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Title: Fears and Confessions Reviewer: AnitaBrunette Signed
I have been reading your story and finally caught up. This is wonderful writing. Thranduil is so complicated and you have done a great job representing him. This last chapter has gripped my heart though. Amorith has finally told her story. I know how it feels to keep something bottled up for too long. I'm just glad it was Haldir she opened up to. Your version of Haldir is so different than how most write him (arrogant and stubborn). Here you make him seem so loving. How could she resist him. I know I couldn't. Still, I know how much she has connected to Thranduil. A girl can dream. This was my favorite chapter and I can't wait for more. But since you have asked, I will wait patiently. Happy Holidays to you too and have fun.

Author's Response: Anita, thank you for the review! I am really happy you are enjoying my story; it has been so long since I have written anything, fanfic especially, that I am afraid I am losing my touch. Yes, Amorith has kept so much bottled up it is a wonder she hasn't already exploded. I wanted to show her at a weak spot, so slice away the layers of the Sindarin personage she has been hiding behind to show her real self: the destroyed proud Noldo lady that she is. And as for the one she told being Haldir, he is her Captain, and she has put him in some trouble. And as mentioned, nothing escapes the observations of Haldir. I wanted to portray him differently, and hopefully in the next part of the series more will be revealed of him. There's more to Amorith's story with Thranduil, and Haldir's story with his maiden, then meets the eye. I hope to get the next chapter up tomorrow. I hope you continue to read and enjoy :)
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Title: Desperate Call Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Another wonderful chapter. It was nice to see Thranduil and Amorith connect the way they did. First steps are the hardest, right? (lol) Such a tender moment between them. He still needs her and that is so romantic. I just love your portrayal of the Elven King. You give him so many more emotions than I've seen before. Good luck on your travels abroad. Hopefully you will not be completely without internet.

Author's Response: Thanks again for your thoughtful review. First steps are indeed the hardest ;) I am happy you enjoyed the connection between Amorith and Thranduil and my portrayal of him. He is the most difficult character to write, as I am trying to play up his hatred of the Noldor while balancing his love for Amorith. He feels betrayed, so he retreated behind many walls, and with each wall there are emotions. His emotions are the most challenging, and I hope they are coming across well. And yes, he needs Amorith no matter how hard he tries to convince himself he doesn't. I have always enjoyed Thranduil, and this is my first time trying my hand at a (hopefully) deep and intricate storyline involving him. Plus I wanted to dabble with the Sindar-Noldor fued. Thank you on the well wishes for my travels; I am leaving tomorrow, and hope to have the next chapter up by tonight. Onto more emotions ;)
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Title: Return to the Past Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Well, you sure have put me on an emotional rollercoaster today. This is by far my favorite chapter yet. What a beautiful flashback. Thranduil and Amorith are so loving and little Legolas is just precious. So sweet how Amorith wishes little Celemire will be Leggy's princess one day. And the King's account of his wife's fate was so sad. I just loved this and feel so much closer to understanding how everything came to be. Great unraveling.

Author's Response: Sorry about the emotional rollercoaster! I am glad you love this chapter. I edited it from it's original version to include the story of Legolas' mother and add another dynamic to everything. I also wanted to show the love Amorith and Thranduil have for each other, to show that the Elven-king hides his most tender side deep down where he can only reach it after much difficulty. Little Legolas is definitely adoring, I think I love him the most! Flashbacks is what Amorith and Thranduil have left of each other now, and I find it to be a nice neat way of portraying things. I am glad you are understanding everything, and hope you continue enjoying the chapters as they come. It's a little confusing for me because on the other site this story is much further along, though it's in the original format, and when I am revising chapters here I tend to lose my way between the original version and the current theme.
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Title: Anger Abounds Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Your Thranduil comes across very well. It seems as if he has built a wall around him and now it affects everyone else. Raising a hand to Celemire was his breaking point I think. Nicely written letter too. Celemire and Amorith must have been very close. It must have been painful when she left and now with Innas gone, Celemire seems so lonely. Lots of wonderful emotions in this chapter. Sorry to hear you were sick and I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Portraying Thranduil is the hardest part of this story. I am glad you like my take on him. There is a wall he built around himself, and it is affecting him and everyone else as you pointed out. Glad you noticed this. Yes he has almost reached his breaking point. As for the letter, it will serve many purposes later. Celemirė is very lonely, because now she is starting to understand the ugliness of things. She is scared because she knows she is not strong. It's funny you liked this chapter alot because when I was revising it last night I wasn't very happy with it. This was written about five years ago, and I couldn't think of how to retouch it. And yes I am feeling much better now. Thanks :)
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Title: Doomed Departures Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Innas noooo. Darnit! Just when Celemire admits her feelings he must leave. Wah. O.K. I'm done with my little pity party. At least she got a little *ahem* first. (hehe) Lots of mystery as to where this is going. Great history lesson about the Silmiarils by the way. Hope you had a great vacation and rock on.

