel's choices have not turned out well.

Author's Response: Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes she just needs a little push in the right direction.
Date: Feb 18 2011 05:01 pm [Report This]
Title: Stolen Moments Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Re-reading this chapter I do feel a softening toward Rhavaniel; at least she admits to herself that she would go with him if he asked--though I don't think really deep down she's ready for that. But these two still need a 'someone's got to wake up and make the damn coffee' moment, as my Shakespeare prof called it. Though in this case they need to go from their contest of wills and pain infliction to well, actually *doting* on each other. I hope that makes sense. :)

Author's Response: Well, being that I know what's ahead for these two I'll just say this, someone will finally break out the Folgers, LOL. Like I said, Rhav is on her way to making some changes, though in her own good time.
Date: Feb 18 2011 05:55 am [Report This]
Title: Stolen Moments Reviewer: Melusine Signed
To be honest, I think you should be proud of the job you've done here with this character. I don't usually want to throw something when I read a story, and I really have a couple times here. It's definitely memorable, and I think you're doing fantastically.

Author's Response: Thank you Mel. That really means a lot coming from you and I really appreciate it. I am proud of this one. At times it's seemed like a real challenge for me, but I am definitely happy with where it's been and better yet, where it's going.
Date: Feb 16 2011 07:58 pm [Report This]
Title: Stolen Moments Reviewer: AmberRoseEm Signed
Again twisting your wonderful tale in ways I don't expect. I'm anxious to see where you go next.

Author's Response: I try to write my stories the way a drunk person walks, never in a straight line, LOL. So glad you are still with me and enjoying.
Date: Feb 14 2011 05:22 pm [Report This]
Title: Stolen Moments Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Crap! that was funny! I wish I would have thought of it. A very nice intimate moment with Rhav and Leggy. More admissions and confessions! So much uncertainty still with them even thought it's still clear they both love each other. And they admit it too, it's just so hard for them when they're pulled in two totally different directions. Kind of like real couples they're still dwelling on things that happened in the past. Not quite like holding a grudge, but you know what I mean. maybe more like resentment. This chapter makes me ask alot of questions. What did Galadriel tell Leggy? What is in thier futures both as a couple and as individuals? Where is she going to go next?

Author's Response: Thanks Duchess. I hoped that would come across as entertaining. And yes, I understand your meaning. Leggi and Rhav regret what they did, but it's out there, it happened and either they get past it or move on. And with everything else happeneing they don't have time to argue or completely make up. I believe all your questions will be answered in the next chapter. More adventures on the way.
Date: Feb 12 2011 07:55 pm [Report This]
Title: Severed Bond Reviewer: Signofthetimes Signed
Well after the last chapter I'd already prepared myself for this one, but it was still tough to get through. I think one of your other reviewers made the point about Rhav contrasting personality very well. She is utterly ruthless in a battle situation but when it comes to the emotional side of her life she's just like the rest of us! I like the reaction she had when Haldir told her he loved her, a "don't you dare tell me that now" moment when she is already trying to deal with the loss that's coming and the guilt. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. This wasn't the easiest thing to write and I'm glad it is done. It's been a little dark for a while now, but that is about to change. Antien will be a big help in bringing a little lightness back into things. Again, I am so happy Rhav is coming off as she is. She's a tough SOB at times but she has to know it's alright to let go too.
Date: Feb 09 2011 12:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Severed Bond Reviewer: Domestic Duchess Signed
Wow! I got all choked up there when Haldir died! Even I was suprised! It's interesting how Leggy shows up just when she needs him the most. I feel for Rhav here. It's like sh's lost a part of herself or who she is, a part of her that Leggy never really understood. I'm sure she feels sort of lost or like no one understands her now. REmember when we were talking about how in order for characters to be believeable women have to act like women? Rhav is tough, badass, stubborn, but she's still female! Her distress over haldir's death constrasts starkly with her blood lust. Hard-soft. Woman-warrior. Strength-weakness. Lover-fighter. She's incongruous and that's what makes her so compelling. Felt bad for leggy too. she goes to Antien instead of him.

Author's Response: I do remember that conversation and I hoped to show her softer side here, but without completely getting away from who she normally is. This will prove to be another turning point in her life. She will need to realize that she cannot be all balls to the wall every minute. And I didn't want her to go to Legolas here, breaking the rules again maybe. At this point, they still care about each other but they are not together. The only real comfort and safety she could indure right now is that of her best friend. I am so glad this chapter came across for you the way it did.
Date: Feb 08 2011 06:22 pm [Report This]
Title: War Cries Reviewer: aur Signed
A well named chapter. An excellent author takes a reader through a gamete of emotions. And once more you prove yourself to be excellent here because that is exactly what you do for us. You show us life in both joy and despair. You have handled a difficult scene perfectly. You let us see a bit of the souls of all your characters here. This includes the lovably gruff Gimli. He is really just a softy isn’t he? I love your Gimli. He is so concerned about Legolas and wants to protect him. That’s the way Gimli, just bash your rival in the head with an ax and drag the woman away by the hair. Legolas is right, wouldn’t work for an elf.

Legolas respect for life touches me. He has a deep and loving soul. No wonder his friends love him, and Rhaviniel does too. The exchange between Legolas and Rhav is bitter sweet. I sometimes wonder how many more disappointments Legolas can take. Still, Rhav has her two men on the battle field and has kissed them both. A warrior she is, but also an elfmaid after my heart. How could a girl help but want both for their own unique beauty?

She feels Haldir’s pleasure, and unfortunately his pain. The slow motion run to him as he falls is so nightmare-ish. She knows she’s never going to make it.

Legolas still has an elvish connection with his one true love. He can go to her, but can he help her? Or will this simply be another heart break for him as he sees a noble warrior’s life end and his Rhav grieve over the loss of one she loved?

This is a hard scene for all involved. This is war.

Go gently into that good night Haldir

Author's Response: These next couple chapters will prove to be a tough thing for all. War is not pretty and sometimes those we care about will perish. But life goes on and Rhav knows that more than anyone. Glad you like Gimli. He comes along just when you need a little reprieve from all the seriousness. Rhav was connected to Haldir more than she thought. And I thought the one thing she would feel more than his pleasure was his pain. That's what the warrior bond is about, unfortunately. But Legolas is still deep within her heart and that will never change no matter how close or far apart they are.
Date: Feb 06 2011 06:26 am [Report This]
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