Author's Response: I know I know, it is very hard to watch them seperated after admitting to each other their love. However, real life is not always pleasant, and I am trying to lend an air of that in the story, that not everything is happiness and sunshine. And our reluctant maiden is starting to learn this as well. Yes, at least the *ahem* will remind them of their love. Glad you picked up on the mystery, I am not always good at conveying that in my writings. Thanks for liking the abridged version of the Silmarils. Yes, my vacation was great, but now I am stricken in bed with some kind of cold ailment. Lots of fun.
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Title: Thranduil's Decision Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Let's see. Love your Thranduil. He is so stubborn in a good way. I feel his hurt and animosity. Same for Amorith. You can feel the love she still holds for him and I can't wait to learn more of their story. But my favorite thing about this chapter is your oc's, Celemire and Innas. I can see how she might be a little uneasy with the King coming to her if only for her musical talents. And Innas is so stong. Love how he stands up to Thranduil for the sake of his land and it's people as well as Lothlorien. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I will start with the two OC's who are your favorites. As for Innas and Celemirė, I love them as well. Innas is a seasoned warrior who loves his home very dearly, but is concerned about it and his King. Thranduil's refusal to listen to the truth is very frightening, and so Innas takes it upon himself to be patriotic and appeal to the King's senses one last time. Celemirė is like a swoony teen, caught up in the glitz and glamor of the royal palace life but doesn't understand "the real world". She has a good heart, but is somewhat hapless. That's why I made mention of her little crushes on Legolas and his father, before she realized where her feelings truly lay. I am glad you are enjoying Innas and Celemirė. As for Thranduil, his stubborness seems to be his only quality showing through, but he is King. Deep inside him he still loves Amorith, but again his stubborn ways refuse to let him admit that what he did to her was wrong. And Amorith, she is just as stubborn, refusing to admit that she may have contributed to this. Bah, gotta love the old Sindar vs Noldor fued.
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Title: Meaningful Memories Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Another wonderful chapter. It's so nice to see both of their thoughts. They still long for each other but pride seems to be the resisting factor keeping them apart. This is flowing very smoothly. LOVE your Thranduil. I would play for him any time, lol. The vision of a young Legolas being tucked it by his father is just precious. You have instilled a new picture of the might king in my mind; bare chest, goblet in hand and holding open the talan door. What a welcoming sight. Gives me goose bumps. Have a wonderful vacation and will be looking for more next week. ***L8***

Author's Response: I am trying to put as much perspective into this as possible. It's not always wise to hear one side of the story. Yes, pride is definitely their major obstacle. Thranduil is the hardest character of all to unfold, but the most enjoyable. And I agree, give me this King any day ;) I wanted to show the most tender side of Thranduil, as well as his most stubborn. I am glad you appreciate the image I have portrayed of him. Anyway, I have my laptop and great net access, so within a day or two the next chapter will be up.
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Title: Poolside Problem, Talan Trouble Reviewer: Melusine Signed
Just catching up with this story. The sisters have been through a great deal just in the First Age alone. I don't doubt that both their tales would bring tears to their mother's eyes, but it does seem that Amorith has chosen the harder path. Haldir will have a lot to overcome if he hopes to win her heart. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Author's Response: Yes indeed, their tales would bring tears to any who do sympathize with their troubles they went through. As for Amorith, what can I say, except that she truly inherited the proud Noldor blood from her father--she refuses to go down without a fight. And of Haldir, if he really insists in winning her heart, he has gotten himself into a tough bargain. I hope to get the next chapter up as soon as I revise it. Thank you for reading it and hope the next installations won't disappoint you.
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Title: Poolside Problem, Talan Trouble Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Great chapter. Such emotions wrapped around wonderful use of dialog. Haldir is written well. I like to see him like this. And Orophin and Rumil seem very mischievous. But I love how Amorith seems to come unraveled in the talan as she relives a moment in time. Can't wait to know more of their story.

Author's Response: This chapter took me a few days, as I stripped it down from its original content and had to think of how to rewrite it in such a manner that the new ideas merged with the old that I wanted to keep. Haldir has been one of my favorite characters when I read the books, and I have always wanted to write something involving him. As for Amorith, all that rage and pent up desire she has been holding onto for centuries showed her softer side, and I am trying to portray her as more than some tragic heroine. Everyone has a past, and there are always motivating factors. Glad you are enjoying this, and thanks as always for your thoughts.
Date: Nov 30 2010 01:24 pm [Report This]
Title: Beginnings Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
This is such a unique way to start a story. You have given us much of the sister's history in this way without having to actually visit the events. I cannot wait to hear from Amorith herself. I like her strength. I have always had a thing for a feminine warrior. I am ready to know more about her. I'm enjoying how you are slowly unfolding this story. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you L8bleumr for your thoughts and kind words. I wanted to take a different approach and highlight the ancient magic and crafting abilities of the Noldor in a distinct manner, but not outrageously so either. I'm glad you found Forfirith's history told in an appropritate manner. The next chapters are mostly regarding Amorith, with a few diversions. Don't we all romanticize the idea of a feminine warrior? ;) Anyway, I am revising the next chapter and hope to have it posted soon.
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Title: Into Thoughts Reviewer: L8Bleumr Signed
Don't worry about reviews. They will come. Sometimes it takes a while, especially with a new story. I think you are off to a good start. I can tell this is just the build up or intro to the real tale. I must admit, I am a sucker for a story with Thranduil and was excited to see him mentioned in the summary. I am curious to see where this leads to. On with the show.

Author's Response: Thank you for your thoughts. It has been about five years since I have written any fanfic, and this story has been in my head all these years, nagging me to be finished. I really am in love with the story, so here I am, back at it! Although I have chapters 1-26 already typed (and on the website where this story is already posted, I think up to chapter 21 is present), I am revieweing each chapter as new ideas came to me. I am trying not to let my disappointment over lack of reviews get to me. So yes, as you said, on with the show!
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